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Survivin antiapoptotic gene expression as a prognostic factor in non-small cell lung cancer: in situ hybridization study.

Author(s): B Karczmarek-Borowska | A Filip | J Wojcierowski | A Smoleń | I Pilecka | A Jabłonka
Relationship between Post-Myocardial Infarction Depression and Left Ventricular Function

Author(s): Reza Bagherian Sararoudi | Bijan Guilani | Hadi Bahrami Ehsan | Hamid Saneei
Toward a predictive model of the daily ED visits in Paris area from 2007 to 2010

Author(s): Sarah Burdet | Anne Fouillet | Nadège Caillère | Dominique Brun-Ney | Jean-Claude Desenclos | Loïc Josseran
A PAMPA Assay as Fast Predictive Model of Passive Human Skin Permeability of New Synthesized Corticosteroid C-21 Esters

Author(s): Bojan D. Markovic | Sote M. Vladimirov | Olivera A. Cudina | Jadranka V. Odovic | Katarina D. Karljikovic-Rajic
Intelligent Predictive Osteoporosis System

Author(s): Walid MOUDANI | Ahmad SHAHIN | Fadi CHAKIK | Dima RAJAB
The Impact of Language Anxiety and Language Proficiency on WTC in EFL Context

Author(s): Minoo Alemi | Parisa Daftarifard | Roya Pashmforoosh
Text Dependent and Gender Independent Speaker Recognition Model based on Generalizations of Gamma Distribution

Author(s): K. Suri Babu | Srinivas Yarramalle | Suresh Varma Penumatsa | Nagesh Vadaparthi
Predictive Model of Rainfall-Runoff: A Case Study of the Sanaga Basin at Bamendjin Watershed in Cameroon

Author(s): Terence Kibula Lukong | Michel Mbessa | Thomas Tamo Tatietse
An Evaluation of Modeled Plume Injection Height with Satellite-Derived Observed Plume Height

Author(s): Sean M. Raffuse | Kenneth J. Craig | Narasimhan K. Larkin | Tara T. Strand | Dana Coe Sullivan | Neil J. M. Wheeler | Robert Solomon
Prognostic Value of Clinical Variables in Moderate and Severe Head Injury

Author(s): Zlatko Ercegovic | Mirza Moranjkic | Harun Brkic | Mirsad Hodzic
Medicina de Família e Comunidade e doenças gastroenterológicas Gastroenterological Diseases and Family and Community Medicine

Author(s): Bruno Brunelli | Mariana Eri Sato | Suzane Kioko Ono-Nita | Flair José Carrilho
A Data Mining-Based Response Model for Target Selection in Direct Marketing

Author(s): Eniafe Festus Ayetiran | Adesesan Barnabas Adeyemo
Influence of the Human Skin Tumor Type in Photodynamic Therapy Analysed by a Predictive Model

Author(s): I. Salas-García | F. Fanjul-Vélez | J. L. Arce-Diego
Efficient Model Predictive Algorithms for Tracking of Periodic Signals

Author(s): Yun-Chung Chu | Michael Z. Q. Chen
Robust Model Predictive Control Using Linear Matrix Inequalities for the Treatment of Asymmetric Output Constraints

Author(s): Mariana Santos Matos Cavalca | Roberto Kawakami Harrop Galvão | Takashi Yoneyama
UAV Formation Flight Based on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control

Author(s): Zhou Chao | Shao-Lei Zhou | Lei Ming | Wen-Guang Zhang
Nucleation and growth of sulfate aerosol in coal-fired power plant plumes: sensitivity to background aerosol and meteorology

Author(s): R. G. Stevens | J. R. Pierce | C. A. Brock | M. K. Reed | J. H. Crawford | J. S. Holloway | T. B. Ryerson | L. G. Huey | J. B. Nowak
Analog based pharmacophore strategy to identify novel leukotriene a4 hydrolase (LTA4H) inhibitors

Author(s): Kranthi Raj K, Pathak LP, Muttineni Ravikumar, Ramachandrana D
A Study of Financial Distress based on MDA

