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Low Complexity DFT-Domain Noise PSD Tracking Using High-Resolution Periodograms

Author(s): Richard C. Hendriks | Richard Heusdens | Jesper Jensen | Ulrik Kjems
Compressional waves in the Earth's neutral sheet

Author(s): M. Volwerk | W. Baumjohann | K. H. Glassmeier | R. Nakamura | T. L. Zhang | A. Runov | Z. Vörös | B. Klecker | R. A. Treumann | Y. Bogdanova | H.-U. Eichelberger | A. Balogh | H. Rème
Limitations of red noise in analysing Dansgaard-Oeschger events

Author(s): H. Braun | P. Ditlevsen | J. Kurths | M. Mudelsee
New Detection Methods of DS-CDMA Signal at Lower SNR

Author(s): Zhijin Zhao | Junjie Pu
Using Power Spectral Density for Condition Monitoring of Fan

Author(s): Hojat Ahmadi | Payman Salami
Decrease of VLF transmitter signal and Chorus-whistler waves before l'Aquila earthquake occurrence

Author(s): M. Y. Boudjada | K. Schwingenschuh | R. Döller | A. Rohznoi | M. Parrot | P. F. Biagi | P. H. M. Galopeau | M. Solovieva | O. Molchanov | H. K. Biernat | G. Stangl | H. Lammer | I. Moldovan | W. Voller | M. Ampferer
Noninvasive Technique for Acquiring and Analysis of Electrogastrogram

Author(s): G.Gopu | R.Neelaveni | K.Porkumaran
Improved Spectrogram Analysis for ECG Signal in Emergency Medical Applications

Author(s): A.K.M Fazlul Haque | Md. Hanif Ali | M Adnan Kiber
Optimal Waveforms Design for Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radio Sensors

Author(s): Bin Li | Zheng Zhou | Weixia Zou | Dejian Li | Chong Zhao
Improvement of performance of InAs quantum dot solar cell by inserting thin AlAs layers

Author(s): Hu Dongzhi | McPheeters Claiborne | Yu Edward | Schaadt Daniel
A Proposed Hybrid Method For Islanding Detection

Spectral absorption properties of atmospheric aerosols

Author(s): R. W. Bergstrom | P. Pilewskie | P. B. Russell | J. Redemann | T. C. Bond | P. K. Quinn | B. Sierau
Spectral absorption properties of atmospheric aerosols

Author(s): R. W. Bergstrom | P. Pilewskie | P. B. Russell | J. Redemann | T. C. Bond | P. K. Quinn | B. Sierau
Limitations of red noise in analysing Dansgaard-Oeschger events

Author(s): H. Braun | P. Ditlevsen | J. Kurths | M. Mudelsee
Stanovení vagového prahu a možnosti jeho využití Determination of the vagal threshold and changes of it's using

Author(s): Michal Botek | Pavel Stejskal | Jakub Krejčí | Aleš Jakubec | Aleš Gába
VHF radar observations of gravity waves at a low latitude

Author(s): G. Dutta | B. Bapiraju | P. Balasubrahmanyam | H. Aleem Basha
Observation of periodic fluctuations in electron and ion temperatures at the low-latitude upper ionosphere by SROSS-C2 satellite

Author(s): S. R. Prabhakaran Nayar | L. T. Alexander | V. N. Radhika | T. John | P. Subrahmanyam | P. Chopra | M. Bahl | H. K. Maini | V. Singh | D. Singh | S. C. Garg
Counter electrojet features in the Brazilian sector: simultaneous observation by radar, digital sounder and magnetometers

Author(s): C. M. Denardini | M. A. Abdu | H. C. Aveiro | L. C. A. Resende | P. D. S. C. Almeida | Ê. P. A. Olívio | J. H. A. Sobral | C. M. Wrasse
The square-wave spectral density of a stationary renewal process

Author(s): Marcel F. Neuts | H. Sitaraman
Vibration-Based Fault Diagnosis of Hydraulic Pump of Tractor Steering System by Using Energy Technique

