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MAPKs represent novel therapeutic targets for gastrointestinal motility disorders

Author(s): Eikichi Ihara | Hirotada Akiho | Kazuhiko Nakamura | Sara R Turner | Justin A MacDonald
Apolipoprotein E-specific innate immune response in astrocytes from targeted replacement mice

Author(s): Maezawa Izumi | Maeda Nobuyo | Montine Thomas | Montine Kathleen
The roles of p38MAPK and caspase-3 in DADS-induced apoptosis in human HepG2 cells

Author(s): Ji Chunxiao | Ren Fenglian | Ma Heng | Xu Ming
Interspecies data mining to predict novel ING-protein interactions in human

Author(s): Gordon Paul | Soliman Mohamed | Bose Pinaki | Trinh Quang | Sensen Christoph | Riabowol Karl
Inhibition of S6K1 accounts partially for the anti-inflammatory effects of the arginase inhibitor L-norvaline

Author(s): Ming Xiu-Fen | Rajapakse Angana | Carvas João | Ruffieux Jean | Yang Zhihong
The Flavonoid, Quercetin, Inhibits HIV-1 Infection in Normal Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

Author(s): Madhavan P.N. Nair | Zainulabedin M. Saiyed | Nimisha H. Gandhi | C.N. Ramchand
Whole transcriptome analysis of the hippocampus: toward a molecular portrait of epileptogenesis

Author(s): Okamoto Oswaldo | Janjoppi Luciana | Bonone Felipe | Pansani Aline | da Silva Alexandre | Scorza Fúlvio | Cavalheiro Esper
Effects of the Spider Venom on proliferation of Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell A549

Author(s): Zengxiang HU | Yulei DU | Quanxi LIU | Yuan WANG | Yuan WANG
Curcumin activates the p38MPAK-HSP25 pathway in vitro but fails to attenuate diabetic nephropathy in DBA2J mice despite urinary clearance documented by HPLC

Author(s): Ma Jun | Phillips Lynetta | Wang Ying | Dai Tiane | LaPage Janine | Natarajan Rama | Adler Sharon
Activation of Erk and JNK MAPK pathways by acute swim stress in rat brain regions

Author(s): Shen Chang-peng | Tsimberg Yelena | Salvadore Christopher | Meller Emanuel
Sirolimus increases tissue factor expression but not activity in cultured human vascular smooth muscle cells

Author(s): Zhu Shengsi | Viswambharan Hema | Gajanayake Thusitha | Ming Xiu-Fen | Yang Zhihong
The in vitro real-time oscillation monitoring system identifies potential entrainment factors for circadian clocks

Author(s): Nakahata Yasukazu | Akashi Makoto | Trcka Daniel | Yasuda Akio | Takumi Toru
Induction of beta defensin 2 by NTHi requires TLR2 mediated MyD88 and IRAK-TRAF6-p38MAPK signaling pathway in human middle ear epithelial cells

Author(s): Lee Haa-Yung | Takeshita Tamotsu | Shimada Jun | Akopyan Arsen | Woo Jeong-Im | Pan Huiqi | Moon Sung | Andalibi Ali | Park Rae-Kil | Kang Sung-Ho | Kang Shin-Seok | Gellibolian Robert | Lim David
Early Gene Expression in Wounded Human Keratinocytes Revealed by DNA Microarray Analysis

Author(s): Manal A. Dayem | Chimène Moreilhon | Laurent Turchi | Virginie Magnone | Richard Christen | Gilles Ponzio | Pascal Barbry
SOX7 is involved in aspirin-mediated growth inhibition of human colorectal cancer cells

Author(s): Xin Zhou | Shu-Yan Huang | Jing-Xin Feng | Yan-Yan Gao | Li Zhao | Jun Lu | Bai-Qu Huang | Yu Zhang
Region-specific tauopathy and synucleinopathy in brain of the alpha-synuclein overexpressing mouse model of Parkinson's disease

Author(s): Kaul Tiffany | Credle Joel | Haggerty Thomas | Oaks Adam | Masliah Eliezer | Sidhu Anita
Mitochondrial targeted catalase suppresses invasive breast cancer in mice

Author(s): Goh Jorming | Enns Linda | Fatemie Soroosh | Hopkins Heather | Morton John | Pettan-Brewer Christina | Ladiges Warren
Regulation of bombesin-stimulated cyclooxygenase-2 expression in prostate cancer cells

Author(s): Wen Xiaodong | Chao Celia | Ives Kirk | Hellmich Mark
Microglial p38α MAPK is a key regulator of proinflammatory cytokine up-regulation induced by toll-like receptor (TLR) ligands or beta-amyloid (Aβ)

Author(s): Bachstetter Adam | Xing Bin | de Almeida Lucia | Dimayuga Edgardo | Watterson D Martin | Van Eldik Linda
Study of the mechanisms regulating human umbilical artery contractility

Author(s): António José Santos-Silva | Elisa Cairrao | Ignacio Verde
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