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Kaposi sarcoma in unusual locations

Author(s): Pantanowitz Liron | Dezube Bruce
Carbosilane and Carbosiloxane Dendrimers

Author(s): Chungkyun Kim | Jang Hwan Hong
Association of mast cells with lung function in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Gosman Margot | Postma Dirkje | Vonk Judith | Rutgers Bea | Lodewijk Monique | Smith Mieke | Luinge Marjan | ten Hacken Nick | Timens Wim
Infrared thermal imaging for detection of peripheral vascular disorders

Author(s): Bagavathiappan S | Saravanan T | Philip John | Jayakumar T | Raj Baldev | Karunanithi R | Panicker T.M.R | Korath M | Jagadeesan K

Author(s): ATAEI Mitra BSc | ZARE MEHRJERDI Mohammad Ali MD | YAZDI Amir Reza MD | ZAMANI Akram MSc | FARAJi Abolfazl BSc | HOUSHMAND Massoud MD
Selective activation of microglia in spinal cord but not higher cortical regions following nerve injury in adult mouse

Author(s): Zhang Fuxing | Vadakkan Kujumon | Kim Susan | Wu Long-Jun | Shang Yuze | Zhuo Min
Characterisation of the nociceptive phenotype of suppressible galanin overexpressing transgenic mice

Author(s): Pope Robert | Holmes Fiona | Kerr Niall | Wynick David
Preserved acute pain and impaired neuropathic pain in mice lacking protein interacting with C Kinase 1

Author(s): Wang Wei | Petralia Ronald | Takamiya Kogo | Xia Jun | Li Yun-Qing | Huganir Richard | Tao Yuan-Xiang | Yaster Myron
A Child with Epileptic Seizure Due to Neurobrucellosis: A Case Report

Author(s): Sedat Işıkay | Kutluhan Yılmaz
Transplacental transmission of Human Papillomavirus

Author(s): Rombaldi Renato | Serafini Eduardo | Mandelli Jovana | Zimmermann Edineia | Losquiavo Kamille
Reduced paediatric hospitalizations for malaria and febrile illness patterns following implementation of community-based malaria control programme in rural Rwanda

Author(s): Sievers Amy | Lewey Jenifer | Musafiri Placide | Franke Molly | Bucyibaruta Blaise | Stulac Sara | Rich Michael | Karema Corine | Daily Johanna
Malaria prevalence and mosquito net coverage in Oromia and SNNPR regions of Ethiopia

Author(s): Shargie Estifanos | Gebre Teshome | Ngondi Jeremiah | Graves Patricia | Mosher Aryc | Emerson Paul | Ejigsemahu Yeshewamebrat | Endeshaw Tekola | Olana Dereje | WeldeMeskel Asrat | Teferra Admas | Tadesse Zerihun | Tilahun Abate | Yohannes Gedeon | Richards Frank
Polysialylated-neural cell adhesion molecule (PSA-NCAM) in the human trigeminal ganglion and brainstem at prenatal and adult ages

Author(s): Quartu Marina | Serra Maria | Boi Marianna | Ibba Viviana | Melis Tiziana | Del Fiacco Marina
Evaluation of relation between IL-4 and IFN- γ polymorphisms and type 2 diabetes

Author(s): saeid Daneshmandi | Ali Akbar Pourfathollah | Mohammad Kazemi Arababadi | Gholam Hossein Hasan Shahi | Mohsen Rezaeian | Majid Asyabanha Rezaee
Complex nature of SNP genotype effects on gene expression in primary human leucocytes

Author(s): Heap Graham | Trynka Gosia | Jansen Ritsert | Bruinenberg Marcel | Swertz Morris | Dinesen Lotte | Hunt Karen | Wijmenga Cisca | vanHeel David | Franke Lude
Human cellular microRNA hsa-miR-29a interferes with viral nef protein expression and HIV-1 replication

Author(s): Ahluwalia Jasmine | Khan Sohrab | Soni Kartik | Rawat Pratima | Gupta Ankit | Hariharan Manoj | Scaria Vinod | Lalwani Mukesh | Pillai Beena | Mitra Debashis | Brahmachari Samir
Use of a Remote Car Starter in Relation to Smog and Climate Change Perceptions: A Population Survey in Québec (Canada)

