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TKTL1 is overexpressed in a large portion of non-small cell lung cancer specimens

Author(s): Schultz Holger | Kähler Daniel | Branscheid Detlev | Vollmer Ekkehard | Zabel Peter | Goldmann Torsten
A markov classification model for metabolic pathways

Author(s): Hancock Timothy | Mamitsuka Hiroshi
Rhabdomyosarcoma cells show an energy producing anabolic metabolic phenotype compared with primary myocytes

Author(s): Fan Teresa | Kucia Magda | Jankowski Kacper | Higashi Richard | Ratajczak Janina | Ratajczak Marius | Lane Andrew
Transcriptomic and metabolic responses of Staphylococcus aureus exposed to supra-physiological temperatures

Author(s): Fleury Bénédicte | Kelley William | Lew Daniel | Götz Friedrich | Proctor Richard | Vaudaux Pierre
The Mitochondrial Warburg Effect: A Cancer Enigma

Author(s): Hans H. Kim | Taeho Kim | Euiyong Kim | Ji Kyoung Park | Seok-Ju Park | Hyun Joo | Han Jip Kim
Glycolysis in Plasmodium falciparum results in modulation of host enzyme activities

Author(s): Monika Mehta, Haripalsingh M. Sonawat & Shobhona Sharma
Metabolic fluxes in the central carbon metabolism of Dinoroseobacter shibae and Phaeobacter gallaeciensis, two members of the marine Roseobacter clade

Author(s): Fürch Tobias | Preusse Matthias | Tomasch Jürgen | Zech Hajo | Wagner-Döbler Irene | Rabus Ralf | Wittmann Christoph
A systems biology approach to investigate the response of Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 to a high salt environment

Author(s): Pandhal Jagroop | Noirel Josselin | Wright Phillip | Biggs Catherine
Network analysis of the transcriptional pattern of young and old cells of Escherichia coli during lag phase

Author(s): Pin Carmen | Rolfe Matthew | Muñoz-Cuevas Marina | Hinton Jay | Peck Michael | Walton Nicholas | Baranyi József
Enzymatic and mRNA Transcript Response of Ovine 6-Phosphogluconate Dehydrogenase (6PGD) in Respect to Different Milk Yield

Author(s): Stamatina Trivizaki | George P. Laliotis | Iosif Bizelis | Maria A. Charismiadou | Emmanuel Rogdakis
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in rat lung alveolar epithelial cells. An ultrastructural enzyme-cytochemical study

Author(s): S Matsubara | T Kato | K Oshikawa | T Yamada | T Takayama | T Koike | T Watanabe | A Izumi | I Sato
Germ band retraction as a landmark in glucose metabolism during Aedes aegypti embryogenesis

Author(s): Vital Wagner | Rezende Gustavo | Abreu Leonardo | Moraes Jorge | Lemos Francisco | Vaz Itabajara | Logullo Carlos
Furfural induces reactive oxygen species accumulation and cellular damage in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Allen Sandra | Clark William | McCaffery J Michael | Cai Zhen | Lanctot Alison | Slininger Patricia | Liu Z Lewis | Gorsich Steven
A multi-level study of recombinant Pichia pastoris in different oxygen conditions

Author(s): Baumann Kristin | Carnicer Marc | Dragosits Martin | Graf Alexandra | Stadlmann Johannes | Jouhten Paula | Maaheimo Hannu | Gasser Brigitte | Albiol Joan | Mattanovich Diethard | Ferrer Pau
Metabolomic changes in fatty liver can be modified by dietary protein and calcium during energy restriction

Author(s): Taru K Pilvi, Tuulikki Seppänen-Laakso, Helena Simolin, Piet Finckenberg, Anne Huotari, Karl-Heinz Herzig, Riitta Korpela, Matej Orešič, Eero M Mervaala
Carbohydrate metabolism of Xylella fastidiosa: Detection of glycolytic and pentose phosphate pathway enzymes and cloning and expression of the enolase gene

Author(s): Facincani Agda Paula | Ferro Jesus Aparecido | Pizauro Jr. João Martins | Pereira Jr. Haroldo Alves | Lemos Eliana Gertrudes de Macedo | Prado Alessandro Luis do | Ferro Maria Inês T.
Studies of the intermediary metabolism in cultured cells of the insect Spodoptera frugiperda using 13C- or 15N-labelled tracers

Author(s): Adam Petra | Gütlich Markus | Oschkinat Hartmut | Bacher Adelbert | Eisenreich Wolfgang

Author(s): Christina Yfanti | Athanasios Jamurtas | Ioannis Fatouros | Yiannis Koutedakis | Eirini Manthou | Nikolaos Koukosias | Trifonas Tofas
Effects of the presence of ColE1 plasmid DNA in Escherichia coli on the host cell metabolism

Author(s): Wang Zhijun | Xiang Li | Shao Junjie | Węgrzyn Alicja | Węgrzyn Grzegorz
Sequence-indexed mutations in maize using the UniformMu transposon-tagging population

Author(s): Settles A Mark | Holding David | Tan Bao | Latshaw Susan | Liu Juan | Suzuki Masaharu | Li Li | O'Brien Brent | Fajardo Diego | Wroclawska Ewa | Tseung Chi-Wah | Lai Jinsheng | Hunter Charles | Avigne Wayne | Baier John | Messing Joachim | Hannah L Curtis | Koch Karen | Becraft Philip | Larkins Brian | McCarty Donald
Crystal structure of Saccharomyces cerevisiae 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase Gnd1

Author(s): He Weiwei | Wang Yi | Liu Wei | Zhou Cong-Zhao
Reconstruction and flux analysis of coupling between metabolic pathways of astrocytes and neurons: application to cerebral hypoxia

Author(s): Çakιr Tunahan | Alsan Selma | Saybaşιlι Hale | Akιn Ata | Ülgen Kutlu
LuxS-independent formation of AI-2 from ribulose-5-phosphate

Author(s): Tavender Timothy | Halliday Nigel | Hardie Kim | Winzer Klaus
Maintenance metabolism and carbon fluxes in Bacillus species

Author(s): Tännler Simon | Decasper Seraina | Sauer Uwe
Glucose Metabolism in Breast Cancer and its Implication in Cancer Therapy

Author(s): Ning Li | Wen Tan | Jing Li | Ping Li | Simon Lee | Yitao Wang | Yuewen Gong
Structural characterization of a ribose-5-phosphate isomerase B from the pathogenic fungus Coccidioides immitis

Author(s): Edwards Thomas | Abramov Ariel | Smith Eric | Baydo Ruth | Leonard Jess | Leibly David | Thompkins Kaitlin | Clifton Matthew | Gardberg Anna | Staker Bart | Van Voorhis Wesley | Myler Peter | Stewart Lance
Identification of potential P. falciparum transketolase inhibitors: pharmacophore design, in silico screening and docking studies

Author(s): Shweta Joshi | Alok Ranjan Singh | Uzma Saqib | Prakash Chandra Misra | Mohammad Imran Siddiqi | Jitendra Kumar Saxena
Glucose Metabolism in Breast Cancer and its Implication in Cancer Therapy

Author(s): Ning Li | Wen Tan | Jing Li | Ping Li | Simon Lee | Yitao Wang | Yuewen Gong
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