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Fuzzy Controlled Parallel AC-DC Converter for PFC

Author(s): M Subba Rao | Ch Sai Babu | S Satyanarayana | P. V.S Sobhan
Image processing methods and architectures in diagnostic pathology.

Author(s): Gloria Bueno | Oscar DĂŠniz | JesĂşs Salido | Marcial GarcĂ­a Rojo
Detecting ultra-high energy cosmic rays from space with unprecedented acceptance: objectives and design of the JEM-EUSO mission

Author(s): M. Casolino | J. H. Adams | M. E. Bertaina | M. J. Christl | T. Ebisuzaki | P. Gorodetzky | Y. Hachisu | F. Kajino | Y. Kawasaki | G. Medina-Tanco | H. Miyamoto | H. Ohomori | E. Parizot | I. Park | P. Picozza | N. Sakaki | A. Santangelo | K. Shinozaki | Y. Takizawa | K. Tsuno | JEM-EUSO collaboration
Architectural Design to Characterize Malignant Breast Lesion

Author(s): Subarna Chatterjee | Ajoy Kumar Ray | Rezaul Karim | Arindam Biswas
Parallel Implementation of Otsu's Binarization Approach on GPU

Author(s): Brij Mohan Singh | Rahul Sharma | Ankush Mittal | Debashish Ghosh
Parallel Implementation of Niblack's Binarization Approach on CUDA

Author(s): Brij Mohan Singh | Rahul Sharma | Ankush Mittal | Debashish Ghosh
Parallel Implementation of Souvola's Binarization Approach on GPU

Author(s): Brij Mohan Singh | Rahul Sharma | Ankush Mittal | Debashish Ghosh
Cluster based Performance Evaluation of Runlength Image Compression

Author(s): Ankit Arora | Amit Chhabra | Harwinder Singh Sohal
An Efficient Approach Parallel Support Vector Machine for Classification of Diabetes Dataset

Author(s): Naveeen Kumar Shrivastava | Praneet Saurabh | Bhupendra Verma
The STC104 Packet Routing Chip

Author(s): Peter W. Thompson | Julian D. Lewis
The Cost of Adaptivity and Virtual Lanes in aWormhole Router

Author(s): Kazuhiro Aoyama | Andrew A. Chien
Designing Interconnection Networks forMulti-level Packaging

Author(s): M. T. Raghunath | Abhiram Ranade
Parallel Computing System for Image Intelligent Processing

Author(s): Zongtao Duan | Tao Lei | Haiwei Fan
Fuzzy Controlled Parallel AC-DC Converter for PFC

Author(s): M Subba Rao | Ch Sai Babu | S Satyanarayana | P. V.S Sobhan

Author(s): Arash Karimi | Hadi Shahriar Shahhoseini

Author(s): Jayshree Ghorpade | Jitendra Parande | Madhura Kulkarni | Amit Bawaskar
Parametric Dense Stereovision Implementation on a System-on Chip (SoC)

Author(s): Alfredo Gardel | Pablo Montejo | Jorge García | Ignacio Bravo | José L. Lázaro
Encryption Of Data Using Elliptic Curve Over Finite Fields

Author(s): D. Sravana Kumar | CH. Suneetha | A. ChandrasekhAR
Element-Based Computational Model

Author(s): Conrad Mueller
Parallel Implementation of Similarity Measures on GPU Architecture using CUDA

Author(s): Kuldeep Yadav | Ankush Mittal | M.A Ansari | Vennktesh Vishwarup
Development and Performance Evaluation Of A Lan-Based EDGE-Detection Tool

Author(s): Ghassan F. Issa | Hussein Al-Bahadili | Shakir M. Hussain
Multicore Processing for Classification and Clustering Algorithms

Author(s): V. Vaitheeshwaran | Kapil Kumar Nagwanshi | T. V. Rao
Fast FPGA Implementation of EBCOT block in JPEG2000 Standard

Author(s): Anass Mansouri | Ali Ahaitouf | Farid Abdi
Classification of Load Balancing Conditions for parallel and distributed systems

Author(s): Mohammad Zubair Khan | R. Singh | J. Alam | S. Saxena

Author(s): Moslema Jahan, M. M | A Hashem | Gazi Abdullah Shahriar

Author(s): Liji Merlin Kurian | Saiju Punnoose

Author(s): Masoomeh sanei | Nasrollah Moghaddam Charkari
Analysis of a Novel Hash Function Based upon Chaotic Nonlinear Map with Variable Parameter

