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Optical Fiber Sensor with Distributed Parameters Based on Optical Fiber Reflectometry

Author(s): Branislav Korenko | Jozef Jasenek | Jozefa Cervenova | Marek Hlavac
Temperature Characterization of Passive Optical Components for WDM-PON FTTx

Author(s): Jozef Chovan | Frantisek Uherek | Radoslav Kurinec | Alexander Satka | Jozef Pavlov | Dana Seyringer
Circularly-Polarized Discrete Lens Antennas in the 60-GHz Band

Author(s): L. Dussopt | H. Kaouach | J. Lanteri | R. Sauleau
Tissue localization of tumor antigen-loaded mouse dendritic cells applied as an anti-tumor vaccine and their influence on immune response.

Author(s): Joanna Rossowska | Elzbieta Pajtasz-Piasecka | Anna Szyda | Natalia Zietara | Danuta Duś
Cytoprotective effect of lithium against spontaneous and induced apoptosis of lymphoid cell line MOLT-4.

Author(s): K Pietruczuk | A Jóźwik | K Ruckemann-Dziurdzińska | E Bryl | J M Witkowski
Observation of atmospheric aerosols at Mt. Hua and Mt. Tai in Central and East China during spring 2009 – Part 2: Impact of dust storm on organic aerosol composition and size distribution

Author(s): G. H. Wang | J. J. Li | C. L. Cheng | B. H. Zhou | M. J. Xie | S. Y. Hu | J. J. Meng | T. Sun | Y. Q. Ren | J. J. Cao | S. X. Liu | T. Zhang | Z. Z. Zhao
Effect of fouling on removal of trace organic compounds by nanofiltration

Author(s): S. Hajibabania | A. Verliefde | J. E. Drewes | L. D. Nghiem | J. McDonald | S. Khan | P. Le-Clech
Accounting for seasonality in a soil moisture change detection algorithm for ASAR Wide Swath time series

Author(s): J. Van doninck | J. Peters | H. Lievens | B. De Baets | N. E. C. Verhoest
Effect of fouling on removal of trace organic compounds by nanofiltration

Author(s): S. Hajibabania | A. Verliefde | J. E. Drewes | L. D. Nghiem | J. McDonald | S. Khan | P. Le-Clech
Plasma homocysteine levels, physical activity and macronutrient intake in young healthy men

Author(s): Anna Czajkowska | Grażyna Lutosławska | Krzysztof Mazurek | Jadwiga Ambroszkiewicz | Piotr Żmijewski
Effect of Polarization on the Correlation and Capacity of Indoor MIMO Channels

Author(s): Hsun-Chang Lo | Ding-Bing Lin | Teng-Chieh Yang | Hsueh-Jyh Li
Stress Induced Effects for Advanced Polarization Control in Silicon Photonics Components

Author(s): D.-X. Xu | W. N. Ye | S. Janz | A. Delâge | P. Cheben | B. Lamontagne | E. Post | P. Waldron
Cell Polarization: A Comparative Cell Biologyand Immunological View

Author(s): Miguel Vicente-Manzanares | Francisco Sánchez-Madrid
High-resolution solid-state NMR study of isotactic polypropylenes

Author(s): O. Fricova | M. Uhrinova | V. Hronsky | M. Kovalakova | D. Olcak | I. Chodak | J. Spevacek

Author(s): Samanta M. Carrión | Reinaldo Pis Diez | Alicia H. Jubert
Automated system to acquire fluorescence, polarization and anisotropy maps within liquid flows

Author(s): Cristina M. Quintella | Cristiane C. Gonçalves | Iuri Pepe | Angelo M. V. Lima | Ana Paula S. Musse
Plasmonic modes in a dispersive left handed material optical fiber

Author(s): A. Mendoza Su rez | F. Villa Villa | J.A. Gaspar Armenta
Mapping and Monitoring of Leachate Plume Migration at an Open Waste Disposal Site Using Non-Invasive Methods

Author(s): S.I. Jegede | O. Ujuanbi | N.K. Abdullahi | R.E. Iserhien-Emekeme
Square Microstrip Antenna for Circular Polarization Operation

Author(s): Pramod Benjwal | A. K. Gautam
Piezoresponse force microscopy behaviour of Bi4Ti3O12 ceramics with various excess bismuth

