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Multi-Supervisory Control and Data Display

Author(s): Rajeev Kumar | M.L.Dewal
A Low-Cost Easy-Operation Hexapod Walking Machine

Author(s): Giuseppe Carbone | Marco Ceccarelli
Using the Weibull function for prognosis of yield by diameter class in Eucalyptus urophylla stands

Author(s): Eder Pereira Miguel | Sebastião do Amaral Machado | Afonso Figueiredo Filho | Julio Eduardo Arce
Design of a Virtual PLC Using Lab View

Author(s): Muntaser Momani
Hematobiochemical changes of lead Poisoning and amelioration with Ocimum sanctum in wistar albino rats

Author(s): Sujatha K. Karamala | Sri latha ch | Anjaneyulu Y. | Chandra Sekhara Rao T.S. | Sreeni Vasulu D and Amravathi P. Pidugu
Design and Development of an Industrial Network Laboratory

Author(s): Celina P Leão | Filomena O Soares | José Machado | Eurico Seabra | Helena Rodrigues
Some aspects regarding The Programming of a complex Acquisition System with PLCs

Author(s): POPOVICI Diana | MASTEI Daniela | POPOVICI Ovidiu | PODEA Zachei
Verification of PLC programs used in real-time applications

Author(s): ZMARANDA Doina | GABOR Gianina | VANCEA Codruţa
Research on Patent Model Integration Based on Ontology

Author(s): Liping Zhi | Hengshan Wang | Yazheng Dang
A Programmable Logic Controller to Control Two Axis Sun Tracking System

Author(s): Rustom Mamlook | Salem Nijmeh | Salah M. Abdallah
Interdisciplinary Automation and Control in a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Laboratory

Author(s): Jack Toporovsky, Christine D. Hempowicz & Tarek M. Sobh
Articulating Factors Defining RMS Delay Spread in LV PLC Networks

Author(s): Sabih Güzelgöz | Hasan Basri Çelebi | Hüseyin Arslan
Analysis of PLC Architectures for Dependable Industrial Applications

Author(s): GERGELY Eugen Ioan | COROIU Laura | POPENTIU-VLADICESCU Florin
Performance Evaluation of CE-OFDM in PLC Channel

Author(s): El ghzaoui Mohammed, Belkadid Jamal, Benbassou Ali
Automatic Control of Industrial Peak Loads

Author(s): Marija Kacarska | Vesna Arnautovski-Toševa | Sanja Veleva
A Hopping Code for MMFSK in a Power-line Channel

Author(s): Bamidele Adebisi | Saqib Ali | Bahram Honary
Influences of Periodically Switching Channels Synchronized with Power Frequency on PLC Equipment

Author(s): Daisuke Umehara | Taro Hayasaki | Satoshi Denno | Morikura Masahiro
Speech Quality Measurement Methods with Applying PLC Algorithms on Real-time Transmission Control Scheme for VoIP Service

Author(s): Jinsul Kim | Hyun-Woo Lee | Won Ryu | Byung Sun Lee | Seung Ho Han | Minsoo Hahn
The Effect of CSR Disclosure on Institutional Ownership

Author(s): Mohammad Ziaul Hoq | Mustaruddin Saleh | Mahmud Zubayer | Dr. Kazi Tanvir Mahmud

Immunosuppressive properties of Pluchea lanceolata leaves

Author(s): Bhagwat D | Kharya M | Bani Sarang | Kaul Anpurna | Kour Kiranjeet | Chauhan Prashant | Suri K | Satti N
Analysis of the Influence of the Programming Approach on the Response Time in PLC Control Programs

Author(s): GERGELY Eugen Ioan | COROIU Laura | POPENTIU-VLADICESCU Florin
Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate-induced Ca2+ signalling is involved in estradiol-induced breast cancer epithelial cell growth

Author(s): Szatkowski Cécilia | Parys Jan | Ouadid-Ahidouch Halima | Matifat Fabrice
Development of an Automated Transplanter for the Gantry System

Author(s): W.I. Wan Ishak | M.A. Awal | R. Elango
Effects of High Power Electronics Converters on PLC Signals

Author(s): S.M. Bashi | A.U.M. Al-Abulaziz | N.F. Mailah
Hybrid Programmable Logic Controller for Load Automation

Author(s): Aamir Shahzad | Hashim Farooq | Sofia Akba | Mushtaq Yousaf | Kamran Hafeez | M. Hanif
Calcium Signaling in Human Platelet Aggregation Mediated by Platelet Activating Factor and Calcium Ionophore, A23187

Author(s): Huma Rasheed | Afshin Hasan Tirmizi | Farah Salahuddin | Nida Batool Rizvi | Mehreen Arshad | Saadia Zohra Farooq | Sheikh Arshad Saeed
Cyanotoxins: New health risk factor in Serbia

