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Serum Protein Profiles of Juvenile Ring-Necked Pheasants Vaccinated or Not Against Newcastle Disease

Author(s): Elizabeth Moreira dos Santos Schmidt | Antonio Carlos Paulillo | Rosangela Locatelli-Dittrich | Olair Beltrame | Janine Denadai
Serotypes of E. coli isolated from avian species in Lombardia and Emilia Romagna (North Italy)

Author(s): Mario D'Incau | Donato Pennelli | Antonio Lavazza | Silvia Tagliabue
Comparison of Egg Weight Between Two Quail Strains

Author(s): Nasrollah Vali | M.A. Edriss | H. Moshtaghi
Antigenic Differences in Newcastle Disease Viruses Isolated in Iran

Author(s): F. Hemmatzadeh | B. Nayeri | E.R. Tofighi
In ovo Vaccine Against Infectious Bursal Disease

Author(s): L. Moura | V. Vakharia | M. Liu | H. Song
Detection of Mycoplasma gallinarum by Real-Time PCR

Author(s): S.A. Leigh | J.D. Evans

Author(s): Sulltana Ajçe | Irena Kallço | Marinela Teneqexhi | Rozana Troja
Use of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cell Walls in Diets for Two Genetic Strains of Laying Hens Reared in Floor and Cages

Author(s): BenjamIn Fuente MartInez | Alexis Arias Contreras | Ernesto Avila Gonzalez
Detection of InvA Gene in Isolated Salmonella from Broilers by PCR Method

Author(s): T. Zahraei Salehi | M. Mahzounieh | A. Saeedzadeh
Comparative Studies on Haematological Values of Broiler Strains (Ross, Cobb, Arbor-acres and Arian)

Author(s): A. Talebi | S. Asri-Rezaei | R. Rozeh-Chai | R. Sahraei
Genetic Grouping of Nephropathogenic Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus Isolated in Morocco

Author(s): M. El Bouqdaoui | R.A. Mhand | H. Bouayoune | M.M. Ennaji
Use of Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) Markers in Poultry Research

Author(s): H.H. Salem | B.A. Ali | T.H. Huang | D.N. Qin
Aspergillus oryzae as Probiotic in Poultry - A Review

Author(s): KyungWoo Lee | Soo Kee Lee | Bong Duk Lee
A Specific Dot-Blot Immunoassay for Newcastle Disease Serodiagnosis

Author(s): Farhid Hemmatzadeh | Ali Sharifzadeh
Genetic and Phenotypic Relationships Between Mcnally Model Parameters and Egg Production Traits

Author(s): O.O. Oni | B.Y. Abubakar | N.I. Dim | O.E. Asiribo | I.A. Adeyinka
Clinical and Immunological Parameters of Newcastle Disease Vaccination in Juvenile Ring - Necked Pheasants (Phasianus colchicus)

Author(s): Elizabeth Moreira Dos Santos Schmidt | Antonio Carlos Paulillo | Luiz Felipe Caron | Tobias Fernandes Filho | Marcelo Agustini | Henrique Larsen Brunow Ventura | Luciano Doretto Junior
Evaluation of Experimental Vaccination Against Newcastle Disease and the Blood Proteinogram in Ring - Necked Pheasants (Phasianus colchicus) During Breeding Season

Author(s): Elizabeth Moreira Dos Santos Schmidt | Antonio Carlos Paulillo | Luiz Felipe Caron | Tobias Fernandes Filho | Marcelo Agustini | Henrique Larsen Brunow Ventura | Rosangela Locatelli Dittrich
Clinical and Immunological Parameters of Newcastle Disease Vaccination in Chinese Goose (Anser cygnoides)

Author(s): Josie Maria Campioni | Antonio Carlos Paulillo | Elizabeth Moreira dos Santos Schmidt | Márcia Nishizawa
Susceptibilities of Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Mycoplasma synoviea Isolates to Antimicrobial Agents in vitro

Author(s): N. Ghaleh Golab Behbahan | K. Asasi | A.R. Afsharifar | S.A. Pourbakhsh
Experimental Vaccination Against Newcastle Disease in Japanese Quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica): Clinical and Immunological Parameters

