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Voltage Controlled Delay Line for Digital Signal

Author(s): Goran Jovanović | Mile Stojčev
Discrete Phase-Locked Loop Systems and Spreadsheets

Author(s): Sergei Abramovich | Elena Kudryashova | Gennady A. Leonov | Steve Sugden
X-Band PLL Synthesizer

Author(s): P. Vagner | P. Kutin
Hardware Implementation of a Phase-Locked Loop for Communication Systems

Author(s): K. Kalita | J. Handique | T. Bezboruah
Illumination-Based Synchronization of High-Speed Vision Sensors

Author(s): Lei Hou | Shingo Kagami | Koichi Hashimoto
Parallel Printer Port for Phase Measurement

Author(s): Dr.R.Padma Suvarna, | Dr.M. Usha Rani | P.M.Kalyani | Dr.R.Seshadri | Yaswanth Kumar.Avulapati
Design and Implementation of Low Ripple Low Power Digital Phase-Locked Loop

Author(s): M. Saber, Yutaka Jitsumatsu, Mohamed Tahit Khan
Development of a Remote Access Facility for a PLL Test Course

Author(s): Ian A Grout | Jason Murphy | Martin Burbidge | George Bell | Avril Manners
Phase noise and jitter modeling for fractional-N PLLs

Author(s): S. A. Osmany | F. Herzel | K. Schmalz | W. Winkler
Oscillation Control Algorithms for Resonant Sensors with Applications to Vibratory Gyroscopes

Author(s): Sungsu Park | Chin-Woo Tan | Haedong Kim | Sung Kyung Hong
AD-PLL for WiMAX with Digitally-Regulated TDC and Glitch Correction Logic

Author(s): Salvatore Levantino | Marco Zanuso | Paolo Madoglio | Davide Tasca | Carlo Samori | Andrea L. Lacaita
A Novel PLL with Fuzzy Logic Controller based Shunt Active Power Line Conditioners

Author(s): PITCHAIVIJAYA Karuppanan | MAHAPATRA Kamala Kanta
Low Power CMOS Digitally Controlled Oscillator

Author(s): Manoj Kumar, | Sandeep K. Arya | Sujata Pandey, | Timsi
A fast vectorial network analyser for frequencies up to 4 GHz

Author(s): B. Schulte | T. Musch | B. Schiek
Mathematical models and simulations of phase noise in phase-locked loops

Author(s): Sethapong Limkumnerd | Duangrat Eungdamrong
Code Tracking Algorithms for Mitigating Multipath Effects in Fading Channels for Satellite-Based Positioning

Author(s): Mohammad Zahidul H. Bhuiyan | Elena Simona Lohan | Markku Renfors
Improved PLL for Power Generation Systems Operating under Real Grid Conditions

Author(s): Evgenije M. Adžić | Milan S. Adžić | Vladimir A. Katić
Synchronous state in a fully connected phase-locked loop network

Author(s): J. R. C. Piqueira | M. Q. Oliveira | L. H. A. Monteiro
Optical Communication Receiver Based on a Switched-Quadrature Costas Loop

Author(s): A. Arvizu-Mondragón | F.J. Mendieta-Jiménez | J. de D. Sánchez-López | I.Oropeza-Pérez | J.R. López- Leandro
Design, Implementation And Characterization Of Xor Phase Detector For Dpll In 45 Nm Cmos Technology

Author(s): Delvadiya Harikrushna I | Mukesh Tiwari | Jay Karan Singh | Jay Karan Sing
AD-PLL for WiMAX with Digitally-Regulated TDC and Glitch Correction Logic

Author(s): Levantino Salvatore | Zanuso Marco | Madoglio Paolo | Tasca Davide | Samori Carlo | Lacaita AndreaL
A Low Power Digital Phase Locked Loop With ROM-Free Numerically Controlled Oscillator

Author(s): Mohamed Saber Saber Elsayes, Yutaka Jitsumatsu, Mohamed tahir Abasi Khan
Performance of qpsk system in the presence of pulse interference and noisy carrier reference signal

Author(s): Stefanović Mihajlo | Milošević Milan S. | Pavlović Dragana
The Hybrid Method for On-line Harmonic Analysis

Author(s): KNEZEVIC, J. M. | KATIC, V. A.
Adaptive-Fuzzy Controller Based Shunt Active Filter for Power Line Conditioners

Author(s): Karuppanan PitchaiVijaya | KamalaKanta Mahapatra
Novel Control Strategy for Multi-Level Active Power Filter without Phase-Locked-Loop

Author(s): Guojun Tan | Xuanqin Wu | Hao Li | Meng Liu
Switchable PLL Frequency Synthesizer andHot Carrier Effects

Author(s): Yang Liu | Ashok Srivastava | Yao Xu
Polynomial Method for PLL Controller Optimization

Author(s): Ta-Chung Wang | Sanjay Lall | Tsung-Yu Chiou
A Wide-Band Uniform Sampling of Periodic Signals

Author(s): Petar Bošnjaković | Milica Dohčević-Jerotić | Darko Rađenović
Cardiotrophin-1 in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction

Author(s): Abdolreza S. Jahromi | Mohammad Shojaie | Abdoulhossain Madani
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