Author(s): Diane Bélanger | Pierre Gosselin | Pierre Valois | Stéphane Germain | Belkacem Abdous
Loss of Notch signalling induced by Dll4 causes arterial calibre reduction by increasing endothelial cell response to angiogenic stimuli

Author(s): Benedito Rui | Trindade Alexandre | Hirashima Masanori | Henrique Domingos | da Costa Luis | Rossant Janet | Gill Parkash | Duarte António
Analysis of Transforming Growth Factor-Beta1 Gene Polymorphisms in Macedonian Patients with Chronic Periodontitis

Author(s): Aneta Atanasovska-Stojanovska | Dejan Trajkov | Mirjana Popovska | Mirko Spiroski
Evaluation of Relation between IL-4 and IFN- Polymorphisms and Type 2 Diabetes

Author(s): Mohammad Kazemi Arababadi | Ali Akbar Pourfathollah | Saeed Daneshmandi | Gholamhossein Hassanshahi | Ebrahim Rezazadeh Zrandi | Majid Asiabanha Rezaei | Somayeh Eigder | Ali Shamsizadeh
Parallel changes in gene expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and the brain after maternal separation in the mouse

Author(s): van Heerden Johan | Conesa Ana | Stein Dan | Montaner David | Russell Vivienne | Illing Nicola
HIV-1 neutralization by monoclonal antibody against conserved region 2 and patterns of epitope exposure on the surface of native viruses

Author(s): Sreepian Apichai | Permmongkol Jongruk | Kantakamalakul Wannee | Siritantikorn Sontana | Tanlieng Nattaya | Sutthent Ruengpung
Survey and Habitat Evaluation for a Peripheral Population of the Eurasian Otter in Italy

Author(s): Anna Loy | Luciano Bucci | Maria Laura Carranza | Giuseppina De Castro | Piera Di Marzio | Gabriella Reggiani
PIN1 gene variants in Alzheimer's disease

Author(s): Maruszak Aleksandra | Safranow Krzysztof | Gustaw Katarzyna | Kijanowska-Haładyna Beata | Jakubowska Katarzyna | Olszewska Maria | Styczyńska Maria | Berdyński Mariusz | Tysarowski Andrzej | Chlubek Dariusz | Siedlecki Janusz | Barcikowska Maria | Żekanowski Cezary
Z-DNA, a new in situ marker for transcription

Author(s): A Cerná | A Cuadrado | N Jouve | SM Díaz de la Espina | C De la Torre
Early pregnancy peripheral blood gene expression and risk of preterm delivery: a nested case control study

Author(s): Enquobahrie Daniel | Williams Michelle | Qiu Chunfang | Muhie Seid | Slentz-Kesler Kimberly | Ge Zhaoping | Sorenson Tanya
Low-frequency BOLD fluctuations demonstrate altered thalamocortical connectivity in diabetic neuropathic pain

Author(s): Cauda Franco | Sacco Katiuscia | D'Agata Federico | Duca Sergio | Cocito Dario | Geminiani Giuliano | Migliorati Filippo | Isoardo Gianluca
Genetic analysis of patients with Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy in India

Author(s): Hemadevi Boomiraj | Srinivasan Muthiah | Arunkumar Jambulingam | Prajna Namperumalsamy | Sundaresan Periasamy
Glutamate, aspartate and nucleotide transporters in the SLC17 family form four main phylogenetic clusters: evolution and tissue expression

Author(s): Sreedharan Smitha | Shaik Jafar | Olszewski Pawel | Levine Allen | Schiöth Helgi | Fredriksson Robert
MFN2 point mutations occur in 3.4% of Charcot-Marie-Tooth families. An investigation of 232 Norwegian CMT families

Author(s): Braathen Geir | Sand Jette | Lobato Ana | Høyer Helle | Russell Michael
Characterization and frequency of a newly identified HIV-1 BF1 intersubtype circulating recombinant form in São Paulo, Brazil

Author(s): Sanabani Sabri | de Souza Pastena Évelyn | Neto Walter | Martinez Vanessa | Sabino Ester
Antibodies to Mutated Citrullinated Vimentin in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Diagnostic Value, Association with Radiological Damage and Axial Skeleton Affection

