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Calibration of the modified Bartlett-Lewis model using global optimization techniques and alternative objective functions

Author(s): W. J. Vanhaute | S. Vandenberghe | K. Scheerlinck | B. De Baets | N. E. C. Verhoest
Multi-area Load Frequency Control using IP Controller Tuned by Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Sayed Mojtaba Shirvani Boroujeni | Babak Keyvani Boroujeni | Mostafa Abdollahi | Hamideh Delafkar

Author(s): Puthireddy Umapathi Reddy | Sirigiri Sivanagaraju | Prabandhamkam Sangameswararaju
SEEPC: A Toolbox for Software Effort Estimation using Soft Computing Techniques

Author(s): Hari .CH.V.M.K | Tegjyot Singh Sethi | Jagadeesh.M
Multi Objective Particle Swarm Optimization for Software Cost Estimation

Author(s): Prasad Reddy P.V.G.D | Hari CH.V.M.K. | Srinivasa Rao T.
A Comparative Analysis for Determining the Optimal Path using PSO and GA

Author(s): Kavitha Sooda | T. R. Gopalakrishnan Nair
Prediction of Power in Solar Stirling Heat Engine by Evolving Particle Swarm Optimization and Neural Network

Author(s): Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi | Mohammad Ali Ahmadi | Saman Sorouri Ghare aghaj
Geese PSO Optimization in Geometric Constraint Solving

Author(s): Cao Chun- Hong | Wang Li- Min | Han Chun-Yan | Zhao Da-Zhe | Zhang Bin
Phishing Website Detection Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Radha Damodaram & Dr.M.L.Valarmathi
Evaluation of the Performance of Ant Colony Optimization over Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): S. Padmanabhan | Dr. M. Chandrasekaran | Dr. V. Srinivasa Raman
Robust Preprocessing and Random Forests Technique for Network Probe Anomaly Detection

Author(s): G. Sunil Kumar | C.V.K Sirisha | Kanaka Durga.R | A.Devi
Linear Decision Fusion under the Control of Constrained PSO for WSNs

Author(s): Sisi Jiang | Zhiwen Zhao | Sheng Mou | Zushun Wu | Yi Luo
3-D Face Recognition Using Improved 3D Mixed Transform

Author(s): Mr. Hamid M. Hasan | Prof. Dr. Waleed A. AL.Jouhar | Dr. Majid A. Alwan
Face Recognition Using Improved FFT Based Radon by PSO and PCA Techniques

Author(s): Mr. Hamid M. Hasan | Prof. Dr. Waleed A. AL.Jouhar | Dr. Majid A. Alwan
The Dynamic Location Model to Consider Background Traffic

Author(s): Sutanto Soehodho | Nahry Yusuf
Design of Fuzzy Controller for Robot Manipulators Using Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm

Author(s): Mohammad Mehdi Fateh | Kourosh Kiani | Mickael Aghajarian
Design of Fuzzy Controller for Robot Manipulators Using Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm

Author(s): Mohammad Mehdi Fateh | Kourosh Kiani | Mickael Aghajarian
Performance Improvement of ANN Classifiers using PSO

Author(s): Jayshri D.Dhande | D.R.Dandekar | S.L.Badjate
Quality of Service Using PSO Algorithm

Author(s): S.M. ELseuofi
Color-Base Skin Detection using Hybrid Neural Network & Genetic Algorithm for Real Times

Author(s): Hamideh Zolfaghari | Azam Sabbagh Nekonam | Javad Haddadnia

A Hybrid Bacterial Foraging - PSO Algorithm Based Tuning of Optimal FOPI Speed Controller

Author(s): Rajasekhar Anguluri | Ajith Abraham | Vaclav Snasel
Effect of UPFC Tuned Based on Particle Swarm Optimization on Dynamic Stability Improvement in Power Systems

Author(s): Shoorangiz Shams Shamsabad Farahani | Hossain Tourang | Behrang Yousefpour | Mehdi Ghasemi Naraghi | Seyed Ali Mohammad Javadian
Facial Affect Recognition Using Regularized Discriminant Analysis-Based Algorithms