Author(s): Juković Mirela F. | Svirčev Zorica B. | Baltić Vladimir Vit. | Stojanović Dejan B. | Mihajlović Aleksandar I. | Baltić Milan V.
One-shot measurement of thermal and kinematic fields from Infra-Red Image Correlation (IRIC)

Author(s): Maynadier A. | Poncelet M. | Lavernhe-taillard K. | Roux S.
Dasatinib reduces FAK phosphorylation increasing the effects of RPI-1 inhibition in a RET/PTC1-expressing cell line

Author(s): Caccia Dario | Miccichè Francesca | Cassinelli Giuliana | Mondellini Piera | Casalini Patrizia | Bongarzone Italia
PLCγ-activated signalling is essential for TrkB mediated sensory neuron structural plasticity

Author(s): Sciarretta Carla | Fritzsch Bernd | Beisel Kirk | Rocha-Sanchez Sonia | Buniello Annalisa | Horn Jacqueline | Minichiello Liliana
Protease activated receptors 1 and 4 sensitize TRPV1 in nociceptive neurones

Author(s): Vellani Vittorio | Kinsey Anna | Prandini Massimiliano | Hechtfischer Sabine | Reeh Peter | Magherini Pier | Giacomoni Chiara | McNaughton Peter
Design Plan of Modular Controller Discharge System using Simulation

Author(s): Rajesh Kumar Garg | Vikram Singh
Primary liver cancer mortality in Belgrade population

Author(s): Kanazir M. | Jarebinski Mirjana S. | Delić Dragan | Boričić Ivan V. | Gledović Zorana B. | Pekmezović Tatjana D.
Modulation of Ca2+ Signals by Epigallocatechin-3-gallate(EGCG) in Cultured Rat Hippocampal Neurons

Author(s): Jiang-Hua Wang | Jin Cheng | Cai-Rong Li | Mao Ye | Zhe Ma | Fei Cai
Antiangiogenic effects of pazopanib in xenograft hepatocellular carcinoma models: evaluation by quantitative contrast-enhanced ultrasonography

Author(s): Zhu Xiao-Dong | Zhang Ju-Bo | Fan Pei-Li | Xiong Yu-Quan | Zhuang Peng-Yuan | Zhang Wei | Xu Hua-Xiang | Gao Dong-Mei | Kong Ling-Qun | Wang Lu | Wu Wei-Zhong | Tang Zhao-You | Ding Hong | Sun Hui-Chuan
Blocking spinal CCR2 with AZ889 reversed hyperalgesia in a model of neuropathic pain

Author(s): Serrano Alexandre | Paré Michel | McIntosh Fraser | Elmes Steven | Martino Giovanni | Jomphe Claudia | Lessard Etienne | Lembo Paola | Vaillancourt François | Perkins Martin | Cao Chang
Detection of Helicobacter pylori: A faster urease test can save resources

Author(s): Andriani Koumi, Theodoros Filippidis, Vassilia Leontara, Loukia Makri, Marios Zenon Panos
Critical update for the clinical use of L-carnitine analogs in cardiometabolic disorders

Author(s): Mingorance C | Rodríguez-Rodríguez R | Justo ML | Alvarez de Sotomayor M | Herrera MD
The functional expression of extracellular calcium-sensing receptor in rat pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells

Author(s): Li Guang-wei | Wang Qiu-shi | Hao Jing-hui | Xing Wen-jing | Guo Jin | Li Hong-zhu | Bai Shu-zhi | Li Hong-xia | Zhang Wei-hua | Yang Bao-feng | Yang Guang-dong | Wu Ling-yun | Wang Rui | Xu Chang-qing
Trends in Control Area of PLC Reliability and Safety Parameters

Author(s): Juraj Zdansky | Jozef Hrbcek | Jan Zelenka
Parameters Evaluation of PLC Dependability and Safety

Author(s): Juraj Zdansky | Karol Rastocny
Using of Finite Automation at Programming PLC

Author(s): Karol Rastocny | Juraj Zdansky
Effects of Reengineering in Banks on Employees Perception of Job Security

Author(s): Ademola B. Owolabi | Benjamin O. Omolayo
Application of graftech method for pro-gramming of discrete technological process

Author(s): Pigiel, M. | Więcławek, R. | Wikiera, R.
Stepper Motor Controller using XC9572 CPLD through Mobile As a Remote

Author(s): Mohini Ratna Chaurasia | Nitin Naiyar
Trends in Control Area of PLC Reliability and Safety Parameters

Author(s): Juraj Zdansky | Jozef Hrbcek | Jan Zelenka
Parameters Evaluation of PLC Dependability and Safety

Author(s): Juraj Zdansky | Karol Rastocny
Using of Finite Automation at Programming PLC