Author(s): M. Nouri | S. Abazari Aghdam | P. Pourmahdi | M. Safarinia
Volatility and hygroscopicity of aging secondary organic aerosol in a smog chamber

Author(s): T. Tritscher | J. Dommen | P. F. DeCarlo | M. Gysel | P. B. Barmet | A. P. Praplan | E. Weingartner | A. S. H. Prévôt | I. Riipinen | N. M. Donahue | U. Baltensperger
An Optimal Initial Partitioning of Large Data Model in Utility Management Systems

Author(s): CAPKO, D. | ERDELJAN, A. | POPOVIC, M. | SVENDA, G.
Performance evaluation of high speed compressors for high speed multipliers

Author(s): Nirlakalla Ravi | Subba Rao Thota | Jayachandra-Prasad Talari
A CNN Based Algorithm for Medical Images Correlation

Author(s): ŢEPELEA Laviniu | Gavriluţ Ioan | Gacsádi Alexandru
Theoretical Implementation of the Rijndael Algorithm Using GPU Processing

Author(s): MANG Erica | MANG Ioan | ANDRONIC Bogdan | POPESCU Constantin
System-Level Performance Evaluation of Very High Complexity Media Applications : A H264/AVC Encoder Case Study

Author(s): Hajer Krichene Zrida | Abderrazek Jemai | Ahmed C Ammari | Mohamed Abid
Embedding Parallelization in Compilers

Author(s): Liviu Sebastian Matei | Liviu Frateanu
Embedded Active Vision System Based on an FPGA Architecture

Author(s): Chalimbaud Pierre | Berry François
A Massively Parallel Face Recognition System

Author(s): Lahdenoja Olli | Laiho Mika | Maunu Janne | Paasio Ari
A Real-Time Wavelet-Domain Video Denoising Implementation in FPGA

Author(s): Katona Mihajlo | Pižurica Aleksandra | Teslić Nikola | Kovačević Vladimir | Philips Wilfried
Encrypted Domain DCT Based on Homomorphic Cryptosystems

Author(s): Bianchi Tiziano | Piva Alessandro | Barni Mauro
Using SVM as Back-End Classifier for Language Identification

Author(s): Suo Hongbin | Li Ming | Lu Ping | Yan Yonghong
Hierarchical Parallelization of Gene Differential Association Analysis

Author(s): Needham Mark | Hu Rui | Dwarkadas Sandhya | Qiu Xing
Multi-prediction particle filter for efficient parallelized implementation

Author(s): Chu Chun-Yuan | Chao Chih-Hao | Chao Min-An | Wu An-Yeu
Efficient Channel Shortening Equalizer Design

Author(s): Martin Richard K | Ding Ming | Evans Brian L | Johnson C Richard
Space-Time Turbo Coded Modulation: Design and Applications

Author(s): Tujkovic Djordje | Juntti Markku | Latva-aho Matti
A Locally Adaptable Iterative RX Detector

Author(s): Taitano YuriP | Geier BrianA | Bauer KennethW
PIC Detector for Piano Chords

Author(s): Barbancho AnaM | Tardón LorenzoJ | Barbancho Isabel
Iterative Sparse Channel Estimation and Decoding for Underwater MIMO-OFDM

Author(s): Huang Jie | Huang Jianzhong | Berger ChristianR | Zhou Shengli | Willett Peter
Comparing an FPGA to a Cell for an Image Processing Application

Author(s): Rakvic RyanN | Ngo Hau | Broussard RandyP | Ives RobertW
2D-3D Registration of CT Vertebra Volume to Fluoroscopy Projection: A Calibration Model Assessment

Author(s): Bifulco P | Cesarelli M | Allen R | Romano M | Fratini A | Pasquariello G
Parallelism Efficiency in Convolutional Turbo Decoding

Author(s): Muller Olivier | Baghdadi Amer | Jézéquel Michel
Automatic Level Control for Video Cameras towards HDR Techniques

Author(s): Cvetkovic Sascha | Jellema Helios | de With PeterHN
On Parsing Visual Sequences with the Hidden Markov Model

Author(s): Harte Naomi | Lennon Daire | Kokaram Anil
Performance analysis of massively parallel embedded hardware architectures for retinal image processing

