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Game-Theoretic Surveillance Approaches for Hospital-Associated Infections

Author(s): Aaron Miller | Philip Polgreen | Linnea Polgreen
Changes in the spatial distribution of syphilis

Author(s): Sean Tolentino | Sriram Pemmaraju | Philip Polgreen | Anson Ho | Mauricio Monsalve | Alberto Segre
Early detection of adverse drug events using the full text of letters to the editor

Author(s): Chao Yan | Jacob Simmering | Padmini Srinivasan | Linnea Polgreen | Philip Polgreen
Can we identify ‘bellwether’ states with respect to syphilis incidence?

Author(s): Mauricio Monsalve | Sean Tolentino | Sriram Pemmaraju | Philip Polgreen
Changes in alcohol-related travel behavior due to an under 21 ordinance

Author(s): Tina McCarty | Eric Foster | Alberto Segre | Philip Polgreen
Who should we be listening to? Applying models of user authority to detecting emerging topics on the EIN

Author(s): Jason Fries | Donald Curtis | Alberto Segre | Philip Polgreen
A Camera Phone Localised Surface Plasmon Biosensing Platform towards Low-Cost Label-Free Diagnostic Testing

Author(s): Philip J. R. Roche | Sandrine Filion-Côté | Maurice C.-K. Cheung | Vamsy P. Chodavarapu | Andrew G. Kirk
Pure Duplication of the Distal Long Arm of Chromosome 15 with Ebstein Anomaly and Clavicular Anomaly

Author(s): Rachel O'Connor | Amel Al-Murrani | Salim Aftimos | Philip Asquith | Roberto Mazzaschi | Dominique Eyrolle-Guignot | Alice M. George | Donald R. Love
Zeons, Permanents, the Johnson Scheme, and Generalized Derangements

Author(s): Philip Feinsilver | John McSorley
Indirect Heating Source for Treatment of Malignant Brain Tumours

Author(s): Philip C. Thackray | Zvi H. Meiksin | Sidney K. Wolfson | Robert G. Selker
Genevestigator V3: A Reference Expression Database for the Meta-Analysis of Transcriptomes

Author(s): Tomas Hruz | Oliver Laule | Gabor Szabo | Frans Wessendorp | Stefan Bleuler | Lukas Oertle | Peter Widmayer | Wilhelm Gruissem | Philip Zimmermann
The Genome Sequence of Methanohalophilus mahii SLPT Reveals Differences in the Energy Metabolism among Members of the Methanosarcinaceae Inhabiting Freshwater and Saline Environments

Author(s): Stefan Spring | Carmen Scheuner | Alla Lapidus | Susan Lucas | Tijana Glavina Del Rio | Hope Tice | Alex Copeland | Jan-Fang Cheng | Feng Chen | Matt Nolan | Elizabeth Saunders | Sam Pitluck | Konstantinos Liolios | Natalia Ivanova | Konstantinos Mavromatis | Athanasios Lykidis | Amrita Pati | Amy Chen | Krishna Palaniappan | Miriam Land | Loren Hauser | Yun-Juan Chang | Cynthia D. Jeffries | Lynne Goodwin | John C. Detter | Thomas Brettin | Manfred Rohde | Markus Göker | Tanja Woyke | Jim Bristow | Jonathan A. Eisen | Victor Markowitz | Philip Hugenholtz | Nikos C. Kyrpides | Hans-Peter Klenk
Large Intra-Articular Anterior Cruciate Ligament Ganglion Cyst, Presenting with Inability to Flex the Knee

Author(s): Jake Sloane | Vivek Gulati | Sreeram Penna | Philip Pastides | Davinder Paul Singh Baghla
Two Distinct Pathways of B-Cell Development inPeyer’s Patches

Author(s): Philip J. Griebel | Birgit Kugelberg | Giorgio Ferrari
A Novel Molecular Complex Expressed on Immature B Cells: A Possible Role in T Cell-IndependentB Cell Development

Author(s): Philip J. Griebel | Paolo Ghia | Ulf Grawunder | Giorgio Ferrari
La Última Cena de Cristo: Velázquez Copiando A Tintoretto

