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Variations in the Length of Male Parenting in Canada

Author(s): Zenaida R. Ravanera | Fernando Rajulton
Predictors of Engagement in a Parenting Intervention Designed to Prevent Child Maltreatment

Author(s): Corso, Phaedra S | Fang, Xiangming | Begle, Angela | Dumas, Jean
Parental Influences on Hmong University Students' Success

Author(s): Andrew J. Supple | Shuntay Z. McCoy | Yudan Wang
Parental relocation Free movement rights and joint parenting

Author(s): Christina G. Jeppesen de Boer
Social anxiety disorder: A review of environmental risk factors

Author(s): Christina A Brook | Louis A Schmidt
Dentoalveolar trauma in the primary dentition

Author(s): Estela Maris Losso | Maria Cristina dos Reis Tavares | Fernanda Mara de Paiva Bertoli | Flares Baratto Filho
Personality of mothers of substance-dependent patients

Author(s): David Baron | Samir AbolMagd | Salwa Erfan | et al
Educational processes in the family: Linkage between the quality of dyad and triad relations

Author(s): Mihić Ivana | Zotović Marija | Petrović Jelica | Avić Bojana
Antecedents of hospital admission for deliberate self-harm from a 14-year follow-up study using data-linkage

Author(s): Mitrou Francis | Gaudie Jennifer | Lawrence David | Silburn Sven | Stanley Fiona | Zubrick Stephen
Parent-child interactions and objectively measured child physical activity: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Hennessy Erin | Hughes Sheryl | Goldberg Jeanne | Hyatt Raymond | Economos Christina
The parenting attitudes and the stress of mothers predict the asthmatic severity of their children: a prospective study

Author(s): Nagano Jun | Kakuta Chikage | Motomura Chikako | Odajima Hiroshi | Sudo Nobuyuki | Nishima Sankei | Kubo Chiharu
Health status of adolescents deprived of parental care

Author(s): Marinković Jelena M. | Backović Dušan | Kocijančić Radojka
Treatment of neglected and abused children and their families in the context of complicated divorce

Author(s): Draganić-Gajić Saveta | Čalovska-Hercog Nevena | Lečić-Toševski Dušica | Pilija Vladimir
Educational Goals, Parenting Practices and Adolescents’ Academic Achievement

Author(s): Rozumah Baharudin | Hong Chi Yee | Lim Sin Jing | Nor Sheereen Zulkefly
Study protocol for the evaluation of an Infant Simulator based program delivered in schools: a pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Brinkman Sally | Johnson Sarah | Lawrence David | Codde James | Hart Michael | Straton Judith | Silburn Sven
Parenting style: perceptions of children and their parents / Identificação de estilos parentais: o ponto de vista dos pais e dos filhos

Author(s): Lidia Natalia Dobrianskyj Weber | Paulo Müller Prado | Ana Paula Viezzer | Olivia Justen Brandenburg
Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Effects of Assisted Reproductive Techniques

Author(s): Gonca Çelik | Ayşegül Tahiroğlu | Ayşe Avcı
Perceived parenting styles differ between genders but not between elite athletes and controls

Author(s): Serge Brand | Markus Gerber | Johannes Beck | et al
Mental Health of Parents Having Children with Physical Disabilities

Author(s): Jen-Wen Hung | Yee-Hwa Wu | Yi-Chien Chiang | Wen-Chi Wu | Chao-Hsing Yeh
Identification of domains and measures for assessment battery to examine well-being of spouses of OIF/OEF veterans with PTSD

Author(s): Jeanne Hayes, PhD, MPA | Bonnie Wakefield, PhD, RN | Elena M. Andresen, PhD | Jeffrey Scherrer, PhD | Laural Traylor, MSW | Peter Wiegmann, BA | Thomas Demark, MD | Cherilyn DeSouza, MD
The Cool Little Kids randomised controlled trial: Population-level early prevention for anxiety disorders

Author(s): Bayer Jordana | Rapee Ronald | Hiscock Harriet | Ukoumunne Obioha | Mihalopoulos Cathrine | Clifford Susan | Wake Melissa
Parental factors associated with walking to school and participation in organised activities at age 5: Analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study

Author(s): Brophy Sinead | Cooksey Roxanne | Lyons Ronan | Thomas Non | Rodgers Sarah | Gravenor Michael
Parenting strategies for reducing adolescent alcohol use: a Delphi consensus study

Author(s): Ryan Siobhan | Jorm Anthony | Kelly Claire | Hart Laura | Morgan Amy | Lubman Dan
The Early Prevention of Obesity in CHildren (EPOCH) Collaboration - an Individual Patient Data Prospective Meta-Analysis

Author(s): Askie Lisa | Baur Louise | Campbell Karen | Daniels Lynne | Hesketh Kylie | Magarey Anthea | Mihrshahi Seema | Rissel Chris | Simes John | Taylor Barry | Taylor Rachael | Voysey Merryn | Wen Li
Ethical Aspects in the Area of Assisted Reproduction

