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Effect of Osmopriming with Polyethylene Glycol (8000) on Germination and Seedling Growth of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Seeds under Salt Stress

Author(s): Mehdi Ghiyasi | Abrahim Abbasi Seyahjani | Mehdi Tajbakhsh | Reza Amirnia | Hojat Salehzadeh
Dry Powder Inhalers - An Overview

Author(s): M. Alagusundaram | N. Deepthi | S. Ramkanth | S. Angalaparameswari | T.S. Mohamed Saleem | K. Gnanaprakash | V. S. Thiruvengadarajan | C. Madhusudhana Chetty
Adult attachment and incidental memory for emotional words

Author(s): Jibo He | Nanxin Li | Tonggui Li
Muskmelon seed priming in relation to seed vigor

Author(s): Nascimento Warley Marcos | Aragão Fernando Antônio Souza de
The role of direct parameter specification and attentional capture in near-threshold priming of motor reactions

Author(s): Blandyna Skalska | Piotr Jaśkowski | Rob H. J. van der Lubbe
Improve protective efficacy of a TB DNA-HSP65 vaccine by BCG priming

Author(s): Gonçalves Eduardo | Bonato Vânia | da Fonseca Denise | Soares Edson | Brandão Izaíra | Soares Ana | Silva Célio
Understanding the molecular basis of plant growth promotional effect of Pseudomonas fluorescens on rice through protein profiling

Author(s): Kandasamy Saveetha | Loganathan Karthiba | Muthuraj Raveendran | Duraisamy Saravanakumar | Seetharaman Suresh | Thiruvengadam Raguchander | Ponnusamy Balasubramanian | Ramasamy Samiyappan
Biased calculations: Numeric anchors influence answers to math equations

Author(s): Andrew R. Smith | Paul D. Windschitl
Systemic resistance and lipoxygenase-related defence response induced in tomato by Pseudomonas putida strain BTP1

Author(s): Akram Adam | Ongena Marc | Duby Francéline | Dommes Jacques | Thonart Philippe
Aerobic fitness does not modulate protein metabolism in response to increased exercise: a controlled trial

Author(s): Smith Tracey | Pikosky Matthew | Grediagin Ann | Castaneda-Sceppa Carmen | Byerley Lauri | Glickman Ellen | Young Andrew
Respiratory burst function of ovine neutrophils

Author(s): Tung John-Paul | Fraser John | Wood Peter | Fung Yoke
IL-13 expression by blood T cells and not eosinophils is increased in asthma compared to non-asthmatic eosinophilic bronchitis

Author(s): Siddiqui Salman | Cruse Glenn | Mckenna Susan | Monteiro William | Mistry Vijay | Wardlaw Andrew | Brightling Christopher
"hCG priming" effect in controlled ovarian stimulation through a long protocol

Author(s): Beretsos Panagiotis | Partsinevelos George | Arabatzi Eleni | Drakakis Peter | Mavrogianni Depy | Anagnostou Elli | Stefanidis Kostas | Antsaklis Aris | Loutradis Dimitris
Akor Hazirlama Etkisi

Author(s): Nart Bedin ATALAY
Effect of the CB1 cannabinoid agonist WIN 55212-2 on the acquisition and reinstatement of MDMA-induced conditioned place preference in mice

Author(s): Manzanedo Carmen | Rodríguez-Arias Marta | Daza-Losada Manuel | Maldonado Concepción | Aguilar María | Miñarro José
Carbon input control over soil organic matter dynamics in a temperate grassland exposed to elevated CO2 and warming

Author(s): Y. Carrillo | E. Pendall | F. A. Dijkstra | J. A. Morgan | J. M. Newcomb

Liposomal delivery of p-ialB and p-omp25 DNA vaccines improves immunogenicity but fails to provide full protection against B. melitensis challenge

Author(s): Commander Nicola | Brewer James | Wren Brendan | Spencer Stephen | MacMillan Alastair | Stack Judith
Germination of Soybean Seed Primed in Aerated Solution of Polyethylene Glycol (8000)

Author(s): Shad K. Khalil | John G. Mexal | Leigh W. Murray
Lexicalization Degree of Figurative Meaning Affects the Mental Organization of Body-Related Metaphorical Words in Chinese

Author(s): Aitao Lu | John X. Zhang | Lei Mo | Jijia Zhang | Yuxiao Dang | Jinwang Yu
Effect of Seed Priming on Seedling Emergence and Establishment of Four Bambara Groundnut (Vigna subterranea L. Verdc.) Landraces

Author(s): J.N. Berchie | H. Adu-Dapaah | J. Sarkodie-Addo | E. Asare | A. Agyemang | S. Addy | J. Donkoh
Study of Different Priming Treatments on Germination Traits of Soybean Seed Lots

Author(s): Hossein Reza ROUHI | Ali ABBASI SURKI | Farzad SHARIF-ZADEH | Reza Tavakkol AFSHARI | Mohammad Ali ABOUTALEBIAN | Goudarz AHMADVAND
Reactive oxygen species and transcript analysis upon excess light treatment in wild-type Arabidopsis thaliana vs a photosensitive mutant lacking zeaxanthin and lutein

