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The Model of Communication Channel in the 802.11b Standard Wireless Network

Author(s): Zdenek Nemec | Radovan Dolecek | Zdenek Silar
Impact of cloud processes on aerosol particle properties: results from two ATR-42 flights in an extended stratocumulus cloud layer during the EUCAARI campaign (2008)

Author(s): S. Crumeyrolle | R. Weigel | K. Sellegri | G. Roberts | L. Gomes | A. Stohl | P. Laj | T. Bourianne | J. M. Etcheberry | P. Villani | J. M. Pichon | A. Schwarzenboeck
Toward a minimal representation of aerosol direct and indirect effects: model description and evaluation

Author(s): X. Liu | R. C. Easter | S. J. Ghan | R. Zaveri | P. Rasch | X. Shi | J.-F. Lamarque | A. Gettelman | H. Morrison | F. Vitt | A. Conley | S. Park | R. Neale | C. Hannay | A. M. L. Ekman | P. Hess | N. Mahowald | W. Collins | M. J. Iacono | C. S. Bretherton | M. G. Flanner | D. Mitchell
Characterization of a volcanic ash episode in southern Finland caused by the Grimsvötn eruption in Iceland in May 2011

Author(s): V.-M. Kerminen | J. V. Niemi | H. Timonen | M. Aurela | A. Frey | S. Carbone | S. Saarikoski | K. Teinilä | J. Hakkarainen | J. Tamminen | J. Vira | M. Prank | M. Sofiev | R. Hillamo

Author(s): Katekhaye Shankar | Singh Amritpal
等离激元在薄膜太阳能电池中的研究进展 Research Progress of Surface Plasmon Applied in Thin Film Solar Cells

Author(s): 刘玉梅 | 王新占 | 戴万雷 | 路万兵 | 郭少刚 | 于威 | 李晓苇

The Model of Communication Channel in the 802.11b Standard Wireless Network

Author(s): Zdenek Nemec | Radovan Dolecek | Zdenek Silar
A Study on Dynamic Data Masking with its Trends and Implications

Author(s): Ravi kumar G K | Dr B Justus Rabi | Manjunath TN
Atomic Layer Deposition of MgO Nanofilms on BaMgAl10O17:Eu2+ Blue Phosphors

Author(s): Hyug Jong Kim | Hee Gyu Kim | In Gu Kang | Byung Ho Choi
Organic matter and non-refractory aerosol over the remote Southeast Pacific: oceanic and combustion sources

Author(s): L. M. Shank | S. Howell | A. D. Clarke | S. Freitag | V. Brekhovskikh | V. Kapustin | C. McNaughton | T. Campos | R. Wood
How relevant is the deposition of mercury onto snowpacks? – Part 2: A modeling study

Author(s): D. Durnford | A. Dastoor | A. Ryzhkov | L. Poissant | M. Pilote | D. Figueras-Nieto
Halogenation processes of secondary organic aerosol and implications on halogen release mechanisms

Author(s): J. Ofner | N. Balzer | J. Buxmann | H. Grothe | P. Schmitt-Kopplin | U. Platt | C. Zetzsch
Waveguide-Mode Sensors as Aptasensors

Author(s): Subash C. B. Gopinath | Koichi Awazu | Makoto Fujimaki
Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Plumes in the Near-Bottom Boundary Layer at Endeavour Segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge

Author(s): Susan Hautala | H. Paul Johnson | Matthew Pruis | Irene García-Berdeal | Tor Bjorklund
Physical and optical properties of 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption aerosol: ground-based, Lidar and airborne measurements in France

Author(s): M. Hervo | B. Quennehen | N. I. Kristiansen | J. Boulon | A. Stohl | P. Fréville | J.-M. Pichon | D. Picard | P. Labazuy | M. Gouhier | J.-C. Roger | A. Colomb | A. Schwarzenboeck | K. Sellegri
A Lagrangian model of air-mass photochemistry and mixing using a trajectory ensemble: the Cambridge Tropospheric Trajectory model of Chemistry And Transport (CiTTyCAT) version 4.2

Author(s): T. A. M. Pugh | M. Cain | J. Methven | O. Wild | S. R. Arnold | E. Real | K. S. Law | K. M. Emmerson | S. M. Owen | J. A. Pyle | C. N. Hewitt | A. R. MacKenzie
Mapping turbidity layers using seismic oceanography methods

Author(s): E. A. Vsemirnova | R. W. Hobbs | P. Hosegood
Link Adaptation and Recursive Estimation for GPRS Wirless Networks

Author(s): Swarna Kumari K | Prasanna S | David Solomon Raju Y
Enhancing Infrastructure Security in Real Estate

Author(s): Kyle Dees | Syed (Shawon) Rahman
Design and Implementation for Multi-Level Cell Flash Memory Storage Systems

Author(s): Amarnath Gaini | K Vijayalaxmi | Sathish Mothe
Atmospheric chemistry and physics in the atmosphere of a developed megacity (London): an overview of the REPARTEE experiment and its conclusions

