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Conformations of the monomeric hepatitis C virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase

Author(s): Sreedhar Chinnaswamy | Ayaluru Murali | Hui Cai | et al
A Long-Awaited Structure Is Rev-ealed

Author(s): Marie-Louise Hammarskjold | David Rekosh
An Efficient Ligation Method in the Making of an in vitro Virus for in vitro Protein Evolution

Author(s): Tabuchi Ichiro | Soramoto Sayaka | Suzuki Miho | Nishigaki Koichi | Nemoto Naoto | Husimi Yuzuru
Characterization of the family of Mistic homologues

Author(s): Roosild Tarmo | Vega Mark | Castronovo Samantha | Choe Senyon
bHLH-Orange Transcription Factors in Development and Cancer

Author(s): Hong Sun | Saghi Ghaffari | Reshma Taneja
Occurrence of protein structure elements in conserved sequence regions

Author(s): Sitbon Einat | Pietrokovski Shmuel
An exploration of alternative visualisations of the basic helix-loop-helix protein interaction network

Author(s): Holden Brian | Pinney John | Lovell Simon | Amoutzias Grigoris | Robertson David
Comparison between the HCV IRES domain IV RNA structure and the Iron Responsive Element

Author(s): Tumban Ebenezer | Painter Jenna | Lott William
Ribosome-Inactivating Proteins: From Plant Defense to Tumor Attack

Author(s): Maddalena de Virgilio | Alessio Lombardi | Rocco Caliandro | Maria Serena Fabbrini
Tv-RIO1 – an atypical protein kinase from the parasitic nematode Trichostrongylus vitrinus

Author(s): Hu Min | LaRonde-LeBlanc Nicole | Sternberg Paul | Gasser Robin
Identification of precursor transcripts for 6 novel miRNAs expands the diversity on the genomic organisation and expression of miRNA genes in rice

Author(s): Lacombe Séverine | Nagasaki Hiroshi | Santi Carole | Duval David | Piégu Benoît | Bangratz Martine | Breitler Jean-Christophe | Guiderdoni Emmanuel | Brugidou Christophe | Hirsch Judith | Cao Xiaofeng | Brice Claire | Panaud Olivier | Karlowski Wojciech | Sato Yutaka | Echeverria Manuel
Functional insights by comparison of modeled structures of 18kDa small heat shock protein and its mutant in Mycobacterium leprae

Author(s): Elengikal Abdul Azeez Rehna | Sanjeev Kumar Singh | Kuppamuthu Dharmalingam
Knottin cyclization: impact on structure and dynamics

Author(s): Heitz Annie | Avrutina Olga | Le-Nguyen Dung | Diederichsen Ulf | Hernandez Jean-François | Gracy Jérôme | Kolmar Harald | Chiche Laurent
A systematic classification of Plasmodium falciparum P-loop NTPases: structural and functional correlation

Author(s): Gangwar Deepti | Kalita Mridul | Gupta Dinesh | Chauhan Virander | Mohmmed Asif
Rational mutagenesis to support structure-based drug design: MAPKAP kinase 2 as a case study

Author(s): Argiriadi Maria | Sousa Silvino | Banach David | Marcotte Douglas | Xiang Tao | Tomlinson Medha | Demers Megan | Harris Christopher | Kwak Silvia | Hardman Jennifer | Pietras Margaret | Quinn Lisa | DiMauro Jennifer | Ni Baofu | Mankovich John | Borhani David | Talanian Robert | Sadhukhan Ramkrishna
Binding Mode Analysis of Bacillus subtilis Obg with Ribosomal Protein L13 through Computational Docking Study

Author(s): Yuno Lee | Woo Young Bang | Songmi Kim | Prettina Lazar | Jeong Dong Bahk | Keun Woo Lee
Identification of a nuclear localization motif in the serine/arginine protein kinase PSRPK of physarum polycephalum

Author(s): Liu Shide | Zhou Zhuolong | Lin Ziyang | Ouyang Qiuling | Zhang Jianhua | Tian Shengli | Xing Miao
Mining protein loops using a structural alphabet and statistical exceptionality

