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Resistance induction in wheat plants by silicon and aphids

Author(s): Gomes Flávia Batista | Moraes Jair Campos de | Santos Custódio Donizete dos | Goussain Márcio Marcos
A horizontal gene transfer at the origin of phenylpropanoid metabolism: a key adaptation of plants to land

Author(s): Emiliani Giovanni | Fondi Marco | Fani Renato | Gribaldo Simonetta
Stone formation in peach fruit exhibits spatial coordination of the lignin and flavonoid pathways and similarity to Arabidopsis dehiscence

Author(s): Dardick Christopher | Callahan Ann | Chiozzotto Remo | Schaffer Robert | Piagnani M Claudia | Scorza Ralph
Glycosylation-mediated phenylpropanoid partitioning in Populus tremuloides cell cultures

Author(s): Payyavula Raja | Babst Benjamin | Nelsen Matthew | Harding Scott | Tsai Chung-Jui
Development and characterization of an oat TILLING-population and identification of mutations in lignin and β-glucan biosynthesis genes

Author(s): Chawade Aakash | Sikora Per | Bräutigam Marcus | Larsson Mikael | Vivekanand Vivekanand | Nakash Montedar | Chen Tingsu | Olsson Olof
Effect of Mycorrhizal Fungi on Some Defense Enzymes Against Gaeumannomyces gaminis in Wheat

Author(s): F. Falahian | Z. Oraghi Ardebili | F. Fahimi | R. Khavarinejad
A Phenylalanine Ammonia-lyase Gene from Asparagus: cDNA Cloning, Sequence and Expression in Response to Wounding

Author(s): Pankaj Kumar Bhowmik | Toshiyuki Matsui | Haruo Suzuki | Yusuke Kosugi
Phenylalanine Ammonia-Lyase in Moso Bamboo Shoot: Molecular Cloning and Gene Expression During Storage

Author(s): Toshiyuki Matsui | Pankaj Kumar Bhowmik | Kyosuke Yokozeki
Role of a Phytotonic-Dravya in the Induction of Resistance of Paddy to Bipolaris oryzae Infection

Author(s): S.G. Sathyanarayana | S. Lokesh | T. Vasanth Kumar | H.S. Shetty
Changes in Activity and Gene Expression of Phenylalanine Ammonia-lyase in Broccoli Branchlets During Early Postharvest Senescence

Author(s): Dewoowoogen Porras Baclayon | Toshiyuki Matsui | Haruo Suzuki | Yusuke Kosugi
Expression of Phenylpropanoid Pathway Genes in Chickpea Defense Against Race 3 of Ascochyta rabiei

Author(s): H.R. Kavousi | H. Marashi | J. Mozafari | A.R. Bagheri
The Ve-mediated resistance response of the tomato to Verticillium dahliae involves H2O2, peroxidase and lignins and drives PAL gene expression

Author(s): Gayoso Carmen | Pomar Federico | Novo-Uzal Esther | Merino Fuencisla | Martínez de Ilárduya Óskar
Effect of ultraviolet-b radiation on biochemical and antioxidant defence system in Indigofera tinctoria L. seedlings

Author(s): K.C.Ravindran | A. Indrajith | P.V.Pratheesh | K.Sanjiviraja | V. Balakrishnan
The elicitation of a systemic resistance by Pseudomonas putida BTP1 in tomato involves the stimulation of two lipoxygenase isoforms

Author(s): Mariutto Martin | Duby Francéline | Adam Akram | Bureau Charlotte | Fauconnier Marie-Laure | Ongena Marc | Thonart Philippe | Dommes Jacques
PR Enzyme Activities of Cercospora theae Causing Bird’s Eye Spot Disease in Tea Plants (Camellia sinensis (L.) O.kuntze)

Author(s): Balasubramanian Mythili Gnanamangai | Ponnusamy Ponmurugan | Rajendran Yazhini | Sekar K. Pragadeesh
Sugarcane expressed sequences tags (ESTs) encoding enzymes involved in lignin biosynthesis pathways

Author(s): Ramos Rose Lucia Braz | Tovar Francisco Javier | Junqueira Ricardo Magrani | Lino Fabiane Borges | Sachetto-Martins Gilberto
Induction of chalcone synthase and phenylalanine ammonia-lyase by salicylic acid and Colletotrichum lindemuthianum in common bean

Author(s): Campos Ângela Diniz | Ferreira Alfredo Gui | Hampe Magdolna Maria Vozári | Antunes Irajá Ferreira | Brancão Nely | Silveira Expedito P. | Silva João Batista da | Osório Vera Algayer
Expression of cell wall related genes in basal and ear internodes of silking brown-midrib-3, caffeic acid O-methyltransferase (COMT) down-regulated, and normal maize plants

Author(s): Guillaumie Sabine | Goffner Deborah | Barbier Odile | Martinant Jean-Pierre | Pichon Magalie | Barrière Yves
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