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An Introduction to Feedforward Control of Electric Drives

Author(s): Michal Malek | Pavol Makys | Marek Stulrajter
Magnetic Non-destructive Testing of Plastically Deformed Mild Steel

Author(s): Jozef Pala | Jan Bydzovsky | Tibor Smida
Efficient Algorithm for Power Allocation in Relay-based Cognitive Radio Network

Author(s): N. Ferdous | M. Ahmed | M. A. Matin | U. Habiba
Using spectral analysis to detect singular events such as jerks in the geomagnetic field time series

Author(s): B. Duka | A. De Santis | M. Mandea | A. Isac | E. Qamili
The influence of NMDA receptor 2B subunit (GRIN2B) on cortical electrical oscillation

Author(s): Tien-Wen Lee | Younger W-Y Yu | Chen-Jee Hong | Shih-Jen Tsai | Hung-Chi Wu | Tai-Jui Chen
An Intrinsic Fiber-Optic Single Loop Micro-Displacement Sensor

Author(s): Alejandro Martinez-Rios | David Monzon-Hernandez | Ismael Torres-Gomez | Guillermo Salceda-Delgado
A Wireless sEMG Recording System and Its Application to Muscle Fatigue Detection

Author(s): Kang-Ming Chang | Shin-Hong Liu | Xuan-Han Wu
Nondestructive inspection of plastic deformation in commercial carbon steels using magnetic Barkhausen noise

Author(s): J.L. Rodriguez | J.A. Perez Benitez | J. Capo Sanchez | L.R. Padovese | Re. Betancourt Riera
Non Linearity Analysis of High Power Amplifier in OFDM System

Author(s): Amanjot Singh | Hardeep Kaur
An Introduction to Feedforward Control of Electric Drives

Author(s): Michal Malek | Pavol Makys | Marek Stulrajter
Magnetic Non-destructive Testing of Plastically Deformed Mild Steel

Author(s): Jozef Pala | Jan Bydzovsky | Tibor Smida
A New Method for Fast and Low Cost Handover in Leo Satellites

Author(s): Debabrata Sarddar | Soumya Das | Dipsikha Ganguli | Sougata Chakraborty | Kunal Hui | Kalyan Kumar Das | Mrinal Kanti Naskar
An LDPC Decoder Architecture for Wireless Sensor Network Applications

Author(s): Andrea Dario Giancarlo Biroli | Maurizio Martina | Guido Masera
The Multiplexing Of OFDM Signals On The Downlink In UTRAN-FDD

Author(s): Ouesse Mohamed El - Amine | Ngom Agnes | Bouallegue Ridha | FARSSI Sidi Mohamed | Ouya Samuel
Quasi-geostrophic turbulence and generalized scale invariance, a theoretical reply

Author(s): D. Schertzer | I. Tchiguirinskaia | S. Lovejoy | A. F. Tuck

Author(s): Basavaraj Hiremath, Srinivas Halvi, Shivanand S Gornale
Assessment of Inrush Current for Power Transformers by Three-Dimensional Representation

Author(s): Mohammad Yazdani-Asrami | Arjang Yousefi-Talouki | Mohammad Mirzaie
Thermodynamical Phase Noise in Oscillators Based on L-C Resonators

Author(s): Jose-Ignacio Izpura | Javier Malo
Nondiagonal Estimation Techniques for Noise Reduction in Audio Signal

Author(s): A.B.Deshmukh | C.S.Khandelwal | M. T. Kolate
Texture Analysis Using Multidimensional Histogram

Author(s): Payel Saha | Sudhir Sawarkar
Light interference detection on-chip by integrated SNSPD counters

Author(s): Paul Cavalier | Jean-Claude Villégier | Philippe Feautrier | Christophe Constancias | Alain Morand
Thermal, spectroscopic, and laser characterization of Nd:LuxY1-xVO4 series crystals

Author(s): Lei Guo | Zhengping Wang | Haohai Yu | Dawei Hu | Shidong Zhuang | Lijuan Chen | Yongguang Zhao | Xun Sun | Xinguang Xu
EEG changes during exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic field on a small area of brain

Author(s): Seyed Ali Shafiei Darabi | Seyed Mohammad Firoozabadi | Kazem Rasoulzadeh Tabatabaie | Mojdeh Ghabaee

Ordered Hunt Schemes for Overlaid CDMA Cellular Systems

Author(s): Castañeda–Camacho J. | Lara–Rodríguez D.
Spiral Tuning Stub CPW-Fed UWB Slot Offset, Edge Cleft and Edge Slotted Antennas

Author(s): A. A Jamali | A Gaafar | A. A. Abd Elaziz
Using of spectral analysis of heart rate variability for increasing reliability of bicycle ergometry results

Author(s): Vladimir Ivanovich Gridnev | Anton Robertovich Kiselev | Olga Mikhailovna Posnenkova | Vladimir Alexandrovich Shvartz
Adaptive Denoising and Equalization of Infrared Wireless CDMA System

Author(s): Fernando Xavier N | Balendran Balakanthan
Robust spectral analysis of videocapsule images acquired from celiac disease patients

