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The lofting of Western Pacific regional aerosol by island thermodynamics as observed around Borneo

Author(s): N. H. Robinson | J. D. Allan | J. A. Trembath | P. D. Rosenberg | G. Allen | H. Coe
Modelling atmospheric structure, cloud and their response to CCN in the Central Arctic: ASCOS case studies

Author(s): C. E. Birch | I. M. Brooks | M. Tjernström | M. D. Shupe | T. Mauritsen | J. Sedlar | A. P. Lock | P. Earnshaw | P. O. G. Persson | S. F. Milton | C. Leck
Halogenation processes of secondary organic aerosol and implications on halogen release mechanisms

Author(s): J. Ofner | N. Balzer | J. Buxmann | H. Grothe | P. Schmitt-Kopplin | U. Platt | C. Zetzsch
Interaction of anthropogenic and natural emission sources during a wild-land fire event – influence on ozone formation

Author(s): E. Bossioli | M. Tombrou | A. Karali | A. Dandou | D. Paronis | M. Sofiev
Atlantic transport variability at 25° N in six hydrographic sections

Author(s): C. P. Atkinson | H. L. Bryden | S. A. Cunningham | B. A. King



Author(s): MANJUNATH S and GURU D.S.
Motion Stabilization for the Final Time Interval

Author(s): Saule B. Berkimbaeva

A Vent-Field-Scale Model of the East Pacific Rise 9°50'N Magma-Hydrothermal System

Author(s): Robert P. Lowell | Aida Farough | Leonid N. Germanovich | Laura B. Hebert | Rebecca Horne
Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Plumes in the Near-Bottom Boundary Layer at Endeavour Segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge

Author(s): Susan Hautala | H. Paul Johnson | Matthew Pruis | Irene García-Berdeal | Tor Bjorklund
Geochemistry and correlation of volcanic ash beds from the Rootsiküla Stage (Wenlock–Ludlow) in the eastern Baltic

Author(s): Tarmo Kiipli | Rein Einasto | Toivo Kallaste | Viiu Nestor | Helle Perens | Sven Siir
Assessing the Transferability of the Regional Climate Model REMO to Different COordinated Regional Climate Downscaling EXperiment (CORDEX) Regions

Author(s): Daniela Jacob | Alberto Elizalde | Andreas Haensler | Stefan Hagemann | Pankaj Kumar | Ralf Podzun | Diana Rechid | Armelle Reca Remedio | Fahad Saeed | Kevin Sieck | Claas Teichmann | Christof Wilhelm
Lane Detection Algorithm at Night Based-on Distribution Feature of Boundary Dots for Vehicle Active Safety

Author(s): Ronghui Zhang | Haiwei Wang | Xi Zhou | Lei Wang | Tonghai Jiang
The Numerical Investigation on Vortex Flow Behavior Using FLOW-3D

Author(s): Jafar Chapokpour | Firouz Ghasemzadeh | Javad Farhoudi
Spline interpolation of demographic data revisited

Author(s): Nittaya McNeil | Patarapan Odton | Attachai Ueranantasun
Assimilating host model information into a limited area model

Author(s): Per Dahlgren | Nils Gustafsson
Caracterización eléctrica de fronteras de grano en conductores iónicos mediante medidas de espectroscopia de impedancias en un bicristal

Author(s): Frechero, M. A. | Rocci, M. | Schmidt, Rainer | Díaz-Guillén, M. R. | Durá, O. J. | Rivera-Calzada, A. | Santamaria, J. | León, C.
An Approximate Solution of Blasius Equation by using HPM Method

Author(s): U. Filobello-Nino | H. Vazquez-Leal | R. Castaneda-Sheissa | A. Yildirim | L. Hernandez-Martinez | D. Pereyra-Diaz | A. Perez-Sesma | C. Hoyos-Reyes
Mapping of forest fire risk in Novo Mundo county, Mato Grosso state, Brazil

Author(s): Luciene Ribeiro | Ronaldo Viana Soares | Michele Bepller
Occurrence of subnormal size phenotype in the latest Eifelian/earliest Givetian boundary, Tibagi city, Paraná State, Brazil: taphonomic and paleosynecologic implications

