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Author(s): Cheng Lee | Miin-Jye Wen
Maintaining Uniform Density and Minimizing the Chance of Error in a Large Scale WSN

Author(s): Asis Kumar Tripathy | Shradhananda Beura | Muralidhar Behera | Gunanidhi Pradhan
Reliability and Its Quantitative Measures

Author(s): Alexandru ISAIC-MANIU
EM Wave Transport 2D and 3D Investigations

Author(s): Rajveer S Yaduvanshi | Harish Parthasarathy
SAR-Based Wind Resource Statistics in the Baltic Sea

Author(s): Charlotte B. Hasager | Merete Badger | Alfredo Peña | Xiaoli G. Larsén | Ferhat Bingöl
A Maximum Entropy Modelling of the Rain Drop Size Distribution

Author(s): Ramiro Checa | Francisco J. Tapiador
Analysis of Software Reliability Data using Exponential Power Model

Author(s): Ashwini Kumar Srivastava | Vijay Kumar

Bit Error Probability of PSK Systems in the Presence of Impulse Noise

Author(s): Mile Petrović | Dragoljub Martinović | Dragana Krstić
Quantifying uncertainty, variability and likelihood for ordinary differential equation models

Author(s): Weiße Andrea | Middleton Richard | Huisinga Wilhelm
On the nature of the stretched exponential photoluminescence decay for silicon nanocrystals

Author(s): Zatryb G | Podhorodecki A | Misiewicz J | Cardin J | Gourbilleau F
Noise modelling and estimation of hyperspectral data from airborne imaging spectrometers

Author(s): B. Aiazzi | L. Alparone | A. Barducci | S. Baronti | P. Marcoionni | I. Pippi | M. Selva
Influence of Imperfect Carrier Signal Recovery on Performance of SC Receiver of BPSK Signals Transmitted over α-μ Fading Channel

Author(s): Zlatko J. Mitrović | Bojana Z. Nikolić | Goran T. Đorđević | Mihajlo Č. Stefanović
The Sample Distribution and Hypothesis Test of Coefficient of Variation

Author(s): ZHAO Yan-hui | ZHANG Shui-ruo | XING Rui-fang
Performance Analysis of SIR-Based Triple Selection Diversity Over Correlated Weibull Fading Channels

Author(s): Petar Spalević | Nikola Sekulović | Zachos Georgios | Edis Mekić
On the probability of an undetected surface-breaking crack

Author(s): Achenbach J.D. | Kulkarni S.S.
On accuracy of upper quantiles estimation

Author(s): I. Markiewicz | W. G. Strupczewski | K. Kochanek
Performance Analysis of Microcellular Mobile Radio Systems with Selection Combining in the Presence of Arbitrary Number of Cochannel Interferences

Wavelet-Based Analysis on the Complexity of Hydrologic Series Data under Multi-Temporal Scales

Author(s): Yan-Fang Sang | Dong Wang | Ji-Chun Wu | Qing-Ping Zhu | Ling Wang
Thermodynamically consistent Bayesian analysis of closed biochemical reaction systems

Author(s): Jenkinson Garrett | Zhong Xiaogang | Goutsias John
Correction of sun glint effect on MIVIS data of the Sicily campaign in July 2000

Author(s): R. M. Cavalli | S. Pignatti | E. Zappitelli
Performance of Entropy Based on Generalized Laplace Function For Blind Signal Separation

DPpackage: Bayesian Semi- and Nonparametric Modeling in R

Author(s): Alejandro Jara | Timothy Hanson | Fernando A. Quintana | Peter Müller | Gary L. Rosner
ENSURF: multi-model sea level forecast – implementation and validation results for the IBIROOS and Western Mediterranean regions

Author(s): B. Pérez | R. Brower | J. Beckers | D. Paradis | C. Balseiro | K. Lyons | M. Cure | M. G. Sotillo | B. Hacket | M. Verlaan | E. Alvarez Fanjul

Author(s): P. Gorbachiov | A. Makarichev | O. Svichinskaya | S. Svichinskiy
Mixture Distribution Model Approximation to System Reliability

Author(s): Ayça Hatice Türkan | Hamza Erol
Laboratory measurements and model sensitivity studies of dust deposition ice nucleation