Author(s): Ederson C. Aguiar | Alexandre Z. Simões | Francisco Moura | Mario Cilense | Elson Longo | Jose A. Varela
Numerical evaluation of an air- to-air missile radar cross section signature at X-band

Author(s): Marcelo Bender Perotoni | Luiz Alberto Andrade
First order reversal curves diagrams for describing ferroelectric switching characteristics

Author(s): Liliana Mitoseriu | Laurentiu Stoleriu | Alexandru Stancu | Carmen Galassi | Vincenzo Buscaglia
Temperature dependent tunability data and modelling in the paraelectric Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3 solid solutions

Author(s): Lavinia Petronela Curecheriu | Liliana Mitoseriu | Adelina Ianculescu
Amyloidosis of Seminal Vesicles; Incidence and Pathologic Characteristics

Author(s): Asuman ARGON | Adnan ŞİMŞİR | Banu SARSIK | Burçin TUNA | Kutsal YÖRÜKOĞLU | Gülen Gül NİFLİOĞLU | Sait ŞEN
An Evaluation of Modeled Plume Injection Height with Satellite-Derived Observed Plume Height

Author(s): Sean M. Raffuse | Kenneth J. Craig | Narasimhan K. Larkin | Tara T. Strand | Dana Coe Sullivan | Neil J. M. Wheeler | Robert Solomon
Electrochemical deposition and characterization of Ni-Mo alloy powders

Author(s): M.G. Pavlović | B.M. Jović | V.D. Jović | U. Lačnjevac | V.M. Maksimović

Author(s): Nematollah Akbari | Zahra Dehghan Shabani
Aligned Layers of Silver Nano-Fibers

Author(s): Andrii B. Golovin | Jeremy Stromer | Liubov Kreminska
Estudio del comportamiento de películas delgadas de Ni y óxido de Ni obtenidas por espurreo catódico frente a un medio amargo

Author(s): C.R. Maga a Zavala | F.J. Rodr guez G mez | D.R. Acosta | J. Genesc | R. vila Godoy
Estudio dieléctrico del envejecimiento físico

Author(s): M.C. Hern ndez | N. Su rez | M. Puma
Optical Fiber Sensor with Distributed Parameters Based on Optical Fiber Reflectometry

Author(s): Branislav Korenko | Jozef Jasenek | Jozefa Cervenova | Marek Hlavac
Temperature Characterization of Passive Optical Components for WDM-PON FTTx

Author(s): Jozef Chovan | Frantisek Uherek | Radoslav Kurinec | Alexander Satka | Jozef Pavlov | Dana Seyringer
Coherent Spin Polarization in an AC-Driven Mesoscopic Device

Author(s): Asham M. D. | Zein W. A. | Phillips A. H.
Optical trapping and optical binding using cylindrical vector beams

Author(s): S. E. Skelton | M. Sergides | R. Patel | E. Karczewska | O. M. Marago' | P. H. Jones
Surface Plasmon Excitation and Localization by Metal-Coated Axicon Prism

Author(s): Atsushi Ono | Hiroki Sano | Wataru Inami | Yoshimasa Kawata
Spin Polarization in γd→ $vec{n}$ n→ p

Author(s): Ando S.I | Song Y. H. | Hyun C. H. | Kubodera K.
Polarization of light backscattered by wavelength-scale particles

Author(s): K. Muinonen | J. Tyynela | E. Zubko | H. Lindqvist | A. Penttila | T. Pieniluoma | G. Videen
Asymmetry of Polarization Reversal and Current-Voltage Characteristics of Pt/PZT-Film/Pt:Ti/SiO2/Si-Substrate Structures

Author(s): S. L. Bravina | N. V. Morozovsky | J. Costecalde | C. Soyer | D. Remiens | D. Deresmes
Application of time domain induced polarization to the mapping of lithotypes in a landfill site

Author(s): A. Gazoty | G. Fiandaca | J. Pedersen | E. Auken | A. V. Christiansen | J. K. Pedersen
Polymer nanocomposites reinforced with montmorillonite

Author(s): L.A. Dobrzański | M. Bilewicz | J.C. Viana
Autophase free electron laser