Author(s): Elvio Pinto Bosetti | Rodrigo Scalise Horodyski | Carolina Zabini | Willian Mikio Kurita Matsumura | Andressa Carla Penteado
Short-lived brominated hydrocarbons – observations in the source regions and the tropical tropopause layer

Author(s): S. Brinckmann | A. Engel | H. Bönisch | B. Quack | E. Atlas
Analysis of satellite-derived Arctic tropospheric BrO columns in conjunction with aircraft measurements during ARCTAS and ARCPAC

Author(s): S. Choi | Y. Wang | R. J. Salawitch | T. Canty | J. Joiner | T. Zeng | T. P. Kurosu | K. Chance | A. Richter | L. G. Huey | J. Liao | J. A. Neuman | J. B. Nowak | J. E. Dibb | A. J. Weinheimer | G. Diskin | T. B. Ryerson | A. da Silva | J. Curry | D. Kinnison | S. Tilmes | P. F. Levelt
Impact of the isoprene photochemical cascade on tropical ozone

Author(s): F. Paulot | D. K. Henze | P. O. Wennberg
Bromine and iodine chemistry in a global chemistry-climate model: description and evaluation of very short-lived oceanic sources

Author(s): C. Ordóñez | J.-F. Lamarque | S. Tilmes | D. E. Kinnison | E. L. Atlas | D. R. Blake | G. Sousa Santos | G. Brasseur | A. Saiz-Lopez
Physical and optical properties of 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption aerosol: ground-based, Lidar and airborne measurements in France

Author(s): M. Hervo | B. Quennehen | N. I. Kristiansen | J. Boulon | A. Stohl | P. Fréville | J.-M. Pichon | D. Picard | P. Labazuy | M. Gouhier | J.-C. Roger | A. Colomb | A. Schwarzenboeck | K. Sellegri
Transport and mixing patterns over Central California during the carbonaceous aerosol and radiative effects study (CARES)

Author(s): J. D. Fast | W. I. Gustafson Jr. | L. K. Berg | W. J. Shaw | M. Pekour | M. Shrivastava | J. C. Barnard | R. A. Ferrare | C. A. Hostetler | J. A. Hair | M. Erickson | B. T. Jobson | B. Flowers | M. K. Dubey | S. Springston | R. B. Pierce | L. Dolislager | J. Pederson | R. A. Zaveri
Evaluation of cloud fraction and its radiative effect simulated by IPCC AR4 global models against ARM surface observations

Author(s): Y. Qian | C. N. Long | H. Wang | J. M. Comstock | S. A. McFarlane | S. Xie
The characteristics and origins of carbonaceous aerosol at a rural site of PRD in summer of 2006

Author(s): W. W. Hu | M. Hu | Z. Q. Deng | R. Xiao | Y. Kondo | N. Takegawa | Y. J. Zhao | S. Guo | Y. H. Zhang
Seasonal observations of OH and HO2 in the remote tropical marine boundary layer

Author(s): S. Vaughan | T. Ingham | L. K. Whalley | D. Stone | M. J. Evans | K. A. Read | J. D. Lee | S. J. Moller | L. J. Carpenter | A. C. Lewis | Z. L. Fleming | D. E. Heard
Atmospheric ice nucleators active ≥ −12 °C can be quantified on PM10 filters

Author(s): F. Conen | S. Henne | C. E. Morris | C. Alewell
Profiles of CH4, HDO, H2O, and N2O with improved lower tropospheric vertical resolution from Aura TES radiances

Author(s): J. Worden | S. Kulawik | C. Frankenberg | V. Payne | K. Bowman | K. Cady-Peirara | K. Wecht | J.-E. Lee | D. Noone
Bridging the Faraoni and Selli oceanic anoxic events: late Hauterivian to early Aptian dysaerobic to anaerobic phases in the Tethys

Author(s): K. B. Föllmi | M. Bôle | N. Jammet | P. Froidevaux | A. Godet | S. Bodin | T. Adatte | V. Matera | D. Fleitmann | J. E. Spangenberg
Warm Middle Jurassic–Early Cretaceous high-latitude sea-surface temperatures from the Southern Ocean