Author(s): Antonio Carlos Paulillo | Elizabeth Moreira dos Santos Schmidt | Janine Denadai | Fabiana Silva Lima | Luciano Doretto Junior
Serum Proteinogram of Chinese Goose (Anser cygnoides) Vaccinated or Not Against Newcastle Disease

Author(s): Antonio Carlos Paulillo | Josie Maria Campioni | Elizabeth Moreira dos Santos Schmidt | Andre Marcos Santana | Jose Jurandir Fagliari | Alan Jonathan Pereira Testi | Janine Denadai
Lactobacillus as a Probiotic Feed for Chickens

Author(s): M. Mohamed Mahroop Raja | A. Raja | M. Mohamed Imran
Response to Experimental Vaccination Against Newcastle Disease in Domestic Ducks (Anas platyrhynchos): Clinical and Immunological Parameters

Author(s): Antonio Carlos Paulillo | Vanessa Sobue Franzo | Elizabeth Moreira dos Santos Schmidt | Luciano Doretto Junio

Author(s): Sílvio Orlan de Castro Chaves | Cyntia Oliveira de Souza | José de Arimatéia Freitas | Dolores Dias dos Santos | Cláudio Vieira de Araújo | René Ribeiro da Silva
Rural Poultry Populations and Strains in Two Agro-Ecological Zones of Nigeria

Author(s): I.I. Dafwang | U. Musa | P.A. Abdu | J.U. Umoh
Immunological and Clinical Parameters of Newcastle Disease Vaccination in Bronze Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo)

Author(s): Elizabeth Moreira dos Santos Schmidt | Antonio Carlos Paulillo | Gislaine Regina Vieira Martins | Janine Denadai | Ivan Moura Lapera
Clinical and Immunological Aspects of Newcastle Disease Vaccination in Budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus)

Author(s): Janine Denadai | Antonio Carlos Paulillo | Elizabeth Moreira dos Santos Schmidt | Gislaine Regina Vieira Martins | Ivan Moura Lapera | Adriano de Oliveira Torres Carrasco
Survey on circulation of infectious bronchitis virus strains in Northern Italy

Author(s): Calogero Terregino | Maria Serena Beato | Giovanni Ortali | Cristian De Battisti | Alessandra Drago
Use of Microsatellite Markers in Poultry Research

Author(s): Mohsen Gholizadeh | Ghodrat Rahimi Mianji
The Evaluation of Organic Acids and Probiotic Cultures to Reduce Salmonella enteriditis Horizontal Transmission and Crop Infection in Broiler Chickens

Author(s): R.L. Jarquin | G.M. Nava | A.D. Wolfenden | A.M. Donoghue | I. Hanning | S.E. Higgins | B.M. Hargis
Intestinal Humoral Immune Response and Resistance to Salmonella Challenge of Progeny from Breeders Vaccinated with Killed Antigen

Author(s): J. S. Bailey | A. Rolon | C. L. Hofacre | P. S. Holt | J. L. Wilson | D. E. Cosby | L. J. Richardson | N. A. Cox
Estimating and Predicting Feed Conversion in Broiler Chickens by Modeling Covariance Structure

Author(s): M.F. Rosario | M.A.N. Silva | A.A.D. Coelho | V.J.M. Savino
Effect of Probiotics, Yeast, Vitamin E and Vitamin C Supplements on Performance and Immune Response of Laying Hen During High Environmental Temperature

Author(s): Maziar Mohiti Asli | Farid Shariatmadari | Seyed Abdollah Hosseini | Houshang Lotfollahian
Immunocompetence of Two Broiler Strains Fed Marginal and High Protein Diets

Author(s): E.A. Deif | A. Galal | M.M. Fathi | A. Zein El-Dein
Evaluation of Growth Traits and Short-Term Laying Performance of Three Different Strains of Chicken in the Derived Savannah Zone of Nigeria

