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Human mandible bone defect repair by the grafting of dental pulp stem/progenitor cells and collagen sponge biocomplexes

Author(s): R d’Aquino | A De Rosa | V Lanza | V Tirino | L Laino | A Graziano | V Desiderio | G Laino | G Papaccio
A Green Method for Processing Polymers using Dense Gas Technology

Author(s): Roshan B. Yoganathan | Raffaella Mammucari | Neil R. Foster
L-Tyrosine-loaded nanoparticles increase the antitumoral activity of direct electric current in a metastatic melanoma cell model

Author(s): Vânia Emerich Bucco de Campos | Cesar Augusto Antunes Teixeira | Venicio Feo da Veiga | et al
Fabrication and Characterization of Strengthened BCP Scaffold Through Infiltration of PCL in the Frame

Author(s): Minsung Kim | Ih-Ho Park | Yang-Hee Kim | Ho-Yeon Song | Young-Ki Min | Byong-Taek Lee
The design of an control system of ignition furnace

Author(s): Leššo Igor | Koštial Imrich
Tips For A Safe Knee Arthroscopy

Author(s): S Rajkumar
Primary plasma cell leukemia occuring in the young

Author(s): Raj R | Najeeb S | Aruna R | Pavithran K | Thomas M

Biodegradability Evaluation of Polymers by ISO 14855-2

Author(s): Masahiro Funabashi | Fumi Ninomiya | Masao Kunioka
Preparation of novel bioactive nano-calcium phosphate–hydrogel composites

Author(s): Judith A Juhasz, Serena M Best and William Bonfield
Linfoma cardiaco primario: Presentación de un caso. Primary cardiac lymphoma. Presenting a case.

Author(s): Dr. Jorge Edmundo López Pérez | Dr. Serguei Torres Miranda | Dr. Héctor Conde Cerdeira | Dr. Myder Hernández Navas | Dra. Judith Castro Ballester | Dr. Ronald Aroche Aportela
Dual-Scale Polymeric Constructs as Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering

Author(s): Carlos Mota | Dario Puppi | Dinuccio Dinucci | Cesare Errico | Paulo Bártolo | Federica Chiellini
Predicting violent infractions in a Swiss state penitentiary: A replication study of the PCL-R in a population of sex and violent offenders

Author(s): Endrass Jérôme | Rossegger Astrid | Urbaniok Frank | Laubacher Arja | Vetter Stefan

Author(s): Muhammad Sultan Mahmood
Differences between homicide and filicide offenders; results of a nationwide register-based case-control study

Author(s): Putkonen Hanna | Weizmann-Henelius Ghitta | Lindberg Nina | Eronen Markku | Häkkänen Helinä
Psychopathic traits and offender characteristics – a nationwide consecutive sample of homicidal male adolescents

Author(s): Lindberg Nina | Laajasalo Taina | Holi Matti | Putkonen Hanna | Weizmann-Henelius Ghitta | Häkkänen-Nyholm Helinä
Fabrication of cefuroxime-impregnated calcium sulfate: Polycaprolactone composite implant for osteomyelitis

Author(s): Gupta Himanshu | Anand Anubhav | Pundir Rakesh | Pandian C | Saraf Shubhini
Retention of the posterior cruciate ligament versus the posterior stabilized design in total knee arthroplasty: a prospective randomized controlled clinical trial

Author(s): van den Boom Lennard | Brouwer Reinoud | van den Akker-Scheek Inge | Bulstra Sjoerd | van Raaij Jos
Microstructure and properties of nano-fibrous PCL-b-PLLA scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering

Author(s): L He | B Liu | G Xipeng | G Xie | S Liao | D Quan | D Cai | J Lu | S Ramakrishna
Formation of physiologic atresia in combination with development of esophageal epithelium

Author(s): Marchuk F.D. | Akhtemiichuk Yu.T. | Makar B.G. | Antoniuk O.P.
Impairment of lacrimal drainage after cataract surgery

