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Oligomers and Polymers Based on Pentacene Building Blocks

Author(s): Dan Lehnherr | Rik R. Tykwinski
An Optical and Structural Study of Pentacene Thin-film Polymorphs

Author(s): Franklin Wong | Rui He | Aaron Pinczuk
Organic field-effect transistors using single crystals

Author(s): Tatsuo Hasegawa and Jun Takeya
Effects of Interfacial Charge Depletion in Organic Thin-Film Transistors with Polymeric Dielectrics on Electrical Stability

Author(s): Jaehoon Park | Jin-Hyuk Bae | Won-Ho Kim | Min-Hoi Kim | Chang-Min Keum | Sin-Doo Lee | Jong Sun Choi
A simple method to prepare self-assembled organic-organic heterobilayers on metal substrates

Author(s): L. D. Sun | C. Y. Liu | D. Queteschiner | P. Zeppenfeld
Synthesis and characterization of copper, polyimide and TIPS-pentacene layers for the development of a solution processed fibrous transistor

Author(s): B. Van Genabet | A. Schwarz | E. Bruneel | L. Rambausek | I. Van Driessche | L. Van Langenhove
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