Author(s): Marin Bašić | Mirjana Milojević | Dejan Mitić | Jovana Cvetković
In vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection for male infertility

Author(s): Merchant Rubina | Gandhi Goral | Allahbadia Gautam
Association between parenting practices and children's dietary intake, activity behavior and development of body mass index: the KOALA Birth Cohort Study

Author(s): Gubbels Jessica | Kremers Stef | Stafleu Annette | de Vries Sanne | Goldbohm R Alexandra | Dagnelie Pieter | de Vries Nanne | van Buuren Stef | Thijs Carel
Mental Retardation and Parenting Stress

Author(s): Savvas Karasavvidis | Chrisanthi Avgerinou | Eirini Lianou | Dimitrios Priftis | Anastasia Lianou | Eleni Siamaga
The Relationship between Socio-cultural Context, Parenting Style, Adolescents’ Learning Style, and Scholastic Achievement

Author(s): S. M. Assadi | N. Zokaei | H. Kaviani | M. R. Mohammadi | M.R. Gohari
Relationship between Parenting Style and Academic Achievement among Iranian Adolescents in Sirjan

Author(s): Elham Dehyadegary | Siti Nor Yaacob | Rumaya Bte Juhari | Mansor Abu Talib
Discipline methods

Author(s): Maria Kikila | Ioannis Koutelekos

Author(s): Middha Akanksha | Kataria Sahil | Sandhu Premjeet | Kapoor Bhawna
Association between adolescent girls anxiety and parental style of control

Author(s): Karimi R | Taghavi Larijani T | Mehran A | Ghaljaei F
Factors Associated with Perceived Time Pressure among Employed Mothers and Fathers

Author(s): Sylvia Abonyi | Ivan Kelly | Terrie Fitzpatrick | Bonnie Janzen
The Effects of Early Neglect on Cognitive, Language, and Behavioral Functioning in Childhood

Author(s): Thomas C. Hulsey | Andrea P. Summer | Kathleen T. Brady | Des K. Runyan | Michelle M. Macias | Samantha Friedenberg | Eve G. Spratt | Michael D. De Bellis | Angela LaRosa
Factors Associated with Perceived Time Pressure among Employed Mothers and Fathers

Author(s): Sylvia Abonyi | Ivan Kelly | Terrie Fitzpatrick | Bonnie Janzen
The Effects of Early Neglect on Cognitive, Language, and Behavioral Functioning in Childhood

Author(s): Thomas C. Hulsey | Andrea P. Summer | Kathleen T. Brady | Des K. Runyan | Michelle M. Macias | Samantha Friedenberg | Eve G. Spratt | Michael D. De Bellis | Angela LaRosa
Expectant parents’ experiences of parental education within the antenatal health service

Author(s): Norling-Gustafsson A | Skaghammar K | Adolfsson A
The Relationship of Parenting Style and the Extent of Problem Behaviors in Students

Author(s): Farnaz Rahmani | Naeeme Seyed-fatemi | Mahin Baradaran-rezaee | Kamran Sedaghat | Skandar Fathiazar
Co-existent Levels of Meaning in Mary’s Magnificat

Author(s): Đurđica Garvanović-Porobija
Relationship between Parenting Style and Children’s Behavior Problems

Author(s): shahla alizadeh | Mansor B Abu Talib | Rohani Abdullah | Mariani Mansor
Effectiveness of the home-based alcohol prevention program "In control: No alcohol!": study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Mares Suzanne | van der Vorst Haske | Lichtwarck-Aschoff Anna | Schulten Ingrid | Verdurmen Jacqueline | Otten Roy | Engels Rutger
Primary Caregivers of Children Affected by Disorders of Sex Development: Mental Health and Caregiver Characteristics in the Context of Genital Ambiguity and Genitoplasty

Author(s): Fedele DavidA | Kirk Katherine | Wolfe-Christensen Cortney | Phillips TimothyM | Mazur Tom | Mullins LarryL | Chernausek StevenD | Wisniewski AmyB
Providing web-based mental health services to at-risk women

Author(s): Lipman Ellen | Kenny Meghan | Marziali Elsa
Costs and longer-term savings of parenting programmes for the prevention of persistent conduct disorder: a modelling study

Author(s): Bonin Eva-Maria | Stevens Madeleine | Beecham Jennifer | Byford Sarah | Parsonage Michael
A cluster-randomized controlled trial to reduce sedentary behavior and promote physical activity and health of 8-9 year olds: The Transform-Us! Study

Author(s): Salmon Jo | Arundell Lauren | Hume Clare | Brown Helen | Hesketh Kylie | Dunstan David | Daly Robin | Pearson Natalie | Cerin Ester | Moodie Marj | Sheppard Lauren | Ball Kylie | Bagley Sarah | Paw Mai Chin | Crawford David
Validity and Reliability of Preschool, First and Second Grade Versions of Berkeley Parenting Self-Efficacy Scale

