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Frequency and Trajectory Objects Evaluation in Frames Sequence

Author(s): Dusan Koniar | Libor Hargas | Miroslav Hrianka | Pavol Spanik
Hierarchical Leak Detection and Localization Method in Natural Gas Pipeline Monitoring Sensor Networks

Author(s): Jiangwen Wan | Yang Yu | Yinfeng Wu | Renjian Feng | Ning Yu
Palmprint recognition using Contourlet Transform Energy Features

Author(s): M.A Leo Vijilious | V.Subbiah Bharathi
Pattern Discovery Using Association Rules

Author(s): Ms Kiruthika M, | Mr Rahul Jadhav | Ms Dipa Dixit, | Ms Rashmi J | Ms Anjali Nehete | Ms Trupti Khodkar
Preprocessor Agent Approach to Knowledge Discovery Using Zero-R Algorithm

Author(s): Inamdar S. A | Narangale S.M | G. N. Shinde*
Edge Oriented Spatial Image Filtering Technique

Author(s): N.Ramakrishna | Dr.V.S.Mallela
Pupil Segmentation from IRIS Images using Modified Peak Detection Algorithm

Author(s): Srinivasa Perumal R. | Chandra Mouli P.V.S.S.R.
An Experimental Study of Pattern Mining Technique to improve the Business Strategy

Author(s): S.Megal | Dr.M.Hemalatha | Dr.T.Christopher | P.Soundar Rajan
Comparison between HSV and YCbCr Color Model ColorTexture based Classification of the Food Grains

Author(s): Neelamma K. Patil | Ravi M. Yadahalli | Jagadeesh Pujari
An Effective Evolutionary Clustering Algorithm: Hepatitis C Case Study

Author(s): M. H. Marghny | Rasha M. Abd El-Aziz | Ahmed I. Taloba
A Novel Technique for Sessions Identification in Web Usage Mining Preprocessing

Author(s): V.Chitraa | Dr.Antony Selvadoss Thanamani
Classification of Multispectral Satellite Images using Clustering With SVM Classifier

Author(s): S. V. S. Prasad | Dr. T. Satya Savitri | Dr. I. V. Murali Krishna
Significance of Eigen Matrix in Spectral Domain of Remote Sensing Images 'RSI'

Author(s): S. Murugan | Dr. C. Jothi Venkateswaran | Dr. N. Radhakrishnan

Author(s): Ashanta Ranjan Routray | Munesh Chandra Adhikary
Brain Computer Interfaces, a Review

Author(s): Luis Fernando Nicolas-Alonso | Jaime Gomez-Gil
Illumination Invariant Facial Pose Classification

Author(s): Ajay Jaiswal | Nitin Kumar | R. K. Agrawal
Transform Domain Fingerprint Identification Based on DTCWT

Author(s): Jossy P. George | Abhilash S. K | Raja K. B.
Frequency and Trajectory Objects Evaluation in Frames Sequence

Author(s): Dusan Koniar | Libor Hargas | Miroslav Hrianka | Pavol Spanik
Robust Preprocessing and Random Forests Technique for Network Probe Anomaly Detection

Author(s): G. Sunil Kumar | C.V.K Sirisha | Kanaka Durga.R | A.Devi
Recognition of Marrow Cell Images Based on Fuzzy Clustering

Author(s): Xitao Zheng | Yongwei Zhang | Yehua Yu | Jing Zhang | Jun Shi
Finger Vein Recognition Based on a Personalized Best Bit Map

Author(s): Gongping Yang | Xiaoming Xi | Yilong Yin
Segmentation of Tissues in Brain MRI Images using Dynamic Neuro-Fuzzy Technique

Author(s): S.Javeed Hussain | T. Satya Savithri | P.V. Sree Devi

Design of Phrase-based Decoder for English-to-Sanskrit Translation

Author(s): Sandeep Rambhau Warhade | Prakash Devale
The Influence of DEM Quality on Mapping Accuracy of Coniferous- and Deciduous-Dominated Forest Using TerraSAR‑X Images

Author(s): Sonia M. Ortiz | Johannes Breidenbach | Ralf Knuth | Gerald Kändler
Video Object Tracking and Analysis for Computer Assisted Surgery

Author(s): Nobert Thomas Pallath | Tessamma Thomas
A Comparative study for approaches for Hand Sign Language

Author(s): Pravin R. Futane | R.V. Dharaskar | V. M. Thakare
Skin Detection in YCbCr Color Space

Author(s): Varsha Powar | Aditi Jahagirdar | Sumedha Sirsikar

Author(s): D.Sasirekha | E.Chandra
A Hybrid Method for Enhancement of Plant Leaf Recognition