Author(s): Regad Leslie | Martin Juliette | Nuel Gregory | Camproux Anne-Claude
Accelerated microevolution in an outer membrane protein (OMP) of the intracellular bacteria Wolbachia

Author(s): Baldo Laura | Desjardins Christopher | Russell Jacob | Stahlhut Julie | Werren John
The complete mitochondrial genome of the fall webworm, Hyphantria cunea (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)

Author(s): Fang Liao, Lin Wang, Song Wu, Yu-Ping Li, Lei Zhao, Guo-Ming Huang, Chun-Jing Niu, Yan-Qun Liu, Ming-Gang Li
Comparative analysis of cis-regulation following stroke and seizures in subspaces of conserved eigensystems

Author(s): Dabrowski Michal | Dojer Norbert | Zawadzka Malgorzata | Mieczkowski Jakub | Kaminska Bozena
Genetic and functional analysis of HIV-1 Rev Responsive Element (RRE) sequences from North-India

Author(s): Sharma Yogeshwar | Neogi Ujjwal | Sood Vikas | Banerjee Snigdha | Samrat Subodh | Wanchu Ajay | Singh Surjit | Banerjea Akhil
Improving predicted protein loop structure ranking using a Pareto-optimality consensus method

Author(s): Li Yaohang | Rata Ionel | Chiu See-wing | Jakobsson Eric
Robustness from flexibility in the fungal circadian clock

Author(s): Akman Ozgur | Rand David | Brown Paul | Millar Andrew
A Single Ser85Ala Mutation Enhances the Catalytic Efficiency of Subtilisin E from Bacillus subtilis 168

Author(s): Eliel R. Romero-Garc�a | Joel A. Esquivel-Naranjo | Norma Ram�rez-Ram�rez | Jes�s Garc�a-Soto | Mario Pedraza-Reyes
The CTCF insulator protein forms an unusual DNA structure

Author(s): MacPherson Melissa | Sadowski Paul
Modulation of inhibitory activity of xylanase - α-amylase inhibitor protein (XAIP): binding studies and crystal structure determination of XAIP- II from Scadoxus multiflorus at 1.2 Å resolution

Author(s): Kumar Sanjit | Singh Nagendra | Mishra Biswajit | Dube Divya | Sinha Mau | Singh S Baskar | Dey Sharmistha | Kaur Punit | Sharma Sujata | Singh Tej
Human Nek6 is a monomeric mostly globular kinase with an unfolded short N-terminal domain

Author(s): Meirelles Gabriela | Silva Júlio | Mendonça Yuri | Ramos Carlos | Torriani Iris | Kobarg Jörg
Functional evolution of two subtly different (similar) folds

Author(s): Agrawal Vishal | Kishan Radha
Structural analysis of hemicatenated DNA loops

Author(s): Gaillard Claire | Shlyakhtenko Luda | Lyubchenko Yuri | Strauss François
Visualisation and graph-theoretic analysis of a large-scale protein structural interactome

Author(s): Bolser Dan | Dafas Panos | Harrington Richard | Park Jong | Schroeder Michael
Use of a structural alphabet for analysis of short loops connecting repetitive structures

Author(s): Fourrier Laurent | Benros Cristina | de Brevern Alexandre
The Structure of a Rigorously Conserved RNA Element within the SARS Virus Genome

Author(s): Robertson Michael P | Igel Haller | Baertsch Robert | Haussler David | Ares Manuel | Scott William G
Phosphorylation of HIV Tat by PKR increases interaction with TAR RNA and enhances transcription

Author(s): Endo-Munoz Liliana | Warby Tammra | Harrich David | McMillan Nigel
Unbiased descriptor and parameter selection confirms the potential of proteochemometric modelling

Author(s): Freyhult Eva | Prusis Peteris | Lapinsh Maris | Wikberg Jarl | Moulton Vincent | Gustafsson Mats
Observation of intermediate states of the human prion protein by high pressure NMR spectroscopy

