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Effect of Pasteurization and Chemical Preservatives on the Quality and Shelf Stability of Apple Juice

Author(s): Zahid Mehmood | Alam Zeb | Mohammad Ayub | Nizakat Bibi | Amal Badshah | Ihsanullah Ihsanullah
Impact of additives on corrosion rate of cans filled with pieces of apricot

Author(s): Tošković D.V. | Rajković Miloš B. | Stanojević D.D.
Inhibition of Food Pathogenic Bacteria by Azelaic Acid

Author(s): Trijunianto Moniharapon | Erynola Moniharapon | Yuka Watanabe | Fumio Hashinaga
Topical delivery of flurbiprofen from pluronic lecithin organogel

Author(s): Pandey M | Belgamwar V | Surana S
Antifungal treatments in artificial incubation of crayfish eggs (Pacifastacus leniusculus, Astacidae): Searching for alternatives to formaldehyde

Author(s): J.M. Carral | A. González | J.D. Celada | M. Sáez-Royuela | P.M. Melendre | R. González | V. García
In vitro synergistic antibacterial activity of Salvia officinalis L. and some preservatives

Author(s): Stanojević Dragana | Čomić Ljiljana | Stefanović Olgica | Solujić-Sukdolak Slavica
Proximate Composition and Preservation by Combined Methods of Chupandia (Cyrtocarpa procera) Pulp

Author(s): Marco Vinicio Ramirez-Mares | Claudia Villanueva-Canongo | Carlos Guillermo Hernandez
Evolución de L. Monocytogenes y L. Innocua durante la elaboración y madurado del queso tipo

Author(s): Cepeda , A. | Domínguez , L. | Fente , C. | Franco , C.M. | Menéndez , S. | Quinto , E. J.
Reducing the bloater spoilage incidence in fermented green olives during storage

Author(s): Asehraou, A. | Peres, C. | Faid, M. | Brito, D.
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