Author(s): H. C. Jenkyns | L. Schouten-Huibers | S. Schouten | J. S. Sinninghe Damsté
A Lagrangian model of air-mass photochemistry and mixing using a trajectory ensemble: the Cambridge Tropospheric Trajectory model of Chemistry And Transport (CiTTyCAT) version 4.2

Author(s): T. A. M. Pugh | M. Cain | J. Methven | O. Wild | S. R. Arnold | E. Real | K. S. Law | K. M. Emmerson | S. M. Owen | J. A. Pyle | C. N. Hewitt | A. R. MacKenzie
A Generic Service Architecture for Secure Ubiquitous Computing Systems

Author(s): Richard Verhoeven | Johan Lukkien | Shudong Chen
Mapping Properties of Generalized Robertson Functions under Certain Integral Operators

Author(s): Muhammad Ismail | Wasim Ul-Haq | Muhammad Arif
Synthesis and Piezoelectric Properties of Pb0.98Sm0.02[(Zry,Ti1–y)0.98(Fe1/23+,Nb1/25+)0.02]O3 Ceramics

Author(s): Nora Abdessalem | Ahmed Boutarfaia | Fares Kahoul | Louanes Hamzioui
Computational Analysis of Flow Field on the Propulsion Nozzle of a Micro-Turbojet Engine

Author(s): José Ángel L. Ortega-Herrera | Arturo Reyes-León | Samuel Alcántara-Montes | Jorge Luis Garrido-Téllez | Miguel Toledo-Velázquez
Forced Convection Flow of Nanofluids Past Power Law Stretching Horizontal Plates

Author(s): Hassan Mohammed Hassan El-Hawary | Ahmed Mostafa Abdelhady | Fekry Mohamed Hady | Fouad Sayed Ibrahim
Wavelet Optimized Adaptive Mesh for MHD Flow Problems

Author(s): Rashid Ali | Anuj Bhardwaj | Bani Singh
Stress Concentrations for Slotted Plates in Bi-Axial Stress

Author(s): Bahai, S. Taylor | D. W. A. Rees
Attenuation of P, S and Coda Waves in the NW-Himalayas, India

Author(s): K. Nagaraj | Preeti Yadav | Imtiyaz A. Parvez
Robust Region Tracking for Swarms via a Novel Utilization of Sliding Mode Control

Author(s): Rudy Cepeda-Gomez | Nejat Olgac | Mark Bacon
Forced Convection Flow of Nanofluids Past Power Law Stretching Horizontal Plates

Author(s): Hassan Mohammed Hassan El-Hawary | Ahmed Mostafa Abdelhady | Fekry Mohamed Hady | Fouad Sayed Ibrahim
Wavelet Optimized Adaptive Mesh for MHD Flow Problems

Author(s): Rashid Ali | Anuj Bhardwaj | Bani Singh
Stress Concentrations for Slotted Plates in Bi-Axial Stress

Author(s): Bahai, S. Taylor | D. W. A. Rees
Attenuation of P, S and Coda Waves in the NW-Himalayas, India

Author(s): K. Nagaraj | Preeti Yadav | Imtiyaz A. Parvez
Robust Region Tracking for Swarms via a Novel Utilization of Sliding Mode Control

Author(s): Rudy Cepeda-Gomez | Nejat Olgac | Mark Bacon
Scaling laws of diffusion and time intermittency generated by coherent structures in atmospheric turbulence

Author(s): P. Paradisi | R. Cesari | A. Donateo | D. Contini | P. Allegrini
Mapping turbidity layers using seismic oceanography methods

Author(s): E. A. Vsemirnova | R. W. Hobbs | P. Hosegood
Temperature profiles with bi-static Doppler-RASS and their accuracy

Author(s): B. Hennemuth | G. Peters | H.-J. Kirtzel
Lidar measurement of planetary boundary layer height and comparison with microwave profiling radiometer observation

Author(s): Z. Wang | X. Cao | L. Zhang | J. Notholt | B. Zhou | R. Liu | B. Zhang
The scientific basis for a satellite mission to retrieve CCN concentrations and their impacts on convective clouds

Author(s): D. Rosenfeld | E. Williams | M. O. Andreae | E. Freud | U. Pöschl | N. O. Rennó
Areal-averaged trace gas emission rates from long-range open-path measurements in stable boundary layer conditions

Author(s): K. Schäfer | R. H. Grant | S. Emeis | A. Raabe | C. von der Heide | H. P. Schmid
DOAS measurements of NO2 from an ultralight aircraft during the Earth Challenge expedition

Author(s): A. Merlaud | M. Van Roozendael | J. van Gent | C. Fayt | J. Maes | X. Toledo | O. Ronveaux | M. De Mazière
The Aptian evaporites of the South Atlantic: a climatic paradox?