Author(s): N.Valliammal | S.N.Geethalakshmi
A Review of Clustering Techniques Based on Machine learning Approach in Intrusion Detection Systems

Author(s): Ala' Yaseen Ibrahim Shakhatreh | Kamalrulnizam Abu Bakar
The Descriptive Study of Knowledge Discovery from Web Usage Mining

Author(s): Yogish H K | Dr. G T Raju | Manjunath T N
Fingerprint Image Enhancement By Develop Mehtre Technique

Author(s): Mustafa Salah Khalefa | Zaid Amin Abduljabar | Huda Ameer Zeki
A Study on Detection and Classification of Underwater Mines Using Neural Networks

Author(s): S. N. Geethalakshmi | P. Subashini | S. Ramya
Study of Neural Network Algorithm for Straight-Line Drawings of Planar Graphs

Author(s): Mohamed A. El-Sayed | S. Abdel-Khalek | Hanan H. Amin
New Approach for Fast Color Image Encryption Using Chaotic Map

Author(s): Kamlesh Gupta | Sanjay Silakari

Author(s): Giovanni Naldi | Barbara Avuzzi | Simona Fantini | Mauro Carrara | Ester Orlandi | Elisa Massafra | Stefano Tomatis
An FFT-Based Companding Front End for Noise-Robust Automatic Speech Recognition

Author(s): Raj Bhiksha | Turicchia Lorenzo | Schmidt-Nielsen Bent | Sarpeshkar Rahul
Thawing Frozen Robust Multi-array Analysis (fRMA)

Author(s): McCall Matthew | Irizarry Rafael
Compressive Data Hiding: An Unconventional Approach for Improved Color Image Coding

Author(s): Campisi Patrizio | Kundur Deepa | Hatzinakos Dimitrios | Neri Alessandro
Preprocessing in a Tiered Sensor Network for Habitat Monitoring

Author(s): Wang Hanbiao | Estrin Deborah | Girod Lewis
Robust spectral analysis of videocapsule images acquired from celiac disease patients

Author(s): Ciaccio Edward | Tennyson Christina | Bhagat Govind | Lewis Suzanne | Green Peter
Capacity Performance of Adaptive Receive Antenna Subarray Formation for MIMO Systems

Author(s): Theofilakos Panagiotis | Kanatas Athanasios G
Human Action Recognition Using Ordinal Measure of Accumulated Motion

Author(s): Kim Wonjun | Lee Jaeho | Kim Minjin | Oh Daeyoung | Kim Changick
Optical Music Recognition for Scores Written in White Mensural Notation

Author(s): Tardón LorenzoJ | Sammartino Simone | Barbancho Isabel | Gómez Verónica | Oliver Antonio
Impact of the spotted microarray preprocessing method on fold-change compression and variance stability

Author(s): Ambroise Jérôme | Bearzatto Bertrand | Robert Annie | Govaerts Bernadette | Macq Benoît | Gala Jean-Luc
Fast Watermarking of MPEG-1/2 Streams Using Compressed-Domain Perceptual Embedding and a Generalized Correlator Detector

Author(s): Simitopoulos Dimitrios | Tsaftaris Sotirios A | Boulgouris Nikolaos V | Briassouli Alexia | Strintzis Michael G
A Probabilistic Fusion Methodology for Face Recognition

Author(s): Rao K Srinivasa | Rajagopalan AN
Joint Multi-baseline SAR Interferometry

Author(s): Fornaro G | Guarnieri A Monti | Pauciullo A | Tebaldini S
MPEG-2 Compressed-Domain Algorithms for Video Analysis

Author(s): Hesseler Wolfgang | Eickeler Stefan
Autonomous Positioning Techniques Based on Cramér-Rao Lower Bound Analysis

Author(s): Rydström Mats | Urruela Andreu | Ström Erik G | Svensson Arne
Applying Novel Time-Frequency Moments Singular Value Decomposition Method and Artificial Neural Networks for Ballistocardiography

Author(s): Akhbardeh Alireza | Junnila Sakari | Koivuluoma Mikko | Koivistoinen Teemu | Värri Alpo
Classification of Underlying Causes of Power Quality Disturbances: Deterministic versus Statistical Methods

Author(s): Bollen Math HJ | Gu Irene YH | Axelberg Peter GV | Styvaktakis Emmanouil
Human Hand Recognition Using IPCA-ICA Algorithm

Author(s): Dagher Issam | Kobersy William | Abi Nader Wassim
An integrated workflow for robust alignment and simplified quantitative analysis of NMR spectrometry data