Author(s): Amalendu Bhunia | Ruchira Sarkar

Author(s): Muhamad Syukur | Endang Gati Lestari | Ragapadmi Purnamaningsih | Rosa Yunita | Syarifah Iis Aisyah | Rohim Firdaus
Medidas de riesgo para riesgo operacional con un modelo de pérdida agregada Poisson-Lindley

Author(s): Hernández Bastida, Agustín | Fernández Sánchez, Pilar
Serum Chlorine Level as a Possible Predictive Factor for Oxaliplatin-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Author(s): Makio Gamoh | Daisuke Saigusa | Yoshihisa Tomioka | Masuo Sato | Yuriko Murai | Naoto Suzuki | Satoshi Tanaka | Kaho Kurosawa | Akira Mimura
Psychological and physical wellness in older adults from the patient perspective

Author(s): Emmanuel Gonzalez | Jonathan Woodin | Sharon Song | Frank J. Prerost
State Space Model Predictive Control of an Aerothermic Process with Actuators Constraints

Author(s): Mohamed Haloua | Hussein Youlal | Mustapha Ramzi
Psychological and physical wellness in older adults from the patient perspective

Author(s): Emmanuel Gonzalez | Jonathan Woodin | Sharon Song | Frank J. Prerost
State Space Model Predictive Control of an Aerothermic Process with Actuators Constraints

Author(s): Mohamed Haloua | Hussein Youlal | Mustapha Ramzi
Application of Data Mining Techniques in Weather Prediction and Climate Change Studies

Author(s): Folorunsho Olaiya | Adesesan Barnabas Adeyemo
Predicting decadal trends and transient responses of radiocarbon storage and fluxes in a temperate forest soil

Author(s): C. A. Sierra | S. E. Trumbore | E. A. Davidson | S. D. Frey | K. E. Savage | F. M. Hopkins
A General Probabilistic Forecasting Framework for Offshore Wind Power Fluctuations

Author(s): Pierre-Julien Trombe | Pierre Pinson | Henrik Madsen
Modified Stacked Generalization with Sequential learning

Author(s): Bhoomi Trivedi | Neha Kapadia

Author(s): Mohsen Mehrara | Ali Reza Oryoie
Predicting Factors of Suicide Attempts in Karaj General Population

Author(s): Marzieh Nojomi | Seyed Kazem Malakouti | Jafar Bolhari | Marjan Posht Mashadi | Safieh Asghar Zadeh Amin
Predictors of Obsessive-compulsive Symptoms in Students

Author(s): Abolfazl Mohammadi | Ladan Fata | Rokhsareh Yazdandoost
Comparing Early Maladaptive Schemas Among Divorced and Non-divorced Couples as Predictors of Divorce

Author(s): Naser Yousefi | Ozra Etemadi | Fatemeh Bahrami | Seyed Ahmad Ahmadi | Maryam AL-Sadat Fatehi zadah
The Pattern of Social Phobia Prediction in Students Based on Cognitive Behavioral Factors

Author(s): Zahra Taherifar | Ladan Fata | Banafsheh Gharaie
Chlorine Level as a Predictive Factor for Oxaliplatin-induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Author(s): Shamim Hossain | Shahedur Rahman | Ashrafuzzaman Zahid
Structural Requirements of N-Substituted Spiropiperidine Analogues as Agonists of Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ Receptor

Author(s): Pingping Bao | Xiaole Zhang | Hong Ren | Yan Li | Zulin Mu | Shuwei Zhang | Guohui Li | Ling Yang
Modelos de susceptibilidade a deslizamentos superficiais translacionais na Região a Norte de Lisboa

Author(s): Aldina Piedade | José Luis Zêzera | Ricardo Garcia | Sérgio Oliveira
Predictive Analytical Model for Requirement Volatility in ICT Projects

Author(s): Malaya Kumar Nayak | Sanghamitra Mohanty
Genetic Function Approximation and Bayesian Models for the Discovery of Future HDAC8 Inhibitors

Author(s): Sundarapandian Thangapandian | Shalini John | Keun Woo Lee

Author(s): F.A. Makinde | A.D. Adejumo | C.T. Ako | V.E. Efeovbokhan
Line Spectral Frequency-based Noise Suppression for Speech-Centric Interface of Smart Devices

Author(s): JANG, G. J. | PARK, J. S. | KIM, J. H. | SEO, Y. H.
Validation of Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) Model for Photosensitizer Activity Prediction