Author(s): A.-C. Chaboureau | Y. Donnadieu | P. Sepulchre | C. Robin | F. Guillocheau | S. Rohais
Evaluation of the criticality of cracks in ice shelves using finite element simulations

Author(s): C. Plate | R. Müller | A. Humbert | D. Gross
Retrieval of aerosol optical depth over land based on a time series technique using MSG/SERIVI data

Author(s): L. Mei | Y. Xue | G. de Leeuw | T. Holzer-Popp | J. Guang | Y. Li | L. Yang | H. Xu | X. Xu | C. Li | Y. Wang | C. Wu | T. Hou | X. He | J. Liu | J. Dong | Z. Chen
Central Arctic atmospheric summer conditions during the Arctic Summer Cloud Ocean Study (ASCOS): contrasting to previous expeditions

Author(s): M. Tjernström | C. E. Birch | I. M. Brooks | M. D. Shupe | P. O. G. Persson | J. Sedlar | T. Mauritsen | C. Leck | J. Paatero | M. Szczodrak | C. R. Wheeler
Modeling chemistry in and above snow at Summit, Greenland − Part 2: Impact of snowpack chemistry on the oxidation capacity of the boundary layer

Author(s): J. L. Thomas | J. E. Dibb | L. G. Huey | J. Liao | D. Tanner | B. Lefer | R. von Glasow | J. Stutz
Diurnal tracking of anthropogenic CO2 emissions in the Los Angeles basin megacity during spring, 2010

Author(s): S. Newman | S. Jeong | M. L. Fischer | X. Xu | C. L. Haman | B. Lefer | S. Alvarez | B. Rappenglueck | E. A. Kort | A. E. Andrews | J. Peischl | K. R. Gurney | C. E. Miller | Y. L. Yung
DOAS measurements of formaldehyde and glyoxal above a South-East Asian tropical rainforest

Author(s): S. M. MacDonald | H. Oetjen | A. S. Mahajan | L. K. Whalley | P. M. Edwards | D. E. Heard | C. E. Jones | J. M. C. Plane
Ozone pollution over the Arabian Gulf – role of meteorological conditions

Author(s): L. Smoydzin | M. Fnais | J. Lelieveld
Fractional illumination of convex bodies

Author(s): Márton Naszódi
Beltramized flow in a diffuser. Quasi-cylindrical approximation

Author(s): Rafael González | Ricardo Page | Andrés Salvador Sartarelli
Effect of Working Fluid on Thermal Performance of Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe: A Review

Author(s): Pramod R. Pachghare | Ashish M. Mahalle | Shekhar Khedkar
Analysis of Iris Images for Iris Recognition System

Author(s): Anuradha Shrivas | Preeti Tuli
Effect of DC bias on electrical conductivity of nanocrystalline α-CuSCN

Author(s): T. Prakash | S. Ramasamy | B. S. Murty
Leakage mechanism of cation -modified BiFeO3 thin film

Author(s): Jiagang Wu | John Wang | Dingquan Xiao | Jianguo Zhu
Bloch wave deafness and modal conversion at a phononic crystal boundary

Author(s): Vincent Laude | Rayisa P. Moiseyenko | Sarah Benchabane | Nico F. Declercq
Microstructure evolution and the modification of the electron field emission properties of diamond films by gigaelectron volt Au-ion irradiation

Author(s): Kuang-Yau Teng | Huang-Chin Chen | Chen-Yau Tang | Balakrishnan Sundaravel | Sankarakumar Amirthapandian | I-Nan Lin
A study of effects of heat source on MHD blood flow through bifurcated arteries

Author(s): Om Prakash | S. P. Singh | Devendra Kumar | Y. K. Dwivedi
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