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The Aggregation and Stability Analysis of Network Traffic for Structured-P2P-based Botnet Detection

Author(s): Zhitang Li | Binbin Wang | Dong Li | Hao Chen | Feng Liu | ZhengBin Hu
Towards Semantically Enhanced File-Sharing

Author(s): Alan Davoust | Babak Esfandiari
Analysis of Spatial Locality in Search Engines using P2P Network

Author(s): Anik Sengupta | Manoj Kr. Mohapatra | Souvik Sonar
An Efficient Semantic-Based Search Schema in Unstructured P2P Network

Author(s): Xin Sun | Zhao Chao | Yushu Liu | Lei Zhang
SPF-A*: Searching Multimedia Data in Heterogeneous Mobile P2P Network

Author(s): Fan Ye | EnHong Chen | Qing Li | Xuxiang Chen
An Overview on Tools for Peer to Peer Network Simulation

Author(s): Rupali Bhardwaj | V.S. Dixit | Anil Kr. Upadhyay
Modelling and Analyzing Passive Worms over Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks

Author(s): Fangwei Wang | Yunkai Zhang | Jianfeng Ma
A Novel Peer-to-peer Payment Protocol

Author(s): Despoina Palaka | Petros Daras | Kosmas Petridis | Michael G. Strintzis
Detecting Scanners: Empirical Assessment on a 3G Network

Author(s): Vincenzo Falletta | Fabio Ricciato
Survey of Anonymity and Authentication in P2P Networks

Author(s): Xiaoliang Wang | Lincong Yang | Xingming Sun | Jinsong Han | Wei Liang | Lihong Huang
A Novel Distributed Detection Scheme against DDoS Attack

Author(s): Zaihong Zhou | Dongqing Xie | Wei Xiong
Model of Controlling the Hubs in P2P Networks

Author(s): Yuhua Liu | Chun Yang | Kaihua Xu | Naixue Xiong
Survey of Search and Replication Schemes in Unstructured P2P Networks

Author(s): Sabu M. Thampi | Chandra Sekaran. K
Network-Aware Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Internet Video

Author(s): John F. Buford | Ken Kerpez | Yuanqiu Luo | Dave Marples | Stan Moyer
Comparison between Centralized & Decentralized Overlay Networks for Media Streaming

Author(s): Sachin Yadav | Ranjeeta Yadav | Shailendra Mishra
Media Streaming using Multiple Description Coding in Overlay Networks

Author(s): Sachin Yadav | Ranjeeta Yadav | Shailendra Mishra
A Systematic Review of File Sharing in Mobile Devices Using Peer-To-Peer Systems

Author(s): Waheed Yasin | Hamidah Ibrahim | Nor Asila Wati Abdul Hamid | Nur Izura Udzir
Guest Editors’ Introduction: Advances in Interactive Digital Entertainment Technologies

Author(s): Frederick Li | Ioannis Ivrissimtzis | Rynson W.H. Lau | Benjamin Wah
Enabling Co-located Learning over Mobile Ad Hoc P2P with LightPeers

Author(s): Bent Guldbjerg Christensen | Mads Darø Kristensen | Frank Allan Hansen | Niels Olof Bouvin
Avoidance Mechanism of Redundant Transmissions in Content Cruising System

Author(s): Takaaki Ishida | Keijiro Ehara | Seiichiro Toda | Yasuhiro Ohara | Masayoshi Imaike | Jun Murai
Towards the On-line Identification of Peer-to-peer Flow Patterns

Author(s): Antonio Nogueira | Paulo Salvador | Andre Couto | Rui Valadas

Author(s): Jian Shu | Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Limin Sun | Guangxue Yue
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jian Cao | Xin Wang
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Min Young Chung | Jae-Hyun Kim | Masato Oguchi | Jeng-Shyang Pan
Botnet Detection by Monitoring Similar Communication Patterns

Author(s): Hossein Rouhani Zeidanloo | Azizah Bt Abdul Manaf
Localized Multistreams for P2P Streaming

Author(s): Majed Alhaisoni | Mohammed Ghanbari | Antonio Liotta
Efficient Node Search in P2P Using Distributed Spanning Tree

Author(s): P. Victer Paul | T.Vengattaraman | M.S. Saleem Basha | P. Dhavachelvan | R. Baskaran
NEURON: Enabling Autonomicity in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Anastasios Zafeiropoulos | Panagiotis Gouvas | Athanassios Liakopoulos | Gregoris Mentzas | Nikolas Mitrou
Queries Mining for Efficient Routing in P2P Communities

Author(s): Anis ISMAIL | Nicolas DURAND | Gilles NACHOUKI | Mohammad HAJJAR | LSIS
Balancing Trust and Incentive in Peer-to-Peer Collaborative System

