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Connect the dot: Computing feed-links for network extension

Author(s): Boris Aronov | Kevin Buchin | Maike Buchin | Bart Jansen | Tom de Jong | Marc van Kreveld | Maarten Loffler | Jun Luo | Rodrigo I. Silveira | Bettina Speckmann
An intercomparison of radar-based liquid cloud microphysics retrievals and implication for model evaluation studies

Author(s): D. Huang | C. Zhao | M. Dunn | X. Dong | G. G. Mace | M. P. Jensen | S. Xie | Y. Liu
Marine Vehicle Sensor Network Architecture and Protocol Designs for Ocean Observation

Author(s): Shaowei Zhang | Jiancheng Yu | Aiqun Zhang | Lei Yang | Yeqiang Shu
Resonant communicators, effective communicators. Communicator’s flow and credibility

Author(s): Irene García-Ureta, Ph.D | Gotzon Toral-Madariaga, Ph.D. | Jon Toral-Madariaga, Ph.D.
Path coefficient analysis studies in Gladiolus

Author(s): Mahesh Choudhary | S.K. Moond | Anop Kumari
Implementation Analysis of adaptive Viterbi Decoder for High Speed Applications

Author(s): P. Subhashini | D. R. Mahesh Varma | Y. David Solomon Raju
A Comparative Analysis for Determining the Optimal Path using PSO and GA

Author(s): Kavitha Sooda | T. R. Gopalakrishnan Nair
Distributed Energy Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): M. M. Chandane | S. G. Bhirud | S.V. Bonde
Self-regulation in Chinese College students’ EFL writing

Author(s): Jiangkui ZHAO | Yuanxing DONG
Performance Analysis of AODV under Black Hole Attack through Use of OPNET Simulator

Author(s): H. A. Esmail | M. R. Khalili Shoj | Hossein gharaee
Improving Path Sensitizability ofCombinational Circuits

Author(s): Bhanu Kapoor | V. S. S. Nair
Sustainable and Integrated Development—A Critical Analysis

Author(s): Christopher J. Koroneos | Dimitri Rokos
Analysis of MANET routing Protocols Using Random waypoint Model in DSR

Author(s): M.Sreerama Murty | C.Dastagiraiah | R.Ashok Kumar

Author(s): Dr. Shuchita Upadhyaya

Author(s): P. Srikanth

Author(s): Peter van der Waerden | Harry Timmermans
Sequential path analysis of some yield and quality components in sugar beet grown in normal and drought conditions

Author(s): Mehdi Baradaran Firouzabadi | Naser Farrokhi | Mahdieh Parsaeyan
Analyses of the Watershed Transform

Author(s): Ramzi Mahmoudi, Mohamed AKIL
Presenting results as dynamically generated co-authorship subgraphs in semantic digital library collections

Author(s): James Powell | Tamara M. McMahon | Ketan Mane | Laniece Miller | Linn Collins
Web Users Session Analysis Using DBSCAN and Two Phase Utility Mining Algorithms

Author(s): G. Sunil Kumar | C.V.K Sirisha | Kanaka Durga.R | A.Devi
The scale problem in quantifying aerosol indirect effects

Author(s): A. McComiskey | G. Feingold
Identification and localization of layers in the ionosphere using the eikonal and amplitude of radio occultation signals

Author(s): A. G. Pavelyev | Y. A. Liou | K. Zhang | C. S. Wang | J. Wickert | T. Schmidt | V. N. Gubenko | A. A. Pavelyev | Y. Kuleshov
Validation of MODIS cloud microphysical properties with in situ measurements over the Southeast Pacific

Author(s): Q. Min | E. Joseph | Y. Lin | L. Min | B. Yin | P. H. Daum | L. I. Kleinman | J. Wang | Y.-N. Lee
Dependency Rate and Savings: The African Evidence with Panel Data

Author(s): Nicholas Apergis | Christina Christou

Author(s): Vishal Sharma | Amitoj Soni | Sodhi Gunjit Singh | Takshi Gupta

Author(s): Gazzola Patrizia | Meo Colombo Carlotta
Socio-Demographic Determinants of Response Strategies by Resource-Poor Farmers to Climate Change in South-Eastern Nigeria

Author(s): Asuquo I Afangideh | Phillip A. Akpan | Emmanuel P. Udofia | Donald A. Ukeh
Path coefficient analysis for yield of early maturing soybean

Author(s): Thitiporn Machikowa | Paisan Laosuwan
A Study of Relationships Between Milk Yield and Some Udder Traits by Using of Path Analysis in Akke?i Goats

Author(s): Siddik Keskin | Askin Kor | Serhat Karaca | Hamit Mirtagio lu
Relationships of soil microbial biomass with the chemical characteristics of organic and mineral soil fractions after mineral exploration in Eastern Brazilian Amazon