Author(s): Lee Chien-Cheng | Huang Shin-Sheng | Shih Cheng-Yuan
Camera Network Coverage Improving by Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Xu Yi-Chun | Lei Bangjun | Hendriks EmileA
Suboptimal Partial Transmit Sequence-Active Interference Cancellation with Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Tarasak Poramate | Lin Zhiwei | Peng Xiaoming | Chin Francois
A Suboptimal PTS Algorithm Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Technique for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems

Author(s): Wen Jyh-Horng | Lee Shu-Hong | Huang Yung-Fa | Hung Ho-Lung
Particle Swarm Optimization for Adaptive Resource Allocation in Communication Networks

Author(s): Gheitanchi Shahin | Ali Falah | Stipidis Elias
Efficiency of particle swarm optimization applied on fuzzy logic DC motor speed control

Author(s): Allaoua Boumediene | Abdessalam Abderrahmani | Brahim Gasbaoui | Abdelfatah Nasri
Power System Restoration using Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Alka Singh | K.K. Swarnkar
PBBO: A New Approach for Underground Water Analysis

Author(s): Harish Kundra | Sumit Kaur | Ashish Verma | Dr.R. P. S Bedi
Mobility Control to Improve Nanosensor Network Lifetime based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Mohammadjavad Abbasi | Muhammad Shafie Abd Latiff
Comparative Study of Parallel Variants for a Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Implemented on a Multithreading GPU

Author(s): Gerardo A. Laguna‐Sánchez | Mauricio Olguín‐Carbajal | Nareli Cruz‐Cortés | Ricardo Barrón‐Fernández | Jesús A. Álvarez‐Cedillo
Forecasting Natural Gas Consumption Using Pso Optimized Least SquaresSupport Vector Machines

Author(s): Hossein Iranmanesh | Majid Abdollahzade | Arash Miranian

A new supply chain management method with one-way time window: A hybrid PSO-SA approach

Author(s): Saleh Dehbari | Alireza Pour Rosta | Saadollah Ebrahim Nezhad | Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam | Hassan Javanshir
Phytoceramide Shows Neuroprotection and Ameliorates Scopolamine-Induced Memory Impairment

Author(s): Jae-Chul Jung | Yeonju Lee | Sohyeon Moon | Jong Hoon Ryu | Seikwan Oh
Particle Swarm Optimization for Multi-constrained Routing in Telecommunication Networks

Author(s): Hongyan Cui | Jian Li | Xiang Liu | Yunlong Cai
An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization for Protein Folding Prediction

Author(s): Xin Chen | Mingwei Lv | Lihui Zhao | Xudong Zhang
A Domain Knowledge Based Approach for Medical Image Retrieval

Author(s): Haiwei Pan | Xiaolei Tan | Qilong Han | Guisheng Yin
Optimization of SVM Multiclass by Particle Swarm (PSO-SVM)

Author(s): Fatima Ardjani | Kaddour Sadouni
Image Classification Technique using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Mohd Afizi Mohd Shukran | Yuk Ying Chung | Wei-Chang Yeh | Noorhaniza Wahid | Ahmad Mujahid Ahmad Zaidi
PSO Based Short-Term Hydrothermal Scheduling with Prohibited Discharge Zones

Author(s): G.Sreenivasan | Dr. C.H.Saibabu | Dr.S.Sivanagaraju
A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization with Genetic Operator for Vehicle Routing Problem

Author(s): Geetha Shanmugam | Poonthalir Ganesan | Vanathi P T
A Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Reference Stations Distribution

Author(s): Bo Shao | Jiansheng Liu | Zhigang Huang | Rui Li
A Novel PSO Algorithm Based on Local Chaos & Simplex Search Strategy and its Application

Author(s): Shengli Song | Yong Gan | Li Kong | Jingjing Cheng
ABC Supported Handover Decision Scheme based on multi-PSO with Optimum Mutation

Author(s): Xingwei Wang | Huanyan Zhao | Min Huang | Zhankao Wen | Weixin Wu | Xiaofeng Liu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Bin Wang | Deyun Yang | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Zhihua Cui | Zhongzhi Shi
Particle Swarm Optimization for Automatic Parameters Determination of Pulse Coupled Neural Network

