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Ciclesonide in persistent asthma: the evidence of its therapeutic value

Author(s): Charlotte A. Kenreigh | Linda Timm Wagner | Paul Chrisp
A phase I trial to evaluate the safety and pharmacokinetics of low-dose methotrexate as an anti-malarial drug in Kenyan adult healthy volunteers

Author(s): Chilengi Roma | Juma Rashid | Abdallah Ahmed | Bashraheil Mahfudh | Lodenyo Hudson | Nyakundi Priscilla | Anabwani Evelyn | Salim Amina | Mwambingu Gabriel | Wenwa Ednah | Jemutai Julie | Kipkeu Chemtai | Oyoo George | Muchohi Simon | Kokwaro Gilbert | Niehues Tim | Lang Trudie | Nzila Alexis
Modification of Spectroscopic Method for Determination of L-arginine in Different Tissue extracts

Author(s): M. A. A. Al-Bayati | F. J. I. Al-Shammaa | S. J. Ajeena
Uses and benefits of omega-3 ethyl esters in patients with cardiovascular disease

Author(s): Giacomo Levantesi | Maria Giuseppina Silletta | Roberto Marchioli
Intravenous ibuprofen: the first injectable product for the treatment of pain and fever

Author(s): P Brandon Bookstaver | April D Miller | Celeste N Rudisill | et al
Antipsychotic treatments for the elderly: efficacy and safety of aripiprazole

Author(s): Izchak Kohen | Paula E Lester | Sum Lam
Spatiotemporal integration of molecular and anatomical data in virtual reality using semantic mapping

Author(s): Jung Soh | Andrei L Turinsky | Quang M Trinh, Jasmine Chang | Ajay Sabhaney, et al
New Sensitive HPLC Method for Evaluation of the Pharmacokinetics of New Amantadine Prodrugs as Hepatic Delivery Systems to Enhance its Activity against HCV

Author(s): Ibrahim A. Darwish, Tarek Aboul-Fadl, Nasr Y. Khalil, Ashraf M. Mahmoud, Abdul-Rahman M. Al-Obaid
Comparative bioequivalence studies of tramadol hydrochloride sustained-release 200 mg tablets

Author(s): Suhas S Khandave | Satish V Sawant | Santosh S Joshi | et al
Imaging and treating tumor vasculature with targeted radiolabeled carbon nanotubes

Author(s): Alessandro Ruggiero | Carlos H Villa | Jason P Holland | et al
Milnacipran: a unique antidepressant?

Author(s): Siegfried Kasper | Gerald Pail
Pharmacology, efficacy and safety of liraglutide in the management of type 2 diabetes

Author(s): Joshua J Neumiller | Travis E Sonnett | Lindy D Wood | et al
Monotherapy for partial epilepsy: focus on levetiracetam

Author(s): Antonio Gambardella | Angelo Labate | Eleonora Colosimo | Roberta Ambrosio | Aldo Quattrone
Fluticasone furoate nasal spray in the treatment of allergic rhinitis

Author(s): Pedro Giavina-Bianchi | Rosana Agondi | Rafael Stelmach | Alberto Cukier | Jorge Kalil
Micafungin in the treatment of invasive candidiasis and invasive aspergillosis

Author(s): Nathan P Wiederhold | Jason M Cota | Christopher R Frei
Atomoxetine for the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents: a review

Author(s): Paul Hammerness | Katherine McCarthy | Elizabeth Mancuso | Cassandra Gendron | Daniel Geller
Management of obsessive-compulsive disorder with fluvoxamine extended release

Author(s): Lídia Ordacgi | Mauro V Mendlowicz | Leonardo F Fontenelle
The role of insulin detemir in overweight type 2 diabetes management

Author(s): Yared N Demssie | Naveed Younis | Handrean Soran
Development of fludarabine formulations in the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Author(s): Ann Janssens | Marc Boogaerts | Gregor Verhoef
Current and emerging treatments for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Author(s): Stefano Zoccolella | Andrea Santamato | Paolo Lamberti
1. In vitro and in vivo evaluation of ethyl cellulose based floating microspheres of cefpodoxime proxetil

Author(s): Amol V. Pande | Pravin D. Vaidya | Aseem Arora | Madhura V. Dhoka
Preparation of a ligustrazine ethosome patch and its evaluation in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Xingyan Liu1 Hong Liu | Jianqiang Liu | Zhiwei He | et al
QSAR–CoMSIA applied to antipsychotic drugs with their dopamine D2 and serotonine 5HT2A membrane receptors