Author(s): Maria de Lourdes Pinheiro Ruivo | Nairam Félix de Barros | Carlos Ernesto Gonçalves Reynaud SchaeferIII
A Statistical Analysis of Intensities Estimation on the Modeling of Non-Life Insurance Claim Counting Process

Author(s): Ampai Thongteeraparp | Winai Bodhisuwan | Uraiwan Jaroengeratikun
Collective and Personal Annihilation Anxiety: Measuring Annihilation Anxiety AA

Author(s): Bulent Ozkan | Jamal Mohanesh | Abdulkhaleq Hussam | Vidya Ramaswamy | Ibrahim A. Kira | Thomas Templin | Linda Lewandowski
Scientific Communities Found Based on the Path Structure of Citation Network

Author(s): Lan Huang | Yutian Tang | Xiao Xiao | Song Cao
On the accuracy of integrated water vapor observations and the potential for mitigating electromagnetic path delay error in InSAR

Author(s): D. Cimini | N. Pierdicca | E. Pichelli | R. Ferretti | V. Mattioli | S. Bonafoni | M. Montopoli | D. Perissin
Observing ice clouds in the submillimeter spectral range: the CloudIce mission proposal for ESA's Earth Explorer 8

Author(s): S. A. Buehler | E. Defer | F. Evans | S. Eliasson | J. Mendrok | P. Eriksson | C. Lee | C. Jiménez | C. Prigent | S. Crewell | Y. Kasai | R. Bennartz | A. J. Gasiewski
GIS Driven Urban Traffic Analysis Based on Ontology

Author(s): Tazin Malgundkar | Madhuri Rao | S.S. Mantha
Reliability Analysis of Multi Path Multistage Interconnection Networks

Author(s): Sudarson Jena | G.Sri Sowmya | P.Radhika | P.Venkat Reddy
Control of Stationary Robots using Visual Basic Software

Author(s): T.C.Manjunath | Kottur N Vijaya kumar | Suhasini V.K.
Nodes Credit based Direct Diffusion for wireless sensor networks

Author(s): Archana Patel | Surendra Verma | Roshani Patel
Performance Analysis of an OFDM system using Channel Coding Techniques

Author(s): Rupa Sonagi | Shubhangi Chaudhary | A.J.Patil
Character association and path analysis in glory lily (Gloriosa superba L.)

Author(s): Rajagopal Chitra | Kandhasamy Rajamani

Author(s): Marija Tomec | Mato Hacmanjek | Zlatica Teskeredžić | Emin Teskeredžić | Rozelinda Čož-Rakovac

German Orientalism

Author(s): Margaret Olin
DNA Fragmentation, Linear Velocity and Fertilising Ability of Reactivated Cryopreserved Goldfish Sperm using Different Cryoprotectants

Author(s): C. Nathanailides | T. Chanzaropoulos | A. Barbouti | C. Perdikaris | T. Zhang
Causal Model in Emotional Intelligence, Schizotypy and Psychopathology

Author(s): Mansour Bayrami | Abbas Bakhshipour Roodsari | Fateme Hadavandkhani
Comparative Performance Analysis Of Different Radio Channel Modelling For Bluetooth Localization System

Author(s): Idigo Victor | Okezie C.C | Akpado Kenneth | Ohaneme C.O
Thematic Analysis And Visualization Of Textual Corpus

Author(s): Anja Habacha Chabi | Ferihane Kboubi | Mohamed Ben Ahmed,
Genetic Variability, Correlation and Path Analysis in Rice under Optimum and Stress Irrigation Regimes

Author(s): Mina ABARSHAHR | Babak RABIEI | Habibollah Samizadeh LAHIGI
QoS enabled Cluster Based Routing Protocols in MANETs

Author(s): Narendar Reddy Mandhadi | Lakshmi Rajamani
Evaluating WRF-Chem aerosol indirect effects in Southeast Pacific marine stratocumulus during VOCALS-REx

Author(s): P. E. Saide | S. N. Spak | G. R. Carmichael | M. A. Mena-Carrasco | S. Howell | D. C. Leon | J. R. Snider | A. R. Bandy | J. L. Collett | K. B. Benedict | S. P. de Szoeke | L. N. Hawkins | G. Allen | I. Crawford | J. Crosier | S. R. Springston
Field determination of biomass burning emission ratios and factors via open-path FTIR spectroscopy and fire radiative power assessment: headfire, backfire and residual smouldering combustion in African savannahs

Author(s): M. J. Wooster | P. H. Freeborn | S. Archibald | C. Oppenheimer | G. J. Roberts | T. E. L. Smith | N. Govender | M. Burton | I. Palumbo
The thrill of being violent as an antidote to posttraumatic stress disorder in Rwandese genocide perpetrators

Author(s): Roland Weierstall | Susanne Schaal | Inga Schalinski | Jean-Pierre Dusingizemungu | Thomas Elbert
Spiral Tuning Stub CPW-Fed UWB Slot Offset, Edge Cleft and Edge Slotted Antennas

