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The role of DNA methylation in cancer development.

Author(s): Michał W Luczak | Paweł P Jagodziński
New insights about the evaluation of human sperm quality: the aromatase example.

Author(s): I Galeraud-Denis | C Travert | C de Vienne | L Said | A Saad | S Carreau
An immunohistochemical study of gill epithelium cells in the Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus.

Author(s): Sandra Mariza Monteiro | António Fontainhas-Fernandes | MĂĄrio Sousa
Identification of chosen apoptotic (TIAR and TIA-1) markers expression in thyroid tissues from adolescents with immune and non-immune thyroid diseases.

Author(s): A Bossowski | B Czarnocka | K Bardadin | A Moniuszko | A Łyczkowska | J Czerwinska | J Dadan | A Bossowska
Cellular functions of p53 and p53 gene family members p63 and p73

Author(s): Nadir Koçak | İbrahim Halil Yıldırım | Seval Cing Yıldırım
Mass spectrometry- A review

Author(s): R S Patel | M Roy | G K Dutta
Identification of SmtB/ArsR cis elements and proteins in archaea using the Prokaryotic InterGenic Exploration Database (PIGED)

Author(s): Michael Bose | David Slick | Mickey J. Sarto | Patrick Murphy | David Roberts | Jacqueline Roberts | Robert D. Barber
Identification of Membrane Proteins in the Hyperthermophilic Archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus Using Proteomics and Prediction Programs

Author(s): James F. Holden | Farris L. Poole II | Sandra L. Tollaksen | Carol S. Giometti | Hanjo Lim | John R. Yates III | Michael W. W. Adams
Development of a miniaturized DNA microarray for identification of 66 virulence genes of Legionella pneumophila

Author(s): Mariusz Żak | Piotr Zaborowski | Milena Baczewska-Rej | Aleksandra A. Zasada | Renata Matuszewska | Bożena Krogulska

Author(s): Neelapu Neelima | Naikwadi Gajanan Devidas | Muvvala Sudhakar | Jadhav Kiran V

Author(s): Rout Om Prakash | Rout Kedar Kumar | Acharya Rabinarayan | Mishra Sagar Kumar

Author(s): Oana-Elena Sauca | Dumitru Cojocaru
Identification of a novel TDRD7 isoforms

Author(s): Skorokhod O. M. | Gudkova D. O. | Filonenko V. V.
MiRNAs and LincRNAs: Could They Be Considered as Biomarkers in Colorectal Cancer?

Author(s): Ruth Zarate | Valentina Boni | Eva Bandres | Jesús Garcia-Foncillas
Differential Protein Quantitation in Mouse Neuronal Cell Lines using Amine-Reactive Isobaric Tagging Reagents with Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Author(s): Kun Cho | Gun Wook Park | Jin Young Kim | Sang Kwang Lee | Han Bin Oh | Jong Shin Yoo
Motif mining: an assessment and perspective for amyloid fibril prediction tool

Author(s): Smitha Sunil Kumaran Nair | Subba Reddy NV | Hareesha KS


The Genetics of Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation: Comparative Genomics of 14 Rhizobia Strains by Resolution of Protein Clusters

Author(s): Michael Black | Paula Moolhuijzen | Brett Chapman | Roberto Barrero | John Howieson | Mariangela Hungria | Matthew Bellgard
Identification of colorectal cancer metastasis markers by an angiogenesis-related cytokine-antibody array

Author(s): Ana Abajo | Nerea Bitarte | Ruth Zarate | Valentina Boni | Ines Lopez | Marisol Gonzalez-Huarriz | Javier Rodriguez | Eva Bandres | Jesus Garcia-Foncillas
Nanoscopic and Photonic Ultrastructural Characterization of Two Distinct Insulin Amyloid States

Author(s): Katarzyna Maria Psonka-Antonczyk | Julien Duboisset | Bjørn Torger Stokke | Tamotsu Zako | Takahiro Kobayashi | Mizuo Maeda | Sofie Nyström | Jeff Mason | Per Hammarström | K. Peter R. Nilsson | Mikael Lindgren
The Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Line EKVX Produces an Infectious Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus

Author(s): Joan L. Cmarik | Jami A. Troxler | Charlotte A. Hanson | Xiang Zhang | Sandra K. Ruscetti
Alterations of protein and DNA profiles of Zea mays L. under UV- B radiation