Effect of esomeprazole on the pharmacokinetics of carbamazepine

Author(s): Medhi Bikash | Singh Pawan | Prakash Ajay | Avti Pramod
Two-dose-level confirmatory study of the pharmacokinetics and tolerability of everolimus in Chinese patients with advanced solid tumors

Author(s): Xu BingHe | Wu YiLong | Shen Lin | Ye DingWei | Jappe Annette | Cherfi Azzeddine | Wang Hui | Yuan RuiRong
Implementation of a reference standard and proficiency testing programme by the World Wide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN)

Author(s): Lourens Chris | Watkins William | Barnes Karen | Sibley Carol | Guerin Philippe | White Nicholas | Lindegardh Niklas
Translational pain research: Evaluating analgesic effect in experimental visceral pain models

Author(s): Anne Estrup Olesen, Trine Andresen, Lona Louring Christrup, Richard N Upton
Intravenous iron in inflammatory bowel disease

Author(s): Manuel Muñoz, Susana Gómez-Ramírez, José Antonio García-Erce
Pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution of intraperitoneal 5-fluorouracil with a novel carrier solution in rats

Author(s): Zhi-Gang Wei, Guo-Xin Li, Xiang-Cheng Huang, Li Zhen, Jiang Yu, Hai-Jun Deng, Shan-Hua Qing, Ce Zhang
A Sleeping Beauty DNA transposon-based genetic sensor for functional screening of vitamin D3 analogues

Author(s): Staunstrup Nicklas | Sharma Nynne | Bak Rasmus | Svensson Lars | Petersen Thomas | Aarenstrup Lene | Kristiansen Karsten | Bolund Lars | Mikkelsen Jacob
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of artesunate and dihydroartemisinin following oral treatment in pregnant women with asymptomatic Plasmodium falciparum infections in Kinshasa DRC

Author(s): Onyamboko Marie | Meshnick Steven | Fleckenstein Lawrence | Koch Matthew | Atibu Joseph | Lokomba Victor | Douoguih Macaya | Hemingway-Foday Jennifer | Wesche David | Ryder Robert | Bose Carl | Wright Linda | Tshefu Antoinette | Capparelli Edmund
Enhanced dissolution and bioavailability of gliclazide using solid dispersion techniques

Author(s): Gopal Venkatesh Shavi | Averineni Ranjith Kumar | Yogendra Nayak Usha | Karthik Armugam | Om prakash Ranjan | Kishore Ginjupalli | Sureshwar Pandey | Nayababhirama Udupa
Dose study of the multikinase inhibitor, LY2457546, in patients with relapsed acute myeloid leukemia to assess safety, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics

Author(s): Wacheck V | Lahn M | Dickinson G | Füreder W | Meyer R | Herndlhofer S | Füreder T | Dorfner G | Pillay S | André V | Burkholder TP | Akunda JK | Flye-Blakemore L | Van Bockstaele D | Schlenk RF | Sperr W | Valent P

Author(s): Ernie H. Purwaningsih | Nurhadi Ibrahim | Hamdani Zain (alm) | Arjo Tedjo

Author(s): Malik Ajay | Kumar Tarun | Sangwan Pardeep | Sunil | Arya Ashwani
Impact of malnutrition on drugs' action

Author(s): Małgorzata Trocha | Anna Merwid-Ląd | Dorota Ksiądzyna | Marta Szandruk | Adam Szeląg
Bladder Selectivity of Imidafenacin, a Novel Antimuscarinic Agent Developed to Treat Overactive Bladder

Author(s): Shizuo Yamada | Akira Yoshida1 | Masaki Ogoda | Yusuke Fuchihata | Shiori Kuraoka | Hideo Tsukada | Tsuyoshi Anraku
The Effect of β-Carotene Supplementation on the Pharmacokinetics of Nelfinavir and Its Active Metabolite M8 in HIV-1-infected Patients

Author(s): Nancy L. Sheehan | Rolf P. G. van Heeswijk | Brian C. Foster | Humayoun Akhtar | Neera Singhal | Isabelle Seguin | Lina DelBalso | Marc Bourbeau | Bobby M. Chauhan | Mohammed-Rachid Boulassel | David M. Burger | Richard G. Lalonde | Donald William Cameron
Modification of Spectroscopic Method for Determination of L-arginine in Different Tissue extracts

Author(s): M. A. A. Al-Bayati | F. J. I. Al-Shammaa | S. J. Ajeena
Pharmacokinetic Study of Niosome-Loaded Insulin in Diabetic Rats