Author(s): Hamid Fesharaki | Hasan Razmjoo | Masoud Aghajani
Non Cauterised Total Knee Replacement - A Different Concept

Author(s): Gopinathan P, MS(Ortho);DNB;MNAMS
Comportamiento productivo y respuesta inmune de pollos alimentados con dietas sorgo-soya con y sin aflatoxina y paredes celulares de levadura (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

Author(s): Gabriela Gómez Verduzco | Arturo Cortés Cuevas | Carlos López Coello | José Arce Menocal | Carlos Vásquez Pelaez | Ernesto Avila González
Clinical and radiological outcomes after management of traumatic knee dislocation by open single stage complete reconstruction/repair

Author(s): Hirschmann Michael | Zimmermann Nadia | Rychen Thomas | Candrian Christian | Hudetz Damir | Lorez Lukas | Amsler Felix | Müller Werner | Friederich Niklaus
Preparation and Properties of Nano Calcium Deficient Apatite/Poly (ε-caprolactone) Composite Scaffold

Author(s): WANG Zhi-Wei, SU Jia-Can, MA Yu-Hai, ZHANG Xin, CAO Lie-Hu, LI Ming
5-FU-hydrogel inhibits colorectal peritoneal carcinomatosis and tumor growth in mice

Author(s): Wang Yongsheng | Gong Changyang | Yang Li | Wu Qinjie | Shi Shuai | Shi Huashan | Qian Zhiyong | Wei Yuquan
Preparation and Characterization of Polylactic Acid/Polycaprolactone Clay Nanocomposites

Author(s): Wisam H. Hoidy | Mansor B. Ahmad | Emad A. Jaffar Al-Mulla | Nor Azowa Bt Ibrahim
Optimization of preparation conditions of poly(ε-caprolactone) microspheres for controlled release of carbamazepine

Author(s): Pepić Dragana S. | Anđelković Darinka R. | Nikolić Marija S. | Grujić Svetlana D. | Đonlagić Jasna A.
Validity of PTSD diagnoses in VA administrative data: Comparison of VA administrative PTSD diagnoses to self-reported PTSD Checklist scores

Author(s): Amy A. Gravely, MA | Andrea Cutting, MA | Sean Nugent, BA | Joseph Grill, MS | Kathleen Carlson, PhD | Michele Spoont, PhD
Gender differences in self reported long term outcomes following moderate to severe traumatic brain injury

Author(s): Colantonio Angela | Harris Jocelyn | Ratcliff Graham | Chase Susan | Ellis Kristina
High resolution geomagnetic field observations at Terra Nova bay, Antarctica

Author(s): S. Lepidi | U. Villante | M. Vellante | P. Palangio | A. Meloni
Novel docetaxel-loaded nanoparticles based on poly(lactide-co-caprolactone) and poly(lactide-co-glycolide-co-caprolactone) for prostate cancer treatment: formulation, characterization, and cytotoxicity studies

Author(s): Sanna Vanna | Roggio Anna | Posadino Anna | Cossu Annalisa | Marceddu Salvatore | Mariani Alberto | Alzari Valeria | Uzzau Sergio | Pintus Gianfranco | Sechi Mario
Structure and Properties of Polymers Prepared by Polymerization of 2,2-Dimethyl-1,3-Propandiol and e-Caprolactone Monomer

Author(s): I Made Arcana | M. Hasan | Shinta Dewi Anggraini | Asti Ardhyo Febrianti | Aditya Ardana
Salivary cortisol as a tool for physiological studies and diagnostic strategies

Author(s): Castro M. | Elias P.C.L. | Martinelli Jr. C.E. | Antonini S.R.R. | Santiago L. | Moreira A.C.
On-line preconcentration employing a tannin resin for copper determination in plant material and food stuff by atomic absorption spectrometry

Author(s): Miranda Carlos E. S. | Olivares Susana | Reis Boaventura F. | Luzardo Francisco M.
Enzymatic Resolution of Ethyl 3-Hydroxy-3-Phenylpropanoate and Analogs using Hydrolases