Author(s): Alireza Azizi | Javad Mahmoudi-gharaei | Azade Mirzaei | Shahrbanoo Tajeri | Nazanin Eshaghbeygi
Efficacy of the Positive Parenting Program (Triple-P) for a Group of Parents of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Author(s): Fatemeh Moharreri | Zahra Shahrivar | Mehdi Tehranidoost | Javad Mahmoudi Gharaei
Comparison of Early Maladaptive Schemas and Parenting Origins in Patients with Opioid Abuse and Non-Abusers

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Jalali | Mohammad Zargar | Mojgan Salavati | Ali Reza Kakavand
Conditions for Developing the National Program for Parent Education in Romania

Author(s): Daniela COJOCARU | Stefan COJOCARU | Oana Mariana CIUCHI
Biological Parenthood in Foster Caring

Author(s): Daniela COJOCARU
Aggression during Early Childhood: Associated Factors in a Clinical Sample

Author(s): Özalp EKİNCİ | Volkan TOPCUOĞLU | Yasin BEZ | Osman SABUNCUOĞLU, | Meral BERKEM
Impact of Maternal Attachment Style on Mother to Infant Attachment

Author(s): Moghaddam Hoseini V | Jafar Nejhad F | Soltanifar A
Difficulties in Parenting Hearing-Impaired Children

Author(s): Dr. Gita Movallali | Shahroz Nemati
Social Class And Family On Screen: Do Prime-Time

Author(s): Uğur Zeynep GÜVEN
Uso de Drogas e Estilos Parentais Percebidos na Adolescência

Author(s): Aline Eymael Domingues | Jean Carlos Natividade | Cláudio Simon Hutz
Profiles of family-focused adverse experiences through childhood and early adolescence: The ROOTS project a community investigation of adolescent mental health

Author(s): Dunn Valerie | Abbott Rosemary | Croudace Tim | Wilkinson Paul | Jones Peter | Herbert Joe | Goodyer Ian
Chaotic Identities, Love and Fathering

Author(s): Stephen Williams
Parenting and the decline of physical activity from age 9 to 15

Author(s): Bradley RH | McRitchie S | Houts RM | Nader P | O'Brien M
Community perceptions of malaria and vaccines in the South Coast and Busia regions of Kenya

Author(s): Ojakaa David | Ofware Peter | Machira Yvonne | Yamo Emmanuel | Collymore Yvette | Ba-Nguz Antoinette | Vansadia Preeti | Bingham Allison
Integrating a family-focused approach into child obesity prevention: Rationale and design for the My Parenting SOS study randomized control trial

Author(s): Ward Dianne | Vaughn Amber | Bangdiwala Shrikant | Campbell Marci | Jones Deborah | Panter Abigail | Stevens June
Helping boys at-risk of criminal activity: qualitative results of a multi-component intervention

Author(s): Lipman Ellen | Kenny Meghan | Brennan Erin | O'Grady Susanne | Augimeri Leena
Group and individual stability of three parenting dimensions

Author(s): Rimehaug Tormod | Wallander Jan | Berg-Nielsen Turid
Kids in the city study: research design and methodology

Author(s): Oliver Melody | Witten Karen | Kearns Robin | Mavoa Suzanne | Badland Hannah | Carroll Penelope | Drumheller Chelsea | Tavae Nicola | Asiasiga Lanuola | Jelley Su | Kaiwai Hector | Opit Simon | Lin En-Yi Judy | Sweetsur Paul | Barnes Helen | Mason Nic | Ergler Christina
Family and parenting characteristics associated with marijuana use by Chilean adolescents

Author(s): Cristina B Bares | Jorge Delva | Andrew Grogan-Kaylor | et al
Increased serotonin concentration and tryptophan hydroxylase activity in reproductive organs of copulator males: a case of adaptive plasticity

Author(s): Ana Ingrid Pichardo | José L. Tlachi-López | Francisco Jiménez-Trejo | Alma L. Fuentes-Farías | Armida Báez-Saldaña | María L. Molina-Cerón | Gabriel Manjarréz-Gutiérrez | Gabriel Gutiérrez-Ospina | Rosa Angélica Lucio
The deprivatization of family and its effects on parenting in Romania

Author(s): Daniela COJOCARU | Stefan COJOCARU
Mothers’ estimates of their preschool children and parenting stress

Author(s): Benjamin Loader | Christina Kummer | Evelyn Peer
Efficacy of Positive Parenting on Improving Children’s Behavior Problems and Parenting Styles

Author(s): Mehdi Tehrani-Doost | Zahra Shahrivar | Javad Mahmoudi Gharaie | Javad Alaghband-Rad
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