Author(s): Belyavskiy E. D. | Telichkina O. V.
Physical and optical properties of 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption aerosol: ground-based, Lidar and airborne measurements in France

Author(s): M. Hervo | B. Quennehen | N. I. Kristiansen | J. Boulon | A. Stohl | P. Fréville | J.-M. Pichon | D. Picard | P. Labazuy | M. Gouhier | J.-C. Roger | A. Colomb | A. Schwarzenboeck | K. Sellegri

Author(s): Leszek A. Dobrzański | Tomasz Tański | Szymon Malara
Ultrasonic Corrosion-Anodization: Electrochemical Cell Design and Process Range Testing

Author(s): Charalambos C. Doumanidis | Kyriaki Polychronopoulou | Kyriakos Roushia
Modeling of the Electrical Conductivity of Graphite Dispersions in Electrolytes

Author(s): Igor Valentinovich Prushkovsky | Evgeniya Aleksandrovna Fanina | Alexander Nikolaevich Lopanov

Author(s): Hua-Wen Wen | Li-Xia Fan | Li Liu | Ao Li | Qi Fang

Author(s): Branislav Hadzima | Michal Bukovina | Pavel Doležal
On the kinetics of the hydrogen evolution reaction on Ni-MoOx composite catalysts in alkaline solutions

Author(s): Jović Borka M. | Lačnjevac Uroš Č. | Jović Vladimir D. | Gajić-Krstajić Ljiljana M. | Krstajić Nedeljko V.
Comparative characterization of rhombohedral and tetragonal PZN-PT single crystals

Author(s): D. Kobor | M. Tine | A. Hajjaji | L. Lebrun | S. Pruvost | D. Guyomar
Transparent thin film polarizing and optical control systems

Author(s): Nelson V. Tabiryan | Sarik R. Nersisyan | Timothy J. White | Timothy J. Bunning | Diane M. Steeves | Brian R. Kimball
Band gaps and cavity modes in dual phononic and photonic strip waveguides

Author(s): Y. Pennec | B. Djafari Rouhani | C. Li | J. M. Escalante | A. Martinez | S. Benchabane | V. Laude | N. Papanikolaou
Virtual Mie particle model of laser damage to optical elements

Author(s): Kazuya Hirata | Koshi Haraguchi
The effect of electrostatic shielding using invisibility cloak

Author(s): Ruo-Yang Zhang | Qing Zhao | Mo-Lin Ge
A compact, broadband slot waveguide polarization rotator

Author(s): Jiahua Fan | Chenguang Huang | Lin Zhu
Metal nanoparticles in a photovoltaic cell: Effect of metallic loss

Author(s): Ryosuke Watanabe | Kenjiro Miyano
Symmetries and multiferroic properties of novel room-temperature magnetoelectrics: Lead iron tantalate – lead zirconate titanate (PFT/PZT)

Author(s): Dilsom A. Sanchez | N. Ortega | Ashok Kumar | R. Roque-Malherbe | R. Polanco | J. F. Scott | Ram S. Katiyar
Avaliação de fenômenos redutores do fluxo de permeado em microfiltrações do suco do abacaxi (Ananas comosus L. Merril)

Author(s): Francisco Luiz Gumes Lopes | João Baptista Severo | José Carlos Curvelo Santana | Roberto Rodrigues de Souza | Elias Basile Tambourgi
Study of UV fluorescences induced from 4f3 → 4f2 d multistep absorptions of Nd3+ions in YLiF4 and LuLiF4 crystals

Author(s): André Felipe Henriques Librantz | Luiz Vicente Gomes Tarelho | Laércio Gomes | Izilda Márcia Ranieri
George Grosz and Croatian Art between the Two World Wars

Author(s): Magaš, Lovorka | Prelog, Petar
Optical Communication Receiver Based on a Switched-Quadrature Costas Loop

Author(s): A. Arvizu-Mondragón | F.J. Mendieta-Jiménez | J. de D. Sánchez-López | I.Oropeza-Pérez | J.R. López- Leandro
Design of a new model of miniature antenna quasi-isotropic coverage

Author(s): Abdellatif Berkat | Noureddine Boukli-Hacene | F. Tarik Bendimerad
Oil Detection in a Coastal Marsh with Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

