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Pome Fruit Viruses in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Author(s): Biljana Lolić | Arben Myrta | Gordana Đurić | Branka Krstić
Study of Fire Blight on Pear Trees in Guilan Province Caused by Erwinia amylovora

Author(s): M. Niknejad Kazempour | E. Kamran | B. Ali
Study of Fire Blight Severity in Some Pear Cultivars with USDA Standard System

Author(s): A. Davoodee | E. Majidi | H. Rahimian | M. Valizadeh
Erwinia amylovora – the Causal Agent of Root Collar Necrosis of Apple Trees

Author(s): Veljko Gavrilović | Svetlana Milijašević | Biljana Todorović | Svetlana Živković | Nenad Trkulja
Artificial olfaction systems : principles and applications to food analysis

Author(s): Di-Natale C. | Macagnano A | D'Amico A. | Paolesse R.
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