Author(s): A. A Jamali | A Gaafar | A. A. Abd Elaziz
Dispositional Self-Control Capacity and Trait Anxiety as Relates to Coping Styles

Author(s): Chris Englert | Alex Bertrams | Oliver Dickhäuser
A genetically anchored physical framework for Theobroma cacao cv. Matina 1-6

Author(s): Saski Christopher | Feltus Frank | Staton Margaret | Blackmon Barbara | Ficklin Stephen | Kuhn David | Schnell Raymond | Shapiro Howard | Motamayor Juan
TCP-M: Multiflow Transmission Control Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Thanthry Nagaraja | Kalamkar Anand | Pendse Ravi
Measurements of MIMO Indoor Channels at 1800 MHz with Multiple Indoor and Outdoor Base Stations

Author(s): García Laura | Jaldén Niklas | Lindmark Björn | Zetterberg Per | de Haro Leandro
An Analysis Framework for Mobility Metrics in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Xu Sanlin | Blackmore Kim L | Jones Haley M
Advanced Fade Countermeasures for DVB-S2 Systems in Railway Scenarios

Author(s): Cioni Stefano | Niebla CristinaPárraga | Granados GonzaloSeco | Scalise Sandro | Vanelli-Coralli Alessandro | Castro MaríaAngelesVázquez
Experimental Characterization of a UWB Channel for Body Area Networks

Author(s): Xia Lingli | Redfield Stephen | Chiang Patrick
A Priori Implementation Effort Estimation for Hardware Design Based on Independent Path Analysis

Author(s): Abildgren Rasmus | Diguet Jean-Philippe | Bomel Pierre | Gogniat Guy | Koch Peter | Le Moullec Yannick
Novel Precoded Relay-Assisted Algorithm for Cellular Systems

Author(s): Teodoro Sara | Silva Adão | Gil JoãoM | Gameiro Atílio
HH-MIP: An Enhancement of Mobile IP by Home Agent Handover

Author(s): Chen Jeng-Yueng | Yang Chun-Chuan | Yu Li-Sheng
Opportunistic Relay Selection with Cooperative Macro Diversity

Author(s): Yu Chia-Hao | Tirkkonen Olav | Hämäläinen Jyri
Characterizing the Path Coverage of Random Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Noori Moslem | Movaghati Sahar | Ardakani Masoud
Dose-response effects of estrogenic mycotoxins (zearalenone, alpha- and beta-zearalenol) on motility, hyperactivation and the acrosome reaction of stallion sperm

Author(s): Filannino Angela | Stout Tom | Gadella Bart | Sostaric Edita | Pizzi Flavia | Colenbrander Ben | Dell'Aquila Maria | Minervini Fiorenza
Statistical Analysis of Multipath Clustering in an Indoor Office Environment

Author(s): Tanghe Emmeric | Joseph Wout | Liénard Martine | Nasr Abdelmottaleb | Stefanut Paul | Martens Luc | Degauque Pierre
A Novel Topological Multicast Routing Algorithm (ToMuRo)

Author(s): R. Aquino‐Santos | L. A. Villaseñor‐González | V. Rangel‐Licea | A. González‐Potes | M.A. García‐Ruiz | A. Edwards‐Block
Multiblock redundancy analysis from a user's perspective. Application in veterinary epidemiology

Author(s): Stéphanie Bougeard | El Mostafa Qannari | Coralie Lupo | Claire Chauvin
High-ozone layers in the middle and upper troposphere above Central Europe: potential import from the stratosphere along the subtropical jet stream

Author(s): T. Trickl | N. Bärtsch-Ritter | H. Eisele | M. Furger | R. Mücke | M. Sprenger | A. Stohl
Timing mirror structures observed by Cluster with a magnetosheath flow model

Author(s): V. Génot | L. Broussillou | E. Budnik | P. Hellinger | P. M. Trávníček | E. Lucek | I. Dandouras
Elemental composition and oxidation of chamber organic aerosol

Author(s): P. S. Chhabra | N. L. Ng | M. R. Canagaratna | A. L. Corrigan | L. M. Russell | D. R. Worsnop | R. C. Flagan | J. H. Seinfeld
The scale problem in quantifying aerosol indirect effects

Author(s): A. McComiskey | G. Feingold
Determination of field scale ammonia emissions for common slurry spreading practice with two independent methods

Author(s): J. Sintermann | C. Ammann | U. Kuhn | C. Spirig | R. Hirschberger | A. Gärtner | A. Neftel
Numerical approximation of Knudsen layer for the Euler-Poisson system

Author(s): Charles Fréderique | Vauchelet Nicolas | Besse Christophe | Goudon Thierry | Lacroix–Violet Ingrid | Dudon Jean-Paul | Navoret Laurent
The utopian/dystopian view of ELT at undergraduate level: An attitudinal analysis

Author(s): Reza Mobashshernia | Ghorbanali Aghaahmady

Author(s): Juan José Durán Herrera
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