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CADMUS: The Personality of a Journal

Author(s): T. Natarajan
The Impact of Personality on Depression among University Students in Taiwan

Author(s): Shu-Man Chang | Daniel W. Law | Her-Kun Chang
Emocjonalne uwarunkowania zespołu jelita nadwrażliwego - ocena w oparciu o wyniki badania testem MMPI

Author(s): Agnieszka Sulkowska | Bogusław Borys | Mikołaj Majkowicz | Bronisław Sulkowski | Beata Wydra | Andrzej Jasiński | Andrzej Kryszewski
Charakterystyka i porównanie czynników emocjonalnych u pacjentów z zespołem jelita nadwrażliwego i chorobą refluksową przełyku

Author(s): Agnieszka Sulkowska | Maria Swinarska-Naumiuk | Andrzej Jasiński | Maria Janiak | Anna Burkiewicz | Bronisław Sulkowski | Krystian Adrych | Marek Guzek | Mikołaj Majkowicz | Bogusław Borys | Marian Smoczyński
Does personality predispose to functional dyspepsia?

Author(s): Joanna Kot | Agnieszka Harasiuk | Paweł Rasmus | Józef Kocur | Cezary Chojnacki
The Resistance and Transference Twin Factor in Patients with and without Personality Disorders

Author(s): Nosratollah Nowroozi | Mohammad- kazem Atef-Vahid | Nima Ghorbani | Mahmoud Ghazi Tabatabaee
‏Pre-addiction Susceptibility Backgrounds in Recovered Drug Users

Author(s): Ali Zeinali | Rogayhe Wahdat | Mohsen Eisavi
Factor Analysis of the Individual with Highly Sensitive Processing Scale: The Association of Sensory Processing Sensitivity

Author(s): Zohre Sadooghi | Maria E. Aguilar-Vafaie | Seyed Kazem Rassoulzadeh Tabatabaei
The Cognitive Consequences of Child Abuse in Young Girls

Author(s): Azam Naghavi | Maryam Fatehizadeh | Mohammad Reza Abedi
Standardization of the Persian Version of the California Psychological Inventory (PCI)

Author(s): M.K. Atef-Vahid | M. Nasr-Esfahani | P. Fattolahi | M.R. Shojaie
Type of Personality and the Amount of Adherence to Recommended Regimens in Diabetic Patients

Author(s): F. Rezaie Kargar | S. Karbandi | H. Hassanabadi | H. Esmaili
Psychoticism in Cannabis Users

Author(s): A. Afkham Ebrahimi | M. Eftekhar | A. Vahdat
Comorbidity of Psychiatric Disorders in Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic

Author(s): M. Eftekhar | M. Dadfar | E. Karimi Kaisami
Personality Patterns in Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Patients

Author(s): M.F. Ghalehbandi | A. Afkham Ebrahimi
Personality Traits of Candidate for Esthetic Surgery

Author(s): M. Alamdar Saravy | M.F. Ghalebandi
The Relationship between Job Burnout and Personality Traits in Nurses

Author(s): M. Rasoulian | F. Elahi | A. Afkham Ebrahimi
First Diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder: Case Report

Author(s): H. R. Attar | M. Rasoulian
Personality Traits in Patients with Diagnoses of Panic Disorder

Author(s): H. Haghshenas | M. Mousavi Nasab | R. Farnam
The use of humor in the care of psychiatric patients

Author(s): Angeliki Statharou | Chrysodimitra Galatou | Evangelia Kotrotsiou
Seymour Fisher contributions to research on body image

Author(s): P.R.L. Ribeiro | M.C.F. Tavares
The importance of the individual characteristics in the establishment of the diagnosis for the psycho somatic affections

Author(s): Angela Dumitrescu | Eduard Crauciuc | Dan Marian Dumitrescu | Daniela Lepadatu | Ovidiu Toma | George Ioan Pandele

Author(s): Paliwal Murlidhar | Byadgi P.S
Psychiatric Symptoms in Patients with Alopecia Areata

Author(s): Burak | Erol | Yaşargül
Personality traits, age and sex as predictors for self-handicapping tendency

Author(s): Čolović Petar | Smederevac Snežana | Mitrović Dušanka
Monitoring of University Image-Making

Author(s): Ponomarenko V. S.
Central Serous Chorioretinopathy in a Patient with B-cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Author(s): Nasim Valizadeh | Negar Haghighi | Negar Aghamohammadi | Mohammad Mohammadzadeh
The Role of Personality and Demographic Traits in Spouse Abuse

Author(s): Leili Panaghi | Dara Pirouzi | Minoo Shirinbayan | Zohre Ahmadabadi
Quality of life and functional capacity one year after coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Author(s): Nedeljković Una D. | Krstić Nevena M. | Varagić-Marković Slavica Lj. | Putnik Svetozar M.
Association of the 5-HTT gene-linked promoter region (5-HTTLPR) polymorphism with psychiatric disorders: review of psychopathology and pharmacotherapy

Author(s): Kenna GA | Roder-Hanna N | Leggio L | Zywiak WH | Clifford J | Edwards S | Kenna JA | Shoaff J | Swift RM
Personality Traits: Business versus Technical Graduates

Author(s): Nurazariah Abidin | Salina Daud
Uma estratégia de ensino em transportes apoiada nos perfis de personalidade dos estudantes

Author(s): Nídia Pavan Kuri | Antônio Nélson Rodrigues da Silva
The nursing students' viewpoints on influential clinical instructor in Jahrom University of Medical Sciences

Author(s): Sedigheh Najafipour | Sohrab Najafipour | Rahim Raoofi | Mohammad Hashem Abdi | Leili Mosalanejad
Connectivism and Dimensions of Individual Experience

