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A Nullator-Norator Model-Based Approach to Analog Circuit Diagnosis

Author(s): Elissaveta Gadjeva | Nikolay Gadzhev
Effect of Shading on Series and Parallel Connected Solar PV Modules

Author(s): Ramaprabha Ramabadran | Badrilal Mathur
Optimization of TiO2 and PMAPTAC Concentrations of a Chemical Humidity Sensing Mechanism

Author(s): Souhil Kouda | Zohir Dibi | Abdelghani Dendouga | Fayçal Meddour | Samir Barra
Propuesta de aproximación empírica para solución de la ecuación de difusión ambipolar

Author(s): Leobardo Hernández González | Abraham Claudio Sánchez | Marco Antonio Rodríguez | Juan Carlos Yris Pastor | Sergio Núñez Perez
Gap-junction channels inhibit transverse propagation in cardiac muscle

Author(s): Sperelakis Nicholas | Ramasamy Lakshminarayanan
Propagated repolarization of simulated action potentials in cardiac muscle and smooth muscle

Author(s): Sperelakis Nicholas | Ramasamy Lakshminarayanan | Kalloor Bijoy
Boundary effects influence velocity of transverse propagation of simulated cardiac action potentials

Author(s): Sperelakis Nicholas | Kalloor Bijoy | Ramasamy Lakshminarayanan
Log-Domain Current-mode Quadrature Sinusoidal Oscillator

Author(s): P. Prommee | N. Prapakorn | M.N.S. Swamy
Design of Capacitance to Voltage Converter for Capacitive Sensor Transducer

Author(s): A. H.M.Z. Alam | Nurul Arfah | Sheroz Khan | Md. R. Islam
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