Author(s): L.O. Ojedapo | O. Akinokun | T.A. Adedeji | T.B. Olayeni | S.A. Ameen | A.O. Ige | S.R. Amao
In vitro Effects of Calcium, Magnesium, Mercury and Copper Ions on Neuraminidase of a Nigerian Newcastle Disease Virus Strains

Author(s): Sunday Blessing Oladele | King Akpofure Nelson Esievo | Paul Abdu | Andrew Jonathan Nok
Choice Feeding of Two Different Broiler Strains Using Diets with Constant Energy Level

Author(s): S. Cerrate | C. Coto | Z. Wang | F. Yan | F.G. Costa | P.W. Waldroup
Semen Quality Traits of Seven Strain of Chickens Raised in the Humid Tropics

Author(s): S.O. Peters | O.D. Shoyebo | B.M. Ilori | M.O. Ozoje | C.O.N. Ikeobi | O.A. Adebambo
Gene Segregation Effects on Fertility and Hatchability of Pure and Crossbred Chicken Genotypes in the Humid Tropics

Author(s): S.O. Peters | B.M. Ilori | M.O. Ozoje | C.O.N. Ikeobi | O.A. Adebambo
Seasonal Variations in Seminal Characteristics of Shikabrown Breeder Cocks

Author(s): J.A. Obidi | B.I. Onyeanusi | P.I. Rekwot | J.O. Ayo | T. Dzenda
Evaluation of the Production Performances of an Endangered Local Poultry Breed, the Famennoise

Author(s): N. Moula | N. Antoine-Moussiaux | F. Farnir | P. Leroy
Antibiotic Resistance in Poultry

Author(s): D.F. Apata
Nucleocapsid Gene Sequence Analysis and Characterization of an Indian Isolate of Avian Infectious bronchitis virus

Author(s): Monika Kaul | Megha Kadam | Yashpal Malik | Ashok Kumar Tiwari | Jawaharlal Vegad | Bikash Chandra Sarkhel
Nipple Drinkers for Brooding Commercial Large White Turkeys

Author(s): S.M. Russell | J.L. Grimes | A.G. Gernat
Antimicrobial Activity of Commercial Concrete Sealant Against Salmonella Spp: A Model for Poultry Processing Plants

Author(s): D.M. Paiva | M. Singh | K.S. Macklin | S.B. Price | J.B. Hess | D.E. Conner
Producing Single Cell Protein from Poultry Manure and Evaluation for Broiler Chickens Diets

Author(s): A.A. El-Deek | K.M. Ghonem | Saffa M. Hamdy | M.A. Aser | Fahad M. Aljassas | M.M. Osman
Keratinolytic Activity of Some Newly Isolated Bacillus Species

Author(s): Md. Mozammel Hoq | Khandaker Al Zaid Siddiquee | Hiroko Kawasaki | Tatsuji Seki
Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli Strains Isolated from Humans and Poultry in North of Spain

Author(s): Gemma De Vega | Estibaliz Mateo | Agueda Fern�ndez de Aranguiz | Karmele Colom | Rodrigo Alonso | Aurora Fern�ndez-Astorga
The Risk of Mycotoxins Contamination of Dairy Feed and Milk on Smallholder Dairy Farms in Kenya

Author(s): T.P. Lanyasunya | L.W. Wamae | H.H. Musa | O. Olowofeso | I.K. Lokwaleput
Pathogenicity and histopathological observations of commercial broiler chicks experimentally infected with isolates of Eimeria tenella, E. acervulina and E. maxima/ Patogenicidade e observações histopatológicas de frangos de corte infectados experimentalmente com isolados de Eimeria tenella, E. acervulina e E. maxima

Author(s): Dauton Luiz Zulpo | Jaidson Peretti | Leandro Mortean Ono | Elaine Longhi | Marcos R. Oliveira | Ivens Gomes Guimarães | Selwyn Arlington Headley | José da Silva Guimarães Junior | João Luis Garcia

Author(s): Biljana Miljković-Selimović | Tatjana Babić | Predrag Stojanović
Simultaneous detection and differentiation by multiplex real time RT-PCR of highly pathogenic avian influenza subtype H5N1 classic (clade 2.2.1 proper) and escape mutant (clade 2.2.1 variant) lineages in Egypt

Author(s): Abdelwhab El-Sayed | Erfan Ahmed | Grund Christian | Ziller Mario | Arafa Abdel-Satar | Beer Martin | Aly Mona | Hafez Hafez | Harder Timm

Author(s): Zlatko Janječić | Stjepan Mužic
Can electrophoretic types of listeria monocytogenes induce different sensitivity to lactic acid bacteria bacteriocins?

