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Adaptation of the Beck Hopelessness Scale in Hungary

Author(s): Dóra Perczel Forintos | Judit Sallai | Sándor Rózsa
Atitudes e Crenças sobre o Amor: Versão Brasileira da Escala de Estilos de Amor

Author(s): Alexsandro Luiz de Andrade | Agnaldo Garcia
Construct development: The Suicide Trigger Scale (STS-2), a measure of a hypothesized suicide trigger state

Author(s): Yaseen Zimri | Katz Curren | Johnson Matthew | Eisenberg Daniel | Cohen Lisa | Galynker Igor
A Normative Instrument For Assessing The Mentoring Role

Author(s): Karen Janse van Rensburg | Gert Roodt
Factorial Validation of Malaysian Adapted Brunel Mood Scale in an Adolescent Sample

Author(s): Hairul Anuar Hashim | Erie Zuraidee Zulkifli | Hazwani Ahmad Yusof @ Hanafi
The survey of perceived organisational support: Which measure should we use?

Author(s): Jody A. Worley | Dale R. Fuqua | Chan M. Hellman
Validation of a Spanish language version of the pain self-perception scale in patients with fibromyalgia

Author(s): García-Campayo J | Rodero B | del Hoyo Y | Luciano JV | Alda M | Gili M
Psychometric properties of the Brief Symptom Inventory in a sample of recovered Iranian depressed patients

Author(s): Parvaneh Mohammadkhani | Keith S. Dobson | Mehdi Amiri | Fatemeh Hosseini Ghafari
Child court hearings in family cases: Assessment questionnaire of child needs during pre-trial proceedings

Author(s): Joan Guardia | Maribel Pero | Sonia Benítez | Adolfo Jarne | Mercedes Caso | Mila Arch | Asuncion Molina | Alvaro Aliaga
Psychometric properties of a sport motivation scale Propiedades psicométricas de una escala de motivación deportiva

Author(s): J. F. Guzmán | E. Carratalá | Á. García-Ferriol | V. Carratalá
The validity and reliability of contingencies of self-worth scale

Author(s): Bayram Çetin | Ahmet Akın | Yüksel Eroğlu
Job-related affective well-being scale (Jaws): evidences of factor validity and reliability / Escala de bem-estar afetivo no trabalho (Jaws): evidências de validade fatorial e consistência interna

Author(s): Valdiney Veloso Gouveia | Patrícia Nunes da Fonsêca | Samuel Lincoln Bezerra Lins | Aline Vieira de Lima | Rildésia S. V. Gouveia
Assessing Scholarly Productivity

Author(s): Christine Hanish | John J. Horan | Bethanne Keen | Ginger Clark
Teacher Test Accountability.

Author(s): Larry H. Ludlow
Local Impact of State Testing in Southwest Washington

Author(s): Linda Mabry | Jayne Poole | Linda Redmond | Angelia Schultz
Agreeableness scale- short version: item selection and psychometric properties / Escala fatorial de socialização- versão reduzida: seleção de itens e propriedades psicométricas

Author(s): Maiana Farias Oliveira Nunes | Monalisa Muniz | Carlos Henrique Sancineto da Silva Nunes | Ricardo Primi | Fabiano Koich Miguel
The Brief RCOPE: Current Psychometric Status of a Short Measure of Religious Coping

Author(s): Kenneth Pargament | Margaret Feuille | Donna Burdzy
The Farsi version of the Hypomania Check-List 32 (HCL-32): Applicability and indication of a four-factorial solution

Author(s): Haghighi Mohammad | Bajoghli Hafez | Angst Jules | Holsboer-Trachsler Edith | Brand Serge
Risk perception and priority setting for intervention among hepatitis C virus and environmental risks: a cross-sectional survey in the Cairo community

Author(s): Schwarzinger Michaël | Mohamed Mostafa | Gad Rita | Dewedar Sahar | Fontanet Arnaud | Carrat Fabrice | Luchini Stéphane
Development and psychometric properties of a belief-based Physical Activity Questionnaire for Diabetic Patients (PAQ-DP)

Author(s): Ghazanfari Zeinab | Niknami Shamsaddin | Ghofranipour Fazlollah | Hajizadeh Ebrahim | Montazeri Ali
A systematic review of the psychometric properties of Quality of Life measures for school aged children with cerebral palsy

Author(s): Carlon Stacey | Shields Nora | Yong Katherine | Gilmore Rose | Sakzewski Leanne | Boyd Roslyn
Development and validation of a questionnaire on 'Satisfaction with dermatological treatment of hand eczema' (DermaSat)

Author(s): Ruiz Miguel | Heras Felipe | Alomar Agusti | Conde-Salazar Luis | de la Cuadra Jesús | Serra Esther | Regalado Francisco | Halbach Ralf
Validity and Reliability of Short Form-12 Questionnaire in Iranian Hemodialysis Patients

Author(s): Amir H Pakpour | Saeedeh Nourozi | Stig Molsted | Adrian P Harrison | Khadije Nourozi | Bengt Fridlund
Work-related complaints of arm, neck and shoulder among computer office workers in an Asian country: prevalence and validation of a risk-factor questionnaire