Author(s): Elijah Ramsey III | Amina Rangoonwala | Yukihiro Suzuoki | Cathleen E. Jones
Microbiological Corrosion in Low Carbon Steels

Author(s): O. Medina–Custodio | A. Ortiz–Prado | V.H. Jacobo–Armendáriz | R. Schouwenaars–Franssens
Ameloblastomatous calcifying odontogenic cyst; a case report

Author(s): M Seyed-majidi | K Nosrati | S Haghanifar
Effect of an Imidazoline [IM–NH17] on the Corrosion Process of API5l–X52 Steel Exposed in Acidified Brines

Author(s): A.G. Reynaud–Morales | M. Casales–Díaz | J.G. Chacón–Nava | L. Martínez–Gómez | A. Martínez–Villafañe | J.G. González–Rodríguez
The sensitivity of land emissivity estimates from AMSR-E at C and X bands to surface properties

Author(s): H. Norouzi | M. Temimi | W. B. Rossow | C. Pearl | M. Azarderakhsh | R. Khanbilvardi
Global observation of 24 November 2006 Pc5 pulsations by single mid-latitude underground [SQUID]2 system

Author(s): J. Marfaing | E. Pozzo di Borgo | G. Waysand | A. Cavaillou | M. Parrot
High Throughput Method to Quantify Anterior-Posterior Polarity of T-Cells and Epithelial Cells

Author(s): Charletha V. Irvin-Wilson | Justin Y. Newberg | Kathleen Kong | Ronald T. Javier | Susan J. Marriott
Structural and Ion Transport Studies in (100-x) PVdF + xNH4SCN Gel Electrolyte

Author(s): Kamlesh Pandey | Mrigank Mauli Dwivedi | Nidhi Asthana | Markandey Singh | Shanker Lal Agrawal
Structural and Electronic Properties of Bixo3 (X = Mn, Fe, Cr)

Author(s): Djillali Bensaid | Nour-Eddine Benkhettou | Ali Kourdassi
Electrical Transport Properties of Bi2O3-Doped CoFe2O4 and CoHo0.02Fe1.98O4 Ferrites

Author(s): Hasan Mehmood Khan | Misbah-ul Islam | Irshad Ali | Mazhar-ud-din Rana
The Inhibitive Effect of 3-Methyl 4-Amino 1,2,4 Triazole on the Corrosion of Copper-Nickel 70 - 30 in NaCl 3% Solution

Author(s): Tayeb Chieb | Kamel Belmokre | Mohammed Benmessaoud | Sidi El Hassane Drissi | Najat Hajjaji | Abdellah Srhiri
Electrochemical Characterization of Plasma Sprayed Alumina Coatings

Author(s): Magdi. F. MORKS | Ivan COLE | Penny Corrigan | Akira KOBAYASHI
Materials for Spintronics: Magnetic and Transport Properties of Ultrathin (Monolayer Graphene)/MnO(001) and MnO(001) Films

Author(s): Victor Ilyasov | Besarion Meshi | Anatoly Ryzhkin | Igor Ershov | Igor Nikiforov | Alexey Ilyasov
Research Progress on Nanostructured Radar Absorbing Materials

Author(s): Yanmin Wang | Tingxi Li | Lifen Zhao | Zuwang Hu | Yijie Gu
Microstructure and corrosion behavior of Zn-Co alloys deposited from three different plating baths

Author(s): Bajat Jelena B. | Stevanović Sanja I. | Jokić Bojan M.
High degree of polarization of the near-band-edge photoluminescence in ZnO nanowires

Author(s): Jacopin Gwenole | Rigutti Lorenzo | Bugallo Andres | Julien François | Baratto Camilla | Comini Elisabetta | Ferroni Matteo | Tchernycheva Maria
Polarization Behavior of Discrete Multipath and Diffuse Scattering in Urban Environments at 4.5 GHz

Author(s): Landmann Markus | Sivasondhivat Kriangsak | Takada Jun-Ichi | Ida Ichirou | Thomä Reiner
Investigations in Satellite MIMO Channel Modeling: Accent on Polarization

Author(s): Horváth Péter | Karagiannidis George K | King Peter R | Stavrou Stavros | Frigyes István
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