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Effective Comparison and Evaluation of DES and Rijndael Algorithm (AES)

Author(s): Prof.N..Penchalaiah, | Dr.R.Seshadri
Colonic phasic motor activity is stronger in patients with repaired anorectal malformations than patients with severe colonic dismotility

Author(s): Billur Demirogullari | Sinan Sari | Odul Egritas | Cuneyt Karakus | Io Ozen | Kaan Sonmez | Buket Dalgic | Nuri Kale | A. Can Basaklar
Detection of Weak Spots in Benchmarks Memory Space by using PCA and CA

Author(s): Abdul Kareem PARCHUR | Fazal NOORBASHA | Ram Asaray SINGH
Antitumoral activity of L-ascorbic acid-poly-D,L-(lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticles containing violacein

Author(s): Dorival Martins | Lucas Frungillo | Maristela C Anazzetti | et al
Evidence for validity and reliability of a french version of the FAAM

Author(s): Borloz Stéphane | Crevoisier Xavier | Deriaz Olivier | Ballabeni Pierluigi | Martin RobRoy | Luthi François
The new ionospheric station of Tucumán: first results

Author(s): M. Pezzopane | E. Zuccheretti | C. Bianchi | C. Scotto | B. Zolesi | M. A. Cabrera | R. G. Ezquer
Patient-reported outcomes in subjects with neuroendocrine tumors of the pancreas

Author(s): Raffaele Pezzilli, Davide Campana, Antonio M Morselli-Labate, Maria C Fabbri, Emilio Brocchi, Paola Tomassetti
Performance Evaluation of Location Management Techniques in PCS Network

Author(s): Sarvpal H. Singh | Sudhir Agrawal | Vijay Kumar
Optical Nerve Detection by Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy for Feedback Controlled Oral and Maxillofacial Laser Surgery

Author(s): Stelzle Florian | Zam Azhar | Adler Werner | Tangermann-Gerk Katja | Douplik Alexandre | Nkenke Emeka | Schmidt Michael
Aberrant WNT/β-catenin signaling in parathyroid carcinoma

Author(s): Svedlund Jessica | Aurén Maria | Sundström Magnus | Dralle Henning | Åkerström Göran | Björklund Peyman | Westin Gunnar

Author(s): R. L. UJJWAL, | Dr C. S. RAI, | Prof. NUPUR PRAKASH
Liver atrophy following portacaval shunt in normal rats: A morphologic and ultrastructural study

Author(s): Radosavljević Tatjana | Todorović Vera N. | Boričić Ivan V. | Šikić Branka
Gastrin (g) and enterochromaffin: Like (ecl) cells in the stomach of portocaval-shunted rats: Radioimmunological, immunocytochemical and ultrastructural study

Author(s): Radosavljević Tatjana | Todorovoć Vera | Nikolić Ivan | Petakov Marijana D. | Šikić Branka | Vučević Danijela

Author(s): Franklin Santos Pereira | Flávio Umeno | Naira Adorno Ázara | Naira Ázara Adorno Ázara | Leandra Pollyanna Machado Silveira Lima | Reginaldo Pedro da Silva | Adriano Borges de Oliveira | Ilana Michele Araújo | Maria Imaculada Zucchi | José Baldin Pinheiro
Validation of a Spanish language version of the pain self-perception scale in patients with fibromyalgia

Author(s): García-Campayo J | Rodero B | del Hoyo Y | Luciano JV | Alda M | Gili M
Stages of chronicity in fibromyalgia and pain catastrophising: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Rodero Baltasar | Casanueva Benigno | García-Campayo Javier | Roca Miquel | Magallón Rosa | López del Hoyo Yolanda
An Application Based Wireless System for Mobile Ad-hoc Network

Author(s): Sarvesh Singh Rai | Dr. W. U. Khan | Rajesh Ahirwar
Possibilities and Financing Limits of Romanian Companies by the Share Market

Author(s): Florin BUHOCIU | Florina VÎRLĂNUŢĂ | Liliana MOGA | Viorica IOAN
Health-related quality of life in outpatients with COPD in daily practice: the VICE Spanish study

Author(s): Antonio Martín | José M Rodríguez-González Moro | José L Izquierdo | Elena Gobartt | Pilar de Lucas | The VICE Study Group
A Comparative study of Forward Secure Publickey Method Using HIBE and BTE

Author(s): G.Appa Rao | Srinivasan.Nagaraj, | B.Prakash | Dr.V.Valli Kumari, | Dr KVSVN Raju
The Impact of the Load Side Parameters on PC Cluster's Harmonics Emission