Author(s): Martínez Leiva, Gloria | Rodríguez Rebollo, Ángel
Microarrays for Microbes: the BμG@S Approach

Author(s): Jason Hinds | Kenneth G. Laing | Joseph A. Mangan | Philip D. Butcher
Microarray-Based Comparative Genomics: Genome Plasticity in Mycobacterium bovis

Author(s): Jackie Inwald | Jason Hinds | James Dale | Si Palmer | Philip Butcher | R. Glyn Hewinson | Stephen V. Gordon
In Vitro Gene Expression Dissected: Chemostat Surgery for Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Author(s): Brian W. James | Joanna Bacon | Tobias Hampshire | Kim Morley | Philip D. Marsh
The Heat Shock Response of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Linking Gene Expression, Immunology and Pathogenesis

Author(s): Graham R. Stewart | Lorenz Wernisch | Richard Stabler | Joseph A. Mangan | Jason Hinds | Ken G. Laing | Philip D. Butcher | Douglas B. Young
Gene Selection in Arthritis Classification with Large-Scale Microarray Expression Profiles

Author(s): Naijun Sha | Marina Vannucci | Philip J. Brown | Michael K. Trower | Gillian Amphlett | Francesco Falciani
Clustering of U.S. cities based on mortality from influenza and pneumonia

Author(s): Eric Foster | Joseph Cavanaugh | Philip Polgreen
Comparing methods for sentinel surveillance site placement

Author(s): Geoffrey Fairchild | Alberto Segre | Gerard Rushton | Eric Foster | Philip Polgreen
The Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Nigeria: A Sectoral Output Analysis

Author(s): NWOSA Philip Ifeakachukwu | SAIBU Muibi Olufemi
READERS AS GATEKEEPERS OF ONLINE NEWS: Brazil, China, and the United States

Author(s): Pamela J. Shoemaker | Philip R. Johnson | Hyunjin Seo | Xiuli Wang

Author(s): Pamela J. Shoemaker | Philip R. Johnson | Hyunjin Seo | Xiuli Wang
Fatal Fulminant Hepatic Failure in a Diabetic with Primary Dengue

Author(s): Stalin Viswanathan | Nayyar Iqbal | P. Philip Anemon | G. Shyam Kumar
Investigating the Environment-dependentPhotophysics ofChlorine Dioxide With ResonanceRaman Intensities

Author(s): Anthony P. Esposito | Catherine E. Foster | Philip J. Reid
Synthesis and Antifungal Activity of Some Organotin(IV) Carboxylates

Author(s): Josiah J. Bonire | G. Adefikayo Ayoko | Philip F. Olurinola | Joseph O. Ehinmidu | Neelam S. N. Jalil | Andrew A. Omachi
Comprehensive Analysis of PPARα-Dependent Regulation of Hepatic Lipid Metabolism by Expression Profiling

Author(s): Maryam Rakhshandehroo | Linda M. Sanderson | Merja Matilainen | Rinke Stienstra | Carsten Carlberg | Philip J. de Groot | Michael Müller | Sander Kersten
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from cotyledon tissue of Arachis hypogaea L.

Author(s): Philip Robinson, J | Srivardhini S | G. Sasikumar
SAFE Software and FED Database to Uncover Protein-Protein Interactions using Gene Fusion Analysis

Author(s): Dimosthenis Tsagrasoulis | Vasilis Danos, | Maria Kissa, | Philip Trimpalis, | V. Lila Koumandou | Amalia D. Karagouni | Athanasios Tsakalidis | Sophia Kossida
Evening Conversations of the Booklover Rubricius and the Printer Tympanus

Author(s): Menhart, Oldrich | Metzger, Philip L.
Artificial Neural Network Model for Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rate

Author(s): Adewole Adetunji Philip | Akinwale Adio Taofiki | Akintomide Ayo Bidem
Note on the Habits of Osmia Georgica Cresson as Ascertained by the Glass-Tube Method