Author(s): A. John De Britto | M. Jeevitha | T. Leon Stephan Raj
Osmoregulation – an important parameter of bacterial growth

Author(s): Marta Sochocka | Janusz Boratyński
Análisis comparativo de seis genomas del complejo Mycobacterium tuberculosis Comparative analysis of six Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex genomes

Author(s): Diego Chaves | Andrea Sandoval | Luis Rodríguez | Juan C. García | Silvia Restrepo | María Mercedes Zambrano

Author(s): Praveena A. | R. Sindhuja | Anuradha V. | S.K.M. Habeeb
Differentiation of Different Species of Origanum and Thymus using Proteins and Isoenzymes Profile

Author(s): S.K. Ibrahim | L. Ibrahim | A. Ismail | A. Basal | M. Kayal | H. Ghanem | S. Rammel
Mass-spectrometric identification of primary biological particle markers and application to pristine submicron aerosol measurements in Amazonia

Author(s): J. Schneider | F. Freutel | S. R. Zorn | Q. Chen | D. K. Farmer | J. L. Jimenez | S. T. Martin | P. Artaxo | A. Wiedensohler | S. Borrmann
Prediction of Lysine Ubiquitylation with Ensemble Classifier and Feature Selection

Author(s): Xiaowei Zhao | Xiangtao Li | Zhiqiang Ma | Minghao Yin
Molecular identification of mango malformation pathogens in Egypt

Author(s): Wafaa M Haggag | M Hazza | M. M Saker | M. Abd El-Wahab

Author(s): Oana-Elena Sauca | Dumitru Cojocaru
Sustained productivity in recombinant Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell lines: proteome analysis of the molecular basis for a process-related phenotype

Author(s): Meleady Paula | Doolan Padraig | Henry Michael | Barron Niall | Keenan Joanne | O'Sullivan Finbar | Clarke Colin | Gammell Patrick | Melville Mark | Leonard Mark | Clynes Martin
Biochemical characterization of trans-sialidase TS1 variants from Trypanosoma congolense

Author(s): Koliwer-Brandl Hendrik | Gbem Thaddeus | Waespy Mario | Reichert Olga | Mandel Philipp | Drebitz Eric | Dietz Frank | Kelm Sørge
Domain architecture conservation in orthologs

Author(s): Forslund Kristoffer | Pekkari Isabella | Sonnhammer Erik
Visualizing Meta-Features in Proteomic Maps

Author(s): Giannopoulou Eugenia | Lepouras George | Manolakos Elias
BLProt: prediction of bioluminescent proteins based on support vector machine and relieff feature selection

Author(s): Kandaswamy Krishna | Pugalenthi Ganesan | Hazrati Mehrnaz | Kalies Kai-Uwe | Martinetz Thomas
Functional categorization of unique expressed sequence tags obtained from the yeast-like growth phase of the elm pathogen Ophiostoma novo-ulmi

Author(s): Hintz William | Pinchback Michael | de la Bastide Paul | Burgess Steven | Jacobi Volker | Hamelin Richard | Breuil Colette | Bernier Louis
Identification of ionotrophic purinergic receptors in Huh-7 cells and their response towards structural proteins of HCV genotype 3a

Author(s): Manzoor Sobia | Idrees Muhammad | Ashraf Javed | Mehmood Azra | Butt Sadia | Fatima Kaneez | Akbar Haji | Rehaman Irshad | Qadri Ishtiaq
Identification of H-2d Restricted T Cell Epitope of Foot-and-mouth Disease Virus Structural Protein VP1

Author(s): Liu Xin-Sheng | Wang Yong-Lu | Zhang Yong-Guang | Fang Yu-Zhen | Pan Li | Lu Jian-Liang | Zhou Peng | Zhang Zhong-Wang | Jiang Shou-Tian
Improving Cry8Ka toxin activity towards the cotton boll weevil (Anthonomus grandis)

Author(s): Oliveira Gustavo | Silva Maria | Lucena Wagner | Nakasu Erich | Firmino Alexandre | Beneventi Magda | Souza Djair | Gomes José | de Souza José | Rigden Daniel | Ramos Hudson | Soccol Carlos | Grossi-de-Sa Maria
Identification of specificity determining residues in peptide recognition domains using an information theoretic approach applied to large-scale binding maps