Author(s): KATIC, V. A. | MUJOVIC, S. V. | RADULOVIC, V. M. | RADOVIC, J. S.
A comparison of the MOS-HIV and SF-12v2 for measuring health-related quality of life of men and women living with HIV/AIDS

Author(s): Ion Allyson | Cai Wenjie | Elston Dawn | Pullenayegum Eleanor | Smaill Fiona | Smieja Marek
Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Protein–Protein Interactions in the Cytochrome CYP11A1 (P450scc)-Containing Steroid Hydroxylase System

Author(s): Ivanov YD | Frantsuzov PA | Zöllner A | Medvedeva NV | Archakov AI | Reinle W | Bernhardt R
Clustering by genetic ancestry using genome-wide SNP data

Author(s): Solovieff Nadia | Hartley Stephen | Baldwin Clinton | Perls Thomas | Steinberg Martin | Sebastiani Paola
Health status of the advanced elderly in six european countries: results from a representative survey using EQ-5D and SF-12

Author(s): König Hans-Helmut | Heider Dirk | Lehnert Thomas | Riedel-Heller Steffi | Angermeyer Matthias | Matschinger Herbert | Vilagut Gemma | Bruffaerts Ronny | Haro Josep | de Girolamo Giovanni | de Graaf Ron | Kovess Viviane | Alonso Jordi
Shifting gears higher - digital slides in graduate education - 4 years experience at Semmelweis University

Author(s): Fónyad László | Gerely László | Cserneky Mária | Molnár Béla | Matolcsy András
Design of a 1-V 90-nm CMOS adaptive LNA for multi-standard wireless receivers

Author(s): E.C. Becerra Álvarez | F. Sandoval Ibarra | J.M. null
Quality of life after curative liver resection: A single center analysis

Author(s): Helge Bruns, Kirsten Krätschmer, Ulf Hinz, Anette Brechtel, Monika Keller, Markus W Büchler, Peter Schemmer
Design and Development of a Run-Time Monitor for Multi-Core Architectures in Cloud Computing

Author(s): Mikyung Kang | Dong-In Kang | Stephen P. Crago | Gyung-Leen Park | Junghoon Lee
Robustness of Visual Place Cells in Dynamic Indoor and Outdoor Environment

Author(s): C. Giovannangeli | P. Gaussier | J.P. Banquet
Mobile Software Testing – Automated Test Case Design Strategies

Author(s): Selvam R, | Dr. V. Karthikeyani
An evaluation of the effectiveness of a community mentoring service for socially isolated older people: a controlled trial

Author(s): Dickens Andy | Richards Suzanne | Hawton Annie | Taylor Rod | Greaves Colin | Green Colin | Edwards Rachel | Campbell John
Impact of osteoporosis and vertebral fractures on quality-of-life. a population-based study in Valencia, Spain (The FRAVO Study)

Author(s): Sanfélix-Genovés José | Hurtado Isabel | Sanfélix-Gimeno Gabriel | Reig-Molla Begoña | Peiró Salvador
Open reduction and internal fixation versus casting for highly comminuted and intra-articular fractures of the distal radius (ORCHID): protocol for a randomized clinical multi-center trial

Author(s): Bartl Christoph | Stengel Dirk | Bruckner Thomas | Rossion Inga | Luntz Steffen | Seiler Christoph | Gebhard Florian
The 12-item medical outcomes study short form health survey version 2.0 (SF-12v2): a population-based validation study from Tehran, Iran

Author(s): Montazeri Ali | Vahdaninia Mariam | Mousavi Sayed Javad | Asadi-Lari Mohsen | Omidvari Sepideh | Tavousi Mahmoud
Five-year effect of community-based intervention Hartslag Limburg on quality of life: A longitudinal cohort study

Author(s): Verkleij Saskia | Adriaanse Marcel | Verschuren WM Monique | Ruland Eric | Wendel-Vos Gerrie | Schuit Albertine
Contingency inferences driven by base rates: Valid by sampling

Author(s): Florian Kutzner | Tobias Vogel | Peter Freytag | Klaus Fiedler
A statistical study of Weinmannia pollen trajectories across the Andes

Author(s): C. F. Pérez | M. E. Castañeda | M. I. Gassmann | M. M. Bianchi
Advances in the diagnostic imaging of pheochromocytomas

Author(s): Forssell-Aronsson E | Schüler E | Ahlman H
Chemometrics of differentially expressed proteins from colorectal cancer patients

Author(s): Lay-Chin Yeoh | Saravanan Dharmaraj | Boon-Hui Gooi | Manjit Singh | Lay-Harn Gam
Ecological and Biological Properties of Holm Oak (Quercus ilex L.) on the Island of Rab

Author(s): Milan Oršanić | Damir Drvodelić | Damir Ugarković
Preclinical transplantation and safety of HS/PCs expanded from human umbilical cord blood

Author(s): Chun-Juan Guo | Ying Gao | Di Hou | Dong-Yan Shi | Xiang-Min Tong | Dan Shen | Yong-Mei Xi | Jin-Fu Wang
Heterogeneous populations of bone marrow stem cells--are we spotting on the same cells from the different angles?