Author(s): A. Pardakhty | E. Moazeni | J. Varshosaz | V. Hajhashemi | A. Rouholamini Najafabadi

Author(s): Thurapati Pandu Raju | Mettu Srikanth Reddy | Veerareddy Prabhakar Reddy

Author(s): Gola Shefali | Anand S. Malhotra | Asheesh Gupta
Mebudipine and Dibudipine: A Review

Author(s): Massoud Mahmoudian
A High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Assay for the Determination of Losartan in Plasma

Author(s): Hassan Jalalizadeh | Effat Souri | Hassan Farsam | Mehdi Ansari
Pharmacokinetic Studies of Enrofloxacin in Yak after Intramuscular Administration

Author(s): Sanjib Khargharia | Chandana Choudhury Barua | Pritam Mohan | Mohan Bhattacharya
Evaluation of pharmacokinetics, user handling, and tolerability of peginterferon alfa-2a (40 kDa) delivered via a disposable autoinjector device

Author(s): Varunok P | Lawitz E | Beavers KL | Matusow G | Leong R | Lambert N | Bernaards C | Solsky J | Brennan BJ | Wat C | Bertasso A
Oral fondaparinux: use of lipid nanocapsules as nanocarriers and in vivo pharmacokinetic study

Author(s): Ramadan A | Lagarce F, Tessier-Marteau A | Thomas O | Legras P, Macchi L | Saulnier P | Benoit JP
Duration of Suppression of Adrenal Steroids after Glucocorticoid Administration

Author(s): Fuqua JohnS | Rotenstein Deborah | Lee PeterA
Review of the clinical pharmacokinetics of artesunate and its active metabolite dihydroartemisinin following intravenous, intramuscular, oral or rectal administration

Author(s): Morris Carrie | Duparc Stephan | Borghini-Fuhrer Isabelle | Jung Donald | Shin Chang-Sik | Fleckenstein Lawrence
Use of mefloquine in children - a review of dosage, pharmacokinetics and tolerability data

Author(s): Schlagenhauf Patricia | Adamcova Miriam | Regep Loredana | Schaerer Martin | Bansod Sudhir | Rhein Hans-Georg
Pharmacokinetic Drug Interactions of Antimicrobial Drugs: A Systematic Review on Oxazolidinones, Rifamycines, Macrolides, Fluoroquinolones, and Beta-Lactams

Author(s): Mathieu S. Bolhuis | Prashant N. Panday | Arianna D. Pranger | Jos G. W. Kosterink | Jan-Willem C. Alffenaar
Gastro-retentive floating beads of curcumin β-cyclodextrin complex to treat stomach tumors

Author(s): Shishu Goindi | Kamalpreet Mann | Nidhi Aggarwal

Author(s): Mehta Hiren R | Patel Paresh B | Galani Varsha J
Computer aided screening and evaluation of herbal therapeutics against MRSA infections

Author(s): Sinosh Skariyachan* | Rao Shruti Krishnan | Snehapriya Bangalore Siddapa | Chithra Salian | Prerana Bhora | Denoj Sebastian
Preparation and evaluation of [67Ga]-Tetra Phenyl Porphyrin complexes as imaging agents

Author(s): Seyed Yousef Fazaeli Hoseini Nezhad | Amir Reza Jalilian | Mostafa Mohammadpour Amini | Ali Rahiminejad-kisomi | Saeed Rajabifar | Fatemeh Bolourinovin | Sedigheh Moradkhani
"Assessment of different bioequivalent metrics in Rifampin bioequivalence study "

Author(s): "Rouini MR | Tajer Zadeh H | Valad Khani M "
Efficacy of Urine Samples in Biioavailability Study of Ranitidine

Author(s): Sima Sadray | Hosnieh Tajerzedeh | Afshin Mohajer | Ahmad Mirfazaelian Mohammad Reza Rouini
Evaluation of phenytoin pharmacokinetics in neurotrauma patients

Author(s): Shohrati M. | Rouini M.R. | Mojtahedzadeh M. | . Firouzabadi M.
Steady-state pharmacokinetic analysis of vancomycin in Iranian pediatric patients

Author(s): T Safarnavadeh | S Rezaee | S Dashti-Khavidaki | H Khalili | K Daneshjoo | S Sadrai | H.Z Darvishali | G Khotaei | S Mamishi
Establishment of Pharmacokinetic Parameters for the Herbal Drug Containing Forskolin

Author(s): S. Sangeetha*, M.K. Samanta, N. Manjunatha, Sindhu Tiwari,
Development of domperidone bilayered matrix type transdermal patches: physicochemical, in vitro and ex vivo characterization

