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Improving predicted protein loop structure ranking using a Pareto-optimality consensus method

Author(s): Li Yaohang | Rata Ionel | Chiu See-wing | Jakobsson Eric
Human Nek6 is a monomeric mostly globular kinase with an unfolded short N-terminal domain

Author(s): Meirelles Gabriela | Silva Júlio | Mendonça Yuri | Ramos Carlos | Torriani Iris | Kobarg Jörg
Use of a structural alphabet for analysis of short loops connecting repetitive structures

Author(s): Fourrier Laurent | Benros Cristina | de Brevern Alexandre
Unbiased descriptor and parameter selection confirms the potential of proteochemometric modelling

Author(s): Freyhult Eva | Prusis Peteris | Lapinsh Maris | Wikberg Jarl | Moulton Vincent | Gustafsson Mats
A generalized analysis of hydrophobic and loop clusters within globular protein sequences

Author(s): Eudes Richard | Le Tuan Khanh | Delettré Jean | Mornon Jean-Paul | Callebaut Isabelle
Including Functional Annotations and Extending the Collection of Structural Classifications of Protein Loops (ArchDB)

Author(s): Antoni Hermoso | Jordi Espadaler | Enrique Querol, E | Francesc X. Aviles | Michael J.E. Sternberg | Baldomero Oliva | Narcis Fernandez-Fuentes
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