Author(s): Mariusz Z Ratajczak | Magda Kucia | Marcin Majka | Ryan Reca | Janina Ratajczak
Like a Bolt from the Blue: Phthalocyanines in Biomedical Optics

Author(s): Nawal Sekkat | Hubert van den Bergh | Tebello Nyokong | Norbert Lange

Author(s): Asmaa Ahmed Hussein | Elkhedr Hassan Eibrahim | Aziza Asem

Author(s): Franklin Santos Pereira | Flávio Umeno | Naira Adorno Ázara | Naira Ázara Adorno Ázara | Leandra Pollyanna Machado Silveira Lima | Reginaldo Pedro da Silva | Adriano Borges de Oliveira | Ilana Michele Araújo | Maria Imaculada Zucchi | José Baldin Pinheiro
The postcholecystectomy syndrome: a review of etiology and current approaches to management

Author(s): Robert D. Kung | Amanda W. Cai | Jason M. Brown | Anthony M. Gamboa | Qiang Cai
Prediction of the ash content of wheat flours using spectral and chemometric methods

Quality of life and functional capacity one year after coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Author(s): Nedeljković Una D. | Krstić Nevena M. | Varagić-Marković Slavica Lj. | Putnik Svetozar M.
Visual performance of the Tecnis one-piece lens ZCB00

Author(s): Wahba SS | Riad RF | Morkos FF | Hassouna AK | Roshdy MM
Does Mobile Technology Matter? A Student-Centric Perspective

Author(s): Wenshin Chen | Venugopal Balijepally | Peter Sutanto
A new method to discriminate secondary organic aerosols from different sources using high-resolution aerosol mass spectra

Author(s): M. F. Heringa | P. F. DeCarlo | R. Chirico | T. Tritscher | M. Clairotte | C. Mohr | M. Crippa | J. G. Slowik | L. Pfaffenberger | J. Dommen | E. Weingartner | A. S. H. Prévôt | U. Baltensperger
Trends in Cloud Operating System

Author(s): Sanil C. Savale
Discriminating brain activated area and predicting the stimuli performed using artificial neural network

Author(s): Rafael do Espírito Santo | João Ricardo Sato | Maria G. Moraes Martin
A study for Issues of the Location ManagementIn Mobile Networks

Author(s): Sami M. Halawani | Dr. Ab Rahman bin Ahmad | M. Z. Khan
Implementing and Managing framework for PaaS in Cloud Computing

Author(s): Junaid Qayyum | Faheem Khan | Muhammad LaL | Fayyaz Gul | Muhammad Sohaib | Fahad Masood
Factors and Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) that Predict Older Adults’ Residential Transitions

Author(s): Ya-Mei Chen | Elaine Adams Thompson | Bobbie Berkowitz | Heather M. Young | Deborah Ward
Plasma Current Sheath Motion in Coaxial Plasma Discharge

Author(s): Tarek M. Allam | Hanaa A. El-Sayed | Hanaa M. Soliman
Mesenchymal stem cell transplantation ameliorates motor function deterioration of spinocerebellar ataxia by rescuing cerebellar Purkinje cells

Author(s): Chang You-Kang | Chen Ming-Hsiang | Chiang Yi-Hung | Chen Yu-Fan | Ma Wei-Hsien | Tseng Chian-You | Soong Bin-Wen | Ho Jennifer | Lee Oscar
Comparative performance of precommercial cellulases hydrolyzing pretreated corn stover

Author(s): McMillan James | Jennings Edward | Mohagheghi Ali | Zuccarello Mildred
A new method to discriminate secondary organic aerosols from different sources using high-resolution aerosol mass spectra

Author(s): M. F. Heringa | P. F. DeCarlo | R. Chirico | T. Tritscher | M. Clairotte | C. Mohr | M. Crippa | J. G. Slowik | L. Pfaffenberger | J. Dommen | E. Weingartner | A. S. H. Prévôt | U. Baltensperger
Level Of Cytokines (Like IL-1 , IL-6 , IL-8 And TNF- ) In Platelet Concentrates