Author(s): Dimitrijević Mirjana | Teodorović V. | Karabasil Neđeljko | Teodorović Radislava | Bunčić Olivera
Multi drug resistance of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli to tested antibiotics in strains originating from humans, poultry and swine

Author(s): Tambur Zoran Ž. | Stojanov Igor M. | Konstantinović Sonja M. | Jovanović Dara V. | Cenić-Milošević Desanka | Opačić Dolores N.
Characterization and antibiotic susceptibility of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from poultry and red meat in Morocco

Author(s): Hayat Ennaji | Mohammed Timinouni | My Mustapha Ennaji | Mohammed Hassar | Nozha Cohen
Using of PCR assay for identification of Helicobacter Species in hens' eggs

Author(s): Karima Galal Abdel Hameed and Wallaa Farouk Amin
Avian Influenza infection in Human

Author(s): Mohan. M | Trevor Francis Fernandez and Feroz Mohammed.M.S.
Epidemiological Studies on Infectious Bursal Disease in Broiler Chickens in Haryana, India

Author(s): Sunil K. Mor | G. Narang | N. Jindal | N.K. Mahajan | P.C. Sharma | N.K. Rakha
Helicobacter pullorum among Poultry in Assiut-Egypt: Genetic Characterization, Virulence and MIC

Author(s): Moemen A. Mohamed | Ragab S. Ibrahim | Moustafa A. Shahata | El-Refaie M. El-Refaie
Apparent Ileal Amino Acids Digestibility of Four Varieties of Barley for Two Strains of Chickens

Author(s): W. Al-Marzooqi | I.T. Kadim | O. Mahgoub | M. Al-Busaidi | S.M. Al-Lawati | R. Al-Maqbaly | S. Al-Wheebi | A.N. Al-Bakery
Thermostability Profile of Newcastle Disease Viruses Isolated from Wild Birds in Central Nigeria and the Selection of a Thermostable Clone from the Sub-Population

Author(s): O.J. Ibu | J.O.A. Okoye | S.S. Baba | S.V.O. Soyinka | K.F. Chah | J. Antiabong | D. Eze | E.A. Salihu | S.B. Oladele
Effect of Feeding Programs on Broilers Cobb and Arbor Acres plus Performance

Author(s): A.A Saki | M. Momeni | M.M. Tabatabaei | A. Ahmadi | M.M.H. Rahmati | H.R. Hemati Matin | A. Janjan
Comparison of Lohmann White and Lohmann Brown Strains in Embryo Physiology

Author(s): K. Tona | K. Agbo | B. Kamers | N. Everaert | H. Willemsen | E. Decuypere | M. Gbeassor
Molecular characteristics of Polish field strains of Marek's disease herpesvirus isolated from vaccinated chickens

Author(s): Woźniakowski Grzegorz | Samorek-Salamonowicz Elżbieta | Kozdruń Wojciech
Impact of antigenic and genetic drift on the serologic surveillance of H5N2 avian influenza viruses

Author(s): Escorcia Magdalena | Carrillo-Sánchez Karol | March-Mifsut Santiago | Chapa Joaquin | Lucio Eduardo | Nava Gerardo
Complementary monoclonal antibody-based dot ELISA for universal detection of H5 avian influenza virus

Author(s): He Fang | Soejoedono Retno | Murtini Sri | Goutama Michael | Kwang Jimmy
Investigation of an outbreak of Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Hadar food illness in the Abruzzi region of Italy