Author(s): Howaida E. Mansour | Khaled M. Metwaly | Iman A. Hassan | Hebat-Allah A. Elshamy | Moataz M.S. Elbeblawy
The Masticatory Contractile Load Induced Expression and Activation of Akt1/PKBα in Muscle Fibers at the Myotendinous Junction within Muscle-Tendon-Bone Unit

Author(s): Yüksel Korkmaz | Franz J. Klinz | Mehrnoush Moghbeli | Klaus Addicks | Wolfgang H.-M. Raab | Wilhelm Bloch
Identification of protein-coding and non-coding RNA expression profiles in CD34+ and in stromal cells in refractory anemia with ringed sideroblasts

Author(s): Baratti Mariana | Moreira Yuri | Traina Fabiola | Costa Fernando | Verjovski-Almeida Sergio | Olalla-Saad Sara
Karyotype and Banding Patterns of Chicken Breeds

Author(s): H.H. Musa | B.C. Li | G.H. Chen | T.P. Lanyasunya | Q. Xu | W.B. Bao
Study Towards Cellular Degradation Caused by Environmentally Persistent Chemical

Author(s): S.K. Das | M. Sakakibara | A. Sakurai | J. Bhattacharjee | M.M. Rahman | M.A. Awal
Transforming growth factor-β-1 polymorphisms are infrequent but exist at selected loci in oral submucous fibrosis

Author(s): Rajendran R | Harish R | Anil Sukumaran | Vidyadharan Ravi | Banerjee Moinak
An increase in the burden of neonatal admissions to a rural district hospital in Kenya over 19 years

Author(s): Mwaniki Michael | Gatakaa Hellen | Mturi Florence | Chesaro Charles | Chuma Jane | Peshu Norbert | Mason Linda | Kager Piet | Marsh Kevin | English Mike | Berkley James | Newton Charles
Plasmodium ovale infection in Malaysia: first imported case

Author(s): Lim Yvonne | Mahmud Rohela | Chew Ching | T Thiruventhiran | Chua Kek
Double Peak Orthodromic Sensory Responses in the Electrophysiological Examination of Pathological Conditions

Author(s): Pınar Dkmen-Yalınay | Zeynep Ünlüsoy-Acar | Nevin Dinçağ | A. Emre Öge
Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus by Lifestyle, Diet and Medicinal Plants

Author(s): N. Haque | U. Salma | T.R. Nurunnabi | M.J. Uddin | M.F.K. Jahangir | S.M.Z. Islam | M. Kamruzzaman
Antinociceptive and Anti-Inflammatory Activity from Algae of the Genus Caulerpa

Author(s): Carolina Babosa Brito da Matta | Éverton Tenório de Souza | Aline Cavalcanti de Queiroz | Daysianne Pereira de Lira | Morgana Vital de Araújo | Luiz Henrique Agra Cavalcante-Silva | George Emmanuel C. de Miranda | João Xavier de Araújo-Júnior | José Maria Barbosa-Filho | Bárbara Viviana de Oliveira Santos | Magna Suzana Alexandre-Moreira
Detection of nucleophosmin and FMS-like tyrosine kinase-3 gene mutations in acute myeloid leukemia

Author(s): Pazhakh Vahid | Zaker Farhad | Alimoghaddam Kamran | Atashrazm Farzaneh
Serotonin transporter (SERT) and translocator protein (TSPO) expression in the obese ob/ob mouse

Author(s): Giannaccini Gino | Betti Laura | Palego Lionella | Pirone Andrea | Schmid Lara | Lanza Mario | Fabbrini Laura | Pelosini Caterina | Maffei Margherita | Santini Ferruccio | Pinchera Aldo | Lucacchini Antonio
Supporting work practices through telehealth: impact on nurses in peripheral regions

Author(s): Gagnon Marie-Pierre | Paré Guy | Pollender Hugo | Duplantie Julie | Côté José | Fortin Jean-Paul | Labadie Rita | Duplàa Emmanuel | Thifault Marie-Claude | Courcy François | McGinn Carrie | Ly Birama | Trépanier Amélie | Malo François-Bernard
Lithosphere-asthenosphere system in shield areas of North America and Europe

Author(s): G. Calcagnile | V. Del Gaudio | P. Pierri
Germline mutation analysis of hPMS2 gene in Chinese families with hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer

Author(s): Xia Sheng, Heng-Hua Zhou, Xiao-Yan Zhou, Xiang Du, Tai-Ming Zhang, San-Jun Cai, Wei-Qi Sheng, Da-Ren Shi
The sensitivity of electromyoneurography in the diagnosis of diabetic polyneuropathy