Author(s): Karol Rastocny | Juraj Zdansky
Investigating student communities with network analysis of interactions in a physics learning center

Author(s): Eric Brewe1,2 | Laird Kramer2 | Vashti Sawtelle2 | Eric Brewe1,2

Author(s): Constantin STEFAN | Vasile-Paul NICOLAIESCU
PLC based High Speed Steam Sterilizer

Author(s): Vilas K. Jadhav | Chandrakant.Bkadu | Pratap.S.Vikhe
Utilização do protocolo de comunicação OLE for Process Control em processos industriais

Author(s): Ivan Carlos Franco | Jones Erni Schmitz | Ana Maria Frattini Fileti | Flávio Vasconcelos da Silva
Financial Statement as a Veritable Source of Strategic Information in Automobile and Tyre Industries in Nigeria (R T Briscoe Nigeria Plc)

Author(s): Mary Josiah | Samson A. Adediran | Clement Edojor Ozele | Veronica Uzoma Sule | Adunola Oyeyemi Paul
Time Domain Modeling of Powerline Impulsive Noise at Its Source

Author(s): Hassina Chaouche | Frederic Gauthier | Ahmed Zeddam | Mohamed Tlich | Mohamed Machmoum
Activation of TRPA1 by membrane permeable local anesthetics

Author(s): Leffler Andreas | Lattrell Anja | Kronewald Sergej | Niedermirtl Florian | Nau Carla
Optical Wavelet Signals Processing and Multiplexing

Author(s): Cincotti Gabriella | Moreolo Michela Svaluto | Neri Alessandro
Improving a Power Line Communications Standard with LDPC Codes

Author(s): Hsu Christine | Wang Neng | Chan Wai-Yip | Jain Praveen

Author(s): Matangu-deba-noel | Tang Yang-Ping | Feng Qing-Xiu | M.Haseeb
Casticin-induced apoptosis involves death receptor 5 upregulation in hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Author(s): Jun Yang | Yun Yang | Li Tian | Xi-Feng Sheng | Fei Liu | Jian-Guo Cao
A Review of Wireless and PLC Propagation Channel Characteristics for Smart Grid Environments

Author(s): Sabih Güzelgöz | Hüseyin Arslan | Arif Islam | Alexander Domijan
New method for automatic preparation and evaluation of [111In]-Oxinate complexes as imaging agents by programming logic control (PLC)

Author(s): Abbas Bahrami | Mohammad Mirzaii | Yousef Fazaeli | Ali Rahiminejad-kisomi | kamran Yousefi-Mojir | Koroush Aghighi
Design and Implementation of Web Based Remote Supervisory Control and Information System

Author(s): R. Kirubashankar | K. Krishnamurthy | J. Indra | B.Vignesh
Methods for Validation of PLC Systems

Author(s): GERGELY Eugen Ioan | COROIU Laura | POPENTIU-VLADICESCU Florin
Modelización de las inestabilidades en la deformación plástica de monocristales de circona estabilizada con itria (YCSZ)

Author(s): Gallardo-López, A. | Gómez-García, D. | Domínguez-Rodríguez, A. | Kubin, L.
The mechanism of phospholipase Cγ1 activation

Author(s): Paweł Krawczyk | Janusz Matuszyk
Power Efficiency Improvement in CE-OFDM System With 0 dB IBO for Transmission over PLC Network

Author(s): El Ghzaoui Mohammed, Belkadid Jamal, Benbassou Ali & EL Bekkali Moulhim
A Process Algebra for Supervisory Coordination

Author(s): Jos Baeten | Bert van Beek | Allan van Hulst | Jasen Markovski
Sphere-forming cell subpopulations with cancer stem cell properties in human hepatoma cell lines

Author(s): Cao Lu | Zhou Yanming | Zhai Beibei | Liao Jian | Xu Wen | Zhang Ruixiu | Li Jing | Zhang Yu | Chen Lei | Qian Haihua | Wu Mengchao | Yin Zhengfeng
Survival of patients with primary liver cancer in central and northern Denmark, 1998–2009

Author(s): Montomoli J | Erichsen R | Nørgaard M | Høyer M | Hansen JB | Jacobsen JB
Development of Equivalent Virtual Instruments to PLC Functions and Networks

Author(s): Mohammad A. K. Alia | Tariq M. Younes | Mohammad Abu Zalata
PLC Modeling and Checking Based on Formal Method

Author(s): Yueshan Zheng | Guiming Luo | Junbo Sun | Junjie Zhang | Zhenfeng Wang
Downregulation of CD44 reduces doxorubicin resistance of CD44+CD24- breast cancer cells

Author(s): Phuc PV | Nhan PLC | Nhung TH | Tam NT | Hoang NM | Tue VG | Thuy DT | Ngoc PK
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