Author(s): Carmen Tschofen | Jenny Mackness
Failure to thrive

Author(s): Malek M | Sharifian M
Personality: Description, Classification and Evaluation

Author(s): Ibrahim Taymur | M. Hakan Turkcapar
An empirical study on entrepreneurs' personal characteristics

Author(s): Ahmad Ahmadkhani | Mehrnaz Paknezhad | Arezo Nazari

Author(s): Fakhrul Zaman Abdullah | Farah Liyana Bustamam
Validating a test to assess early childhood learners’ ability to perceive, express and appreciate emotions

Author(s): Jose Miguel Mestre Navas | Rocío Guil Bozal | Fátima Martínez-Cabañas Rodríguez | Cristina Larrán Escandón | Gabriel González de la Torre Benítez

Author(s): Mubbsher Munawar Khan | Ishfaq Ahmed | Muhammad Musarrat Nawaz | Muhammad Ramzan
Los rasgos de personalidad y su relación con las enfermedades ulceropépticas.

Author(s): Laura B. Barrios Di Pascuale | Harold Guevara Rivas | Joana M. Gómez Cabaña | Stefania Di Pascuale Casalena
Trauma reactivation under the influence of propranolol: an examination of clinical predictors

Author(s): Joaquin Poundja | Steven Sanche | Jacques Tremblay | Alain Brunet
Attribution Theory and Strategic Decisions on Organizational Success Factors

Author(s): Ben E. Akpoyomare Oghojafor | Olufemi Olabode Olayemi | Olukunle O. Oluwatula | Patrick Sunday Okonji
Psychosocial determinants of irritable bowel syndrome

Author(s): Teodora Surdea-Blaga | Adriana Băban | Dan L Dumitrascu
Study of role extroversion of caused by traffic noise on mental function of the students

Author(s): I. Alimohamadi | R. Soltani | M. Azkhosh | M.R. Gohari | B. .Moosavi
Personalidad y toma de decisiones vocacionales en universitarios

Author(s): Bethencourt, José-Tomás | Cabrera, Lidia
Personality and career decision making in undergraduates

Author(s): Bethencourt, José-Tomás | Cabrera, Lidia
Infertility Stress: The Role of Coping Strategies, Personality Trait, and Social Support

Author(s): Batool Rashidi | Soheila Hosseini | Pooya Beigi | Mahya Ghazizadeh | Mohammad Naghi Farahani
Digital Jealousy: The Downside of Social Networking Services. An Empirical Study.

Author(s): Aretz, W. | Becher, L. | Casalino, A. L. | Bonorden, C.
The influence of gender on personality variables conditioning learning: Emotional intelligence and academic procrastination

Author(s): Mercè Clariana, | Ramón Cladellas | María del Mar Badía | Concepció Gotzens
An Overview on Women’s Leadership Issues in Jordan

Author(s): Faraj Radwan Zubaidi | Nabiha.S. Mehdi Al-Sammerai | Fais Ahmad
Review of PhD Theses on the Role of Personality in SLA

Author(s): Shahila Zafar | K. Meenakshi
Mood Inference Machine: Framework to Infer Affective Phenomena in ROODA Virtual Learning Environment

Author(s): Magalí Teresinha Longhi | Patricia Alejandra Behar | Magda Bercht
The Significance Difference on Entrepreneurial Profile toward Entrepreneurial Personality in Micro and Small Business: Malaysia Creative Industry

Author(s): Muhammad Abi Sofian Abdul Halim | Shaladin Muda | Wan Abd Aziz Wan Mohd Amin | Ahmad Munir Mohd Salleh
Religiosity Orientations and Personality Traits with Death Obsession

Author(s): Hamzeh salmanpour | Ali Issazadegan
Locus of Control Associations with Autobiographical Memory as Measured by Free and Directed Memory Recall

Author(s): Jorge Javier Ricarte Trives | José Miguel Latorre Postigo | Laura Ros Segura
Drivers of Customers’ Reactions to Service Failures: The Israeli Experience

Author(s): Aviv Shoham | Yossi Gavish | Sigal Segev
Girls, identities and agency in adolescents' digital literacy practices

Author(s): Dimitrios Koutsogiannis | Vassiliki Adampa
Program Selection among Pre-Service Teachers: MBTI Profiles within a College of Education

Author(s): Tary L. Wallace | Jenni Menon Mariano | Stephen Rushton
Program Selection among Pre-Service Teachers: MBTI Profiles within a College of Education

Author(s): Tary L. Wallace | Jenni Menon Mariano | Stephen Rushton
Energy drinks mixed with alcohol: misconceptions, myths, and facts

Author(s): Verster JC | Aufricht C | Alford C
Fatal child abuse: a study of 13 cases of continuous abuse

Author(s): Anne Leena Marika Kauppi | Tuija Vanamo | Kari Karkola | Juhani Merikanto
Eventos de Vida: Investigações sobre a Violência Sexual Contra Crianças e Adolescentes

Author(s): Ana Celina Garcia Albornoz | Denise Ruschel Bandeira
Personality traits and adherence to physical activity in patients attending a primary health centre

Author(s): Emilia Burgos-Garrido | Manuel Gurpegui | Dolores Jurado
Split Personality Malware: A Security Threat

Author(s): Nisha Lalwani | M.B.Chandak | R.V.Dharaskar
Predicting Girls’ Runaway from Home Using the Big Five Factor Model of Personality

Author(s): Behnam Jamshidi | Farideh Sadat Hosieni | Narges Arab-Moghaddam

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