Author(s): G. Kulkarni | J. Fan | J. M. Comstock | X. Liu | M. Ovchinnikov
Assessing the Transferability of the Regional Climate Model REMO to Different COordinated Regional Climate Downscaling EXperiment (CORDEX) Regions

Author(s): Daniela Jacob | Alberto Elizalde | Andreas Haensler | Stefan Hagemann | Pankaj Kumar | Ralf Podzun | Diana Rechid | Armelle Reca Remedio | Fahad Saeed | Kevin Sieck | Claas Teichmann | Christof Wilhelm
Use of fractal geometry to propose a new mechanism of airway-parenchymal interdependence

Author(s): Hiroyuki Degami | Tetsuo Takada | Takahiko Nakamura | Satoshi Hara | Kyongyob Min | Keita Hosoi | Yoshinori Kinoshita
Use of fractal geometry to propose a new mechanism of airway-parenchymal interdependence

Author(s): Hiroyuki Degami | Tetsuo Takada | Takahiko Nakamura | Satoshi Hara | Kyongyob Min | Keita Hosoi | Yoshinori Kinoshita
Image Deblocking in Wavelet Domain Based on Local Laplace Prior

Author(s): Vijay Kumar Nath | Deepika Hazarika
Kernel Based Object Tracking Using Mean Shift Method

Author(s): Swati P. Baviskar | Nitin S. Ujgare
A Hybrid Algorithm for Classification of Compressed ECG

Author(s): Shubhada S.Ardhapurkar | Ramandra R. Manthalkar | Suhas S.Gajre
Lossless Image Compression for Transmitting Over Low Bandwidth Line

Author(s): G. Murugan | E. Kannan | S. Arun
Line Spectral Frequency-based Noise Suppression for Speech-Centric Interface of Smart Devices

Author(s): JANG, G. J. | PARK, J. S. | KIM, J. H. | SEO, Y. H.
A Note on Spline Estimator of Unknown Probability Density Function

Author(s): Muhanmadjon S. Muminov | Kh. Soatov
Segmentation of MS lesions using entropy-based EM algorithm and Markov random fields

Author(s): Ahmad Bijar | Mahdi Mohamad Khanloo | Antonio Peñalver Benavent | Rasoul Khayati
A human motion model based on maps for navigation systems

Author(s): Kaiser Susanna | Khider Mohammed | Robertson Patrick
Multi-prediction particle filter for efficient parallelized implementation

Author(s): Chu Chun-Yuan | Chao Chih-Hao | Chao Min-An | Wu An-Yeu
Impact of the Gaussian Approximation on the Performance of the Probabilistic Data Association MIMO Decoder

Author(s): Fricke Justus Ch | Sandell Magnus | Mietzner Jan | Hoeher Peter A
Asymptotic Analysis in MIMO MRT/MRC Systems

Author(s): Zhou Quan | Dai Huaiyu
Nonregenerative Dual-Hop Cooperative Links with Selection Diversity

Author(s): Tsiftsis Theodoros A | Karagiannidis George K | Mathiopoulos P Takis | Kotsopoulos Stavros A
Detection of Ground Moving Targets for Two-Channel Spaceborne SAR-ATI

Author(s): Dong Zhen | Cai Bin | Liang Diannong
Robust Time-Frequency Distributions with Complex-Lag Argument

Author(s): Žarić Nikola | Orović Irena | Stanković Srdjan
Amplitude PDF Analysis of OFDM Signal Using Probabilistic PAPR Reduction Method

Author(s): Yoo Hyunseuk | Guilloud Frédéric | Pyndiah Ramesh
Hadamard upper bound on optimum joint decoding capacity of Wyner Gaussian cellular MAC

Author(s): Shakir Muhammad | Durrani Tariq | Alouini Mohamed-Slim
Analytical SIR for Self-Organizing Wireless Networks

Author(s): Mudesir Abdurazak | Bode Mathias | Sung KiWon | Haas Harald
SSC Diversity Receiver over Correlated Fading Channels in the Presence of Cochannel Interference

Author(s): Spalević PetarĆ | Panić StefanR | Dolićanin ĆemalB | Stefanović MihajloČ | Mosić AleksandarV
Iterative Soft Decision Interference Cancellation for DS-CDMA Employing the Distribution of Interference

Author(s): Rößler JürgenF | Gerstacker WolfgangH | Huber JohannesB
A Semianalytical PDF of Downlink SINR for Femtocell Networks