Author(s): Kaveh Mollazade | Hojat Ahmadi | Mahmoud Omid | Reza Alimardani
Consistent Nonparametric Spectrum Estimation Via Cepstrum Thresholding

Author(s): Moram Venkatanarayana | T. Jayachandra Prasad
Origins of 1/f noise in nanostructure inclusion polymorphous silicon films

Author(s): Li Shibin | Jiang Yadong | Wu Zhiming | Wu Jiang | Ying Zhihua | Wang Zhiming | Li Wei | Salamo Gregory
Changes in EEG Power Spectral Density and Cortical Connectivity in Healthy and Tetraplegic Patients during a Motor Imagery Task

Author(s): Filippo Cona | Melissa Zavaglia | Laura Astolfi | Fabio Babiloni | Mauro Ursino
Model of strong stationary vortex turbulence in space plasmas

Author(s): G. D. Aburjania | Kh. Z. Chargazia | L. M. Zelenyi | G. Zimbardo
Density fluctuations measured by ISEE 1-2 in the Earth's magnetosheath and the resultant scattering of radio waves

Author(s): C. Lacombe | J.-L. Steinberg | C. C. Harvey | D. Hubert | A. Mangeney | M. Moncuquet
Negative ions in the auroral mesosphere during a PCA event around sunset

Author(s): C. F. del Pozo | E. Turunen | T. Ulich
The ALOMAR Rayleigh/Mie/Raman lidar: objectives, configuration, and performance

Author(s): U. von Zahn | G. von Cossart | J. Fiedler | K. H. Fricke | G. Nelke | G. Baumgarten | D. Rees | A. Hauchecorne | K. Adolfsen
Multipoint investigation of the source region of storm-time chorus

Author(s): O. Santolík | D. A. Gurnett | J. S. Pickett
An interferometer experiment to explore the aspect angle dependence of stimulated electromagnetic emission spectra

Author(s): Isham | Hagfors | Khudukon | Yu. Yurik | Tereshchenko | Rietveld | Belyey | Grill | La Hoz | Brekke | Heinselman
Low-latitude ionospheric turbulence observed by Aureol-3 satellite

Author(s): Y. Hobara | F. Lefeuvre | M. Parrot | O. A. Molchanov
A high-resolution study of mesospheric fine structure with the Jicamarca MST radar

Author(s): R. Sheth | E. Kudeki | G. Lehmacher | M. Sarango | R. Woodman | J. Chau | L. Guo | P. Reyes
Cluster observations in the magnetosheath – Part 1: Anisotropies of the wave vector distribution of the turbulence at electron scales

Author(s): A. Mangeney | C. Lacombe | M. Maksimovic | A. A. Samsonov | N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin | C. C. Harvey | J.-M. Bosqued | P. Trávníček
Naturally enhanced ion-line spectra around the equatorial 150-km region

Author(s): J. L. Chau | R. F. Woodman | M. A. Milla | E. Kudeki
Spectral Shaping for Codes with P.S.D. Expressed by Rational Functions

Author(s): ALEXANDRU, N. D. | ALEXANDRU, M. L.
Altered neuromuscular control mechanisms of the trapezius muscle in fibromyalgia

Author(s): Gerdle Björn | Grönlund Christer | Karlsson Stefan | Holtermann Andreas | Roeleveld Karin

Author(s): Simone Frattasi | Nicola Marchetti | Muhammad Imadur Rahman | Ernestina Cianca
Analysis of UWB Interference to MPSK Narrowband Receivers

Author(s): Dongsong Zeng | Amir I. Zaghloul | Annamalai Annamalai | E. F. Charles Laberge
Spectral Efficiency for MIMO UWB Channel in Rectangular Metal Cavity

Author(s): Zhen Hu | Robert Qiu | Dalwinder Singh
HRV Analysis of Arrhythmias Using Linear – Nonlinear Parameters

