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A theoretical study of the injection locking TEA-CO2 laser

Author(s): M. H. Zandi | A. Bahrampour
Collocation methods for the solution of eigenvalue problems for singular ordinary differential equations

Author(s): Winfried Auzinger | Ernst Karner | Othmar Koch | Ewa Weinmüller
A retract principle on discrete time scales

Author(s): Josef Diblík | Miroslava Růžičková | Barbora Václavíková
Magnetic field and thermal radiation effects on steady hydromagnetic Couette flow through a porous channel

Author(s): Ismail Gboyega Baoku | Chigozie Israel-Cookey | Bakai Ishola Olajuwon
Solvability of Discrete Two-point Boundary Value Problems

Author(s): M. Mohamed | H.B. Thompson | M. S. Jusoh
Numerical Solution of Fractional Ordinary Differential Equations using a Multiquadric Approximation Scheme

Author(s): M. Avaji | J.S. Hafshejani | S.S. Dehcheshmeh | D.F. Ghahfarokhi
Direct Two-Point Block One-Step Method for Solving General Second-Order Ordinary Differential Equations

Author(s): Zanariah Abdul Majid | Nur Zahidah Mokhtar | Mohamed Suleiman
Dynamical system analysis of a low-order tropical cyclone model

Author(s): Daria Schönemann | Thomas Frisius
A study of effects of heat source on MHD blood flow through bifurcated arteries

Author(s): Om Prakash | S. P. Singh | Devendra Kumar | Y. K. Dwivedi
Unsteady Stagnation Point Flow and Heat Transfer over a Stretching/shrinking Sheet

Author(s): N.M.A. Nik Long | M. Suali | A. Ishak | N. Bachok | N.M. Arifin
Sine-Cosine-Taylor-Like Method for Hole-Filler ICNN Simulation

Author(s): Sukumar Senthilkumar | Abd Rahni Mt Piah
Evaluating Ligand-Receptor Networks of TGF- with Membrane Computing

Author(s): Ravie Chandren Muniyandi | Abdullah Mohd Zin
Boundary Layer Flow of an Unsteady Dusty Fluid and Heat Transfer Over a Stretching Sheet with Non-Uniform Heat Source/Sink

Author(s): Bijjanal J. Gireesha | Govinakovi S. Roopa | Channabasappa S. Bagewadi
Modified Differential Transform Method (DTM) Simulation of Hydromagnetic Multi-Physical Flow Phenomena from a Rotating Disk

Author(s): Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi | Esmael Erfani | Osman Anwar Bég | Swapan Kumar Ghosh
A New Wave Equation of the Electron

Author(s): Arbab I. Arbab
A Survey on Oscillation of Impulsive Ordinary Differential Equations

Author(s): Agarwal RaviP | Karakoç Fatma | Zafer Ağacık
Boundary Value Problems for Delay Differential Systems

Author(s): Boichuk A | Diblík J | Khusainov D | Růžičková M
First-Order Singular and Discontinuous Differential Equations

Author(s): Biles DanielC | López Pouso Rodrigo
Difference schemes for nonlinear BVPs using Runge-Kutta IVP-solvers

Author(s): Gavrilyuk IP | Hermann M | Kutniv MV | Makarov VL
Maximal regular boundary value problems in Banach-valued weighted space

Author(s): Agarwal Ravi P | Bohner Martin | Shakhmurov Veli B
Sobolev inequalities in 2-D hyperbolic space: A borderline case

Author(s): Mugelli Francesco | Talenti Giorgio
The HELP inequality for Hamiltonian systems

Author(s): Brown BM | Evans WD | Marletta M
Boundary Value Problems Arising in Kalman Filtering

Author(s): Bashirov Agamirza | Mazhar Zeka | Ertürk Sinem
Multipoint Singular Boundary-Value Problem for Systems of Nonlinear Differential Equations

Author(s): Baštinec Jaromír | Diblík Josef | Šmarda Zdeněk
Dynamic characteristics of a bitable linear actuator with moving permanent magnet

Author(s): Yatchev Ivan | Hinov Krastio | Gueorgiev Vultchan
Longitudinal librations of a satellite

Author(s): Massimo Furi | Mario Martelli | Alfonso Vignoli
A Quantitative Comparison of Numerical Method for Solving Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations

Author(s): S. A. M. Yatim | Z. B. Ibrahim | K. I. Othman | M. B. Suleiman

Author(s): Phool Singh | Nagender Singh Tomer | Sandeep Kumar | Deepa Sinha
Modeling and analysis of the dynamic behavior of the XlnR regulon in Aspergillus niger

Author(s): Omony Jimmy | de Graaff Leo | van Straten Gerrit | van Boxtel Anton
Multi-equilibrium property of metabolic networks: SSI module

Author(s): Lei Hong-Bo | Zhang Ji-Feng | Chen Luonan
Hierarchical Cluster-based Partial Least Squares Regression (HC-PLSR) is an efficient tool for metamodelling of nonlinear dynamic models

Author(s): Tøndel Kristin | Indahl Ulf | Gjuvsland Arne | Vik Jon | Hunter Peter | Omholt Stig | Martens Harald
Hole Filing IFCNN Simulation by Parallel RK(5,6) Techniques

Author(s): S. Senthilkumar | Abd Rahni Mt Piah
The Wronskian and its derivatives

Author(s): Letterio Gatto
Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer of a Dusty Fluid over a Stretching Vertical Surface

Author(s): Bijjanal Jayanna Gireesha | Gosikere Kenchappa Ramesh | Hatti Jayappa Lokesh | Channabasappa Shanthappa Bagewadi
Mathematical model for the ubiquitin activating enzyme E1

Author(s): Francisco Javier López-Cánovas | Francisca Cánovas | María Antonia Günther Sillero | Antonio Sillero
Bayesian analysis of minimal model under the insulin-modified IVGTT

Author(s): Yi Wang | Kent M. Eskridge | Andrzej T. Galecki
Transient Waves Due to Thermal Sources in a Generalized Piezothermoelastic Half-Space

Author(s): Jagan Nath Sharma | Anita Devi Thakur | Yogeshwar Dutt Sharma
Formulation and identification of First- Principle Data-Driven models

Author(s): P. Czop | G. Kost | D. Sławik | G. Wszołek
Theoretical Analysis of Gravity-controlled Waterfloods

Author(s): T.N. Ofei and R. Amorin
Center Manifold in Continuous Time Systems and Computation

Author(s): Ilham Djellit | Baya Laadjal
A Study on Parallel RKAM for Raster FCNN Simulation

Author(s): SUKUMAR Senthilkumar | MT PIAH Abd Rahni
Solving Directly Two Point Non Linear Boundary Value Problems Using Direct Adams Moulton Method

Author(s): Zanariah A. Majid | Phang P. See | Mohamed Suleiman

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