Author(s): Neni Frimayanti | Mun Li Yam | Hong Boon Lee | Rozana Othman | Sharifuddin M. Zain | Noorsaadah Abd. Rahman
Applications of predictive maintenance techniques in industrial systems

Author(s): Marjanović Aleksandra | Kvaščev Goran | Tadić Predrag | Đurović Željko
A Statistical Modeling for Estimation of Wheat Yield Using Weighted Rainfalls in the Punjab, Pakistan

Author(s): Abdul Qayyum | Muhammad Khalid Pervaiz | Wasif Khurshid
Modeling of the Interaction of Flavanoids with GABA (A) Receptor Using PRECLAV (Property-Evaluation by Class Variables)

Author(s): Vijay K. Agrawal | Basheerulla Shaik | Padmakar V. Khadikar | Shalini Singh
A Kullback-Leibler Divergence for Bayesian Model Diagnostics

Author(s): Chen-Pin Wang | Malay Ghosh
Predicting Prognosis of Isolated Head Injury: A Computer-Based Model with Simple Variables

Author(s): Osman Şimşek | Necdet Süt | Cumhur Kılınçer | Mustafa Kemal Hamamcıoğlu | Dilek Memiş
A study of new antimalarial artemisinins through molecular modeling and multivariate analysis

Author(s): Ferreira João E.V. | Figueiredo Antonio F. | Barbosa Jardel P. | Cristino Maria G.G. | Macedo Williams J.C. | Silva Osmarina P.P. | Malheiros Bruno V. | Serra Raymony T.A. | Ciriaco-Pinheiro Jose
Terra and Aqua satellites track tiger mosquito invasion: modelling the potential distribution of Aedes albopictus in north-eastern Italy

Author(s): Neteler Markus | Roiz David | Rocchini Duccio | Castellani Cristina | Rizzoli Annapaola
Reliable Prediction of Insulin Resistance by a School-Based Fitness Test in Middle-School Children

Author(s): Varness Todd | Carrel AaronL | Eickhoff JensC | Allen DavidB
Use of Maximum Likelihood-Mixed Models to select stable reference genes: a case of heat stress response in sheep

Author(s): Serrano Magdalena | Moreno-Sánchez Natalia | González Carmen | Marcos-Carcavilla Ane | Van Poucke Mario | Calvo Jorge | Salces Judit | Cubero Jaime | Carabaño María
Metabolic network reconstruction and genome-scale model of butanol-producing strain Clostridium beijerinckii NCIMB 8052

Author(s): Milne Caroline | Eddy James | Raju Ravali | Ardekani Soroush | Kim Pan-Jun | Senger Ryan | Jin Yong-Su | Blaschek Hans | Price Nathan
Using emergency department-based inception cohorts to determine genetic characteristics associated with long term patient outcomes after motor vehicle collision: Methodology of the CRASH study

Author(s): Platts-Mills Timothy | Ballina Lauren | Bortsov Andrey | Soward April | Swor Robert | Jones Jeffrey | Lee David | Peak David | Domeier Robert | Rathlev Niels | Hendry Phyllis | McLean Samuel
Anidulafungin compared with fluconazole for treatment of candidemia and other forms of invasive candidiasis caused by Candida albicans: a multivariate analysis of factors associated with improved outcome

Author(s): Reboli Annette | Shorr Andrew | Rotstein Coleman | Pappas Peter | Kett Daniel | Schlamm Haran | Reisman Arlene | Biswas Pinaki | Walsh Thomas
Bayesian probit regression model for the diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis: proof-of-principle

Author(s): Meltzer Eric | Barry William | D'Amico Thomas | Davis Robert | Lin Shu | Onaitis Mark | Morrison Lake | Sporn Thomas | Steele Mark | Noble Paul
Adjusting for sampling variability in sparse data: geostatistical approaches to disease mapping

Author(s): Hampton Kristen | Serre Marc | Gesink Dionne | Pilcher Christopher | Miller William
Predicting complex quantitative traits with Bayesian neural networks: a case study with Jersey cows and wheat