Author(s): Kachel Norman | Kremer Werner | Zahn Ralph | Kalbitzer Hans
Characterization of neutralizing epitopes within the major capsid protein of human papillomavirus type 33

Author(s): Roth Stefanie | Sapp Martin | Streeck Rolf | Selinka Hans-Christoph
The molecular epidemiology of Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus serotypes A and O from 1998 to 2004 in Turkey

Author(s): Klein Joern | Parlak Ünal | Özyörük Fuat | Christensen Laurids
A generalized analysis of hydrophobic and loop clusters within globular protein sequences

Author(s): Eudes Richard | Le Tuan Khanh | Delettré Jean | Mornon Jean-Paul | Callebaut Isabelle
A previously unobserved conformation for the human Pex5p receptor suggests roles for intrinsic flexibility and rigid domain motions in ligand binding

Author(s): Stanley Will | Pursiainen Niko | Garman Elspeth | Juffer André | Wilmanns Matthias | Kursula Petri
Chloroplast His-to-Asp signal transduction: a potential mechanism for plastid gene regulation in Heterosigma akashiwo (Raphidophyceae)

Author(s): Duplessis Melinda | Karol Kenneth | Adman Elinor | Choi Lauren | Jacobs Michael | Cattolico Rose
Structural and functional insights into Mimivirus ORFans

Author(s): Saini Harpreet | Fischer Daniel
High resolution crystal structure of PedB: a structural basis for the classification of pediocin-like immunity proteins

Author(s): Kim In-Kwon | Kim Min-Kyu | Kim Ji-Hye | Yim Hyung-Soon | Cha Sun-Shin | Kang Sa-Ouk
The effect of amino acid deletions and substitutions in the longest loop of GFP

Author(s): Flores-Ramírez Gabriela | Rivera Manuel | Morales-Pablos Alfredo | Osuna Joel | Soberón Xavier | Gaytán Paul
Aminopeptidase B, a glucagon-processing enzyme: site directed mutagenesis of the Zn2+-binding motif and molecular modelling

Author(s): Pham Viet-Laï | Cadel Marie-Sandrine | Gouzy-Darmon Cécile | Hanquez Chantal | Beinfeld Margery | Nicolas Pierre | Etchebest Catherine | Foulon Thierry
Identification of the Otopetrin Domain, a conserved domain in vertebrate otopetrins and invertebrate otopetrin-like family members

Author(s): Hughes Inna | Binkley Jonathan | Hurle Belen | Green Eric | Sidow Arend | Ornitz David
Systematic identification of stem-loop containing sequence families in bacterial genomes

Author(s): Cozzuto Luca | Petrillo Mauro | Silvestro Giustina | Di Nocera Pier | Paolella Giovanni
Solution structure of the Legionella pneumophila Mip-rapamycin complex

Author(s): Ceymann Andreas | Horstmann Martin | Ehses Philipp | Schweimer Kristian | Paschke Anne-Katrin | Steinert Michael | Faber Cornelius
Crystal structures of PI3K-C2α PX domain indicate conformational change associated with ligand binding

Author(s): Parkinson Gary | Vines David | Driscoll Paul | Djordjevic Snezana
Including Functional Annotations and Extending the Collection of Structural Classifications of Protein Loops (ArchDB)

Author(s): Antoni Hermoso | Jordi Espadaler | Enrique Querol, E | Francesc X. Aviles | Michael J.E. Sternberg | Baldomero Oliva | Narcis Fernandez-Fuentes
The metazoan history of the COE transcription factors. Selection of a variant HLH motif by mandatory inclusion of a duplicated exon in vertebrates

Author(s): Daburon Virginie | Mella Sébastien | Plouhinec Jean-Louis | Mazan Sylvie | Crozatier Michèle | Vincent Alain
Structure and properties of transcriptional networks driving selenite stress response in yeasts

Author(s): Salin Hélène | Fardeau Vivienne | Piccini Eugenia | Lelandais Gaelle | Tanty Véronique | Lemoine Sophie | Jacq Claude | Devaux Frédéric
Morphology and physiology of the epiphyseal growth plate.

