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New U-Pb SHRIMP zircon ages for pre-variscan orthogneisses from Portugal and their bearing on the evolution of the Ossa-Morena tectonic zone

Author(s): Cordani Umberto G. | Nutman Allen P. | Andrade Antonio S. | Santos José F. | Azevedo Maria do Rosário | Mendes Maria Helena | Pinto Manuel S.
New petrographic, geochemical and geochronological data for the Reguengos de Monsaraz pluton (Ossa Morena Zone, SW Iberian Massif, Portugal)

Author(s): Antunes, A. | Santos, J. F. | Azevedo, M. R. | Ribeiro, S. | Mendes, M. H. | Ribeiro, S.
The Precambrian/Lower Cambrian pluton from Vila Nova (Central Portugal)

Author(s): Reis, A. I.M. | Silva, M. M.V.G. | Antunes, I. M.H.R.

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