Author(s): Asha V. Thalange | Rohini R. Mergu
Patterns of cortical activity during the observation of Public Service Announcements and commercial advertisings

Author(s): Vecchiato Giovanni | Astolfi Laura | Cincotti Febo | De Vico Fallani Fabrizio | Sorrentino Domenica | Mattia Donatella | Salinari Serenella | Bianchi Luigi | Toppi Jlena | Aloise Fabio | Babiloni Fabio
Modelling Non-Stationary Wind Speed For Renewablwe Energy Systems Control

Author(s): C. Nichita | D.Luca | B. Dakyo | E. Ceanga | N.A. Cutululis
Spectral Analysis of Sanskrit Devine Sound OM

Author(s): A.A. Gurjar | Siddharth A. Ladhake
Gravity Field Implied Density Modeling of Topography, for Precise Determination of the Geoid

Author(s): M. Sedighi | M. Najafi-alamdari | S.H. Tabatabaie
Behavioural Investigation of Fatigue Time Series using the Statistical Approach

Author(s): A. Lennie | S. Abdullah | Z.M. Nopiah | M.N. Baharin
A Ramp Cosine Cepstrum Model for the Parameter Estimation of Autoregressive Systems at Low SNR

Author(s): Shaikh Anowarul Fattah | Wei-Ping Zhu | M. Omair Ahmad
Minimum Variance Signal Selection for Aorta Radius Estimation Using Radar

Author(s): Lars Erik Solberg | Svein-Erik Hamran | Tor Berger | Ilangko Balasingham
Modulation Schemes for Cognitive Radio in White Spaces

Author(s): Zs. Kollar | P. Horvath
Non Destructive Defect Detection by Spectral Density Analysis

Author(s): Ondrej Krejcar | Robert Frischer
Broadband waveforms and site effects at a borehole seismometer in the Po alluvial basin (Italy)

Author(s): M. Cocco | F. Ardizzoni | R. M. Azzara | L. Dall'Olio | A. Delladio | M. Di Bona | L. Malagnini | L. Margheriti | A. Nardi
On the Implementation of FIR Filter with Various Windows for Enhancement of ECG signal

Wavelet Based Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Cognitive Radio - A Survey

Author(s): Karthik Divakaran | Naveen Manikandan P | Shri Hari R R
Estimation of Thrust Stand Structure Fatigue Life Under Solid Motors Random Vibrations Effects

Author(s): Mojtaba Heydari | Saeed MahjoubMoghadas | Ebrahim Harirbafan | AmirAlaedin Motallebi
Dynamic Design Principles of a Thrust Stand and Methods of Improving Frequency Response

Author(s): Mojtaba Heydari | Amir Alaedin Motallebi | Sadegh Rahmati | Ebrahim Harirbafan
O+ heating associated with strong wave activity in the high altitude cusp and mantle

Author(s): R. Slapak | H. Nilsson | M. Waara | M. André | G. Stenberg | I. A. Barghouthi
Temperature Dependence of 1/f Noise in Gallium Nitride Epitaxial Layer

Author(s): Ashutosh Kumar | Ashish Kumar | K. Asokan | V. Kumar | R. Singh
Nondestructive inspection of plastic deformation in commercial carbon steels using magnetic Barkhausen noise

Author(s): J.L. Rodriguez | J.A. Perez Benitez | J. Capo Sanchez | L.R. Padovese | Re. Betancourt Riera
The Effect of Direction on Cursor Moving Kinematics

Author(s): Ling-Fu Meng | Hsin-Yung Chen | Chiu-Ping Lu | Ming-Chung Chen | Chi-Nung Chu
Iterative Self Organized Data Algorithm for Fault Classification of Mechanical System

Author(s): Jayamala K. Patil | P. B. Ghewari | S. S. Nagtilak
A Ramp Cosine Cepstrum Model for the Parameter Estimation of Autoregressive Systems at Low SNR

