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Paragonimiasis in a Leopard (Panthera Pardus)

Author(s): Y A Kinge | D B Sarode and N P Dakshinkar
Paragonimus heterotremus infection in Nagaland: A new focus of paragonimiasis in India

Author(s): Singh T | Sugiyama H | Umehara A | Hiese S | Khalo K
Human paragonimiasis in Africa

Author(s): Aka N′Da | Adoubryn Koffi | Rondelaud Daniel | Dreyfuss Gilles
Lung lesions in opossums (Didelphis virginiana) naturally infected by Paragonimus mexicanus in Colima, Mexico

Author(s): Luis Jorge García-Márquez | José Luis Vázquez-García | David Osorio-Sarabia | Virginia León-Régagnon | Luis García-Prieto | Rafael Lamothe-Argumedo | Fernando Constantino-Casas
Development of a rapid dipstick with latex immunochromatographic assay (DLIA) for diagnosis of schistosomiasis japonica

Author(s): Yu Li-Ling | Ding Jian-Zu | Wen Li-Yong | Lou Di | Yan Xiao-Lan | Lin Li-Jun | Lu Shao-Hong | Lin Dan-Dan | Zhou Xiao-Nong

Author(s): Muneo Yokogavva
No Paragonimus in high-risk groups in Côte d'Ivoire, but considerable prevalence of helminths and intestinal protozoon infections

Author(s): Traoré Sylvain | Odermatt Peter | Bonfoh Bassirou | Utzinger Jürg | Aka N'da | Adoubryn Koffi | Assoumou Aka | Dreyfuss Gilles | Koussémon Marina

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