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Implied Negation in Discourse

Author(s): Yun Ding
Eestlaste ja venelaste suhtluskäitumine: sina, teie ja keegi veel

Author(s): Renate Pajusalu | Virve Vihman | Birute Klaas | Karl Pajusalu
Cultural Differences in Compliments

Author(s): Fei-lin LI | Gao-feng YU

Author(s): Dr. Handan DEVECİ | Tuğba Selanik AY
Social, environmental and economic aspects of the organic agriculture –case study in Verê, State Of Paraná, Brazil

Author(s): Marlise Schoenhals | Franciele Aní Caovilla Follador | Claciani Winck
Healthcare quality in Emergency Room

Author(s): M Malliarou | P Sarafis | S Zyga
Intermittent screening and treatment versus intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy: user acceptability

Author(s): Smith Lucy | Jones Caroline | Adjei Rose | Antwi Gifty | Afrah Nana | Greenwood Brian | Chandramohan Daniel | Tagbor Harry | Webster Jayne
Politeness strategies in the English interlanguage requests of Yemeni learners

Author(s): Mohammed Hasan Ahmed Alfattah | B. K. Ravindranath
The Linguistic Taboo between Malays and Ibans of Sarawak, Malaysia

Author(s): Affidah Morni | Aiza Johari | Johnny Ahmad | Kamaruzaman Jusoff
Client satisfaction and quality of health care in rural Bangladesh

Author(s): Aldana Jorge Mendoza | Piechulek Helga | Al-Sabir Ahmed
Application of Critical Classroom Discourse Analysis (CCDA) in Analyzing Classroom Interaction

Author(s): Sima Sadeghi | Saeed Ketabi | Mansoor Tavakoli | Moslem Sadeghi
Gender and Politeness in a Foreign Language Academic Context

Author(s): Nahla Nola Bacha | Rima Bahous | Rula L. Diab
Orality and literacy, formality and informality in email communication

Author(s): Carmen Pérez Sabater | Ed Turney | Begoña Montero Fleta
Gendered-Linked Differences in Speech Styles: Analysing Linguistic and Gender in the Malaysian Context

Author(s): Angelina Subrayan. Michael | Liaw Shun Chone | Chittra Muthusamy | Jeyamahla Veeravagu
Persian requests: Redress of face through indirectness

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan
A Cross-sectional Study of Iranian EFL Learners' Request Strategies

Author(s): Alireza Jalilifar | Mahmood Hashemian | Madine Tabatabaee
Effect of Gender on Politeness Strategies in Greetings of Native Speakers of Persian; English and EFL learners

Author(s): Zahra Gharaghani | Abbas Eslami Rasekh | Azizollah Dabaghi | Iman Tohidian
Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Failure in Computer-Mediated Communication

Author(s): Martina Baumer | Henriette van Rensburg
English Speech Act Realization of “Refusals” among Iranian EFL Learners

Author(s): Rahman Sahragard | Fatemeh Javanmardi
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