Author(s): Franciszek Burdan | Justyna Szumiło | Agnieszka Korobowicz | Rabia Farooquee | Sagar Patel | Ankit Patel | Anjalee Dave | Michał Szumiło | Michał Solecki | Robert Klepacz | Jarosław Dudka
The Complete Mitochondrial Genome of the Damsel Bug Alloeorhynchus bakeri (Hemiptera: Nabidae)

Author(s): Hu Li, Haiyu Liu, Liangming Cao, Aimin Shi, Hailin Yang, Wanzhi Cai
Modeling Structures and Motions of Loops in Protein Molecules

Author(s): Amarda Shehu | Lydia E. Kavraki
Molecular modelling, docking and interaction studies of human-plasmogen and salmonella-enolase with enolase inhibitors

Author(s): Digvijay Singh Chauhan | Sharat Chandra | Arun Gupta | Tiratha Raj Singh
Yeast telomeres: how to ignore essential double-strand DNA breaks?

Author(s): Lubomir Tomaska | Judita Sadovska | Jozef Nosek | Jack D. Griffith
Identification of microRNAs in ecological model plant Mimulus

Author(s): Muhammad Younas Khan Barozai | Muhammad Din | Iftikhar Ahmed Baloch
Gallus gallus NEU3 sialidase as model to study protein evolution mechanism based on rapid evolving loops

Author(s): Giacopuzzi Edoardo | Barlati Sergio | Preti Augusto | Venerando Bruno | Monti Eugenio | Borsani Giuseppe | Bresciani Roberto
Protein phosphatase 2a (PP2A) binds within the oligomerization domain of striatin and regulates the phosphorylation and activation of the mammalian Ste20-Like kinase Mst3

Author(s): Gordon Johnthan | Hwang Juyeon | Carrier Karma | Jones Candace | Kern Quiana | Moreno Carlos | Karas Richard | Pallas David
TM-MOTIF: an alignment viewer to annotate predicted transmembrane helices and conserved motifs in aligned set of sequences

Author(s): Balasubramanian Nagarathnam | Kannan Sankar | Varadhan Dharnidharka | Veluchamy Balakrishnan | Govindaraju Archunan | Ramanathan Sowdhamini*
Functional RNA Elements in the Dengue Virus Genome

Author(s): Leopoldo G. Gebhard | Claudia V. Filomatori | Andrea V. Gamarnik
The Architecture and Complete Sequence of Mitochondrial Genome of an Assassin Bug Agriosphodrus Dohrni (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)

Author(s): Hu Li, Jianyu Gao, Haiyu Liu, Hui Liu, Aiping Liang, Xuguo Zhou, Wanzhi Cai
Crystal structures of Burkholderia cenocepacia dihydropteroate synthase in the apo-form and complexed with the product 7,8-dihydropteroate

Author(s): Morgan Rachel | Batot Gaëlle | Dement Jennifer | Rao Vincenzo | Eadsforth Thomas | Hunter William
Architectures of archaeal GINS complexes, essential DNA replication initiation factors

Author(s): Oyama Takuji | Ishino Sonoko | Fujino Seiji | Ogino Hiromi | Shirai Tsuyoshi | Mayanagi Kouta | Saito Mihoko | Nagasawa Naoko | Ishino Yoshizumi | Morikawa Kosuke
Modification of the loops in the ligand-binding site turns avidin into a steroid-binding protein

Author(s): Riihimäki Tiina | Hiltunen Soili | Rangl Martina | Nordlund Henri | Määttä Juha | Ebner Andreas | Hinterdorfer Peter | Kulomaa Markku | Takkinen Kristiina | Hytönen Vesa
Molecular interactions between Bos taurus interferon-τ1c and human type I interferon receptor

Author(s): Vishawdeep Singh Jamwal | Gourav Modi | Aman George | Manmohan Singh Chauhan

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