Author(s): Ribeiro Carlos M. R. | Passaroto Elisa N. | Brenelli Eugênia C. S.
Biodegradabilidade e propriedades mecânicas de novas misturas poliméricas

Author(s): Rosa Derval S. | Franco Bruno L. M. | Calil Maria Regina
Avaliação da Biodegradação de Poli-b-(Hidroxibutirato), Poli-b-(Hidroxibutirato-co-valerato) e Poli-e-(caprolactona) em Solo Compostado

Author(s): Rosa Derval S. | Chui Queenie Siu Hang | Pantano Filho Rubens | Agnelli José Augusto M.
Blendas biodegradáveis de poli(3-hidroxibutirato)/poli(e-caprolactona): obtenção e estudo da miscibilidade

Author(s): Vogelsanger Nilton | Formolo Michele Cristina | Pezzin Ana Paula Testa | Schneider Andréa Lima dos Santos | Furlan Sandra Aparecida | Bernardo Heloísa Pinna | Pezzin Sérgio Henrique | Pires Alfredo Tibúrcio Nunes | Duek Eliana Aparecida de Rezende
Comportamento violento e disfunção cerebral: estudo de homicidas no Rio de Janeiro

Author(s): Jozef Flavio | Silva Jorge Adelino R da | Greenhalgh Sandra | Leite Maria Esther D | Ferreira Vania H
Retroviral transfer of the p16INK4a cDNA inhibits C6 glioma formation in Wistar rats

Author(s): Strauss Bryan | Fontes Ricardo | Lotfi Claudimara | Skorupa Ana | Bartol Ione | Cipolla-Neto José | Costanzi-Strauss Eugenia
Review article: knee flexion after total knee arthroplasty.

Author(s): Chiu KY | Ng TP | Tang WM | Yau WP
Thermal and mechanical behavior of injection molded Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)/Poly(epsilon-caprolactone) blends

Author(s): Duarte Marcia Adriana Tomaz | Hugen Roberson Goulart | Martins Eduardo Sant'Anna | Pezzin Ana Paula Testa | Pezzin Sérgio Henrique
Femoral tunnel placement in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: rationale of the two incision technique

Author(s): Garofalo Raffaele | Moretti Biagio | Kombot Cyril | Moretti Lorenzo | Mouhsine Elyazid
Prostaglandin F2-alpha receptor (FPr) expression on porcine corpus luteum microvascular endothelial cells (pCL-MVECs)

Author(s): Zannoni Augusta | Bernardini Chiara | Rada Tommaso | Ribeiro Luciana | Forni Monica | Bacci Maria
Separation of oil palm shell and kernel by using kaolinite media

Author(s): Lek Sikong | Manoon Masniyom | Sukpong Sirinupong
Thermal and Conduction Properties of a PCL-biodegradable Gel Polymer Electrolyte with LiClO4, LiF3CSO3, and LiBF4 Salts

Author(s): C. Polo Fonseca, F. Cavalcante Jr., F.A. Amaral, C. A. Zani Souza, and S. Neves
Physiotherapy treatment after combined cruciate ligament reconstruction of the knee: a review

Author(s): Aline Mendonça de Andrade | Anderson Delano | Thiago Freire
Electrospun micro- and nanofiber tubes for functional nervous regeneration in sciatic nerve transections

Author(s): Panseri Silvia | Cunha Carla | Lowery Joseph | Del Carro Ubaldo | Taraballi Francesca | Amadio Stefano | Vescovi Angelo | Gelain Fabrizio
Study protocol: The Intensive Care Outcome Network ('ICON') study

Author(s): Griffiths John | Morgan Kayleigh | Barber Vicki | Young J Duncan
Full blood count and haemozoin-containing leukocytes in children with malaria: diagnostic value and association with disease severity

