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Comparison of p53 and the PDZ domain containing protein MAGI-3 regulation by the E6 protein from high-risk human papillomaviruses

Author(s): Ainsworth Julia | Thomas Miranda | Banks Lawrence | Coutlee Francois | Matlashewski Greg
Analysis of the PDZ binding specificities of Influenza A Virus NS1 proteins

Author(s): Thomas Miranda | Kranjec Christian | Nagasaka Kazunori | Matlashewski Greg | Banks Lawrence
The conservation pattern of short linear motifs is highly correlated with the function of interacting protein domains

Author(s): Ren Siyuan | Yang Guang | He Youyu | Wang Yiguo | Li Yixue | Chen Zhengjun
Characterization of the interaction between Actinin-Associated LIM Protein (ALP) and the rod domain of α-actinin

Author(s): Klaavuniemi Tuula | Alho Nanna | Hotulainen Pirta | Kelloniemi Annina | Havukainen Heli | Permi Perttu | Mattila Sampo | Ylänne Jari
On the mechanism of autoinhibition of the RhoA-specific nucleotide exchange factor PDZRhoGEF

Author(s): Zheng Meiying | Cierpicki Tomasz | Momotani Ko | Artamonov Mykhaylo | Derewenda Urszula | Bushweller John | Somlyo Avril | Derewenda Zygmunt
Dynamics based alignment of proteins: an alternative approach to quantify dynamic similarity

Author(s): Münz Márton | Lyngsø Rune | Hein Jotun | Biggin Philip
Interaction prediction and classification of PDZ domains

Author(s): Kalyoncu Sibel | Keskin Ozlem | Gursoy Attila
A genome-wide study of PDZ-domain interactions in C. elegans reveals a high frequency of non-canonical binding

Author(s): Lenfant Nicolas | Polanowska Jolanta | Bamps Sophie | Omi Shizue | Borg Jean-Paul | Reboul Jérôme
The tumor suppressor Scrib interacts with the zyxin-related protein LPP, which shuttles between cell adhesion sites and the nucleus

Author(s): Petit Marleen | Meulemans Sandra | Alen Philippe | Ayoubi Torik | Jansen Erik | Van de Ven Wim
Sequence variation in ligand binding sites in proteins

Author(s): Magliery Thomas | Regan Lynne
Molecular evolution of the MAGUK family in metazoan genomes

Author(s): te Velthuis Aartjan | Admiraal Jeroen | Bagowski Christoph
On the role of the MAGUK proteins encoded by Drosophila varicose during embryonic and postembryonic development

Author(s): Bachmann André | Draga Margarete | Grawe Ferdi | Knust Elisabeth
Identification of specificity determining residues in peptide recognition domains using an information theoretic approach applied to large-scale binding maps

Author(s): Yip Kevin | Utz Lukas | Sitwell Simon | Hu Xihao | Sidhu Sachdev | Turk Benjamin | Gerstein Mark | Kim Philip
Molecular evolution of the LNX gene family

Author(s): Flynn Michael | Saha Orthis | Young Paul
The distinct binding properties between avian/human influenza A virus NS1 and Postsynaptic density protein-95 (PSD-95), and inhibition of nitric oxide production

Author(s): Zhang Heng | Li Weizhong | Wang Gefei | Su Yun | Zhang Chi | Chen Xiaoxuan | Xu Yanxuan | Li Kangsheng
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