Author(s): Nieto Alejandro | Brea Victor | Vilariño David | Osorio Roberto
Applying FDTD to the Coverage Prediction of WiMAX Femtocells

Author(s): Valcarce Alvaro | De La Roche Guillaume | Jüttner Álpar | López-Pérez David | Zhang Jie
A Multiple-Antenna System for ISM-Band Transmission

Author(s): Rinas J | Seeger R | Brötje L | Vogeler S | Haase T | Kammeyer K-D
Sound Synthesis of the Harpsichord Using a Computationally Efficient Physical Model

Author(s): Välimäki Vesa | Penttinen Henri | Knif Jonte | Laurson Mikael | Erkut Cumhur
Gait Recognition Using Image Self-Similarity

Author(s): BenAbdelkader Chiraz | Cutler Ross G | Davis Larry S
Medusa: A Novel Stream-Scheduling Scheme for Parallel Video Servers

Author(s): Jin Hai | Deng Dafu | Pang Liping
Bit Manipulation Accelerator for Communication Systems Digital Signal Processor

Author(s): Jeong Sug H | Sunwoo Myung H | Oh Seong K
Scalable IC Platform for Smart Cameras

Author(s): Kleihorst Richard P | Abbo Anteneh A | Choudhary Vishal | Broers Harry
An Integrated Dynamic Scene Algorithm for Segmentation and Motion Estimation

Author(s): Abdel-Qader Ikhlas | Bujanovic Tomislav
Object Recognition System-on-Chip Using the Support Vector Machines

Author(s): Reyna-Rojas Roberto | Houzet Dominique | Dragomirescu Daniela | Carlier Florent | Ouadjaout Salim
WCDMA Uplink Parallel Interference Cancellation—System Simulations and Prototype Field Trials

Author(s): Hagerman Bo | Gunnarsson Fredrik | Murai Hideshi | Tadenuma Mioko | Karlsson Jonas
Parallel and Serial Concatenated Single Parity Check Product Codes

Author(s): Rankin David M | Gulliver T Aaron | Taylor Desmond P
Managing Algorithmic Skeleton Nesting Requirements in Realistic Image Processing Applications: The Case of the SKiPPER-II Parallel Programming Environment's Operating Model

Author(s): Coudarcher Rémi | Duculty Florent | Serot Jocelyn | Jurie Frédéric | Derutin Jean-Pierre | Dhome Michel
An Efficient SF-ISF Approach for the Slepian-Wolf Source Coding Problem

Author(s): Tu Zhenyu | Li (Tiffany) Jing | Blum Rick S
Improved Iterative Parallel Interference Cancellation Receiver for Future Wireless DS-CDMA Systems

Author(s): Morosi Simone | Fantacci Romano | Bernacchioni Andrea
Macrocell Builder: IP-Block-Based Design Environment for High-Throughput VLSI Dedicated Digital Signal Processing Systems

Author(s): Zergainoh Nacer-Eddine | Tambour Ludovic | Urard Pascal | Jerraya Ahmed Amine
Rapid Prototyping for Heterogeneous Multicomponent Systems: An MPEG-4 Stream over a UMTS Communication Link

Author(s): Raulet M | Urban F | Nezan JF | Moy C | Deforges O | Sorel Y
High Efficiency EBCOT with Parallel Coding Architecture for JPEG2000

Author(s): Chiang Jen-Shiun | Chang Chun-Hau | Hsieh Chang-Yo | Hsia Chih-Hsien
A High-Speed Four-Transmitter Four-Receiver MIMO OFDM Testbed: Experimental Results and Analyses

Author(s): Xiang Weidong | Richardson Paul | Walkenhorst Brett | Wang Xudong | Pratt Thomas
Rapid VLIW Processor Customization for Signal Processing Applications Using Combinational Hardware Functions

Author(s): Hoare Raymond R | Jones Alex K | Kusic Dara | Fazekas Joshua | Foster John | Tung Shenchih | McCloud Michael
SABA: A Testbed for a Real-Time MIMO System

Author(s): Borkowski Daniel | Brühl Lars | Degen Christoph | Keusgen Wilhem | Alirezaei Gholamreza | Geschewski Frank | Oikonomopoulos Christos | Rembold Bernhard
An Efficient Circulant MIMO Equalizer for CDMA Downlink: Algorithm and VLSI Architecture