Author(s): Carl G. Hartman | Paul Hartman | Philip Hartman | Carl Rettenmeyer
The Venom and Poison Glands of Pseudomyrmex Pallidus (F. Smith)

Author(s): Murray S. Blum | Philip S. Callahan
Lip, a Human Gene Detected by Transfection of DNA From a Human Liposarcoma Encodes a Protein With Homology to Regulators of Small G Proteins

Author(s): Helen Patterson | Sandra Gill | Harry Benjamin | Philip J. Mitchell | Colin S. Cooper
Ewing's Sarcoma of the Upper Extremity: Presenting Symptoms, Diagnostic Delay and Outcome

Author(s): Philip M. S. Simpson | Robin Reid | Daniel Porter
Inferring travel from social media

Author(s): Alessio Signorini | Philip Polgreen | Alberto Segre
Early detection of allergic diseases in otorhinolaryngology

Author(s): Klimek, Ludger | Schendzielorz, Philip
Characterization of Rape Field Microwave Emission and Implications to Surface Soil Moisture Retrievals

Author(s): Florian Schlenz | Joachim Fallmann | Philip Marzahn | Alexander Loew | Wolfram Mauser

Author(s): Philip Kristanto | Rahardjo Tirtoatmodjo

Author(s): Philip Kristanto | James Laeyadi

Author(s): Philip Kristanto | Willyanto Anggono | Djoko Wahyudi

Author(s): Philip Kristanto | Willyanto Anggono | Rully Hartadi
Subsurface Application of Dry Poultry Litter: Impacts on Common Bermudagrass and Other No-Till Crops

Author(s): Daniel H. Pote | Thomas R. Way | Peter J.A. Kleinman | Philip A. Moore
Keratitis due to Chaetomium sp.

Author(s): Jayaraman Kaliamurthy | Catti Munuswamy Kalavathy | Christadoss Arul Nelson Jesudasan | Philip A. Thomas
The Microenvironmental Effect in the Progression, Metastasis, and Dormancy of Breast Cancer: A Model System within Bone Marrow

Author(s): Bobby Y. Reddy | Philip K. Lim | Kimberly Silverio | Shyam A. Patel | Brian Wong Won | Pranela Rameshwar
A Single Dose of Oral BCG Moreau Fails to Boost Systemic IFN-γ Responses to Tuberculin in Children in the Rural Tropics: Evidence for a Barrier to Mucosal Immunization

Author(s): Maritza Vaca | Ana-Lucia Moncayo | Catherine A. Cosgrove | Martha E. Chico | Luiz R. Castello-Branco | David J. Lewis | Philip J. Cooper
Parasitoid Guilds of Agrilus Woodborers (Coleoptera: Buprestidae): Their Diversity and Potential for Use in Biological Control

Author(s): Philip B. Taylor | Jian J. Duan | Roger W. Fuester | Mark Hoddle | Roy Van Driesche
The First Android Client Application for the iLab Shared Architecture

Author(s): Bogdan-Alexandru Deaky | Danilo Garbi Zutin | Philip Bailey
"Evidence for a Resurrection"

Author(s): Philip H. Wiebe
Prevention of Acute Gastric Mucosal Lesions by R. Hasseltii in Rats

Author(s): Noor, S.M. | A.A. Mahmood | I. Salmah | K. Philip
When Migration Ends, When Music Ceases

Author(s): Philip Vilas Bohlman
Psychometric Properties of Persian Version of the Rey Auditory-Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT) among the Elderly

Author(s): Zahra Jafari | Philip Steffen Moritz | Taher Zandi | Ahmad Aliakbari Kamrani | Saeed Malyeri

Author(s): Paulien WILLEMSEN | Rick BUSSCHER | Niels GROOT | Philip LANGBROEK | Linnea LANGERAK

Author(s): Philip M. LANGBROEK | Marjan I. TJADEN
Prenatal alcohol exposure did not affect impulsivity in rats that performed delay or probability discounting tasks

Author(s): Stefano Pupe | Ivani Brys | Philip J. E. Asherson | Lisiane Bizarro
Characterization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Present in Smoked Fish from Ghana