Author(s): Gianola Daniel | Okut Hayrettin | Weigel Kent | Rosa Guilherme
Estimating radiation effective doses from whole body computed tomography scans based on U.S. soldier patient height and weight

Author(s): Prins Robert | Thornton Raymond | Schmidtlein C Ross | Quinn Brian | Ching Hung | Dauer Lawrence
Geophysical monitoring and reactive transport modeling of ureolytically-driven calcium carbonate precipitation

Author(s): Wu Yuxin | Ajo-Franklin Jonathan | Spycher Nicolas | Hubbard Susan | Zhang Guoxiang | Williams Kenneth | Taylor Joanna | Fujita Yoshiko | Smith Robert
An intervention to improve care and reduce costs for high-risk patients with frequent hospital admissions: a pilot study

Author(s): Raven Maria | Doran Kelly | Kostrowski Shannon | Gillespie Colleen | Elbel Brian
Error Resilient Video Compression Using Behavior Models

Author(s): Taal Jacco R | Chen Zhibo | He Yun | Lagendijk R (Inald) L
Prediction of intracranial findings on CT-scans by alternative modelling techniques

Author(s): van der Ploeg Tjeerd | Smits Marion | Dippel Diederik | Hunink Myriam | Steyerberg Ewout
A Perceptual Model for Sinusoidal Audio Coding Based on Spectral Integration

Author(s): van de Par Steven | Kohlrausch Armin | Heusdens Richard | Jensen Jesper | Jensen Søren Holdt
Time-resolved in silico modeling of fine-tuned cAMP signaling in platelets: feedback loops, titrated phosphorylations and pharmacological modulation

Author(s): Wangorsch Gaby | Butt Elke | Mark Regina | Hubertus Katharina | Geiger Jörg | Dandekar Thomas | Dittrich Marcus
Bayesian geostatistical modelling of malaria and lymphatic filariasis infections in Uganda: predictors of risk and geographical patterns of co-endemicity

Author(s): Stensgaard Anna-Sofie | Vounatsou Penelope | Onapa Ambrose | Simonsen Paul | Pedersen Erling | Rahbek Carsten | Kristensen Thomas
Combination Neural Network and Financial Indices for Stock Price Prediction

Author(s): Mohamad Rahim Ramezanian | Meysam Shaverdi | Ako Faridi
Application of Predictive Model Selection to Coupled Models

Author(s): Gabriel Terejanu | Todd Oliver | Chris Simmons
A physically-based parsimonious hydrological model for flash floods in Mediterranean catchments

Author(s): H. Roux | D. Labat | P.-A. Garambois | M.-M. Maubourguet | J. Chorda | D. Dartus
Nucleation and growth of sulfate aerosol in coal-fired power plant plumes: sensitivity to background aerosol and meteorology

Author(s): R. G. Stevens | J. R. Pierce | C. A. Brock | M. K. Reed | J. H. Crawford | J. S. Holloway | T. B. Ryerson | L. G. Huey | J. B. Nowak
Investigation of fall prediction factors in elderly population using isokinetic assessment of the lower extremities

Data Mining for Engineering Schools

Author(s): Chady El Moucary
Predictive Factors for ICU and Ward Stay After CABG

Author(s): Fereydoun Sabzi | Abdolrasoul Moloudi
OAERP: A Better Measure than Accuracy in Discriminating a Better Solution for Stochastic Classification Training

Author(s): M. Hossin | M.N. Sulaiman | A. Mustapha | N. Mustapha | R.W. Rahmat
Evaluation of a new mono-phasic imaging protocol in comparison with conventional dual-phase study of myocardial perfusion

Author(s): B. Fallahi | D Beiki | B. Mahmoudian | A. Gholamrezanezhad | A. Fard-Esfahani | M. Eftekhari | M. Hozhabrossadati
Synthesis, antituberculosis activity and QSAR study of some novel 2-(nitroaryl)-5-(nitrobenzylsulfinyl and sulfonyl)-1,3,4-thiadiazole derivatives

Author(s): Foroumadi A. | Sakhteman A. | Sharifzadeh Z. | Mohammadhosseini N. | Hemmateenejad B. | Moshafi MH. | Vosooghi M. | Amini M. | Shafiee A.
A Computational Definition of 'Consilience'

Author(s): José Hernandez-Orallo

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