Author(s): Elisabetta Di Giannatale | Vincenza Prencipe | Vicdalia Aniela Acciari | Maria Maddalena Marconi | Primula Semprini | Cristina Marfoglia
Investigation of the sensitivity of E. coli strains isolated from domestic animals to antibiotics and hemiotherapeutics in vitro

Author(s): Gavrović Miloš | Ašanin Ružica | Mišić D. | Jezdimirović Milanka | Žutić M.
Comparative analysis of oncogenic genes revealed unique evolutionary features of field Marek's disease virus prevalent in recent years in China

Author(s): Tian Mingxing | Zhao Yang | Lin Yan | Zou Nianli | Liu Cheng | Liu Ping | Cao Sanjie | Wen Xintian | Huang Yong
A one-step reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification for detection and discrimination of infectious bursal disease virus

Author(s): Wang Yongqiang | Kang Zhonghui | Gao Honglei | Gao Yulong | Qin Liting | Lin Huan | Yu Fei | Qi Xiaole | Wang Xiaomei
Multidrug resistance and integrons in Escherichia coli isolated from chicken in Greece

Author(s): Dakić Ivana | Petrikkos G. | Dimitrijević V. | Charvalos Ekatherini
Biopathologic Characterization of Three Mixed Poultry Eimeria spp. Isolates

Author(s): F Arabkhazaeli | S Nabian | M Modirsaneii | B Mansoori | S Rahbari
Taxonomic Characterization and Potential Biotechnological Applications of Yarrowia lipolytica Isolated From Meat and Meat Products

Author(s): Maryam Mirbagheri | Iraj Nahvi | Giti Emtiazi | Ladan Mafakher | Farshad Darvishi

Author(s): Viera Duckova | Margita Čanigová | Miroslav Kročko | Jana Bezeková
Comparison of the Virulence of Pathogenic Newcastle Disease Viruses Belonging to the Same or Different Genotypes

Author(s): Ruben Merino | Hilda Villegas | Jose A. Quintana | Norma Calderon
Effects of Feeding Varying of Castor Fruit Meal (Ricinus communis) on Performance Characteristics of Layers

Author(s): Olayeni,T.B. | L.O. Ojedapo | O.S. Adedeji | T.A. Adedeji | S.A. Ameen
Effect of strain and storage period on egg quality characteristics of local Iraqi laying hens

Author(s): H. N. Hermiz | K. A. Abas | T. R. Al-Khatib | Sh. M. Amin , | A. M. Ahmed , | D. A. Hamad , | H. P. Denha
Serogrouping and Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA Fingerprinting of Campylobacter Jejuni

Author(s): Elena Trajkovska-Dokic | Snezana Stojkovska | Kostadin Icev | Aleksandra Grozdanova
Epidemiology and immunoprotection of nephropathogenic avian infectious bronchitis virus in southern China

Author(s): Xie Qingmei | Ji Jun | Xie Jingwei | Chen Feng | Cai Manshan | Sun Baoli | Xue Chunyi | Ma Jingyun | Bi Yingzuo
Prevalence of Yersinia spp. in red meat and chicken marketed in southern Tehran

Author(s): Soltan Dallal M.M. | Izadpour F. | Khalifeh Gholi M. | Zeraati H. | Bakhtiari R
Genetic drift evolution under vaccination pressure among H5N1 Egyptian isolates

Author(s): Abdel-Moneim Ahmed | Afifi Manal | El-Kady Magdy
A multiplex real-time PCR assay targeting virulence and resistance genes in Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium

Author(s): Bugarel Marie | Granier Sophie | Weill François-Xavier | Fach Patrick | Brisabois Anne
Serotypes of E. coli isolated from avian species in Lombardia and Emilia Romagna (North Italy)

Author(s): Mario D'Incau | Donato Pennelli | Antonio Lavazza | Silvia Tagliabue
Survey on circulation of infectious bronchitis virus strains in Northern Italy

Author(s): Calogero Terregino | Maria Serena Beato | Giovanni Ortali | Cristian De Battisti | Alessandra Drago
Use of Full Diallel Cross to Estimate Crossbreeding Effects in Laying Chickens

Author(s): Waleed M. Razuki | Sajida A. AL-Shaheen
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