Author(s): Xinzheng Xu | Shifei Ding | Zhongzhi Shi | Hong Zhu | Zuopeng Zhao
A Mixed Algorithm for Nonlinear Complementarity Problems

Author(s): Xi-yun Wang | Ya Wang | Yu-yang Wang
The Structure Optimization of Main Beam for Bridge Crane Based on An Improved PSO

Author(s): Chaoli Sun | Ying Tan | Jianchao Zeng | Jengshyang Pan | Yuanfang Tao
Hybrid Discrete Particle Swarm Algorithm for Graph Coloring Problem

Author(s): Jin Qin | Yi-xin Yin | Xiao-juan Ban
Multi-channel Diffusion Tensor Image Registration via adaptive chaotic PSO

Author(s): Yudong Zhang | Shuihua Wang | Lenan Wu | Yuankai Huo
Lifecycle-based Swarm Optimization Method for Constrained Optimization

Author(s): Hai Shen | Yunlong Zhu | Li Jin | Haifeng Guo
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jinrong Zhu
Study on Partial Least-Squares Regression Model of Simulating Freezing Depth Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Tianxiao Li | Qiang Fu | Fanxiang Meng | Zilong Wang | Xiaowei Wang
An Improved PSO Algorithm with Decline Disturbance Index

Author(s): Fuqing Zhao | Jianxin Tang | Jizhe Wang | Chunmiao Wei
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Qihai Zhou | Min-bo Li | Zhongjun Li
Predicting Software Quality by Optimized BP Network Based on PSO

Author(s): Kewen Li | Jisong Kou | Lina Gong
A Novel PSO Algorithm Model Based on Population Migration Strategy and its Application

Author(s): Shengli Song | Bing Lu | Li Kong | Jingjing Cheng
Automatically Affinity Propagation Clustering using Particle Swarm

Author(s): Xian-hui Wang | Zheng Qin | Xuan-ping Zhang
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Dan Zhang | Bale Reddy
Determination of Optimal SVM Parameters by Using GA/PSO

Author(s): Yuan Ren | Guangchen Bai
A Study on Roughness Coefficient Using BP Neural Network

Author(s): Changjun Zhu | Enhui Jiang | Lianjun Zhao
Designing an Energy Storage System Fuzzy PID Controller for Microgrid Islanded Operation

Author(s): Jong-Yul Kim | Hak-Man Kim | Seul-Ki Kim | Jin-Hong Jeon | Heung-Kwan Choi
Multi-objective Optimization using Chaos Based PSO

Author(s): Bingqun Ren | Weizhou Zhong
Dynamic Stability Enhancement of a Multi Machine Electric Power System Using Unified Power Flow Controller

Author(s): Ahmad Memaripour | Sayed Mojtaba Shirvani Boroujeni | Reza Hemmati
Using Particle Swarm Optimization Method for Supplementary STATCOM Stabilizer Tuning in Electric Power System

Author(s): M. Nikzad | S. Shams Shamsabad Farahani | M. Bigdeli Tabar | M. Ghasemi Naraghi | A. Javadian
DNA Sequence Assembly using Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Ravi Shankar Verma | Vikas Singh | Sanjay Kumar
MultiObjective Optimization using Evolutionary Computation Techniques

Author(s): Rambabu CH | Y.P.Obulesh | CH. Saibabu
Hybrid PSO-SA Type Algorithms for Multimodal Function Optimization and Reducing Energy Consumption in Embedded Systems

Author(s): Lhassane Idoumghar | Mahmoud Melkemi | René Schott | Maha Idrissi Aouad
A New Hybrid Algorithm Based on Artificial fishes swarm Optimization and K-means for Cluster Analysis

Author(s): Mehdi Neshat | Danial Yazdani | Elham Gholami | Azra Masoumi | Mehdi Sargolzae
Patients' satisfaction with antipsoriatic treatment: results of PSO Survey in Poland. Zadowolenie pacjentów z leczenia przeciwłuszczycowego: wyniki badania PSO Survey w Polsce.

Author(s): Jacek Szepietowski | Adam Reich | Tamás Palotai | Andrzej Kaszuba | Grażyna Chodorowska | Ligia Brzezińska-Wcisło | Lidia Rudnicka | Tomasy Giemza
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