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Sliding control of MIMO nonlinear systems

Author(s): Thor I. Fossen | Bjarne A. Foss
Closed Loop Subspace Identification

Author(s): Geir W. Nilsen | David Di Ruscio
Output Regulation of the Tigan System

Author(s): Dr. V. Sundarapandian
Optimization of Sensing and Feedback Control for Vibration/Flutter of Rotating Disk by PZT Actuators via Air Coupled Pressure

Author(s): Tianhong Yan | Xinsheng Xu | Jianqiang Han | Rongming Lin | Bingfeng Ju | Qing Li
Piecewise affine observer-based robust controllers for constrained nonlinear systems

Author(s): Lars Imsland | Olav Slupphaug | Bjarne A. Foss
Adaptive Tracking Control of an Electro-Pneumatic Clutch Actuator

Author(s): Glenn-Ole Kaasa | Masanori Takahashi
Static VAR Compensator using Fixed Structure Static Output Feedback Robust Loop Shaping Control

Author(s): Somyot Kaitwanidvilai | Chamnan Koisap | Issarachai Ngamroo
A Novel Predict Corrosion Rate Model Based on RBFNN

Author(s): Mohammed Hliyil Hafiz
Stability analysis of uncertain systems through Routh’s criterion

Author(s): Márcio Roberto Covacic | Marcelo Carvalho Minhoto Teixeira | Edvaldo Assunção
Output Regulation of the Arneodo Chaotic System

Author(s): Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan
On Output Feedback Multiobjective Control for Singularly Perturbed Systems

Author(s): Mehdi Ghasem Moghadam | Mohammad Taghi Hamidi Beheshti
Empirical Reduced-Order Modeling for Boundary Feedback Flow Control

Author(s): Seddik M. Djouadi | R. Chris Camphouse | James H. Myatt
Synthesis of the System Modeling and Signal Detecting Circuit of a Novel Vacuum Microelectronic Accelerometer

Author(s): Dongling Li | Zhiyu Wen | Zhongquan Wen | Xuefeng He | Yinchuan Yang | Zhengguo Shang
Feedback Power Control Strategies inWireless Sensor Networks with Joint Channel Decoding

Author(s): Andrea Abrardo | Gianluigi Ferrari | Marco Martalò | Fabio Perna
LMI Formulation for Static Output Feedback Design of Discrete-Time Switched Systems

Author(s): Selma Ben Attia | Salah Salhi | Mekki Ksouri
Passivity-Based Control of a Class of Blondel-Park Transformable Electric Machines

Author(s): Per J. Nicklasson | Romeo Ortega | Gerardo Espinosa-Perez
Output Feedback Stabilization with Nonlinear Predictive Control: Asymptotic properties

Author(s): Lars Imsland | Rolf Findeisen | Frank Allgöwer | Bjarne A. Foss
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Sheikh Muhammad Sajid | Zabih Ghassemlooy
RTRL Algorithm Based Adaptive Controller for Non-linear Multivariable Systems

Author(s): K.C. Sindhu Thampatty | M. P. Nandakumar | Elizabeth P. Cheriyan
An Efficient Method for Maintaining Constant AC Voltage Using dsPIC30F2020 Controller

Author(s): DATTA Asim | BHATTACHARYA Gautam | SAHA Hiranmay
From Editor vol 11, No.3

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Adaptive Control of a Double-Electromagnet Suspension System

Author(s): R. Barzamini | A.R. Yazdizadeh | H.A. Talebi | H. Eliasi
Load Sharing with OCGER for Netural Processors which Supports Different Services

Author(s): R.Sunitha | Dr.Antony Selvadoss Thanamani
Dynamic Steering Control of Battery Operated Car for Lane Keeping using Image Sensor

Author(s): Ankit Sharma | Abhishek Srivastava | Amod Garg
Speed Control of BLDC Motor Using DSP

Author(s): G.MadhusudhanaRao | B.V.SankerRam, | B.Smapath Kumar | K.Vijay Kumar
TCP Congestion Control for the Networks with Markovian Jump Parameters

Author(s): ABOLMASOUMI, A. H. | MOMENI, H. R.
New robust stable MPC using linear matrix inequalities

Author(s): Rodrigues M.A. | Odloak D.
Controller design for bilinear systems with parametric uncertainties

