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Protectors or Perpetrators

Author(s): BC Mathew | RS Daniel | JA Bordom | IW Campbell
Anti-terrorist prevention of the state

Author(s): Mijalkovski Milan
Attributions of Responsibility for Terrorist Attacks: The Role of Group Membership and Identification

Author(s): Bertjan Doosje | Sven Zebel | Marieke Scheermeijer | Pauline Mathyi
Investigating traffic accidents: a collision of two motor vehicles

Author(s): O. Prentkovskis | E. Sokolovskij | V. Bartulis
Crime and punishment: Work of god?

Author(s): Takač Šandor | Popović Dragiša | Simić Milan | Stojanović Predrag 1
Paraphilia-related disorders and personality disorders in sexual homicide perpetrators

Author(s): Peer Briken | Andreas Hill | Niels Habermann | Martin P. Kafka | Wolfgang Berner
Child maltreatment: Abuse and neglect

Author(s): Bengü Pala | Murat Ünalacak | İlhami Ünlüoğlu

Author(s): Prachi Pant , | Parul Jain , | Nippu Bansal , | P.K. Bishnoi
Intimate Partner Violence by Men Abusing and Non-abusing Alcohol in Poland

Author(s): Marta Makara-Studzinska | Katarzyna Gustaw
Sexual violence in the protracted conflict of DRC programming for rape survivors in South Kivu

Author(s): Steiner Birthe | Benner Marie | Sondorp Egbert | Schmitz K Peter | Mesmer Ursula | Rosenberger Sandrine
Filicide in Austria and Finland - A register-based study on all filicide cases in Austria and Finland 1995-2005

Author(s): Putkonen Hanna | Amon Sabine | Almiron Maria | Cederwall Jenny | Eronen Markku | Klier Claudia | Kjelsberg Ellen | Weizmann-Henelius Ghitta
Enhancing global control of alcohol to reduce unsafe sex and HIV in sub-Saharan Africa

Author(s): Chersich Matthew | Rees Helen | Scorgie Fiona | Martin Greg
Seeing Beyond the Surface: Understanding and Tracking Fraudulent Cyber Activities

Author(s): Longe O. B. | Mbarika V. | Kourouma M | Wada F. | Isabalija R
Physical examination of sexual assault victims in Belgrade area

Author(s): Alempijević Đorđe | Savić Slobodan | Kesić Vesna | Baralić Ivanka | Ilić Goran
Forensic implications of rape

Author(s): Novaković Milan
Position of persons with mental disorders in penal law

Author(s): Mrvić-Petrović Nataša
Victims of cyberstalking in Serbia

Author(s): Kovačević-Lepojević Marina | Lepojević Borko

Author(s): Martina Lotar | Željka Kamenov | Marija Lebedina-Manzoni
General considerations on the care to the elderly victim of abuse Consideraciones generales sobre la atención al anciano víctima de maltrato

Author(s): Juan Rafael Cordero Jiménez | Sergio García Cordero | Iris Rodríguez Sánchez | Deysi Santana Castellón | Oraldo Fragoso | Odalis Fernández López
The reported thoracic injuries in Homer's Iliad

Author(s): Apostolakis Efstratios | Apostolaki Georgia | Apostolaki Mary | Chorti Maria
Child Abuse in India

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Iravani
Is the higher rate of parental child homicide in stepfamilies an effect of non-genetic relatedness?

Author(s): Hans TEMRIN, Johanna NORDLUND, Mikael RYING, Birgitta S. TULLBERG

Author(s): Sudha Ramalingam | Akila R. S.
The magnitude of intimate partner violence in Brazil: portraits from 15 capital cities and the Federal District

Author(s): Reichenheim Michael Eduardo | Moraes Claudia Leite | Szklo André | Hasselmann Maria Helena | Souza Edinilsa Ramos de | Lozana José de Azevedo | Figueiredo Valeska
Editorial Remarks: Youth at Risk

Author(s): Wilhelm Heitmeyer | Steven F. Messner
IP Traceback for Flooding Attacks on Internet Threat Monitors (ITM ) Using Honeypots

Author(s): K.Munivara Prasad | A.Rama Mohan Reddy | V Jyothsna
The thrill of being violent as an antidote to posttraumatic stress disorder in Rwandese genocide perpetrators

Author(s): Roland Weierstall | Susanne Schaal | Inga Schalinski | Jean-Pierre Dusingizemungu | Thomas Elbert
Effects of Youth´s Exposure to Community Violence: The MORE Project Efectos de la Exposición de los Adolescentes a la Violencia en la Comunidad: El Proyecto MORE

Author(s): Michele Cooley-Strickland | Tanya J. Quille | Robert S. Griffin | Elizabeth A. Stuart | Catherine P. Bradshaw | Debra Furr-Holden
Documentation and digitalization of the Museum of Criminology of the University of Athens

Author(s): Constantine Maravelias | Zoi Sakki | George Loutsidis | Maria Stefanidou | Sotiris Athanaselis | Chara Spiliopoulou
Community perceptions of intimate partner violence - a qualitative study from urban Tanzania

Author(s): Laisser Rose | Nyström Lennarth | Lugina Helen | Emmelin Maria
The American War in Indochina: Injustice and Outrage

Author(s): Truda Gray | Brian Martin

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