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The dynamics of risk perceptions and precautionary behavior in response to 2009 (H1N1) pandemic influenza

Author(s): Ibuka Yoko | Chapman Gretchen | Meyers Lauren | Li Meng | Galvani Alison
The importance of genus Candida in human samples

Author(s): Bojić-Miličević Gordana M. | Mikov Momir M. | Goločorbin-Kohn Svetlana M.
CRIMSON [CRisis plan IMpact: Subjective and Objective coercion and eNgagement] Protocol: A randomised controlled trial of joint crisis plans to reduce compulsory treatment of people with psychosis

Author(s): Thornicroft Graham | Farrelly Simone | Birchwood Max | Marshall Max | Szmukler George | Waheed Waquas | Byford Sarah | Dunn Graham | Henderson Claire | Lester Helen | Leese Morven | Rose Diana | Sutherby Kim
Multidisciplinary and multifaceted outpatient management of patients with osteoarthritis: protocol for a randomised, controlled trial

Author(s): Moe Rikke | Uhlig Till | Kjeken Ingvild | Hagen Kåre | Kvien Tore | Grotle Margreth
Communication about environmental health risks: A systematic review

Author(s): Fitzpatrick-Lewis Donna | Yost Jennifer | Ciliska Donna | Krishnaratne Shari
Measurement invariance of the kidney disease and quality of life instrument (KDQOL-SF) across Veterans and non-Veterans

Author(s): Saban Karen | Bryant Fred | Reda Domenic | Stroupe Kevin | Hynes Denise
Urodynamical and symptomatic comparison of propiverine and trospium treatment for detrusor overactivity

Author(s): Özlem Özgür | Deniz Ertürk | Murat Ekin | Levent Yaşar | Kadir Savan
Process evaluation of a web-based intervention aimed at empowerment of disability benefit claimants

Author(s): Samoocha David | Snels Ingrid | Bruinvels David | Anema Johannes | Kowalczyk Wojtek | van der Beek Allard
A randomised trial of a psychosocial intervention for cancer patients integrated into routine care: the PROMPT study (promoting optimal outcomes in mood through tailored psychosocial therapies)

Author(s): Turner Jane | Kelly Brian | Clarke David | Yates Patsy | Aranda Sanchia | Jolley Damien | Chambers Suzanne | Hargraves Maryanne | McFadyen Lisa
Treatment of myofascial trigger points in patients with chronic shoulder pain: a randomized, controlled trial

Author(s): Bron Carel | de Gast Arthur | Dommerholt Jan | Stegenga Boudewijn | Wensing Michel | Oostendorp Rob
Empowerment of personal injury victims through the internet: design of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Elbers Nieke | Akkermans Arno | Cuijpers Pim | Bruinvels David
Infectious disease management in primary care: perceptions of GPs

Author(s): Björkman Ingeborg | Erntell Mats | Röing Marta | Lundborg Cecilia
Sources, perceived usefulness and understanding of information disseminated to families who entered home quarantine during the H1N1 pandemic in Victoria, Australia: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Kavanagh Anne | Bentley Rebecca | Mason Kate | McVernon Jodie | Petrony Sylvia | Fielding James | LaMontagne Anthony | Studdert David
Perceptions of frontline staff regarding data collection methodologies used during the 2009 A H1N1 influenza immunization campaign in Canada

Author(s): Foisy Julie | Quach Susan | Heidebrecht Christine | Pereira Jennifer | Quan Sherman | Guay Maryse | Bettinger Julie | Deeks Shelley | Brien Stephanie | Kwong Jeffrey
Deqi sensations without cutaneous sensory input: results of an RCT

Author(s): Salih Norbert | Bäumler Petra | Simang Michael | Irnich Dominik
Feedback GAP: study protocol for a cluster-randomized trial of goal setting and action plans to increase the effectiveness of audit and feedback interventions in primary care

Author(s): Ivers Noah | Tu Karen | Francis Jill | Barnsley Jan | Shah Baiju | Upshur Ross | Kiss Alex | Grimshaw Jeremy | Zwarenstein Merrick
A study of the perceived risks, benefits and barriers to the use of SDD in adult critical care units (The SuDDICU study)