Author(s): Vu Trung | Valkenborg Dirk | Smets Koen | Verwaest Kim | Dommisse Roger | Lemière Filip | Verschoren Alain | Goethals Bart | Laukens Kris
Smart Camera Based on Embedded HW/SW Coprocessor

Author(s): Mosqueron Romuald | Dubois Julien | Mattavelli Marco | Mauvilet David
Efficient Decoding of Turbo Codes with Nonbinary Belief Propagation

Author(s): Poulliat Charly | Declercq David | Lestable Thierry
A Novel Approach to Detect Network Attacks Using G-HMM-Based Temporal Relations between Internet Protocol Packets

Author(s): Shon Taeshik | Han Kyusuk | Park JamesJ(JongHyuk) | Chang Hangbae
Heuristic Enhancement of Magneto-Optical Images for NDE

Author(s): Cacciola Matteo | Megali Giuseppe | Pellicanò Diego | Calcagno Salvatore | Versaci Mario | Morabito FrancescoCarlo
Novel Attacks on Spread-Spectrum Fingerprinting

Author(s): Schaathun HansGeorg
Electroencephalogram Signals Processing for the Diagnosis of Petit mal and Grand mal Epilepsies Using an Artificial Neural Network

Author(s): M. R. Arab | A. A. Suratgar | V. M. Martínez‐Hernández | A. Rezaei Ashtiani
Coupled atmosphere-wildland fire modeling with WRF 3.3 and SFIRE 2011

Author(s): J. Mandel | J. D. Beezley | A. K. Kochanski
Computer-Aided Mass Detection on Digitized Mammogram

Author(s): F. Younesi | N. Riahi Alam | M. Guiti | A. Zoroofi | A. Ahmadian
Mobile SMS Classification: An Application of Text Classification

Author(s): Deepshikha Patel | Monika Bhatnagar
Study on Techniques of Earthquake Prediction

Author(s): G.Preethi | B.Santhi
An Empirical Study on the Performance of Integrated Hybrid Prediction Model on the Medical Datasets

Author(s): Sarojini Balakrishnan | Ramaraj Narayanaswamy | Ilango Paramasivam
Research on Fuzzy Enhancement in the Diagnosis of Liver Tumor from B-mode Ultrasound Images

Author(s): Wu Qiu | Feng xiao | Xin Yang | Xuming Zhang | Ming Yuchi | Mingyue Ding
P300 Detection Algorithm Based on Fisher Distance

Author(s): Pan WANG | Ji-zhong SHEN | Jin-he SHI
Classification Accuracy of Neural Networks with PCA in Emotion Recognition

Author(s): Novakovic Jasmina | Minic Milomir | Veljovic Alempije
A Prediction-Based Adaptive Reversible Data Embedding Scheme

Author(s): Chin-Feng Lee | Ying-Hsuan Huang | Chin-Chen Chang | Tien-Chung Liu
Nonlinear Robust PLS Modeling of Wastewater Effluent Quality Indices

Author(s): Lijie Zhao | Decheng Yuan | Jian Tang | Wei Wang | Tianyou Chai
Traffic-Aware Frequent Elements Matching Algorithms for Deep Packet Inspection

Author(s): Kefu Xu | Jianlong Tan | Li Guo | Binxing Fang
WebVR——Web Virtual Reality Engine Based on P2P network

Author(s): zhihan LV | Tengfei Yin | Yong Han | Yong Chen | Ge Chen
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Shiguo Lian | Zhu Li | Stefanos Gritzalis | Xi Chen
Code Syntax-Comparison Algorithm Based on Type-Redefinition-Preprocessing and Rehash Classification

Author(s): Baojiang Cui | Jun Guan | Tao Guo | Lifang Han | Jianxin Wang | Yupeng Ji
A Band Selection Method For Hyperspectral Images Using Choquet Fuzzy Integral

Author(s): Fengchen Huang | Jing Ling | Aiye Shi | Lizhong Xu
Copy Paper Brand Source Identification using Commodity Scanners

Author(s): Shize Shang | Xiangwei Kong | Xin`gang You
Automatic Heart Diseases Detection Techniques using Musical Approaches

Author(s): Ehsan Safar Khorasani | Shyamala Doraisamy | Azreen Azman
Automated linear regression tools improve RSSI WSN localization in multipath indoor environment

Author(s): Vanheel Frank | Verhaevert Jo | Laermans Eric | Moerman Ingrid | Demeester Piet

Author(s): M. Šljivić | M. Stanojević | N. Grujović | R. Radonjić
A Prototype System for Selective Dissemination of Broadcast News in European Portuguese

Author(s): Amaral R | Meinedo H | Caseiro D | Trancoso I | Neto J
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