Author(s): Hänscheid Thomas | Längin Matthias | Lell Bertrand | Pötschke Marc | Oyakhirome Sunny | Kremsner Peter | Grobusch Martin
Advances in Retinal Tissue Engineering

Author(s): Matthew Trese | Caio V. Regatieri | Michael J. Young
5-Fluorouracil-loaded poly(ε-caprolactone) nanoparticles combined with phage E gene therapy as a new strategy against colon cancer

Author(s): Ortiz R | Prados J | Melguizo C | Arias JL | Ruíz MA | Álvarez PJ | Caba O | Luque R | Segura A | Aránega A
Preventing postoperative abdominal adhesions in a rat model with PEG-PCL-PEG hydrogel

Author(s): Yang B | Gong C | Zhao X | Zhou S | Li Z | Qi X | Zhong Q | Luo F | Qian Z
Comparison Study of Memory Status in War-PTSD Veterans With Depression and Non- Veterans Depressed Patient

Author(s): Radfar Sh | Tahereh Jazayeri S | Haghani H | Habibi M | Anvari SS
Targeted delivery of Tet1 peptide functionalized polymersomes to the rat cochlear nerve

Author(s): Zhang Y | Zhang W | Johnston AH | Newman TA | Pyykkö I | Zou J
Celastrol nanoparticles inhibit corneal neovascularization induced by suturing in rats

Author(s): Li ZR | Yao L | Li JG | Zhang WX | Wu XH | Liu Y | Lin ML | Su WR | Li YP | Liang D
A Percepção do Abusador Sexual sobre a (Sua) Sexualidade

Author(s): Mirela Massia Sanfelice | Clarissa De Antoni
Perfluorocarbon-perfused 23 gauge three-dimensional vitrectomy for complicated diabetic tractional retinal detachment

Author(s): Velez-Montoya R | Guerrero-Naranjo JL | Garcia-Aguirre G | Morales-Cantón V | Fromow-Guerra J | Quiroz-Mercado H
Preparation, characterization and studies of biodegradable materials

Author(s): Bennabi Lamia | Belarbi Lahcene | Bousalem Smain | Abederrezak Mesli
Study on In-Vitro Degradation of Bioabsorbable Polymers Poly (hydroxybutyrate-co-valerate) - (PHBV) and Poly (caprolactone) - (PCL)

Author(s): Suzan Aline Casarin | Sônia Maria Malmonge | Marcio Kobayashi | José Augusto Marcondes Agnelli
Knee ligament injuries associated with long bone fractures

Author(s): Kaseb M.H | Moharrami M.R | Mortazavi S M.J
Sensitivity and specificity of MRI and Arthroscopy in knee joint injuries

Author(s): Rezaei Y | Rahim nia A | Mirmohamad S M | Vaziri K | Fakhrejahani F
Biceps tenodesis with Clancy method for chronic posterolateral rotary instability of the knee

Author(s): Kaseb MH. | Sobhan MR. | Espandar R. | Motamedi M.
Novel docetaxel-loaded nanoparticles based on PCL-Tween 80 copolymer for cancer treatment

Author(s): Ma Y | Zheng Y | Zeng X | Jiang L | Cheng H | Liu R | Huang L | Mei L
Biomimetic component coating on 3D scaffolds using high bioactivity of mesoporous bioactive ceramics

Author(s): Yun HS | Kim SH | Khang DW | Choi JI | Kim HH | Kang MJ
Preparation and evaluation of poly(caprolactone fumarate) nanoparticles containing doxorubicin HCl

Author(s): N Shokri | H Akbari Javar | Sh Fouladdel | A Khalaj | MR Khoshayand | R Dinarvand | F Atyabi | A Nomani | E Azizi
The development of poly-L-arginine-coated liposomes for gene delivery

Author(s): Opanasopit P | Tragulpakseerojn J | Apirakaramwong A | Ngawhirunpat T | Rojanarata T | Ruktanonchai U
Polyacylurethanes as Novel Degradable Cell Carrier Materials for Tissue Engineering

