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Medical management of glaucoma: Principles and practice

Author(s): Singh Kuldev | Shrivastava Anurag
Minimising disability and falls in older people through a post-hospital exercise program: a protocol for a randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation

Author(s): Sherrington Catherine | Lord Stephen | Vogler Constance | Close Jacqueline | Howard Kirsten | Dean Catherine | Clemson Lindy | Barraclough Elizabeth | Ramsay Elisabeth | O'Rourke Sandra | Cumming Robert
The variability and predictors of quality of AIDS care services in Brazil

Author(s): Nemes Maria | Melchior Regina | Basso Cáritas | Castanheira Elen | de Britto e Alves Maria | Conway Shaun
Postpartum weight retention among women in Rio de Janeiro: a follow-up study

Author(s): Kac Gilberto | D'Aquino Benicio Maria Helena | Valente Joaquim Gonçalves | Velásquez-Meléndez Gustavo
Pre-dialysis clinic attendance improves quality of life among hemodialysis patients

Author(s): White Christine | Pilkey Rachel | Lam Miu | Holland David
Colorectal cancer screening among African American church members: A qualitative and quantitative study of patient-provider communication

Author(s): Katz Mira | James Aimee | Pignone Michael | Hudson Marlyn | Jackson Ethel | Oates Veronica | Campbell Marci
Lung cancer symptoms and pulse oximetry in the prognostic assessment of patients with lung cancer

Author(s): Martins Sandro | Ho Nelson | Cavamura Sueli | Harada Cecilia | Yamamoto Crystina | Takagaki Teresa
New models and online calculator for predicting non-sentinel lymph node status in sentinel lymph node positive breast cancer patients

Author(s): Kohrt Holbrook | Olshen Richard | Bermas Honnie | Goodson William | Wood Douglas | Henry Solomon | Rouse Robert | Bailey Lisa | Philben Vicki | Dirbas Frederick | Dunn Jocelyn | Johnson Denise | Wapnir Irene | Carlson Robert | Stockdale Frank | Hansen Nora | Jeffrey Stefanie
Immunization Coverage in Selected Communities in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Author(s): Akinwumi Fajola | Edet Edet | Angela Oyo-Ita | Babatunde Fakunle
Immunization Coverage in Selected Communities in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Author(s): Akinwumi Fajola | Edet Edet | Angela Oyo-Ita | Babatunde Fakunle
Biobanking after robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy: a quality assessment of providing prostate tissue for RNA studies

Author(s): Dev Harveer | Rickman David | Sooriakumaran Prasanna | Srivastava Abhishek | Grover Sonal | Leung Robert | Kim Robert | Kitabayashi Naoki | Esqueva Raquel | Park Kyung | Padilla Jessica | Rubin Mark | Tewari Ashutosh
Effectiveness of treatment with pegylated interferon and ribavirin in an unselected population of patients with chronic hepatitis C: A Danish nationwide cohort study

Author(s): Hansen Nanna | Obel Niels | Christensen Peer | Kjær Mette | Laursen Alex | Krarup Henrik | Møller Axel | Schlichting Poul | Bukh Jens | Weis Nina

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