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Patient satisfaction

Author(s): Prakash Bhanu
A Time-stamping Proxy Signature Scheme Using Time-stamping Service

Author(s): Eric Jui-Lin Lu | Cheng-Jian Huang

Diagnosing norovirus-associated infectious intestinal disease using viral load

Author(s): Phillips Gemma | Lopman Ben | Tam Clarence | Iturriza-Gomara Miren | Brown David | Gray Jim
Using psychological theory to understand the clinical management of type 2 diabetes in Primary Care: a comparison across two European countries

Author(s): Hrisos Susan | Eccles Martin | Francis Jill | Bosch Marije | Dijkstra Rob | Johnston Marie | Grol Richard | Kaner Eileen | Steen Ian
DOMINO-AD protocol: donepezil and memantine in moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease – a multicentre RCT

Author(s): Jones Rob | Sheehan Bart | Phillips Patrick | Juszczak Ed | Adams Jessica | Baldwin Ashley | Ballard Clive | Banerjee Sube | Barber Bob | Bentham Peter | Brown Richard | Burns Alistair | Dening Tom | Findlay David | Gray Richard | Griffin Mary | Holmes Clive | Hughes Alan | Jacoby Robin | Johnson Tony | Jones Roy | Knapp Martin | Lindesay James | McKeith Ian | McShane Rupert | Macharouthu Ajay | O'Brien John | Onions Caroline | Passmore Peter | Raftery James | Ritchie Craig | Howard Rob
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Min Song | Yang Yang | Fang Sheng

Author(s): Li Ming | Mingwen Wang | Deng-Yi Zhang | Chin-Chen Chang | Fei Yu
Quality-Aware Cooperative Proxy Caching for Video Streaming Services

Author(s): Yoshiaki Taniguchi | Naoki Wakamiya | Masayuki Murata
Design and Analysis of Enhanced HTTP Proxy Cashing Server

Author(s): Vimal Bibhu | Narendra Kumar | Mohammad Islam | Shashank Bhardwaj
Client-to-Client Streaming Scheme for VOD Applications

Author(s): M Dakshayini | T R Gopala Krishnan Nair
Efficient Caching Proxy Server Parameters: An Integrated Approach

Author(s): M.U. Kharat | Narendra S. Chaudhari
Secure Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) for Hierarchical Proxy Caching

Author(s): Yeung Siu Fung | John C.S. Lui | David K.Y. Yau
Assets growth, foreign ownership and type of industry in multinational companies

Author(s): Mehdi Rasouli Ghahroudi | Stephen Turnbull | Yasuo Hoshino
An Approach for Location privacy in Pervasive Computing Environment

Author(s): Sudheer Kumar Singh | Alka Jindal
Evaluation of stroke services in Anglia stroke clinical network to examine the variation in acute services and stroke outcomes

Author(s): Myint Phyo | Potter John | Price Gill | Barton Garry | Metcalf Anthony | Hale Rachel | Dalton Genevieve | Musgrave Stanley | George Abraham | Shekhar Raj | Owusu-Agyei Peter | Walsh Kevin | Ngeh Joseph | Nicholson Anne | Day Diana | Warburton Elizabeth | Bachmann Max
The Internet Inter-Orb Protocol Security Bridge

Author(s): Pawel Pietras | Pawel Slowikowski
Day care cataract surgery in Central and Southern Italy: a multicentric survey

Author(s): Cillino Salvatore | Casuccio Alessandra | Di Pace Francesco | Pillitteri Francesco | Cillino Giovanni | Lodato Gaetano
The UK Burden of Injury Study – a protocol. [National Research Register number: M0044160889]

Author(s): Lyons Ronan | Towner Elizabeth | Kendrick Denise | Christie Nicola | Brophy Sinead | Phillips Ceri | Coupland Carol | Carter Rebecca | Groom Lindsay | Sleney Judith | Evans Phillip | Pallister Ian | Coffey Frank
Community based service providers' perspectives on frequent and/or avoidable admission of older people with chronic disease in rural NSW: a qualitative study

Author(s): Longman Jo | Singer Judy | Gao Yu | Barclay Lesley | Passey Megan | Pirotta Julie | Heathcote Kathy | Ewald Dan | Saberi Vahid | Corben Paul | Morgan Geoffrey
Unified Service Platform for Accessing Grid Resources

Author(s): Shaochong Feng | Yuanchang Zhu | Yanqiang Di
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Hsing-Chung Chen | Franz I.S. Ko | Yung-Chen Chou | Shyan-Ming Yuan | Yaw-Chung Chen | Chin-Chen Chang | Jyh-Horng Wen | Shiuh-Jeng Wang | Yuh-Ren Tsai | Keh-Ming Lu
PM2PLS-An Integration of Proxy Mobile IPv6 and MPLS

Author(s): Carlos A Astudillo | Oscar J Calderon | Jesus H Ortiz
Recherche et dosage de quatre neuroleptiques et apparentés en LC-MS/MS dans les cheveux et les poils : à propos d’un cas pédiatrique Analysis of neuroleptics and related substances in hair : a paediatric case report

Author(s): Mancebo Mélinda | Delyle Stanislas Grassin | Essid Aben | Bataille Jacques | Guérard Pascal | Delyle Aude Grassin | Alvarez Jean-Claude
KBWS: an EMBOSS associated package for accessing bioinformatics web services

Author(s): Oshita Kazuki | Arakawa Kazuharu | Tomita Masaru
Medicaid expenditures for children living with smokers

Author(s): Levy Douglas | Rigotti Nancy | Winickoff Jonathan
Research of Publish and Subscribe Model Based on WS-Notification

Author(s): Huilian FAN | Guangpu ZEN | Xianli LI
Web Service Generation through Program Slicing

Author(s): Yingzhou Zhang | Wei Fu | Geng Yang | Lei Chen | Weifeng Zhang
Solutions for 3 Security Problems and its Application in SOA-FCA Service Components Based SDO

Author(s): Nannan Wang | Zhiyi Fang | Kaige Yan | Yu Tang | Xingchao An

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