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The Palindrome Effect

Author(s): Shnoll S. E. | Panchelyuga V. A. | Shnoll A. E.
Algorithms for Quantum Branching Programs Based on Fingerprinting

Author(s): Farid Ablayev | Alexander Vasiliev
The tumor suppressor gene TRC8/RNF139 is disrupted by a constitutional balanced translocation t(8;22)(q24.13;q11.21) in a young girl with dysgerminoma

Author(s): Gimelli Stefania | Beri Silvana | Drabkin Harry | Gambini Claudio | Gregorio Andrea | Fiorio Patrizia | Zuffardi Orsetta | Gemmill Robert | Giorda Roberto | Gimelli Giorgio
Genome-wide analysis of Tol2 transposon reintegration in zebrafish

Author(s): Kondrychyn Igor | Garcia-Lecea Marta | Emelyanov Alexander | Parinov Sergey | Korzh Vladimir
Frequent gene conversion events between the X and Y homologous chromosomal regions in primates

Author(s): Iwase Mineyo | Satta Yoko | Hirai Hirohisa | Hirai Yuriko | Takahata Naoyuki
Blueprint for a minimal photoautotrophic cell: conserved and variable genes in Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942

Author(s): Delaye Luis | González-Domenech Carmen | Garcillán-Barcia María | Peretó Juli | de la Cruz Fernando | Moya Andrés
Position and sequence conservation in Amniota of polymorphic enhancer HS1.2 within the palindrome of IgH 3'Regulatory Region

Author(s): D'Addabbo Pietro | Scascitelli Moira | Giambra Vincenzo | Rocchi Mariano | Frezza Domenico
On origin of genetic code and tRNA before translation

Author(s): Rodin Andrei | Szathmáry Eörs | Rodin Sergei
A novel function for spumaretrovirus integrase: an early requirement for integrase-mediated cleavage of 2 LTR circles

Author(s): Delelis Olivier | Petit Caroline | Leh Herve | Mbemba Gladys | Mouscadet Jean-François | Sonigo Pierre
Comparative genomics of regulation of heavy metal resistance in Eubacteria

Author(s): Permina EA | Kazakov AE | Kalinina OV | Gelfand MS
Dimerisation of HIV-2 genomic RNA is linked to efficient RNA packaging, normal particle maturation and viral infectivity

Author(s): L'Hernault Anne | Greatorex Jane | Crowther R Anthony | Lever Andrew
A tale of two symmetrical tails: Structural and functional characteristics of palindromes in proteins

Author(s): Sheari Armita | Kargar Mehdi | Katanforoush Ali | Arab Shahriar | Sadeghi Mehdi | Pezeshk Hamid | Eslahchi Changiz | Marashi Sayed-Amir
DNA secondary structure is influenced by genetic variation and alters susceptibility to de novo translocation

Author(s): Kato Takema | Inagaki Hidehito | Tong Maoqing | Kogo Hiroshi | Ohye Tamae | Yamada Kouji | Tsutsumi Makiko | Emanuel Beverly | Kurahashi Hiroki
Palindromes drive the re-assortment in Influenza A

Author(s): Abdullah Zubaer* | Simrika Thapa
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