Author(s): R. M. Harrison | M. Dall'Osto | D. C. S. Beddows | A. J. Thorpe | W. J. Bloss | J. D. Allan | H. Coe | J. R. Dorsey | M. Gallagher | C. Martin | J. Whitehead | P. I. Williams | R. L. Jones | J. M. Langridge | A. K. Benton | S. M. Ball | B. Langford | C. N. Hewitt | B. Davison | D. Martin | K. Petersson | S. J. Henshaw | I. R. White | D. E. Shallcross | J. F. Barlow | T. Dunbar | F. Davies | E. Nemitz | G. J. Phillips | C. Helfter | C. F. Di Marco | S. Smith
Dust resuspension under weak wind conditions: direct observations and model

Author(s): O. G. Chkhetiani | E. B. Gledzer | M. S. Artamonova | M. A. Iordanskii
Boundary Layer Flow of an Unsteady Dusty Fluid and Heat Transfer Over a Stretching Sheet with Non-Uniform Heat Source/Sink

Author(s): Bijjanal J. Gireesha | Govinakovi S. Roopa | Channabasappa S. Bagewadi
Centrifugal force: an appreciation

Author(s): Kern E. Kenyon
Location Based Performance of WiMAX Network for QoS with Optimal Base Stations (BS)

Author(s): Rakesh Kumar Jha | Bholebawa Idris Z | Upena D Dalal
Modified Differential Transform Method (DTM) Simulation of Hydromagnetic Multi-Physical Flow Phenomena from a Rotating Disk

Author(s): Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi | Esmael Erfani | Osman Anwar Bég | Swapan Kumar Ghosh
MAC Sub-Layer Analysis with Channel Estimation in Broadband Power Line Communication

Author(s): Mohammad Khaled Andari | Seyed Ali Asghar Beheshti
A Systematic Development Methodology for Mixed-Mode Behavioral Models of In-Vehicle Embedded Electronic Systems

Author(s): Muller Candice | Valle Maurizio | Prodanov William | Buzas Roman
Physical layer metrics for vertical handover toward OFDM-based networks

Author(s): Oularbi Mohamed | Socheleau Francois-Xavier | Houcke Sebastien | Aïssa-El-Bey Abdeldjalil
Optimizing Transmission and Shutdown for Energy-Efficient Real-time Packet Scheduling in Clustered Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Pollin Sofie | Bougard Bruno | Mangharam Rahul | Catthoor Francky | Moerman Ingrid | Rajkumar Ragunathan | Van der Perre Liesbet
Flexible Radio: A Framework for Optimized Multimodal Operation via Dynamic Signal Design

Author(s): Dagres Ioannis | Zalonis Andreas | Dimitriou Nikos | Nikitopoulos Konstantinos | Polydoros Andreas
Interference Mitigation for Coexistence of Heterogeneous Ultra-Wideband Systems

Author(s): Zhang Yongjing | Wu Haitao | Zhang Qian | Zhang Ping
Multimode Communication Protocols Enabling Reconfigurable Radios

Author(s): Berlemann Lars | Pabst Ralf | Walke Bernhard
MAC Security and Security Overhead Analysis in the IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Xiao Yang | Chen Hsiao-Hwa | Sun Bo | Wang Ruhai | Sethi Sakshi
Cross-Layer Design and Analysis of Downlink Communications in Cellular CDMA Systems

Author(s): Sun Jin Yuan | Zhao Lian | Anpalagan Alagan
On Cross-Layer Design for Streaming Video Delivery in Multiuser Wireless Environments

Author(s): Choi Lai-U | Kellerer Wolfgang | Steinbach Eckehard
Towards Scalable MAC Design for High-Speed Wireless LANs

Author(s): Yuan Yuan | Arbaugh William A | Lu Songwu
An Energy-Efficient Adaptive Modulation Suitable for Wireless Sensor Networks with SER and Throughput Constraints

Author(s): Garzás JJoaquínEscudero | Calzón CarlosBousoño | Armada AnaGarcía
Pilot-Based Synchronization and Equalization in Filter Bank Multicarrier Communications

Author(s): Stitz TobiasHidalgo | Ihalainen Tero | Viholainen Ari | Renfors Markku
Lower Bound of Energy-Latency Tradeoff of Opportunistic Routing in Multihop Networks

Author(s): Zhang Ruifeng | Gorce Jean-Marie | Berder Olivier | Sentieys Olivier
Efficient Transmission of H.264 Video over Multirate IEEE 802.11e WLANs

Author(s): Pourmohammadi Fallah Yaser | Nasiopoulos Panos | Alnuweiri Hussein
Computationally Efficient MIMO HSDPA System-Level Modeling

Author(s): Wrulich Martin | Rupp Markus
On Building a Cooperative Communication System: Testbed Implementation and First Results

Author(s): Murphy Patrick | Sabharwal Ashutosh | Aazhang Behnaam
Wireless Physical Layer Security

Author(s): Debbah Mérouane | El-Gamal Hesham | Poor HVincent | Shamai (Shitz) Shlomo
Physical Layer Security Game: Interaction between Source, Eavesdropper, and Friendly Jammer