Author(s): Cuthbertson BH | Francis J | Campbell MK | MacIntyre L | Seppelt I | Grimshaw J
Development and validation of a questionnaire on 'Satisfaction with dermatological treatment of hand eczema' (DermaSat)

Author(s): Ruiz Miguel | Heras Felipe | Alomar Agusti | Conde-Salazar Luis | de la Cuadra Jesús | Serra Esther | Regalado Francisco | Halbach Ralf
Towards a Model of Macao’s E-Government Portal Adoption

Author(s): Cora Sio Kuan Lai | Guilherme Pires
'Pedometers cost buttons': the feasibility of implementing a pedometer based walking programme within the community

Author(s): Shaw Rebecca | Fenwick Elisabeth | Baker Graham | McAdam Chloe | Fitzsimons Claire | Mutrie Nanette
Perceptions of anti-smoking messages amongst high school students in Pakistan

Author(s): Zaidi Syed | Bikak Abdul | Shaheryar Ayesha | Imam Syed | Khan Javaid

Author(s): Dr.Aravind .S Kumar | Dr.P.Paramashivaiah Shivakumar
Students' Entrepreneurial Inclination at a Malaysian Polytechnic: A Preliminary Investigation

Author(s): Ahmad Yasruddin Md Yasin | Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mahmood | Nik Azyyati Nik Jaafar
Informative value of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) in Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

Author(s): Brettschneider, Christian | Lühmann, Dagmar | Raspe, Heiner
Gender balance on boards: Stakeholders identification

Author(s): Pilar de Luis Carnicer | Estrella Bernal Cuenca | María José Vela Jiménez | Manuela Pérez Pérez
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
The effectiveness of emotional disclosure intervention on declining stress and Inhibition among psychosomatic patients

Author(s): Ahmad Alipour | Ahmad Ali Noorbala | Mahnaz Yazdanfar | Mojgan Agah Heris

Author(s): Eduardo TORRES-MORAGA (corresponding author) | Arturo Z. VÁSQUEZ-PARRAGA | Cristóbal BARRA
Design and Effectiveness of a Required Pre-Clinical Simulation-based Curriculum for Fundamental Clinical Skills and Procedures

Author(s): Daryl P. Lofaso | Peter M. DeBlieux | Richard P. DiCarlo | Charles Hilton | Tong Yang | Sheila W. Chauvin
Jealousy Induction Methods, Sex, and the Big-5 Personality Dimensions

Author(s): Jennifer L. Weinstein | T. Joel Wade
Examining sustainability in a hospital setting: Case of smoking cessation

Author(s): Campbell Sharon | Pieters Karen | Mullen Kerri-Anne | Reece Robin | Reid Robert
Barriers to effective discharge planning: a qualitative study investigating the perspectives of frontline healthcare professionals

Author(s): Wong Eliza | Yam Carrie | Cheung Annie | Leung Michael | Chan Frank | Wong Fiona | Yeoh Eng-Kiong
Effectiveness of an Ultrasound Training Module for Internal Medicine Residents

Author(s): Keddis Mira | Cullen Michael | Reed Darcy | Halvorsen Andrew | McDonald Furman | Takahashi Paul | Bhagra Anjali
A study on the impact of AL-FEC techniques on TV over IP Quality of Experience

Author(s): Battisti Federica | Carli Marco | Mammi Elena | Neri Alessandro
Building the capacity of family day care educators to promote children's social and emotional wellbeing: an exploratory cluster randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Davis Elise | Williamson Lara | Mackinnon Andrew | Cook Kay | Waters Elizabeth | Herrman Helen | Sims Margaret | Mihalopoulos Cathrine | Harrison Linda | Marshall Bernard
Working Effectiveness of Dissemination Channels as Perceived by Potato Growers

