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From Papyrus to Paperless

Author(s): Oak S
Surgical management of penetrating pulmonary injuries

Author(s): Petrone Patrizio | Asensio Juan
Thoracolumbar Vertebral Fractures

Author(s): Dr. V.M Thomas
Triple pregnancy after tubal ligation,a case report

Author(s): N. Rahbar | S. Moazen
Comic strips as environmental educative tools for the Alaotra Region

Author(s): Claudette P. Maminirina | Pascal Girod | Patrick O. Waeber
The History of Diabetes Mellitus

Author(s): Manjeet Singh | Naresh Kumar | Sushma Sood | Beena Makkar | Varun Arora
Meristematic activity of the Endodermis and the Pericycle in the primary thickening in monocotyledons: considerations on the "PTM"

Author(s): Menezes Nanuza L. de | Silva Delmira C. | Arruda Rosani C.O. | Melo-de-Pinna Gladys F. | Cardoso Vanessa A. | Castro Neuza M. | Scatena Vera L. | Scremin-Dias Edna

Author(s): Hadawale N. M | Thorat R. M. | Gaikwad D. D. | Jadhav S. L.
Functional Brain Imaging

Author(s): K. Vessal
Diabetes - A Historical Perspective

Author(s): V.Vijayan*, E. Jayachandran, M.H.Sumanth, T. Brahma Naidu, D.Srinivasa Rao
Particle Boards from Papyrus Fibers as Thermal Insulation

Author(s): Singhadej Tangjuank | Supreya Kumfu
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