Author(s): Yip Kevin | Utz Lukas | Sitwell Simon | Hu Xihao | Sidhu Sachdev | Turk Benjamin | Gerstein Mark | Kim Philip
GO-based Functional Dissimilarity of Gene Sets

Author(s): Díaz-Díaz Norberto | Aguilar-Ruiz Jesús
Proteomic analysis of mare follicular fluid during late follicle development

Author(s): Fahiminiya Somayyeh | Labas Valérie | Roche Stéphane | Dacheux Jean-Louis | Gérard Nadine
Systems biology applied to vaccine and immunotherapy development

Author(s): Buonaguro Luigi | Wang Ena | Tornesello Maria | Buonaguro Franco | Marincola Francesco
iCTNet: A Cytoscape plugin to produce and analyze integrative complex traits networks

Author(s): Wang Lili | Khankhanian Pouya | Baranzini Sergio | Mousavi Parvin
Coevolution of amino acid residues in the key photosynthetic enzyme Rubisco

Author(s): Wang Mingcong | Kapralov Maxim | Anisimova Maria
Applications of graph theory in protein structure identification

Author(s): Yan Yan | Zhang Shenggui | Wu Fang-Xiang
Prediction of 492 human protein kinase substrate specificities

Author(s): Safaei Javad | Maňuch Ján | Gupta Arvind | Stacho Ladislav | Pelech Steven
Role of TRIPTYCHON in trichome patterning in Arabidopsis

Author(s): Pesch Martina | Hülskamp Martin
Skin healing and scale regeneration in fed and unfed sea bream, Sparus auratus

Author(s): Vieira Florbela | Gregório Silvia | Ferraresso Serena | Thorne Michael | Costa Rita | Milan Massimo | Bargelloni Luca | Clark Melody | Canario Adelino | Power Deborah
Identification of stromal proteins overexpressed in nodular sclerosis Hodgkin lymphoma

Author(s): Kischel Philippe | Waltregny David | Greffe Yannick | Mazzucchelli Gabriel | De Pauw Edwin | de Leval Laurence | Castronovo Vincent
Multiplex serum biomarker assessments: technical and biostatistical issues

Author(s): Butterfield Lisa | Potter Douglas | Kirkwood John
Identification and characterization of six novel tetraspanins from Schistosoma japonicum

Author(s): Jiang Yanyan | Xu Xindong | Qing Xiaoxing | Pan Weiqing
Optimizing Human Synovial Fluid Preparation for Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis

Author(s): Chen Carl | Hsu Chih-Chin | Yeh Wen-Lin | Lin Hsiu-Chu | Hsieh Sen-Yung | Lin Shih-Cherng | Chen Tai-Tzung | Chen Max | Tang Simon
Some aspects of purinergic signaling in the ventricular system of porcine brain

Author(s): Czarnecka Joanna | Roszek Katarzyna | Jabłoński Artur | Smoliński Dariusz | Komoszyński Michał
Identification and characterization of the Non-race specific Disease Resistance 1 (NDR1) orthologous protein in coffee

Author(s): Cacas Jean-Luc | Petitot Anne-Sophie | Bernier Louis | Estevan Joan | Conejero Geneviève | Mongrand Sébastien | Fernandez Diana
An in silico approach combined with in vivo experiments enables the identification of a new protein whose overexpression can compensate for specific respiratory defects in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Glatigny Annie | Mathieu Lise | Herbert Christopher | Dujardin Geneviève | Meunier Brigitte | Mucchielli-Giorgi Marie-Hélène
Identification, characterization and antigenicity of the Plasmodium vivax rhoptry neck protein 1 (PvRON1)

Author(s): Moreno-Perez Darwin | Montenegro Marjorie | Patarroyo Manuel | Patarroyo Manuel
Identification of RNA binding motif proteins essential for cardiovascular development

Author(s): Maragh Samantha | Miller Ronald | Bessling Seneca | McGaughey David | Wessels Marja | de Graaf Bianca | Stone Eric | Bertoli-Avella Aida | Gearhart John | Fisher Shannon | McCallion Andrew
Identification of genotype 4 Hepatitis E virus binding proteins on swine liver cells

Author(s): Zhang Wen | Hua Xiuguo | Shen Quan | Yang Shixing | Yin Hong | Cui Li
FSHD myoblasts fail to downregulate intermediate filament protein vimentin during myogenic differentiation.