Author(s): Shi Peng | Shue Shyh-Pyng | Shi Yan | Agarwal Ramesh K.
Minimum output variance control for FSN models: Continuous-time case

Author(s): Shi Guojun | Skelton Robert E. | Grigoriadis Karolos M.
H 2 guaranteed cost control of discrete linear systems

Author(s): Colmenares W. | Tadeo F. | Granado E. | Pérez O. | Valle F. Del
Mixed H 2 / H ∞ control of flexible structures

Author(s): De Farias D. P. | De Oliveira M. C. | Geromel J. C.
Measurement of back-scattered radiation from micro multileaf collimator into the beam monitor chamber from a dual energy linear accelerator

Author(s): Muralidhar K | Murthy P | Sresty N.V.N.M | Dixit Pramod | Kumar Rajneesh | Raju A
Approaching the MIMO Capacity with a Low-Rate Feedback Channel in V-BLAST

Author(s): John M. Cioffi | Arak Sutivong | Howard C. Huang | Angel Lozano | Seong Taek Chung
Power Control Delay in WCDMA Mobile Radio Networks

Author(s): Vladimir Wieser | Vladimir Psenak
Power Control Delay in WCDMA Mobile Radio Networks

Author(s): Vladimir Wieser | Vladimir Psenak
Theoretical Design and Simulation of an Overcurrent Relay with Dynamic Setting

Author(s): Conde-Enriquez A. | Vázquez-Martínez E. | Cantú-Gutiérrez V.P.
Voltage Balancing in SVM Controlled Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter for Adjustable drives

Author(s): P. S. Anish | S. Ramarajan | T. Arun Srinivas | M. Sasikumar
Approaching the MIMO Capacity with a Low-Rate Feedback Channel in V-BLAST

Author(s): Chung Seong Taek | Lozano Angel | Huang Howard C | Sutivong Arak | Cioffi John M
Control of multi-machine using adaptive fuzzy

Author(s): Bouchiba Bousmaha | Hazzab Abdeldjebar | Glaoui Hachemi | Med-Karim Fellah | Bousserhane Ismaïl Khalil | Sicard Pierre
Robust Reliable Control for a class of Uncertain Switched Linear Systems

Author(s): Junfeng Lu | Zhongming Wu | Yonggang Jia | Xinrui Zhu
Analytical Design of PID Decoupling Control for TITO Processes with Time Delays

Author(s): Zengrong Hu | Donghai Li | Jing Wang | Feng Xue
H2/H∞ Robust Controller of the Arc Welding Inverter Power

Author(s): Jun-rong Yan | Hai-kuan Liu | Ping Liao | Liang-zhi Gan | Li-jun Liu
Set point stabilization of a 2DOF underactuated manipulator

Author(s): Sonia Mahjoub | Faiçal Mnif | Nabil Derbel
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Sudhanshu Gaur | Geoffrey Ye Li | Li-Chun Wang | Neelesh B. Mehta
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Khan Mohammad Iftekharuddin | Mohammed Nazrul Islam | Mohammad Ataul Karim | Mohammad Abdus Salam
Task Refinement for Autonomous Robots using Complementary Corrective Human Feedback

Author(s): Cetin Mericli | Manuela Veloso | H. Levent Akin
Blood pressure long term regulation: A neural network model of the set point development

Author(s): Zanutto B Silvano | Cernuschi Frías Bruno | Valentinuzzi Max
Wireless Controlled Two Wheel Balancing Robot

Author(s): Charles Yong | Chiew Foong Kwong
Fixed Dystonia in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: a Descriptive and Computational Modeling Approach

Author(s): Munts Alexander | Mugge Winfred | Meurs Thomas | Schouten Alfred | Marinus Johan | Moseley G Lorimer | van der Helm Frans | van Hilten Jacobus
Combined feedforward and feedback control of end milling system

Author(s): F. Cus | U. Zuperl | J. Balic
A Multicarrier Amplifier Design Linearized Trough Second Harmonics And Second-Order IM Feedback

Author(s): Bratislav Milovanović | Nataša Males-Ilić | Djuradj Budimir
Robust Position Controller for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Actuator

Author(s): Chams-Eddine Feraga | Abdelkrim Moussaoui | Abdallah Bouldjedri | Ali Yousfi
New Proposed Second-Order ASDM Using OTAs

Author(s): Farouq M. Al Taweel
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