Author(s): Danijela Jovanovic | Frans V. Roukes | Andrea Löber | Gerwin E. Engels | Willem van Oeveren | Xavier J. Gallego van Seijen | Marja J.A. van Luyn | Martin C. Harmsen | Arend Jan Schouten
Security Analysis and Improvements on WLANs

Author(s): Li Wang | Bala Srinivasan | Nandita Bhattacharjee

Author(s): R Umamaheswara Rao | KNS SUMAN | VVS KESAVA RAO | K BHANUKIRAN
Doxorubicin-loaded PEG-PCL copolymer micelles enhance cytotoxicity and intracellular accumulation of doxorubicin in adriamycin-resistant tumor cells

Author(s): Diao YY | Li HY | Fu YH | Han M | Hu YL | Jiang HL | Tsutsumi Y | Wei QC | Chen DW | Gao JQ
Activity and Stability Studies of Verbascoside, a Novel Antioxidant, in Dermo-Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Topical Formulations

Author(s): Silvia Vertuani | Erika Beghelli | Emanuela Scalambra | Gemma Malisardi | Stefano Copetti | Roberto Dal Toso | Anna Baldisserotto | Stefano Manfredini
A Novel Docetaxel-Loaded Poly (ε-Caprolactone)/Pluronic F68 Nanoparticle Overcoming Multidrug Resistance for Breast Cancer Treatment

Author(s): Mei Lin | Zhang Yangqing | Zheng Yi | Tian Ge | Song Cunxian | Yang Dongye | Chen Hongli | Sun Hongfan | Tian Yan | Liu Kexin | Li Zhen | Huang Laiqiang
Sciatic nerve regeneration in rats by a promising electrospun collagen/poly(ε-caprolactone) nerve conduit with tailored degradation rate

Author(s): Yu Wenwen | Zhao Wen | Zhu Chao | Zhang Xiuli | Ye Dongxia | Zhang Wenjie | Zhou Yong | Jiang Xinquan | Zhang Zhiyuan
Exercise augmentation compared to usual care for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Randomised Controlled Trial (The REAP study: Randomised Exercise Augmentation for PTSD)

Author(s): Rosenbaum Simon | Nguyen Dang | Lenehan Tom | Tiedemann Anne | van der Ploeg Hidde | Sherrington Catherine
A method to fabricate small features on scaffolds for tissue engineering via selective laser sintering

Author(s): S. Lohfeld | M. A. Tyndyk | S. Cahill | N. Flaherty | V. Barron | P. E. McHugh
Poly (ε-caprolactone) nanofibrous ring surrounding a polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel for the development of a biocompatible two-part artificial cornea

Author(s): Bakhshandeh H | Soleimani M | Shah Hosseini S | Hashemi H | Shabani I | Shafiee A | Behesht Nejad AH | Erfan M | Dinarv | R | Atyabi F
Multi-Composite Bioactive Osteogenic Sponges Featuring Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Platelet-Rich Plasma, Nanoporous Silicon Enclosures, and Peptide Amphiphiles for Rapid Bone Regeneration

Author(s): Matthew B. Murphy | Daniel Blashki | Rachel M. Buchanan | Dongmei Fan | Enrica De Rosa | Ramille N. Shah | Samuel I. Stupp | Bradley K. Weiner | Paul J. Simmons | Mauro Ferrari | Ennio Tasciotti
Preliminary analysis of posttraumatic stress disorder screening within specialty clinic setting for OIF/OEF veterans seeking care for neck or back pain

Author(s): Andrew S. Dunn, DC, MEd, MS | Terri Julian, PhD | Lance R. Formolo, DC, MS | Bart N. Green, DC, MSEd | David R. Chicoine
Flow cytometric immunophenotypic characteristics of plasma cell leukemia

Author(s): Maria Kraj | Joanna Kopeć-Szlęzak | Ryszard Pogłód | Barbara Kruk

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