Author(s): Ciaccio Edward | Tennyson Christina | Bhagat Govind | Lewis Suzanne | Green Peter
Novel Radio Architectures for UWB, 60 GHz, and Cognitive Wireless Systems

Author(s): Cabric Danijela | Chen Mike SW | Sobel David A | Wang Stanley | Yang Jing | Brodersen Robert W
SmartMIMO: An Energy-Aware Adaptive MIMO-OFDM Radio Link Control for Next-Generation Wireless Local Area Networks

Author(s): Bougard Bruno | Lenoir Gregory | Dejonghe Antoine | Perre LiesbetVander | Catthoor Francky | Dehaene Wim
Modified Spatial Channel Model for MIMO Wireless Systems

Author(s): Mucchi Lorenzo | Staderini Claudia | Ylitalo Juha | Kyösti Pekka
De novo malignant solitary fibrous tumor of the kidney

Author(s): Hsieh Tsan-Yu | ChangChien Yi-Che | Chen Wen-Hsiang | Chen Siu-Chung | Chang Liang-Che | Hwang Cheng-Cheng | Chein Hui-Ping | Chen Jim-Ray
DOA Estimation with Local-Peak-Weighted CSP

Author(s): Ichikawa Osamu | Fukuda Takashi | Nishimura Masafumi
Spectral Efficiency Comparison of OFDM/FBMC for Uplink Cognitive Radio Networks

Author(s): Zhang H | Le Ruyet D | Roviras D | Medjahdi Y | Sun H
Blind CP-OFDM and ZP-OFDM Parameter Estimation in Frequency Selective Channels

Author(s): Le Nir Vincent | van Waterschoot Toon | Moonen Marc | Duplicy Jonathan
Cross-Layer Design in Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Systems

Author(s): Shadmand A | Nehra K | Shikh-Bahaei M
Channel Characteristics and Performance of MIMO E-SDM Systems in an Indoor Time-Varying Fading Environment

Author(s): Bui HuuPhu | Nishimoto Hiroshi | Ogawa Yasutaka | Nishimura Toshihiko | Ohgane Takeo
Algorithms for Hardware-Based Pattern Recognition

Author(s): Lohweg Volker | Diederichs Carsten | Müller Dietmar
Analog-to-Digital Conversion Using Single-Layer Integrate-and-Fire Networks with Inhibitory Connections

Author(s): Watson Brian C | Shoop Barry L | Ressler Eugene K | Das Pankaj K
Diversity Properties of Multiantenna Small Handheld Terminals

Author(s): Kotterman Wim ATh | Pedersen Gert F | Olesen Kim
Steady-State VEP-Based Brain-Computer Interface Control in an Immersive 3D Gaming Environment

Author(s): Lalor E | Kelly SP | Finucane C | Burke R | Smith R | Reilly RB | McDarby G
Estimating Driving Performance Based on EEG Spectrum Analysis

Author(s): Lin Chin-Teng | Wu Ruei-Cheng | Jung Tzyy-Ping | Liang Sheng-Fu | Huang Teng-Yi
DSP-Enabled Radio Astronomy: Towards IIIZW35 Reconquest

Author(s): Weber Rodolphe | Viou Cédric | Coffre Andrée | Denis Laurent | Zarka Philippe | Lecacheux Alain
Ultra-Wideband Transceivers for Cochlear Implants

Author(s): Buchegger Thomas | Oßberger Gerald | Reisenzahn Alexander | Hochmair Erwin | Stelzer Andreas | Springer Andreas
DS-CDMA Receiver Based on a Five-Port Technology

Author(s): Maljević Ivo | Sousa Elvino S
Application of Beamforming in Wireless Location Estimation

Author(s): Sayrafian-Pour Kamran | Kaspar Dominik
ADSL Transceivers Applying DSM and Their Nonstationary Noise Robustness

Author(s): den Bogaert Etienne Van | Bostoen Tom | Verlinden Jan | Cendrillon Raphael | Moonen Marc
Spectrally Compatible Iterative Water Filling

Author(s): Verlinden Jan | Bogaert Etienne Vanden | Bostoen Tom | Zanier Francesca | Luise Marco | Cendrillon Raphael | Moonen Marc
The Normalized-Rate Iterative Algorithm: A Practical Dynamic Spectrum Management Method for DSL

Author(s): Statovci Driton | Nordström Tomas | Nilsson Rickard
Selective Iterative Waterfilling for Digital Subscriber Lines

Author(s): Xu Yang | Le-Ngoc Tho | Panigrahi Saswat
Rolling Element Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Laplace-Wavelet Envelope Power Spectrum

Author(s): Al-Raheem Khalid F | Roy Asok | Ramachandran KP | Harrison DK | Grainger Steven
A Review on Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio: Challenges and Solutions

Author(s): Zeng Yonghong | Liang Ying-Chang | Hoang AnhTuan | Zhang Rui
Power Backoff Reduction Techniques for Generalized Multicarrier Waveforms