Author(s): Dmitriev P. V. | Barat A. L. | Cochet E. | Ogryzko V. V. | Laoudj-Chenivesse D. | Lipinski M. | Vassetzky Y. S.

Author(s): Pavol Bajzík | Jozef Golian | Radoslav Židek | Jozef Čapla | Ľubomír Belej | Matúš Ondrejka | Ľubica Mrázová | Lenka Maršálková
In Silico Identification of Potential American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana) Allergens

Author(s): A Ahmed | K Minhas | Namood-e-Sahar | O Aftab | F Sher Khan
Identification of Genes Involved in the Glycosylation of Modified Viosamine of Flagellins in Pseudomonas syringae by Mass Spectrometry

Author(s): Masanobu Yamamoto | Mayumi Ohnishi-Kameyama | Chi L. Nguyen | Fumiko Taguchi | Kazuhiro Chiku | Tadashi Ishii | Hiroshi Ono | Mitsuru Yoshida | Yuki Ichinose
Identification of hub proteins from sequence

Author(s): Aswathi Balakrishnan Latha * | Achuthsankar Sukumaran Nair | Athmaja Sivasankaran | Pawan Kumar Dhar
Plasmodium falciparum spermidine synthase

Author(s): Anup V. Patwa, Amit G. Nerkar*, Sanjay D. Sawant
Identification of novel sweet protein for nutritional applications

Author(s): Gnanavel Mutharasu | Muthukumar Serva Peddha
Molecular characterisation and expression analysis of SEREX-defined antigen NUCB2 in gastric epithelium, gastritis and gastric cancer

Author(s): Z Kalnina | K Silina | R Bruvere | N Gabruseva | A Stengrevics | S Barnikol-Watanabe | M Leja | A Line
Identification of a Protein with Antioxidant Activity that is Important for the Protection against Beer Ageing

Author(s): Ming J. Wu | Frank M. Clarke | Peter J. Rogers | Paul Young | Narelle Sales | Patrick J. O’Doherty | Vincent J. Higgins
Computational analysis of Concanavalin A binding glycoproteins of human seminal plasma

Author(s): Anil Kumar Tomar | Balwinder Singh Sooch | Savita Yadav*
Electrophoretic Analysis of Seed Proteins from Different Varieties of Rice Cultivated in Sindh

Author(s): Ibtessam Tahir Ansari | Mumtaz Ali Sahito | A.B. Ghanghro | A.N. Memon | Shaista Khan
Proteomic patterns of cervical cancer cell lines, a network perspective

Author(s): Higareda-Almaraz Juan | Enríquez-Gasca María | Hernández-Ortiz Magdalena | Resendis-Antonio Osbaldo | Encarnación-Guevara Sergio
Protein functional links in Trypanosoma brucei, identified by gene fusion analysis

Author(s): Dimitriadis Dimitris | Koumandou V Lila | Trimpalis Philip | Kossida Sophia
Identification of two linear B-cell epitopes from West Nile virus NS1 by screening a phage-displayed random peptide library

Author(s): Sun En-Cheng | Ma Jian-Nan | Liu Ni-Hong | Yang Tao | Zhao Jing | Geng Hong-Wei | Wang Ling-Feng | Qin Yong-Li | Bu Zhi-Gao | Yang Yin-Hui | Lunt Ross | Wang Lin-Fa | Wu Dong-Lai
Discovery of serum biomarkers of alcoholic fatty liver in a rodent model: C-reactive protein

Author(s): Liu Shu-Lin | Cheng Chun-Chia | Chang Chun-Chao | Mai Fu-Der | Wang Chia-Chi | Lee Shui-Cheng | Ho Ai-Sheng | Chen Ling-Yun | Chang Jungshan
A proteomic analysis of Curcuma comosa Roxb. rhizomes

Author(s): Boonmee Apaporn | Srisomsap Chantragan | Chokchaichamnankit Daranee | Karnchanatat Aphichart | Sangvanich Polkit
Multiple Pattern Matching Algorithm using Pair-count