Author(s): Ranasinghe Priyanga | Perera Yashasvi | Lamabadusuriya Dilusha | Kulatunga Supun | Jayawardana Naveen | Rajapakse Senaka | Katulanda Prasad
The standardised copy of pentagons test

Author(s): Fountoulakis Konstantinos | Siamouli Melina | Panagiotidis Panagiotis | Magiria Stamatia | Kantartzis Sotiris | Terzoglou Vassiliki | Oral Timucin
Psychometric properties of the Chinese craving beliefs questionnaire for heroin abusers in methadone treatment

Author(s): Chang Chun-Wei | Huang Chun-Wei | Wu Wei-Hsin | Wang Bo-En | Liu Yi-Lien | Shen Hsi-Che | Lee Tony
The validity and reliability process of interpersonal problem solving inventory for adults

Author(s): Sabahattin Çam | Songül Tümkaya | E. Ercüment Yerlikaya
Psychometric Characteristics of Quay-Peterson Revised Behavior Problem Checklist

Author(s): Sima Shahim | Farideh Yousefi | Mahboobeh Ghanbari
Factor Analysis of the Individual with Highly Sensitive Processing Scale: The Association of Sensory Processing Sensitivity

Author(s): Zohre Sadooghi | Maria E. Aguilar-Vafaie | Seyed Kazem Rassoulzadeh Tabatabaei
Psychometric properties of an Iranian version of the beliefs about appearance scale

Author(s): Siavash Talepasand | Imanolaah Bigdeli | Zeynab Fallah

Author(s): Lega, Leonor | Contreras, Arturo Heman | Paredes, María Teresa
Normative Data and Psychometric Properties of the Child Behavior Checklist and Teacher Rating Form in an Iranian Community Sample

Author(s): Mehdi Tehrani-Doost | Zahra Shahrivar | Bahareh Pakbaz | Azita Rezaie | Fatemeh Ahmadi
Taiwan student engagement model: Conceptual framework and overview of psychometric properties

Author(s): Hu, Yueh Luen | Ching, Gregory S. | Chao, Pei Chin
Rifaximin vs conventional oral therapy for hepatic encephalopathy: A meta-analysis

Author(s): Karim M Eltawil | Marie Laryea | Kevork Peltekian | Michele Molinari
Development and Psychometrics of “Institutionalized Adolescents Spiritual Coping Scale”

Author(s): Maryam Rassouli | Farideh Yaghmaie | Hamid Alavi Majd | Mansooreh Saeedolzakerin
The Psychometric Properties of the Brief Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale

Author(s): Omid Shokri | Fariborz Geravand | Zahra Naghsh | Reza Ali Tarkhan | Maryam Paeezi
Psychometric Properties of Persian Version of the Rey Auditory-Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT) among the Elderly

Author(s): Zahra Jafari | Philip Steffen Moritz | Taher Zandi | Ahmad Aliakbari Kamrani | Saeed Malyeri
Psychometric Properties of Thought Fusion Instrument (TFI) in Students

Author(s): Kazem Khoramdel | Mehdi Rabiee | Hossein Molavi | Hamid Taher Neshatdoost
Validation of the Farsi Version of the Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire in a Student Sample

Author(s): Abbas Bakhshipour Roodsari | Leila Shateri | Samineh Fattahi | Mohsen Soodmand | Elahe Saderi | Ahmad Mansori
Structure Standardization, Validity and Reliability of Subjective Well-being Questionnaire

Author(s): Hossein Molavi | Hajar Torkan | Iraj Soltani | Hasan Palahang
Measuring Mindfulness: A Rasch Analysis of the Freiburg Mindfulness Inventory

Author(s): Sebastian Sauer | Harald Walach | Martin Offenbächer | Siobhan Lynch | Niko Kohls
Versión en español de la Escala de Ansiedad para Niños de Spence (SCAS)

Author(s): Laura Hern ndez Guzm n | Graciela Berm dez Ornelas | Susan H. Spence | Manuel Jorge Gonz lez Montesinos | Jos I. Mart nez Guerrero | Javier Aguilar Villalobos | Julia Gallegos Guajardo
Comparison of Feminine Gender Norms among Spanish and American College Women

Author(s): María del Pilar Sánchez-López | Isabel Cuéllar-Flores
Reliability and validity of the Spanish version of the 10-item Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (10-item CD-RISC) in young adults

Author(s): Notario-Pacheco Blanca | Solera-Martínez Montserrat | Serrano-Parra María | Bartolomé-Gutiérrez Raquel | García-Campayo Javier | Martínez-Vizcaíno Vicente
Psychometric properties and longitudinal validation of the self-reporting questionnaire (SRQ-20) in a Rwandan community setting: a validation study

Author(s): Scholte Willem | Verduin Femke | van Lammeren Anouk | Rutayisire Theoneste | Kamperman Astrid
Validation aspects of the health of the nation outcome scales