Author(s): Sung KiWon | Haas Harald | McLaughlin Stephen
On the Evaluation of MB-OFDM UWB Interference Effects on a WiMAX Receiver

Author(s): Cano Eduardo | Rabbachin Alberto | Fuehrer Detlef | Fortuny Joaquim
Performance Analysis of SSC Diversity Receiver over Correlated Ricean Fading Channels in the Presence of Cochannel Interference

Author(s): Jovković Srđan | Panić StefanR | Stefanović MihajloČ | Spalević PetarĆ | Krstić DraganaS
A Fast Soft Bit Error Rate Estimation Method

Author(s): Saoudi Samir | Derham Thomas | Ait-Idir Tarik | Coupe Patrice
Gaussian Channel Model for Mobile Multipath Environment

Author(s): Bevan DDN | Ermolayev VT | Flaksman AG | Averin IM
A Novel Pseudoerror Monitor

Author(s): Wang Peng | Ser Wee
Jitter-Robust Orthogonal Hermite Pulses for Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radio Communications

Author(s): de Abreu Giuseppe Thadeu Freitas | Mitchel Craig John | Kohno Ryuji
OFDM Link Performance Analysis under Various Receiver Impairments

Author(s): Krondorf Marco | Fettweis Gerhard
An Alternative Method to Compute the Bit Error Probability of Modulation Schemes Subject to Nakagami- Fading

Author(s): Queiroz WambertoJL | Lopes WaslonTA | Madeiro Francisco | Alencar MarceloS
Statistical properties for multipath-relayed communications over fading channels

Author(s): Stefanović Mihajlo | Popović Zoran | Destović Fatih | Tanasković Nikola
On the K and KG fading channels

Author(s): Aleksić Danijela | Stefanović Mihajlo | Popović Zoran | Radenković Dragan | Ristić Jovan D.
Study on Diesel Engine Fault Diagnosis Method based on Integration Super Parent One Dependence Estimator

Author(s): Wang Xin | Yu Hongliang | Zhang Lin | Huang Chaoming | Song Yuchao
Probabilistic Load Flow Considering Wind Generation Uncertainty

Author(s): M. Aien | R. Ramezani | S. Mohsen Ghavami
The Evaluation of Wind Energy Potential in Peninsular Malaysia

Author(s): M.R.S Siti | M. Norizah | M. Syafrudin
A Framework for Classifying Uncertain and Evolving Data Streams

Author(s): Wenhua Xu | Zheng Qin | Yang Chang
Blind Deconvolution of Seismic Data Using f-Divergences

Author(s): Bing Zhang | Jing-Huai Gao
Sequential Test of Fuzzy Hypotheses

Author(s): Mohammad Ghasem Akbari
Effect of Interplanetary Matter on the Spin Evolutions of Venus and Mercury

Author(s): Qingxiang Nie | Chuan Li | Fengshou Liu
CRLBs for WSNs localization in NLOS environment

Author(s): Huang Jiyan | Wang Peng | Wan Qun
Impact of Nakagamim Fading Model on Multihop Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Author(s): Mohammed Tarique | Tanvir Hasan
Probabilistic Load Flow Considering Correlation between Generation, Loads and Wind Power

Author(s): Daniel Villanueva | Andrés Feijóo | José Luis Pazos

Author(s): A. N. Tkachenko | S. D. Nikolenko | D. V. Fedulov
The Estimation of Radial Exponential Random Vectors in Additive White Gaussian Noise

Author(s): Pichid KITTISUWAN | Sanparith MARUKATAT | Widhyakorn ASDORNWISED
On Time-of-Arrival Statistic of Gaussian Channel Model

Author(s): Alexander G. Flaksman | Ilya M. Averin | Victor T. Ermolayev
Modeling of Asphaltene Grading in Oil Reservoirs

Author(s): Julian Y. Zuo | Oliver C. Mullins | Chengli Dong | Dan Zhang
SER Analysis of OFDM System over Rayleigh Fading Channel

Author(s): Mukesh Kumar Mishra | Neetu Sood
Extreme Value Analysis for Record Loss Prediction during Volatile Market

Author(s): Utkarsh Shrivastava | Gaurav Dawar | Savita Dhingra | Malika Rani
Wave Characteristics in Sabah Waters

Author(s): Ejria Saleh | Jessie Beliku | Than Aung | Awnesh Singh

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