Author(s): Raju Bhukya | D V L N Somayajulu
Mass-spectrometric identification of primary biological particle markers: indication for low abundance of primary biological material in the pristine submicron aerosol of Amazonia

Author(s): J. Schneider | F. Freutel | S. R. Zorn | Q. Chen | D. K. Farmer | J. L. Jimenez | S. T. Martin | P. Artaxo | A. Wiedensohler | S. Borrmann
Development of a novel DDS for site-specific PEGylated proteins

Author(s): Yoshioka Yasuo | Tsunoda Shin-ichi | Tsutsumi Yasuo
Comparative proteomics analysis of proteins expressed in the I-1 and I-2 internodes of strawberry stolons

Author(s): Fang Xianping | Ma Huasheng | Lu Dezhao | Yu Hong | Lai Wenguo | Ruan Songlin
Identification of the protease cleavage sites in a reconstituted Gag polyprotein of an HERV-K(HML-2) element

Author(s): George Maja | Schwecke Torsten | Beimforde Nadine | Hohn Oliver | Chudak Claudia | Zimmermann Anja | Kurth Reinhard | Naumann Dieter | Bannert Norbert
Increasing gene dosage greatly enhances recombinant expression of aquaporins in Pichia pastoris

Author(s): Nordén Kristina | Agemark Maria | Danielson Jonas | Alexandersson Erik | Kjellbom Per | Johanson Urban
Identification of maturation and protein synthesis related proteins from porcine oocytes during in vitro maturation

Author(s): Kim Jumi | Kim Ji-Su | Jeon Young-Joo | Kim Dong-Wook | Yang Tae-Ho | Soh Yunjo | Lee Hak | Choi Nag-Jin | Park Soo-Bong | Seo Kang | Chung Hyung | Lee Dong-Seok | Chae Jung-Il
Different metastasis promotive potency of small G-proteins RalA and RalB in in vivo hamster tumor model

Author(s): Rybko Vera | Knizhnik Anna | Komelkov Andrei | Aushev Vasily | Trukhanova Lyubov | Tchevkina Elena
In vivo versus in vitro protein abundance analysis of Shigella dysenteriae type 1 reveals changes in the expression of proteins involved in virulence, stress and energy metabolism

Author(s): Kuntumalla Srilatha | Zhang Quanshun | Braisted John | Fleischmann Robert | Peterson Scott | Donohue-Rolfe Arthur | Tzipori Saul | Pieper Rembert
Discrimination of grade 2 and 3 cervical intraepithelial neoplasia by means of analysis of water soluble proteins recovered from cervical biopsies

Author(s): Uleberg Kai-Erik | Munk Ane | Brede Cato | Gudlaugsson Einar | van Diermen Bianca | Skaland Ivar | Malpica Anais | Janssen Emiel | Hjelle Anne | Baak Jan
Identification of ejaculated proteins in the house mouse (Mus domesticus) via isotopic labeling

Author(s): Dean Matthew | Findlay Geoffrey | Hoopmann Michael | Wu Christine | MacCoss Michael | Swanson Willie | Nachman Michael
Immunoproteomic analysis of bacterial proteins of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 1

Author(s): Zhang Wei | Shao Jing | Liu Guangjin | Tang Fang | Lu Yan | Zhai Zhipeng | Wang Yang | Wu Zongfu | Yao Huochun | Lu Chengping
Identification of membrane associated drug targets in Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7- subtractive genomics approach

Author(s): Shivkumar Madagi | Vijayakumari Mali Patil | Saremy Sadegh | Abhishek Kumar Singh | Bhavana Garwal | Atreyi Banerjee | Usha Talambedu | Biplab Bhattacharjee
AP-APSE dpol intein: A novel family A DNA polymerase intein domain.

Author(s): Senguttuvan Rajarajan | Kalibulla Syed Ibrahim | Shunmugiah Karutha Pandian
Identification of potential apicoplast associated therapeutic targets in human and animal pathogen Toxoplasma gondii ME49

Author(s): Sadegh Saremy | Biplab Bhattacharjee* | Mahdi Eskandarian Boroujeni | Jhinuk Chatterjee | Viditi Mittal

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