Author(s): Shayegan M | Poor Fath A A | Nomeiri M | Babaei G R | Tarabadi F A
Marital Relationship and Its Associated Factors in Veterans Exposed to High Dose Chemical Warfare Agents

Author(s): Shervin Assari | Mohammad Reza Soroush | Hamid Reza Khoddami Vishteh | Batol Mousavi | Mostafa Ghanei | Sima Karbalaeiesmaeil
Hipax Cluster PACS Server

Author(s): Ramin Payrovi
Combining Natural Human-Computer Interaction and Wireless Communication

Author(s): Adrian MORARIU | Bogdan CLIPA | Steven De LAUSNAY | Lieven De STRYCKER | Ştefan Gheorghe PENTIUC
Concurrent validity of kidney transplant questionnaire in US renal transplant recipients

Author(s): Chisholm-Burns MA | Erickson SR | Spivey CA | Gruessner RWG | Kaplan B
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad Al-Rousan | Wei Li | Ahmed Al-Dubai
Complex Queries in P2P Networks with Resource-Constrained Devices

Author(s): Christian Dannewitz | Thorsten Biermann | Martin Dräxler | Holger Karl
GPU Accelerated 2-D Staggered-grid Finite Difference Seismic Modelling

Author(s): Zhangang Wang | Suping Peng | Tao Liu
Self-perceived quality of life predicts mortality risk better than a multi-biomarker panel, but the combination of both does best

Author(s): Haring Robin | Feng You-Shan | Moock Jörn | Völzke Henry | Dörr Marcus | Nauck Matthias | Wallaschofski Henri | Kohlmann Thomas
Web GIS in practice X: a Microsoft Kinect natural user interface for Google Earth navigation

Author(s): Kamel Boulos Maged | Blanchard Bryan | Walker Cory | Montero Julio | Tripathy Aalap | Gutierrez-Osuna Ricardo
Multivariate characterisation of environmental conditions for reindeer husbandry in Sweden

Author(s): Henrik Lundqvist | Lennart Norell | Öje Danell
Genetic divergence among Psidium accessions based on biochemical and agronomic variables

Author(s): Carlos Antonio Fernandes Santos | Luiz Cláudio Corrêa | Soniane Rodrigues da Costa
Estimation of affinities of ligands in mixtures via magnetic recovery of target-ligand complexes and chromatographic analyses: chemometrics and an experimental model

Author(s): Yang Xiaolan | Xie Yanling | Pu Jun | Zhao Hua | Liao Juan | Yuan Yonghua | Zhu Sha | Long Gaobo | Zhang Chun | Yuan Huidong | Chen Yiwen | Liao Fei
The functional status and well being of people with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome and their carers

Author(s): Nacul Luis | Lacerda Eliana | Campion Peter | Pheby Derek | Drachler Maria de | Leite José | Poland Fiona | Howe Amanda | Fayyaz Shagufta | Molokhia Mariam
COPE-ICD: A randomised clinical trial studying the effects and meaning of a comprehensive rehabilitation programme for ICD recipients -design, intervention and population

Author(s): Berg Selina | Svendsen Jesper | Zwisler Ann-Dorthe | Pedersen Birthe | Preisler Pernille | Siersbæk-Hansen Lone | Hansen Mette | Nielsen Rune | Pedersen Preben
Defensive coping and health-related quality of life in chronic kidney disease: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Kaltsouda Anna | Skapinakis Petros | Damigos Dimitrios | Ikonomou Margarita | Kalaitzidis Rigas | Mavreas Venetsanos | Siamopoulos Kostas
In-House Implications of a 1-Year Retrospective Analysis of the Psychiatric Consultation-Service in a German University Hospital

Author(s): Maximilian Gahr | Markus Schmid | Roland W. Freudenmann | Carlos Schönfeldt-Lecuona
On Error Estimation in Runge-Kutta Methods

Author(s): Ochoche ABRAHAM | Gbolahan BOLARIN
Demonstration of a new indicator for studying upwelling in the northern South China Sea

Author(s): Li Lin | You-Shao Wang | Cui-Ci Sun | Nan Li | Haili Wang3, | B. Greg Mitchell | Mei-Lin Wu | Hui Song | Jing-Feng Wu
Mobile Intelligence Architecture

Author(s): P. Manikantan | M.V. Srinath | G.M.Kadhar Nawaz
Principal Component Analyses in Anthropological Genetics

Author(s): Xingdong Chen | Chao Chen | Li Jin
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