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Determining Optimal Selling Price, Order Size and the Number of Price Changes with Weibull Distribution Deterioration

Author(s): Wei Pan | Guowei Hua | Lean Yu | Jinlong Zhang | Gang Xie | Shouyang Wang
A pharmaco-economic analysis of patients with schizophrenia switching to generic risperidone involving a possible compliance loss

Author(s): Treur Maarten | Heeg Bart | Möller Hans-Jürgen | Schmeding Annette | van Hout Ben
Prioritisation criteria for the selection of new diagnostic technologies for evaluation

Author(s): Plüddemann Annette | Heneghan Carl | Thompson Matthew | Roberts Nia | Summerton Nicholas | Linden-Phillips Luan | Packer Claire | Price Christopher
Perceptions of Fairness and Allocation Systems

Author(s): David A. Savage | Benno Torgler
Socio-economic status, racial composition and the affordability of fresh fruits and vegetables in neighborhoods of a large rural region in Texas

Author(s): Dunn Richard | Sharkey Joseph | Lotade-Manje Justus | Bouhlal Yasser | Nayga Rodolfo
The burden and treatment of HIV in tuberculosis patients in Papua Province, Indonesia: a prospective observational study

Author(s): Pontororing Gysje | Kenangalem Enny | Lolong Dina | Waramori Govert | Sandjaja | Tjitra Emiliana | Price Ric | Kelly Paul | Anstey Nicholas | Ralph Anna
Cerebrospinal fluid HIV infection and pleocytosis: Relation to systemic infection and antiretroviral treatment

Author(s): Spudich Serena | Nilsson Annelie | Lollo Nicole | Liegler Teri | Petropoulos Christos | Deeks Steven | Paxinos Ellen | Price Richard
Considerations on the use of nucleic acid-based amplification for malaria parasite detection

Author(s): Proux Stéphane | Suwanarusk Rossarin | Barends Marion | Zwang Julien | Price Ric | Leimanis Mara | Kiricharoen Lily | Laochan Natthapon | Russell Bruce | Nosten François | Snounou Georges
Paramedic Initiated Lisinopril For Acute Stroke Treatment (PIL-FAST): study protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Shaw Lisa | Price Christopher | McLure Sally | Howel Denise | McColl Elaine | Ford Gary
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