Author(s): Guo Yuanbin | Zhang Jianzhong(Charlie) | McCain Dennis | Cavallaro Joseph R
4D Near-Field Source Localization Using Cumulant

Author(s): Liang Junli | Yang Shuyuan | Zhang Junying | Gao Li | Zhao Feng
A Heuristic Optimal Discrete Bit Allocation Algorithm for Margin Maximization in DMT Systems

Author(s): Zhu Li-Ping | Yao Yan | Zhou Shi-Dong | Dong Shi-Wei
Combining Global and Local Information for Knowledge-Assisted Image Analysis and Classification

Author(s): Papadopoulos G Th | Mezaris V | Kompatsiaris I | Strintzis MG
Real-Time Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection Using WOLA Filterbank Analysis of EGM Signals

Author(s): Sheikhzadeh Hamid | Brennan Robert L | So Simon
Transforming Signal Processing Applications into Parallel Implementations

Author(s): Deprettre Ed F | Woods Roger | Verbauwhede Ingrid | de Kock Erwin
Design of a Real-Time Face Detection Parallel Architecture Using High-Level Synthesis

Author(s): Farrugia Nicolas | Mamalet Franck | Roux Sébastien | Yang Fan | Paindavoine Michel
High Speed 3D Tomography on CPU, GPU, and FPGA

Author(s): GAC Nicolas | Mancini Stéphane | Desvignes Michel | Houzet Dominique
An SIMD Programmable Vision Chip with High-Speed Focal Plane Image Processing

Author(s): Ginhac Dominique | Dubois Jérôme | Paindavoine Michel | Heyrman Barthélémy
A Programmable Video Platform and Its Application Mapping Framework Using the Target Application's SystemC Models

Author(s): Kim Daewoong | Cha Kilhyung | Hong Do-Sun | Choi Soonwoo | Chae Soo-Ik
FPGA Accelerator for Wavelet-Based Automated Global Image Registration

Author(s): Li Baofeng | Dou Yong | Zhou Haifang | Zhou Xingming
Iterative Object Localization Algorithm Using Visual Images with a Reference Coordinate

Author(s): Park Kyoung-Su | Lee Jinseok | Stanaćević Milutin | Hong Sangjin | Cho We-Duke
Particle Filtering: The Need for Speed

Author(s): Hendeby Gustaf | Karlsson Rickard | Gustafsson Fredrik
A Near-ML Complex K-Best Decoder with Efficient Search Design for MIMO Systems

Author(s): Huang Chung-Jung | Sung Chih-Sheng | Lee Ta-Sung
Fuzzy Morphological Polynomial Image Representation

Author(s): Huang Chin-Pan | Chaparro LuisF
Analysis on DNA based Cryptography to Secure Data Transmission

Author(s): S.Jeevidha | Dr.M.S.Saleem Basha | Dr.P.Dhavachelvan

Author(s): A. Castillo-Atoche | J. Vázquez-Castillo | V. Sánchez-Huerta
Dynamic Range Input FFT Algorithm for Signal Processing in Parallel Processor Architecture

Author(s): Md. Mashiur Rahman | Yadagiri Pyaram | S. M. Mohsin Reza | S.M. Khaled Reza

Author(s): M. A. Bañuelos-Saucedo | J. Castillo-Hernández | S. Quintana-Thierry | R. Damián-Zamacona | J. Valeriano-Assem | R. E. Cervantes | R. Fuentes-González | G. Calva-Olmos | J. L. Pérez-Silva
The Level 2 research product algorithms for the Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder (SMILES)

Author(s): P. Baron | J. Urban | H. Sagawa | J. Möller | D. P. Murtagh | J. Mendrok | E. Dupuy | T. O. Sato | S. Ochiai | K. Suzuki | T. Manabe | T. Nishibori | K. Kikuchi | R. Sato | M. Takayanagi | Y. Murayama | M. Shiotani | Y. Kasai
FAMOUS, faster: using parallel computing techniques to accelerate the FAMOUS/HadCM3 climate model with a focus on the radiative transfer algorithm

Author(s): P. Hanappe | A. Beurivé | F. Laguzet | L. Steels | N. Bellouin | O. Boucher | Y. H. Yamazaki | T. Aina | M. Allen
Signal Processing with Teams of Embedded Workhorse Processors

Author(s): Hobson RF | Dyck AR | Cheung KL | Ressl B
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