Author(s): Yu Zhang | Li Lin | Jinpeng Huai
Resource Occupation of Peer-to-Peer Multicasting

Author(s): Ting Peng | Qinghua Zheng
Push-Pull Two-Layer Super-Peer based P2P Live Media Streaming

Author(s): Poo Kuan Hoong | Hiroshi Matsuo
Measuring the Performance of Peer-to-Peer Systems with Social Networks Characteristics

Author(s): A. Modarresi | A. Mamat | H. Ibrahim | N. Mustapha
Modeling and Simulating Semantic Social Overlay Peer-to-Peer Systems

Author(s): A. Modarresi | A. Mamat | H. Ibrahim | N. Mustapha
A Sample Chat Application Based on JXTA

Author(s): R. Mekki | R. Fezza
A Reputation-based Trust Management System for P2P Networks

Author(s): Ali Aydin Selçuk | Ersin Uzun | Mark Resat Pariente
Performance Evaluation of Peer–to-Peer system in Video on Demand with Load Sharing Scheduling Algorithm

Author(s): S.Nagaprasad, A.VinayaBabu, K.Madhukar, D.Marlene G Verghese, V.Mallaiah1and A.Sreelatha
An Adaptive P2P Topology Evolvement Model Based on Interest Similarity

Author(s): Li Yang | Changyou Xing | Yusen Zhang | Jinshuang Wang
Identifying P2P Application with DHT Behaviors

Author(s): Lin Ye | Hongli Zhang | Qiang Dai
Adaptive Routing Algorithms in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Systems

Author(s): Achmad Nizar Hidayanto, | Stephane Bressan
Pre-Paid Charging System for Sip-P2P Commercial Applications

Author(s): Damian Nowak | Krzysztof Walkowiak
Head-Tail Video Streaming Over Peer To Peer Systems

Author(s): Ali Sianati | Maghsoud Abbaspour | Maryam Norouzi
Implementation of Session- State -Service -A Framework for P2P Network

Efficient Search Techniques in Peer to Peer Networks

Author(s): Tarunpreet Bhatia | Dr. Deepak Garg
Detection of Botnets using Honeypots and P2P Botnets

Author(s): Rajab Challoo & Raghavendra Kotapalli
A P2P Approach for Efficient Certificate Revocation in MANET

Author(s): Suresh Babu Tumula | K.R.R.Mohana Rao
Estimation of Resource Usage in Peer to Peer Network

Author(s): Amol P. Bhagat | Pravin Malve | Jayant Mehare
Efficient Approximate Query Processing In P2P Network

Author(s): Amol P. Bhagat | P. P. Pawade | V. T. Gaikwad
Survey on Architecture of Peer-to-Peer Network

Author(s): Kaushik Adhikary | Amit Bindal | Gurmanjeet Kaur
Dynamic Reputation Based Trust Management Using Neural Network Approach

Author(s): Reza Azmi | Mahdieh Hakimi | Zahra Bahmani
A P2P Platform for Real-Time Multicast Video Streaming Leveraging on Scalable Multiple Descriptions to Cope with Bandwidth Fluctuations

Author(s): Lorenzo Favalli | Marco Folli | Alfio Lombardo | Diego Reforgiato | Giovanni Schembra
Maximizing Resilient Throughput in Peer-to-Peer Network

Author(s): Bo Liu | Fan Qiu | Yanchuan Cao | Bin Chang | Yi Cui | Yuan Xue
Mobile user-preference-based data dissemination on mobile P2P networks

Author(s): Kim Dohoon | Kim Young-Gab | In Hoh Peter
Opportunistic P2P Communications in Delay-Tolerant Rural Scenarios

Author(s): Castro MarcelC | Galluccio Laura | Kassler Andreas | Rametta Corrado
Incentive Mechanism for P2P Networks Based on Markov Chain

Author(s): Hongwei Chen | Hui Xu | Chunzhi Wang | Ke Zhou
Securing the Distributions in P2P Networks with Trusted Platform Modules

Author(s): Hao Li | Yu Qin | Qianying Zhang | Shijun Zhao
A Hybrid Resource Discovery Model for Grid Computing

Author(s): Mohammed Bakri Bashir | Muhammad Shafie Bin Abd Latiff | Aboamama Atahar Ahmed | Yahaya Coulibaly | Abdul Hanan Abdullah | Adil Yousif
Enhanced Double Weight Code Implementation In Fiber To The Home Access Network

Author(s): Feras N. Hasson | S. A. Aljunid | Mohamad Khazani Abdullah | Sahbudin Shaari
Queries Routing In Super-Peer-Based System: Simulation and Evaluation