Author(s): Fattah ShaikhAnowarul | Zhu Wei-Ping | Ahmad MOmair
On the Evaluation of MB-OFDM UWB Interference Effects on a WiMAX Receiver

Author(s): Cano Eduardo | Rabbachin Alberto | Fuehrer Detlef | Fortuny Joaquim
Ultra-Wideband Transceivers for Cochlear Implants

Author(s): Buchegger Thomas | Oßberger Gerald | Reisenzahn Alexander | Hochmair Erwin | Stelzer Andreas | Springer Andreas
Analysis and Design of Timing Recovery Schemes for DMT Systems over Indoor Power-Line Channels

Author(s): Cortés José Antonio | Díez Luis | Martos-Naya Eduardo | Cañete Francisco Javier | Entrambasaguas José Tomás
Minimum Variance Signal Selection for Aorta Radius Estimation Using Radar

Author(s): Solberg LarsErik | Hamran Svein-Erik | Berger Tor | Balasingham Ilangko
Channel Characterization and Robust Tracking for Diversity Reception over Time-Variant Off-Body Wireless Communication Channels

Author(s): Van Torre Patrick | Vallozzi Luigi | Rogier Hendrik | Moeneclaey Marc | Verhaevert Jo
Generalized two axes model of a squirrel-cage induction motor for rotor fault diagnosis

Author(s): Samir Hamdani | Omar Touhami | Rachid Ibtiouen
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Sudhanshu Gaur | Geoffrey Ye Li | Li-Chun Wang | Neelesh B. Mehta
Early effect of NEURAPAS® balance on current source density (CSD) of human EEG

Author(s): Dimpfel Wilfried | Koch Klaus | Weiss Gabriele
Evaluation of abrasive waterjet produced titan surfaces topography by spectral analysis techniques

Author(s): K. Brillová | M. Ohlídal | J. Valíček | S. Hloch | D. Kozak | Ž. Ivandić
Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) European multi station magnetic field analysis before and during the 2009 earthquake at L'Aquila regarding regional geotechnical information

Author(s): G. Prattes | K. Schwingenschuh | H. U. Eichelberger | W. Magnes | M. Boudjada | M. Stachel | M. Vellante | U. Villante | V. Wesztergom | P. Nenovski

Author(s): Swati Chowdhuri | Arun Kumar Mondal | P.K.Baneerjee

Spectral Analysis of Solar Variability and their Possible Role on the Global Warming

Author(s): Mohamed Ali El-Borie | Eman Shafik | Aly Abdel-moneim Abdel-halim | Shady Youssri El-Monier
Nadi Yantra: a robust system design to capture the signals from the radial artery for assessment of the autonomic nervous system non-invasively

Author(s): A bhinav | Meghna Sareen | Mahendra Kumar | Jayashree Santhosh | Ashok Salhan | Sneh Anand
Phase-Modulated Waveform Design for Extended Target Detection in the Presence of Clutter

Author(s): Xuhua Gong | Huadong Meng | Yimin Wei | Xiqin Wang
Trellis Shaping and Spectral Nulls

Author(s): Josef Forster
Power Spectral Analysis of Orthogonal Pulse-Based TH-UWB Signals

Author(s): Sudhan Majhi | Paul Richardson

Author(s): Jerome Lagoute | Tomaso Zambelli | Stephane Martin | Sebastien Gauthier
Performance Analysis of UMTS Cellular Network using Sectorization Based on Capacity and Coverage

Author(s): A.K.M Fazlul Haque | Mir Mohammad Abu Kyum | Md. Baitul Al Sadi | Mrinal Kar | Md. Fokhray Hossain
Support Vector Machine for Abnormal Pulse Classification

Author(s): Bhaskar Thakker | Anoop Lal Vyas
Durability Assessment of Cylinder Block for Two Stroke Free Piston Linear Engine using Random Loading

Author(s): M. M. Rahman | A. K. Ariffin | S. Abdullah | M. M. Noor | A. B. Rosli

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