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Development of a Permeability Model for Palm Fruit Cake

Author(s): O.K. Owolarafe | G.A. Badmus | M.O.Faborode
Effect of hydraulic press parameters on crude palm oil yield

Author(s): O.K. Owolarafe | A.S. Osunleke | B.E. Oyebamiji
Evaluation of Oil-Palm Fungal Disease Infestation with Canopy Hyperspectral Reflectance Data

Author(s): Camille C. D. Lelong | Jean-Michel Roger | Simon Brégand | Fabrice Dubertret | Mathieu Lanore | Nurul A. Sitorus | Doni A. Raharjo | Jean-Pierre Caliman
Vitamin A: A Review

Author(s): D.O. Edem
Relationships Between Fat Deterioration Indices and Sensory Properties of Fried Product

Author(s): Irwandi Jaswir | Yaakob B. Che Man | David D. Kitts
Sensory Evaluation of Some Cooking Bananas in Ghana

Author(s): B.M. Dzomeku | M. Osei-Owusu | A.A. Ankomah | E. Akyeampong | S.K. Darkey
Scale Invariant Feature Transform Technique for Weed Classification in Oil Palm Plantation

Author(s): Kamarul Hawari Ghazali | Mohd. Marzuki Mustafa | Aini Hussain | Saifudin Razali
Effect of Formula Variation in the Properties of Fish Feed Pellet

Author(s): S. Saalah | R. Shapawi | N.A. Othman | A. Bono
Biodiesel fuels from palm oil, palm oil methylester and ester-diesel blends

Author(s): V.I.E. Ajiwe | V.O. Ajibola | C.M.A.O. Martins
Deoiling and Regeneration Efficiencies of Spent Bleaching Clay

Author(s): A. W. Nursulihatimarsyila | K. Y. Cheah | T. G. Chuah | W. L. Siew | T. S.Y. Choong
Company’s Competitiveness Enhancement for Thai Agribusiness through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

Author(s): Amornwan Resanond | Thanwa Jittsanguan | Damrong Sriphraram
Morphological and chemical nature of fiber strands of oil palm empty-fruit-bunch (OPEFB)

Author(s): Kwei-Nam Law | Wan Rosli Wan Daud | Arniza Ghazali
Design and testing of small-scale thin-film palm oil refinery

Author(s): Klinpikul, S. | Limworaphan, C. | Kooptanond, C. | Wanichwiriya, S.
Upgrading of Bio-Oil into High-Value Hydrocarbons via Hydrodeoxygenation

Author(s): Murni M. Ahmad | M. F.R. Nordin | M. T. Azizan
Environmental Performance of the Milling Process Of Malaysian Palm Oil Using The Life Cycle Assessment Approach

Author(s): Vijaya Subramaniam | Ma A. Ngan | Choo Y. May | Nik M.K. Sulaiman
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