Author(s): Alboresi Alessandro | Dall'Osto Luca | Aprile Alessio | Carillo Petronia | Roncaglia Enrica | Cattivelli Luigi | Bassi Roberto
Seed Priming Improves the Germination Traits of Tall Fescue (Festuca arundinacea)

Author(s): Hossein Reza ROUHI | Farzad SHARIF-ZADEH | Mohammad Ali ABOUTALEBIAN
Absence of peripheral blood mononuclear cells priming in hemodialysis patients

Author(s): Santos B.C. | Starobinas N. | Barbuto J.A.M. | Russo M. | Schor N.
Priming effects of a peripheral visual stimulus in simple and go/no-go tasks

Author(s): Squella S.A.F. | Ribeiro-do-Valle L.E.
Ethylene evolution and endo-b-mannanase activity during lettuce seed germination at high temperature

Author(s): Nascimento Warley Marcos | Cantliffe Daniel James | Huber Donald John
Cytochalasin B triggers a novel pertussis toxin sensitive pathway in TNF-alpha primed neutrophils

Author(s): Bylund Johan | Pellmé Sara | Fu Huamei | Mellqvist Ulf-Henrik | Hellstrand Kristoffer | Karlsson Anna | Dahlgren Claes
Hepatitis C virus NS2 and NS3/4A proteins are potent inhibitors of host cell cytokine/chemokine gene expression

Author(s): Kaukinen Pasi | Sillanpää Maarit | Kotenko Sergei | Lin Rongtuan | Hiscott John | Melén Krister | Julkunen Ilkka
Repetition priming affects guessing not familiarity

Author(s): Tunney Richard | Fernie Gordon
Intravenous cocaine priming reinstates cocaine-induced conditioned place preference

Author(s): Freeman, Kevin B. | Lombas, Andrés S. | Riley, Anthony L. | Roma, Peter G.
Effect of Oxidative Stress on the Status of Adhesion Molecules, Nuclear Receptors and Cholesterol Flux in Endothelial Cells: Priming of Monocytes

Author(s): Valérie Marcil | Edgard Delvin | Devendra Amre | Daniel Sinnett | Geneviève Mailhot | Ernest Seidman | Emile Levy
The facilitation effect of associative and semantic relatedness in word recognition

Author(s): Jakić Milena | Filipović-Đurđević Dušica | Kostić Aleksandar
Priming and physiological performance of rocket salad seeds

Author(s): Jarbas Alves | Rafael Marani Barbosa | Denis Santiago da Costa | Marco Eustáquio de Sá
Impact of Intensity and Exposure Duration of Magnetic Field on Seed Germination of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.)

Seed Priming and Field Performance of Soybean (Glycine max L.) in Response to Water Limitation

Author(s): Kazem GHASSEMI-GOLEZANI | Somayeh University of Tabriz, Faculty of Agricul FARSHBAF-JAFARI | Jalil SHAFAGH-KOLVANAGH
SOC Turnover and Lime-CO2 Evolution during Liming of an Acid Andisol and Ultisol

Author(s): Wilfredo A. Dumale Jr. | Tsuyoshi Miyazaki | Kenta Hirai | Taku Nishimura
Heterologous prime-boost-boost immunisation of Chinese cynomolgus macaques using DNA and recombinant poxvirus vectors expressing HIV-1 virus-like particles

Author(s): Bridge Simon | Sharpe Sally | Dennis Mike | Dowall Stuart | Getty Brian | Anson Donald | Skinner Michael | Stewart James | Blanchard Tom
T cell subpopulations in lymph nodes may not be predictive of patient outcome in colorectal cancer

Author(s): Kemp Roslyn | Black Michael | McCall John | Yoon Han-Seung | Phillips Vicky | Anjomshoaa Ahmad | Reeve Anthony
Limited response of NK92 cells to Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes

Author(s): de Carvalho Elisandra | Böttger Evelyn | Hoang Van | Kremsner Peter | Kun Jürgen
Comparison between Phonological Priming and Semantic Priming in the Short Verbal Memory Span in Male 18-25

Author(s): Davood Sobhani Rad | Mohammad Rahim Shahbodaghi | Behrooz Mahmoodi Bakhtiari | Soghrat Faghihzadeh
SOC Turnover and Lime-CO2 Evolution during Liming of an Acid Andisol and Ultisol

Author(s): Wilfredo A. Dumale Jr. | Tsuyoshi Miyazaki | Kenta Hirai | Taku Nishimura
Ral-Binding Protein is Required for the Maturation and Function of Dendritic Cells

Author(s): Jozef Borvak | Mukesh Sahu | Varun Joy | Jyotsana Singhal | Sushma Yadav | Larry X. Oakford | Sejong Bae | Poorna C.R. Lelsani | Amit Nangrani | Sharad S. Singhal | Yogesh C. Awasthi | Sanjay Awasthi
EMR2 Receptor Ligation Modulates Cytokine Secretion Profiles and Cell Survival of Lipopolysaccharide-treated Neutrophils

Author(s): Tzu-Ying Chenee | Tsong-Long Hwang | Chun-Yen Lin | Tsung-Nan Lin | Hsin-Yi Lai | Wen-Pin Tsai | Hsi-Hsien Lin
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