Author(s): Tahir Munir Butt | Muhammad Zakaria Yousuf Hassan | Shahbaz Talib Sahi | Khalid Mehmood | Mashood-ul-Subtain | Naeem-ul Hassan
The Efficacy and Safety of Add-on Ginko TD (Ginkgo Biloba) Treatment for PTSD: Results of a 12-Week Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study

Author(s): Jamal Shams | Sharokh S.P. Gudarzi | Ali Reza Norouzi | Behzad Ghorbani | Laleh Koohi Habibi | Mohammad-Taghi Yasami
Survey about the role of appearance concern with skin cancer prevention behavior based on protection motivation theory

Author(s): Soheila Mohammadi | Mohammad Hossein Baghiani Moghadam | Mohammad Taghi Noorbala | Seyed Saeed Mazloomi | Hossein Fallahzadeh | Ali Daya
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad Al-Rousan | Wei Li | Ahmed Al-Dubai
A cognitive behavioral based group intervention for children with a chronic illness and their parents: a multicentre randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Scholten Linde | Willemen Agnes | Grootenhuis Martha | Maurice-Stam Heleen | Schuengel Carlo | Last Bob
Behavioural interventions for weight management in pregnancy: A systematic review of quantitative and qualitative data

Author(s): Campbell Fiona | Johnson Maxine | Messina Josie | Guillaume Louise | Goyder Elizabeth
An exploratory study of treated-bed nets in Timor-Leste: patterns of intended and alternative usage

Author(s): Lover Andrew | Sutton Brett | Asy Angelina | Wilder-Smith Annelies
Preventing the next 'SARS' - European healthcare workers' attitudes towards monitoring their health for the surveillance of newly emerging infections: qualitative study

Author(s): Aghaizu Adamma | Elam Gillian | Ncube Fortune | Thomson Gail | Szilágyi Emese | Eckmanns Tim | Poulakou Garyphallia | Catchpole Mike
Measuring Blood Pressure at Workplace: The Impact of Antistress Management Training

Author(s): Ivana Ilić | Jovica Jovanović | Mirjana Aranđelović
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Functional effectiveness of threat appeals in exercise promotion messages

Author(s): Malaika Brengman | Birgit Wauters | Cathy Macharis | Olivier Mairesse
The World Starts With Me: A multilevel evaluation of a comprehensive sex education programme targeting adolescents in Uganda

Author(s): Rijsdijk Liesbeth | Bos Arjan | Ruiter Robert | Leerlooijer Joanne | de Haas Billie | Schaalma Herman
Children's active play: self-reported motivators, barriers and facilitators

Author(s): Brockman Rowan | Jago Russell | Fox Kenneth
Intervention for depression among palliative care patients and their families: A study protocol for evaluation of a training program for professional care staff

Author(s): Hallford David | McCabe Marita | Mellor David | Davison Tanya | Goldhammer Denisa | George Kuruvilla | Storer Shane
Healthcare workers' and parents' perceptions of measures for improving adherence to hand-hygiene

Author(s): Ciofi degli Atti Marta | Tozzi Alberto | Ciliento Gaetano | Pomponi Manuel | Rinaldi Silvia | Raponi Massimiliano
The Maastricht Ultrasound Shoulder pain trial (MUST): Ultrasound imaging as a diagnostic triage tool to improve management of patients with non-chronic shoulder pain in primary care

Author(s): Ottenheijm Ramon | Joore Manuela | Walenkamp Geert | Weijers René | Winkens Bjorn | Cals Jochen | de Bie Rob | Dinant Geert-Jan
Technology Acceptance: Course and Teaching Surveys Case Study at Sultan Qaboos University

Author(s): Ali H. Al-Badi | Abdullah S. Al-Rashdi | Taher A. Ba-Omar

Author(s): José Luis VÁZQUEZ | Ana LANERO | Pablo GUTIÉRREZ | María Purificación GARCÍA
Career Planning and Development: The Realities in Nigerian Organizations

Author(s): Christine. A. Nwuche | Hart. O. Awa
Communication, Commitment & Trust: Exploring the Triad

Author(s): Rachid Zeffane | Syed A Tipu | James C Ryan
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