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Centenarians: Hip fractures and peripheral lower limb nerve blocks

Author(s): V Rao Anand | Lakshmanan Aneesh | Ajith Anita | Rao Sudheendra
Interventional radiology in the elderly

Author(s): Konstantinos Katsanos | Farhan Ahmad | Renato Dourado | Tarun Sabharwal | Andreas Adam
Effect of combined treatment with alendronate and calcitriol on femoral neck strength in osteopenic rats

Author(s): Nakamura Yoshinari | Naito Masatoshi | Hayashi Kazuo | Fotovati Abbas | Abu-Ali Samah
Factors influencing quality of life in Moroccan postmenopausal women with osteoporotic vertebral fracture assessed by ECOS 16 questionnaire

Author(s): Abourazzak Fatima | Allali Fadoua | Rostom Samira | Hmamouchi Ihsane | Ichchou Linda | El Mansouri Laila | Bennani Loubna | Khazzani Hamza | Abouqal Redouane | Hajjaj-Hassouni Najia
The relationship between physical performance measures, bone mineral density, falls, and the risk of peripheral fracture: a cross-sectional analysis

Author(s): Khazzani Hamza | Allali Fadoua | Bennani Loubna | Ichchou Linda | El Mansouri Laila | Abourazzak Fatima | Abouqal Redouane | Hajjaj-Hassouni Najia
Evidence based guidelines for complex regional pain syndrome type 1

Author(s): Perez Roberto | Zollinger Paul | Dijkstra Pieter | Thomassen-Hilgersom Ilona | Zuurmond Wouter | Rosenbrand Kitty | Geertzen Jan
Postoperative rehabilitation in patients with peripherial nerves injury

Author(s): Petronić Ivana V. | Maršavelski Ana | Nikolić Gordana | Ćirović Dragana
Simvastatin Release from Poly(lactide-co-glycolide) Membrane Scaffolds

Author(s): Hassan Rashidi | Marianne J. Ellis | Sarah H. Cartmell | Julian B. Chaudhuri
Impact of osteoporosis and vertebral fractures on quality-of-life. a population-based study in Valencia, Spain (The FRAVO Study)

Author(s): Sanfélix-Genovés José | Hurtado Isabel | Sanfélix-Gimeno Gabriel | Reig-Molla Begoña | Peiró Salvador
Fractures of the proximal femur: correlation with vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism

Author(s): Ramalho A.C. | Lazaretti-Castro M. | Hauache O. | Kasamatsu T. | Brandão C. | Reis A.F. | Takata E. | Cafalli F. | Tavares F. | Gimeno S.G.A. | Vieira J.G.H.
The impact of clothing style on bone mineral density among post menopausal women in Morocco: a case-control study

Author(s): Allali Fadoua | Aichaoui Siham | Saoud Bouchra | Maaroufi Houda | Abouqal Redouane | Hajjaj-Hassouni1 Najia
Alendronate increases BMD at appendicular and axial skeletons in patients with established osteoporosis

Author(s): Qin Ling | Choy Wingyee | Au Szeki | Fan Musei | Leung Pingchung
Atrophy of the brachialis muscle after a displaced clavicle fracture in an Ironman triathlete: case report

Author(s): Rüst Christoph | Knechtle Beat | Knechtle Patrizia | Rosemann Thomas

Author(s): S. Al-Yasin | S. H. Nabavizadeh | M. Nabavi | M. Kiani | M. Safari O. Zekavat
Risk of fracture in celiac disease: Gender, dietary compliance, or both?

Author(s): María Inés Pinto Sánchez | Adriana Mohaidle | Andrea Baistrocchi | Dolores Matoso | Horacio Vázquez | Andrea González | Roberto Mazure | Evangelina Maffei | Guillermina Ferrari | Edgardo Smecuol | Adriana Crivelli | Juan Andrés de Paula | Juan C Gómez | Silvia Pedreira | Eduardo Mauriño | Julio César Bai

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