Author(s): Han Zhu | Marina Ninoslav | Debbah Mérouane | Hjørungnes Are
OFDMA-Based Medium Access Control for Next-Generation WLANs

Author(s): Alnuweiri HM | Fallah YPourmohammadi | Nasiopoulos P | Khan S
LTE Adaptation for Mobile Broadband Satellite Networks

Author(s): Bastia Francesco | Bersani Cecilia | Candreva EnzoAlberto | Cioni Stefano | Corazza GiovanniEmanuele | Neri Massimo | Palestini Claudio | Papaleo Marco | Rosati Stefano | Vanelli-Coralli Alessandro
Joint Power Allocation for Multicast Systems with Physical-Layer Network Coding

Author(s): Li Chunguo | He Shiwen | Yang Luxi | Zhu Wei-Ping
Cross-Layer Design in Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Systems

Author(s): Shadmand A | Nehra K | Shikh-Bahaei M
A Cross-Layer Approach in Sensing and Resource Allocation for Multimedia Transmission over Cognitive UWB Networks

Author(s): Mohd Aripin Norazizah | Rashid RozehaA | Fisal N | Lo ACC | Ariffin SHS | Yusof
OMNeT++-Based Cross-Layer Simulator for Content Transmission over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Massin R | Lamy-Bergot C | Le Martret CJ | Fracchia R
Opportunistic Adaptive Transmission for Network Coding Using Nonbinary LDPC Codes

Author(s): Cocco Giuseppe | Pfletschinger Stephan | Navarro Monica | Ibars Christian
Time-Frequency Spectrum Sharing Scheme for Next Generation OFDM Systems

Author(s): Khalil Ayman | Crussière Matthieu | Hélard Jean-françois
Physical-Layer Network Coding for Wireless Cooperative Networks

Author(s): Chen Wen | Dong Xiaodai | Fan Pingyi | Hausl Christoph | Li TiffanyJing | Popovski Petar | Tao Meixia
QoS Modeling for End-to-End Performance Evaluation over Networks with Wireless Access

Author(s): Gómez Gerardo | Poncela González Javier | Aguayo-Torres MariCarmen | Entrambasaguas Muñoz JoséTomás
Applying Physical-Layer Network Coding in Wireless Networks

Author(s): Zhang Shengli | Liew SoungChang
Design and Implementation of a Single-Frequency Mesh Network Using OpenAirInterface

Author(s): Kaltenberger Florian | Ghaffar Rizwan | Knopp Raymond | Anouar Hicham | Bonnet Christian
Joint Cross-Layer Design for Wireless QoS Content Delivery

Author(s): Chen Jie | Lv Tiejun | Zheng Haitao
Improving a Power Line Communications Standard with LDPC Codes

Author(s): Hsu Christine | Wang Neng | Chan Wai-Yip | Jain Praveen
The Canadian Bandaging Trial: Evidence-informed leg ulcer care and the effectiveness of two compression technologies

Author(s): Harrison Margaret | VanDenKerkhof Elizabeth | Hopman Wilma | Graham Ian | Carley Meg | Nelson E
Novel Methodology for Functional Modeling and Simulation of Wireless Embedded Systems

Author(s): Sosa Morales Emma | Zucchelli Giorgia | Barnasconi Martin | Jugessur Nitasha
Joint Decoding of Concatenated VLEC and STTC System

Author(s): Chen Huijun | Cao Lei
On Throughput-Fairness Tradeoff in Virtual MIMO Systems with Limited Feedback

Author(s): Dowhuszko AlexisA | Corral-Briones Graciela | Hämäläinen Jyri | Wichman Risto
Miracle: The Multi-Interface Cross-Layer Extension of ns2

Author(s): Baldo Nicola | Miozzo Marco | Guerra Federico | Rossi Michele | Zorzi Michele
A Next Generation Wireless Simulator Based on MIMO-OFDM: LTE Case Study

Author(s): Gómez Gerardo | Morales-Jiménez David | Sánchez-Sánchez JuanJ | Entrambasaguas JTomás
Particle Swarm Optimization for Adaptive Resource Allocation in Communication Networks

Author(s): Gheitanchi Shahin | Ali Falah | Stipidis Elias
Bio-physical characteristics of gastrointestinal mucosa of celiac patients: comparison with control subjects and effect of gluten free diet-

Author(s): Bertolazzi Stefania | Lanzarotto Francesco | Zanini Barbara | Ricci Chiara | Villanacci Vincenzo | Lanzini Alberto
Laser ablation and photostimulated passivation of the surface of Cd1–хZnхTe crystals

Author(s): Zagoruiko Yu. A. | Kovalenko N. O. | Khristyan V. A. | Fedorenko O. A. | Gerasimenko A. S. | Dobrotvorskaya M. V. | Mateychenko P. V.
FPGA-based prototyping of IEEE 802.11a base band processor

Author(s): Dramićanin Dejan M. | Rakić Dejan | Denić Slobodan | Vlahović Veljko
Adaptive Subcarrier and Bit Allocation for Downlink OFDMA System with Proportional Fairness

Author(s): Sudhir B. Lande | J.B. Helonde | Rajesh Pande | S.S.Pathak
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