Author(s): Linda M.N. Palm | Derick Carboo | Philip O.Yeboah | Winston J. Quasie | Mordecai A. Gorleku | Albert Darko
Sediment Dynamics Observed in the Jhoushuei River and Adjacent Coastal Zone in Taiwan Strait

Author(s): Hwa Chien | Wen-Son Chiang | Shuh-Ji Kao | James T. Liu | Kon-Kee Liu | Philip L.-F. Liu
Dynamic Facial Prosthetics for Sufferers of Facial Paralysis

Author(s): Fergal Coulter | Philip Breedon | Michael Vloeberghs
Causal Relationships between Financial Development, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth the Case of Nigeria

Author(s): Philip Ifeakachukwu Nwosa | Ajibola Mary Agbeluyi | Olufemi Muibi Saibu
Book Reviews

Author(s): K. Alexander Adelaar | James T. Collins | K. Alexander Adelaar | James T. Collins | K. Alexander Adelaar | James T. Collins | K. Alexander Adelaar | James T. Collins | Freek L. Bakker | Samuel Wälty | René van den Berg | Linda Barsel | Martin van Bruinessen | Darul Aqsha | Martin van Bruinessen | Niels Mulder | Matthew Isaac Cohen | Craig A, Lockard | Will Derks | Philip Yampolsky | Will Derks | Philip Yampolsky | Will Derks | Tenas Effendy | Rens Heringa | Roy W. Hamilton | Bernice de Jong Boers | Willemijn de Jong | C. de Jonge | A.Th. Boone | Nico Kaptein | Peter G. Riddell | Hugo Klooster | Janny de Jong | Jean Robert Opgenort | L. Smits | Pim Schoorl | Albert Hahl | Elly Touwen-Bouwsma | Dieuwke Wendelaar Bonga | Freek Colombijn | Anthony J. Whitten | David Henley | Anthony J. Whitten | Peter Boomgaard | Tony Whitten | Han Knapen | Kathy MacKinnon | Bernice de Jong Boers | Manon Ossewiejer | Kathryn A. Monk | Freek Colombijn | Tomas Tomascik
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Author(s): Redactie KITLV
Book Reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
Book Reviews

Author(s): A.S. Baer | Philip Houghton | Greg Bankoff | Vicente L. Rafael | Harold Brookfield | Donald Denoon | Cynthia Chou | Shoma Munshi | Clifford Sather | Cynthia Chou | Shoma Munshi | Krishna Sen | Freek Colombijn | Arne Kalland | Kirsten W. Endres | Phan Huy Chu | Aone van Engelenhoven | Veronica Du Feu | Fukui Hayao | Peter Boomgard | Volker Heeschen | J. Miedema | Volker Heeschen | J. Miedema | Robert W, Hefner | Daniel Chirot | Bob Hering | Lambert Giebels | Karin van Lotringen | David Brown | Ethan Mark | Takashi Shiraishi | Harry Poeze | J.A. Manusama | Nico Schulte Nordholt | Hans Antlöv | Cornelia M.I. van der Sluys | Danielle C. Geirnaert-Martin | Nicholas Tarling | Tom Marks | B.J. Terwiel | Chanatip Kesavadhana | Jaap Timmer | Polly Wiessner | Robert van Niel | Margaret Leidelmeijer | Fred R. von der Mehden | Shanti Nair | Lourens de Vries | Volker Heeschen | Waruno Mahdi | A. Teeuw | Roxana Waterson | Robert L. Winzeler
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Author(s): Redactie KITLV
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Author(s): Leonard Y. Andaya | J. Noorduyn | Ben Arps | Philip Yampolsky | Victoria M. Clara van Groenendael | Ward Keeler | Jean Gelman Taylor | Leonard Blussé | V.J.H. Houben | R.B. van de Weijer | V.J.H. Houben | J. van Goor | F.G.P. Jaquet | Th. van den End | R.E. Jordaan | Roland Werner | P.E. de Josselin de Jong | Werner Kraus | Wolfgang Marschall | Pietro Scarduelli | Nigel Phillips | C. Skinner | Harry A. Poeze | Mavis Rose | D.J. Prentice | Elisabeth Tooker | Patricia D. Rueb | Christine Dobbin | P.C. Verton | Ank Klomp | Leontine E. Visser | Elisabeth Traube
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Author(s): Timothy P. Barnard | Raja Ali Haji | Robert Blust | L. Smits | Peter Boomgaard | Mason C. Hoadley | Freek Colombijn | Muriel Charras | Dick Douwes | Hussin Mutalib | J. van Goor | H.W. van den Doel | Stuart Kirsch | J.W. Schoorl | Bernd Nothofer | Ger P. Resink | Gerard Persoon | Robin Broad | Gerard Persoon | Thomas N. Headland | Remco Raben | Peter Harmen van der Brug | Nico G. Schulte Nordholt | Marcel Bonneff | A. Teeuw | Henri Chambert-Loir | A. Teeuw | Martina Heinschke | Wim van Zanten | Philip Yampolsky
Book Reviews