Author(s): Lovaglio Pietro | Monzani Emiliano
Psychometric properties of the IDS-SR30 for the assessment of depressive symptoms in spanish population

Author(s): Gili Margalida | Luciano Juan | Bauzá Natalia | Aguado Jaume | Serrano María | Armengol Silvia | Roca Miquel
Validation of a proposed WOMAC short form for patients with hip osteoarthritis

Author(s): Bilbao Amaia | Quintana José | Escobar Antonio | Las Hayas Carlota | Orive Miren
Psychometric assessment of HIV/STI sexual risk scale among MSM: A Rasch model approach

Author(s): Li Jian | Liu Hongjie | Liu Hui | Feng Tiejian | Cai Yumao
Psychometric Properties of the Persian Version of the Padua Inventory: PPI–WSUR Non-clinical Student Sample

Author(s): Giti Shams | Hosein Kaviani | Yaghob Esmaili | Narges Ebrahimkhani | Alireza Amin Manesh
Designing and Psychometric Properties of a Questionnaire for Assessing Female Adolescents' Health Needs

Author(s): Shahhosseini Z | Simbar M | Ramezankhani A | Alavi Majd H
Enhanced Wellbeing Amongst Engineering Students Through Nadi Shodhan Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing) Training NJ An Analysis

Author(s): Anurag Joshi | Dr. Mandeep Singh | Dr. Bharat Bhushan Singla | Dr. Sunil Joshi
Advancing the argument for validity of the Alberta Context Tool with healthcare aides in residential long-term care

Author(s): Estabrooks Carole | Squires Janet | Hayduk Leslie | Cummings Greta | Norton Peter
Psychometric Properties of Iranian Version of Female Sexual Function Index

Author(s): Ahmad Fakhri | Isa Mohammadi Zeidi | Amir Pakpour Haji Agha | Hadi Morshedi | Razieh Mohammad Jafari | Fatemeh Ghalambor Dezfooli
Studies of the dimensionality, correlates, and meaning of measures of the maximizing tendency

Author(s): Hye Bin Rim | Brandon M. Turner | Nancy E. Betz | Thomas E. Nygren
Perceived Stress Scale: Reliability and Validity Study in Greece

Author(s): Eleni Andreou | Evangelos C. Alexopoulos | Christos Lionis | Liza Varvogli | Charalambos Gnardellis | George P. Chrousos | Christina Darviri
The validation of the standard Chinese version of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Core Questionnaire 30 (EORTC QLQ-C30) in pre-operative patients with brain tumor in China

Author(s): Cheng Jin-xiang | Liu Bo-lin | Zhang Xiang | Zhang Yong-qiang | Lin Wei | Wang Rui | Zhang Yong-qin | Zhang Hong-ying | Xie Li | Huo Jun-li
Psychometric properties of the OLQ-13 scale to measure Sense of Coherence in a community-dwelling older population

Author(s): Naaldenberg Jenneken | Tobi Hilde | van den Esker Franciska | Vaandrager Lenneke
Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (WEMWBS): Validated for teenage school students in England and Scotland. A mixed methods assessment

Author(s): Clarke Aileen | Friede Tim | Putz Rebecca | Ashdown Jacquie | Martin Steven | Blake Amy | Adi Yaser | Parkinson Jane | Flynn Pamela | Platt Stephen | Stewart-Brown Sarah
Revisiting the dimensional structure of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS): empirical evidence for a general factor

Author(s): Reichenheim Michael | Moraes Claudia | Oliveira Alessandra | Lobato Gustavo
Psychometric properties of the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture for hospital management (HSOPS_M)

Author(s): Hammer Antje | Ernstmann Nicole | Ommen Oliver | Wirtz Markus | Manser Tanja | Pfeiffer Yvonne | Pfaff Holger
Measuring cancer care coordination: development and validation of a questionnaire for patients

Author(s): Young Jane | Walsh Jennifer | Butow Phyllis | Solomon Michael | Shaw Joanne
Approaches to assessment of student academic achievements: A critical review

Author(s): Kuzmanović Dobrinka | Pavlović-Babić Dragica
Differential Item Functioning (DIF): Current problems and future directions

Author(s): Hossein Karami | Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan
Racial discrimination and health: a systematic review of scales with a focus on their psychometric properties

Author(s): João Luiz Bastos | Roger Keller Celeste | Eduardo Faerstein | Aluísio JD Barros
Quantitative Literacy at Michigan State University, 1: Development and Initial Evaluation of the Assessment

Author(s): Alla Sikorskii | Vince Melfi | Dennis Gilliland | Jennifer Kaplan | Suzie Ahn
Gestão de Recursos Humanos: uma Metanálise de seus Efeitos sobre Desempenho Organizacional

Author(s): Agostinha Mafalda Barra de Oliveira | Alexandre José de Oliveira
Propiedades psicométricas de una escala de motivación deportiva Psychometric properties of a sport motivation scale

Author(s): J. F. Guzmán | E. Carratalá | Á. García-Ferriol | V. Carratalá

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