Author(s): Anis Ismal | Mohamed Quafafou | Gilles Nachouki | Mohammad Hajjar
Complex Queries in P2P Networks with Resource-Constrained Devices

Author(s): Christian Dannewitz | Thorsten Biermann | Martin Dräxler | Holger Karl
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Sabu M. Thampi
Realtime Encrypted Traffic Identification using Machine Learning

Author(s): Chengjie Gu | Shunyi Zhang | Yanfei Sun
CHC: A Robust P2P Overlay Network with Simple Routing and Small-World Features

Author(s): Wenjun Xiao | Qin Zhang | Yanxia Liu | Lan Li | Weidong Chen
Underlying Technology of P2P Media Streaming

Author(s): Guangxue Yue | Tao Jiang | Jiajin Wang | Zhi Chen | Jiajia Song | Cheng Xu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
WebVR——Web Virtual Reality Engine Based on P2P network

Author(s): zhihan LV | Tengfei Yin | Yong Han | Yong Chen | Ge Chen
Survey on Scheduling Technologies of P2P Media Streaming

Author(s): Guangxue Yue | Nanqing Wei | Jiansheng Liu | Xiaofeng Xiong | Linquan Xie
An Efficient Secure Multicast Communication for P2P Network

Author(s): Huaiqing Lin | Zhengbing Hu | Yonghong Zhou
A Fuzzy Reputation Management System with Punishment Mechanism for P2P Network

Author(s): Zhengbing Hu | Huaiqing Lin | Yonghong Zhou
Reliable Resource Search in Scale Free Peer-to-Peer Network

Author(s): Wei Song | Wenbin Hu | Zhengbing Hu | Xi Zeng
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Dongfeng Yuan | Chin-Chen Chang | Fei Yu | Guozhu Liu | Jun Zhang
Research Of A Small World Architecture And Frangibility For P2P Networks

Author(s): Yuhua Liu | Yongwei Meng | Kaihua Xu | Hongcai Chen
Towards Topology-and-Trust-Aware P2P Grid

Author(s): Yingjie Xia | Mingzhe Zhu | Yang Li
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Fan Zhai | Homer Chen | Thomas Stockhammer | Touradj Ebrahimi
Media-Oriented Service Composition with Service Overlay Networks: Challenges, Approaches and Future Trends (Invited Paper)

Author(s): JongWon Kim | Sang Woo Han | Dong-Hoon Yi | Namgon Kim | C.-C Jay Kuo
On Optimal File Distribution in Practical Mesh-Based Overlay Networks

Author(s): Xiao Su | Yan Bai | Suchreet K. Dhaliwal
Study of Automated Trust Negotiation Mechanism Based on Cache Sequence Game in P2P Environment

Author(s): Chunzhi Wang | Ruoxi Wang | Hongwei Chen | Ya Huang
Effective Streaming of Clustered Sensor Data in Harsh Environment

Author(s): Y. Morgan, T. Kunz & M. El-Gindy
P2P Simulator for Queries Routing Using Data Mining

Author(s): Anis ISMAIL | Aziz BARBAR | Ziad ISMAIL

Author(s): Anis ISMAIL | Mohamed QUAFAFOU | Nicolas DURAND | Mohammad HAJJAR
A Hierarchical Overlay Design for Peer to Peer and SIP Integration

Author(s): Md. Safiqul Islam | Syed Ashiqur Rahman | Rezwan Ahmed | Mahmudul Hasan
A Measurement Study on BitTorrent System

Author(s): Lin Ye | Hongli Zhang | Fei Li | Majing Su
A Topology-Aware Relay Lookup Scheme for P2P VoIP System

Author(s): Xiuwu ZHANG | Ruifeng GUO | Weimin LEI | Wei ZHANG
A Novel Approach to Improve the Security of P2P File-Sharing Systems

Author(s): Cuihua ZUO | Ruixuan LI | Zhengding LU
A Trust Model Based on the Multinomial Subjective Logic for P2P Network

Author(s): Junfeng TIAN | Chao Li | Xuemin HE | Rui TIAN
A Novel Digital Rights Management Scheme in P2P Networks

Author(s): Jing Feng | Ruoshan Kong | Yulin Wang
On Error Estimation in Runge-Kutta Methods

Author(s): Ochoche ABRAHAM | Gbolahan BOLARIN
Complementary Detection Technique to Performance Analysis of RZandNRZ on MDW Code in FTTH Network

Author(s): Muthana.Y.aldouri | S.A. Aljunid | R.Badlishah Ahmad | Hilal A.Fadhil

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