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Paralelización de un Esferizador Geométrico.

Author(s): Simena Dinas | José M. Bañon P. | Olmedo Arcila G.
An Overview of Portable Distributed Techniques

Author(s): Sanjay Bansal | Nirved Pandey
pp-Blast: a "pseudo-parallel" Blast

Author(s): Osório E.C. | Souza J.E. de | Zaiats A.C. | Oliveira P.S.L. de | Souza S.J. de
Modular Simulated Annealing in Classical Job Shop Scheduling

Author(s): S. Jayalakshmi | S.P. Rajagopalan
The Visualization of Three Dimensional Brain Tumors` Growth on Distributed Parallel Computer Systems

Author(s): Norma Alias | Mohd IKhwan Safa bin Masseri | Md. Rajibul Islam | Siti Nurhidayah Khalid
Migration Algorithm of Particle Swarm Optimization For a Scheduling Problem

Author(s): S. Hernane | Y. Hernane | M. Benyettou
Development and Performance Evaluation Of A Lan-Based EDGE-Detection Tool

Author(s): Ghassan F. Issa | Hussein Al-Bahadili | Shakir M. Hussain
Regular Expression Matching and Operational Semantics

Author(s): Asiri Rathnayake | Hayo Thielecke
A Massively Parallel Re-Configurable Mesh Computer Emulator: Design, Modeling and Realization

Author(s): Mohamed YOUSSFI | Omar BOUATTANE | Mohamed O. BENSALAH

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