Author(s): Cvijanović Milan | Ilin Miroslav | Slankamenac Petar | Banić-Horvat Sofija | Jovin Zita
Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor arising from the greater omentum: Case report

Author(s): Miguchi Masashi | Takakura Yuji | Egi Hiroyuki | Hinoi Takao | Adachi Tomohiro | Kawaguchi Yasuo | Shinomura Manabu | Tokunaga Masakazu | Okajima Masazumi | Ohdan Hideki
Gap in Techno-Scientific Activity: The Iberoamerican Context

Author(s): Juan R. Coca | Jesús A. Valero Matas | Francesca Randazzo
Genomic organization and recombinational unit duplication-driven evolution of ovine and bovine T cell receptor gamma loci

Author(s): Vaccarelli Giovanna | Miccoli Maria | Antonacci Rachele | Pesole Graziano | Ciccarese Salvatrice
Genes implicated in multiple sclerosis pathogenesis from consilience of genotyping and expression profiles in relapse and remission

Author(s): Arthur Ariel | Armati Patricia | Bye Chris | Heard Robert | Stewart Graeme | Pollard John | Booth David
Highly diversified multiply drug-resistant HIV-1 quasispecies in PBMCs: a case report

Author(s): Quan Yudong | Brenner Bluma | Dascal André | Wainberg Mark
Use of residential wood heating in a context of climate change: a population survey in Québec (Canada)

Author(s): Bélanger Diane | Gosselin Pierre | Valois Pierre | Abdous Belkacem
Early vertebrate chromosome duplications and the evolution of the neuropeptide Y receptor gene regions

Author(s): Larsson Tomas | Olsson Frida | Sundstrom Gorel | Lundin Lars-Gustav | Brenner Sydney | Venkatesh Byrappa | Larhammar Dan
A formylpeptide receptor, FPRL1, acts as an efficient coreceptor for primary isolates of human immunodeficiency virus

Author(s): Shimizu Nobuaki | Tanaka Atsushi | Mori Takahisa | Ohtsuki Takahiro | Hoque Aliful | Jinno-Oue Atsushi | Apichartpiyakul Chatchawann | Kusagawa Shigeru | Takebe Yutaka | Hoshino Hiroo
DNA copy number changes in high-grade malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors by array CGH

Author(s): Kresse Stine | Skårn Magne | Ohnstad Hege | Namløs Heidi | Bjerkehagen Bodil | Myklebost Ola | Meza-Zepeda Leonardo
Research of loss of heterozygaity on chromosome 3p in non-small cell lung cancer

Author(s): Xinyu MEI | Yujie SUN | Meiqing XU | Dongchun MA | Dazhong WEI | Jieyong TIAN | Zixue REN
An immunohistochemical study of the pancreatic endocrine cells of the ddN mouse.

Author(s): Hyeung Sik Lee | Jeong Hyun Chang | Sae Kwang Ku
Germline promoter hypermethylation of tumor suppressor genes in gastric cancer

Author(s): Pu-Yuan Wu | Zheng Zhang | Jing-Mei Wang | Wen-Wen Guo | Nong Xiao | Qiong He | Ya-Ping Wang | Yi-Mei Fan
Peripheral Symmetrical Gangrene of the Neonatal Extremities : A Case Report

Author(s): Lookzadeh MH | Moghimi M | Ataee Nakhaei MH
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with Eosinophilia and Strongyloides stercoralis Hyperinfection

Author(s): Hassan Mahmoodi Nesheli | Tahereh Galini Moghaddam | Yadollah Zahedpasha | Ali-Reza Norouzi
Germline mutation analysis of MLH1 and MSH2 in Malaysian Lynch syndrome patients

Author(s): Mohd Nizam Zahary | Gurjeet Kaur | Muhammad Radzi Abu Hassan | Harjinder Singh | Venkatesh R Naik | Ravindran Ankathil
Acute Chagas disease in Colombia: a rarely suspected disease. Report of 10 cases presented during the 2002-2005 period Enfermedad de Chagas aguda en Colombia, una entidad poco sospechada. Informe de 10 casos presentados en el periodo 2002 a 2005