Author(s): S.K Madishetti | C.R Palem | R Gannu | R.P Thatipamula | P.K Panakanti | M.R Yamsani
Effect of pomegranate pretreatment on the oral bioavailability of buspirone in male albino rabbits

Author(s): Y Shravan Kumar | D Adukondalu | A Bhargavi Latha | Y Vamshi Vishnu | G Ramesh | R Shiva Kumar | Y Madhusudan Rao | M Sarangapani
Clopidogrel Salts - Pharmacokinetic, Pharmakodynamic and Clinical Aspects

Author(s): Darius H | Münzel T | Huber K | Sultan E | Walter U
Clinical Applications for Estetrol

Author(s): Visser M | Bennink Coelingh HJT
Profile of darunavir in the treatment of HIV-infected pediatric and adolescent patients

Author(s): Dobroszycki J | Abadi J | Wiznia A | Rosenberg MG
Administração cutânea de fármacos: desafios e estratégias para o desenvolvimento de formulações transdérmicas

Optimal designs for population pharmacokinetic studies of oral artesunate in patients with uncomplicated falciparum malaria

Author(s): Jamsen Kris | Duffull Stephen | Tarning Joel | Lindegardh Niklas | White Nicholas | Simpson Julie
Bioequivalence of a Generic Quetiapine (Ketipinor®) in Healthy Male Volunteers

Author(s): Werawath Mahatthanatrakul | Charuwan Pradabsang | Somchai Sriwiriyajan | Wibool Ridtitid | Malinee Wongnawa
Bioequivalence Study of Two Formulations of 35mg Trimetazidine Modified Release Tablets in Healthy Thai Volunteers Under Fasting and Fed Conditions

Author(s): Weerawadee Chandranipapongse | Somruedee Chatsiricharoenkul | Tullaya Ruangnapa | Suthathip Ngokpol | Korbtham Sathirakul | Piyapat Pongnarin | Supornchai Kongpatanakul

Author(s): A. M. Mahale *1 R. B. Wakade1 , A. A. Harsulkar 1
Oral Bioavailability Enhancement of Carbamazepine In Healthy Human Volunteers

Author(s): Gannu Praveen Kumar1*, Devraj Rambhau2, Shashank Shridhar Aapte 2
Tocotrienols-induced inhibition of platelet thrombus formation and platelet aggregation in stenosed canine coronary arteries

Author(s): Qureshi Asaf | Karpen Charles | Qureshi Nilofer | Papasian Christopher | Morrison David | Folts John
Virologic outcomes of HAART with concurrent use of cytochrome P450 enzyme-inducing antiepileptics: a retrospective case control study

Author(s): Okulicz Jason | Grandits Greg | French Jacqueline | George Jomy | Simpson David | Birbeck Gretchen | Ganesan Anuradha | Weintrob Amy | Crum-Cianflone Nancy | Lalani Tahaniyat | Landrum Michael
Pharmacokinetic evaluation of a 1,3-dicyclohexylurea nanosuspension formulation to support early efficacy assessment

Author(s): Wahlstrom Jan | Chiang Po-Chang | Ghosh Sarbani | Warren Chad | Wene Steve | Albin Lesley | Smith Mark | Roberds Steven
Computer aided screening of inhibitors to 5-a reductase type 2 for prostate cancer

Author(s): Biplab Bhattacharjee | Usha Talambedu | Saremy Sadegh | Arvind Kumar Goyal | Veena Pande | Madhugiri Bhujangarao Nagaveni | Vijayakumari Mali Patil | Joshi Jayadev | Sushil Kumar Middha
In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of a Folate-Targeted Copolymeric Submicrohydrogel Based on N-Isopropylacrylamide as 5-Fluorouracil Delivery System

Author(s): M. Dolores Blanco | Sandra Guerrero | Marta Benito | Ana Fernández | César Teijón | Rosa Olmo | Issa Katime | José M. Teijón
Everolimus in kidney transplantation

Author(s): Cooper JE | Christians U | Wiseman AC
Determination of Glimepiride in Rat Serum by Rp-Hplc Method

Author(s): Sujatha Samala | Sandhya Rani Tatipamula | Ciddi Veeresham
Design, modeling, expression, and chemoselective PEGylation of a new nanosize cysteine analog of erythropoietin

Author(s): Ahangari Cohan R | Madadkar-Sobhani A | Khanahmad H | Roohv | F | Aghasadeghi MR | Hedayati MH | Barghi Z | Shafiee Ardestani M | Nouri Inanlou D | Norouzian D
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