Author(s): Danilo-Lemoine F | Falconer D | Lam C-T | Sabbaghian M | Wesołowski K
Real-Time Measurements for Adaptive and Cognitive Radio Systems

Author(s): Arslan Hüseyin | Yarkan Serhan
Polarimetric Kronecker Separability of Site-Specific Double-Directional Channel in an Urban Macrocellular Environment

Author(s): Sivasondhivat Kriangsak | Takada Jun-Ichi | Ida Ichirou | Oishi Yasuyuki
Low-Power Distributed Kalman Filter for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Abdelgawad A | Bayoumi M | Wang Xiaorui
Opportunistic Cognitive Relaying: A Win-Win Spectrum Sharing Scheme

Author(s): Luo Haiyan | Zhang Zhaoyang | Chen Yan | Wang Wei | Li Shiju
Field Division Routing

Author(s): Drinić Milenko | Kirovski Darko | Yuan Lin | Qu Gang | Potkonjak Miodrag
An Evolutionary Algorithm for Improved Diversity in DSL Spectrum Balancing Solutions

Author(s): Bezerra Johelden | Klautau Aldebaro | Monteiro Marcio | Pelaes Evaldo | Medeiros Eduardo | Dortschy Boris
Neural network based PWM AC chopper fed induction motor drive

Author(s): Venkatesan Jamuna | Sathi Reddy Rama
Generalized two axes model of a squirrel-cage induction motor for rotor fault diagnosis

Author(s): Samir Hamdani | Omar Touhami | Rachid Ibtiouen

Author(s): J. J. Almeida-Pérez | R. Chaparro-Sánchez | A. Rojas-Molina | R. Ríos-Cabrera
Ship emissions of SO2 and NO2: DOAS measurements from airborne platforms

Author(s): N. Berg | J. Mellqvist | J.-P. Jalkanen | J. Balzani
Condensational uptake of semivolatile organic compounds in gasoline engine exhaust onto pre-existing inorganic particles

Author(s): S.-M. Li | J. Liggio | L. Graham | G. Lu | J. Brook | C. Stroud | J. Zhang | P. Makar | M. D. Moran
Linsley's EAS time structure method for the primary cosmic ray spectrum at LAAS

Author(s): A. Iyono | H. Matsumoto | K. Okei | S. Tsuji | S. Ohara | N. Ochi | T. Konishi | N. Takahashi | I. Yamamoto | T. Nakatsuka | T. Nakamura | N. Ohmori | K. Saito
Semi-analytical model of cosmic ray electron transport

Author(s): A. Ivascenko | F. Spanier
Evaluation of motor control following thenar muscle fatigue using symmetrical index

Author(s): Talebian S | Olyaei GR | Abbaszadeh M | Partabian L
The Changes of median frequency and power of neck extensor muscles following dynamic fatigue in healthy men

Author(s): Mojtaba Abaei | Gholam Reza Olyaei | Saeid Talebian | Nastaran Ghotbi
Ultra-intense laser, a new tool for PET radionuclide production

Author(s): O. Kokabee | S. Sarkar | F. Farahmand | M.R. Ay
"Platelet-based MPLE Algorithm for Denoising of SPECT Images: Phantom and Patient Study "

Author(s): Abbas Takavar | HR Ghiasi | Naghmeh Alibabaei | Nader Riyahi-Alam | Armaghan Fard-Esfahani | Mehdi Sohrabi | Ahmad Bitarafan Rajabi
Frequency Analysis of Normal ABR

Author(s): Farajollah Okhovat Gilani | Dr. Abdollah Mousavii | Dr. Mohammad Reza Keyhani | Rasoul Amirfatahi
Flat-topped emission centred at 1 250 nm from quantum dot superluminescent diodes

Author(s): D. Childs | K.M. Groom | S.K. Ray | H.Y. Liu | M. Hopkinson | R.A. Hogg
Semi-Distributed Coordinative Switch Beamforming with Power Scheduling

Author(s): Ying Liu | Fangjiong Chen | Fei Ji | Xiaodong Chen | Shangkun Xiong
Brillouin Linewidth Characterization in Single Mode Large Effective Area Fiber through Co-Pumped Technique

Author(s): Hamid Ali Alasadi | M. H. Al-Mansoori | M. I. Saripan | M. A. Mahdi

Author(s): N.Padmaja | Dr.S.Varadarajan | R.Swathi
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jameela Al-Jaroodi | Nader Mohamed
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohamed Masmoudi
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Khan Mohammad Iftekharuddin | Mohammed Nazrul Islam | Mohammad Ataul Karim | Mohammad Abdus Salam
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Sudhanshu Gaur | Geoffrey Ye Li | Li-Chun Wang | Neelesh B. Mehta
A Practical Resource Allocation Approach for Interference Management in LTE Uplink Transmission

Author(s): Liying Li | Gang Wu | Hongbing Xu | Geoffrey Ye Li | Xin Feng
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Subir Das | Jing Deng | Mario Gerla | Nada Gomie | Jason H. Li | Jiang (Linda) Xie

Author(s): Himanshu Misra | Dr. ASHOK KUMAR PANDEY
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