Author(s): Rubén Santiago Nicholls | Zulma Milena Cucunubá | Angélica Knudson | Astrid Carolina Flórez | Marleny Montilla | Concepción Judith Puerta | Paula Ximena Pavía
Cortical representation of the horizon in V1 and peripheral scaling in mammals with lateral eyes

Author(s): Cristovam W. Picanço-Diniz | Emiliana G. Rocha | Luiz Carlos L. Silveira | Guy Elston | Eduardo Oswaldo-Cruz
Schwannoma in the floor of the mouth

Author(s): Hamid Poursadeghi | Sayyed Mohammad Razavi
Dynamics of Urbanization and Its Impact on Land-Use/Land-Cover: A Case Study of Megacity Delhi

Author(s): Manju Mohan | Subhan K. Pathan | Kolli Narendrareddy | Anurag Kandya | Sucheta Pandey
Finance and Centre-Periphery Dynamics: A Model

Author(s): Antonio Luigi Paolilli | Fabio Pollice
Severe depression is associated with increased microglial quinolinic acid in subregions of the anterior cingulate gyrus: Evidence for an immune-modulated glutamatergic neurotransmission?

Author(s): Steiner Johann | Walter Martin | Gos Tomasz | Guillemin Gilles | Bernstein Hans-Gert | Sarnyai Zoltán | Mawrin Christian | Brisch Ralf | Bielau Hendrik | zu Schwabedissen Louise | Bogerts Bernhard | Myint Aye-Mu
Mapping quantitative trait loci for T lymphocyte subpopulations in peripheral blood in swine

Author(s): Lu Xin | Liu Jian-Feng | Gong Yuan-Fang | Wang Zhi-Peng | Liu Yang | Zhang Qin
Xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus is not associated with chronic fatigue syndrome in patients from different areas of the us in the 1990s

Author(s): Ali Mir | Dale Janet | Kozak Christine | Goldbach-Mansky Raphaela | Miller Frederick | Straus Stephen | Cohen Jeffrey

Author(s): Matoschi ( Cimpan) Oana | Paun Georgeta | Paun (Ciobanu) Mihaela | Pruteanu Elena Mihaela
"Neuroectodermal tumor (A case report) "

Author(s): "Nadimi Tehrani A | Yahyavi S "
Methods for Prostate Biopsy

Author(s): M. Ghafoori
Cerebellar Malaria Due to Plasmodium vivax in a Child

Author(s): AM Taksande | KY Vilhekar
From chemical neuroanatomy to an understanding of the olfactory system

Author(s): L. Oboti | P. Peretto | S. De Marchis | A. Fasolo
Pathophysiology of Erectile Dysfunction - an Organisation/Activation Concept

Author(s): Kula K | Kula W | Slowikowska-Hilczer J
An Automated X-corner Detection Algorithm(AXDA)

Author(s): Fuqing Zhao | Chunmiao Wei | Jizhe Wang | Jianxin Tang
Cathepsin K deficiency in mice induces structural and metabolic changes in the central nervous system that are associated with learning and memory deficits

Author(s): Dauth Stephanie | Sîrbulescu Ruxandra | Jordans Silvia | Rehders Maren | Avena Linda | Oswald Julia | Lerchl Alexander | Saftig Paul | Brix Klaudia
Central and peripheral intraocular pressure measured by a rebound tonometer

Author(s): Yamashita T | Miki A | Ieki Y | Kiryu J | Yaoeda K | Shirakashi M
Pro-inflammatory gene expression in solid glioblastoma microenvironment and in hypoxic stem cells from human glioblastoma

Author(s): Tafani Marco | Di Vito Maura | Frati Alessandro | Pellegrini Laura | De Santis Elena | Sette Giovanni | Eramo Adriana | Sale Patrizio | Mari Emanuela | Santoro Antonio | Raco Antonino | Salvati Maurizio | De Maria Ruggero | Russo Matteo
Improved antiretroviral treatment outcome in a rural African setting is associated with cART initiation at higher CD4 cell counts and better general health condition

Author(s): Mossdorf Erik | Stoeckle Marcel | Mwaigomole Emmanuel | Chiweka Evarist | Kibatala Patience | Geubbels Eveline | Urassa Honoraty | Abdulla Salim | Elzi Luigia | Tanner Marcel | Furrer Hansjakob | Hatz Christoph | Battegay Manuel

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