Author(s): P.E. de Josselin de Jong | Philip Lumban Tobing | R. Reinsma | John Bastin | A.F.P. Hulsewé | Lindsay Ride
Book Reviews

Author(s): Yvan Simonis | Bertel Nathhorst | A.J.F. Köbben | G.P. Murdock | J. Blauw | Banton Michael | C. Baks | J.F. Boissevain | C.J. Lammers | Tom Burns | P. van Daalen | M.M. Albinski | W. Brand | Louise B. Young | J.H.B. den Ouden | C. Baks | Mohan K. Gautam | William H. Newell | P.J. van Winter | Monica Wilson | F.L. van Holthoon | Margaret Priestley | Jan Knappert | Hasani bin Ismail | A.A. Trouwborst | V.W. Turner | A. Maesen | Philip Allison
Book Reviews

Author(s): S.L. van der Wal | Eunice Thio | D.K. Bassett | C.M. Turnbull | L. Sluimers | B.R. O’G. Anderson | C. van Dijk | Margo L. Lyon | Brian L. Foster | H.L. Shorto | E. Jansen Schoonhoven | Ph. van Akkeren | P. van Emst | S.H. Udy | J. van Baal | Marilyn Strathern | P. van Emst | David Lewis
Book Reviews

Author(s): J. Prins | H.C.G. Schoenaker | J.C. Neuteboom | Harald Eidheim | H.J.M. Claessen | Paul Ottino | David S. Moyer | Adelin Linton | R.A.M. van Zantwijk | Carlo J.E. Gay | P. van Emst | Yu. V. Maretin | H. van Mierlo | . Atlantische Commissie | Geert A. Banck | Philip Staniford
Conservation and Occurrence of Trans-Encoded sRNAs in the Rhizobiales

Author(s): Jan Reinkensmeier | Jan-Philip Schlüter | Robert Giegerich | Anke Becker
Cardiovascular magnetic resonance of cardiomyopathy in limb girdle muscular dystrophy 2B and 2I

Author(s): Rosales Xiomara | Moser Sean | Tran Tam | McCarthy Beth | Dunn Nicholas | Habib Philip | Simonetti Orlando | Mendell Jerry | Raman Subha
Current attitude of rheumatology practitioners on transition and transfer from pediatric to adult health care

Author(s): Hilderson Deborah | Moons Philip | Westhovens Rene | Wouters Carine
Wolbachia infections that reduce immature insect survival: Predicted impacts on population replacement

Author(s): Crain Philip | Mains James | Suh Eunho | Huang Yunxin | Crowley Philip | Dobson Stephen

Author(s): Pamela J. Shoemaker | Philip R. Johnson | Hyunjin Seo | Xiuli Wang
READERS AS GATEKEEPERS OF ONLINE NEWS: Brazil, China, and the United States

Author(s): Pamela J. Shoemaker | Philip R. Johnson | Hyunjin Seo | Xiuli Wang
Unusual case of a graphite foreign body in the anterior chamber

Author(s): Anika Amritanand | Sheeja S. John | Swetha S. Philip | Deepa John | Sarada David
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